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Farhan Javaid 112- Kausar Block Awan Town Multan Road Lahore Pakistan.

Mob: 0321-7271097

Apply for the Admin Officer

Dear Sir: In the interest of exploring job opportunities with your organization, please find attached my resume, which profiles my background, skills, and competencies. I have an extensive and fresh knowledge related HRM field. So, I am confident with my positive attitude and skills. I will be an asset to your company. With fresh knowledge and skills, you will find me hard working, energetic, and dedicated employee who works well with fellow mates. Thank you for your time and consideration. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my qualification in detail. You may contact me to arrange an interview 0321-7271097. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours Sincerely, Farhan Javaid

Cell # 0321-7271097 E-mail: farhan_hrm@yahoo. Change Management Project on Albraka Islamic Bank Lahore. devotion and hard working so as to help the growth of company as well as my individual growth.82 Superior University Lahore 2010 Bachelor of Commerce Quaid-e-Azam College of Accountancy & Commerce 2007 MAJOR PROJECTS: y y y y Recruitment and Selection project on Treet Corporation Ltd. Designing a Training program as the term project of PERSONAL INFORMATION: Father¶s Name: Religion: Nationality: NIC # Marital Status: Date of Birth: Muhammad Javaid Islam Pakistani 35202-8656743-5 Single 23-01-1986 OBJECTIVE: I want to achieve a distinguished and respectable status in the HR field through sincerity.Kausar Block Awan Town Multan Road Lahore Pakistan. . ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION: MBA HRM CGPA 3.Farhan Javaid 112. Performance and Compensation Management on Shahkam Industry Lahore.

PERSONAL STRENGTH: y y y y Professionally committed and strong Leadership skills. EXPERIENCE: y y y y y Three months internship experience in Zafar Shah & Co. Excel. Energetic. Conducted the survey of annual sports & culture festival of superior university and generated report for Azra Naheed Center for Research & Development. . Chartered Accountant Firm One month experience in AKIDA Research Organization on a child labor project by USA. Representing Superior University in the HR confluence competition 2010 in LUMS. INTEREST: y y y y Book Reading Internet Attending Seminars of Professionals and Scholars. Good Analytical skills. BEYOND ACADEMICS: y y y Member of Leadership circle in Superior University. Principle of Management project on Nestle. Optimistic and proactive. COMPUTER SKILLS: y y y Microsoft Office (Word. Net Surfing and Downloading. Class Facilitator up to 3rd semester and then promote Deputy Class Facilitator of whole MBA Classes in Superior University. Analysis the TQM practices in Educational sector as the term project. Educational and Professional grooming. REFERENCE: Reference will be furnished on demand. Group Leader in whole semesters during MBA. PowerPoint) SPSS. Organizational Behavior project on Leadership and Entrepreneur traits. Learning Attitude.y y y y Human Resource Management project on Descon Engineering. Teaching Experience in different Academies up to the graduation level. Adventurer and Confident person.