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Voyrinkatu 8A 403Vaasa 65100 Finland. Mobile: 35844-330-5653 Email:

To become a world-class administrator and policy maker, which will enable me to help the world in solving critical issues of utmost concern in world globalization and development, and also develop my skills and knowledge in public policy analysis and implementation.

University of Vaasa Master of Administrative Sciences August 2009 ± May 2011 Major in Public Management and Intercultural studies Lagos State University BSc in Public Administration May 2007 Major in Public Administration Vaasa, Finland

Lagos, Nigeria

Employment History
Classic Rentals Limited Lagos Administrative Manager June2007- August2009

Delegated with the authority of running the business with or without the presence of the Managing Director. Making decision on critical issues that could affect the smooth running of the business. Giving order to subordinates in the day to day running of the organization. Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria Lecturer (Part time) Lecturing intermediate students on comparative management and administration. The Truth Computer Institute Teacher (Part time) Teaching students on administrative aspect of Information Technology. Lagos Island Local Government Area Administrative Assistant (Part-time) January2000- December2003 January2004- April2007 July2007- August2009

Assisting the administrative officer in keeping records of Births and Deaths in the registration office of the Local Government

Professional Association Membership
y y Nigeria Institute of Management (Chartered),2007 Chartered Institute of Local Government and Public Administration, 2007

3. Making Anti-Corruption Agency An Effective Tool For The Control Of Corruption In Developing Countries (A Comparative Analysis of Agencies in Ghana and Nigeria).Skills y y y y y Ability to direct subordinates with little or no supervision Ability to work and learn in a multicultural setting due to my exposure to international students Ability to work in a team setting if situation demands Proficient in English Language and enjoy delivering motivational speech and lecturing students Competent with Microsoft Office Programs (Excel. Power Point) and other Internet packages Research 1. The Impact of Privatisation on Employees¶ Turnover (A Case-study of NITEL Nigeria). Word. The Contribution of Anti-Corruption Agencies in the Control of Corruption in Nigeria (A Case-study of EFCC and ICPC Nigeria). 2. . Research Seminar topic winter 2009. Master Thesis (in view). Undergraduate Thesis 2007.