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A newspaper by the students of Kanglung Primary School
Issue No. 01, June 2011 Price: Free

Students make KPS Rimdro a blessed event
By Sonam Zangmo A, Class VIA
The school Rimdro is one of the students’ most interesting and happiest days. It is interesting and happy because the students get Tsho. It is like a double blessing from the gods. Ugyen Chezom (VIA) was a student helper. She said she was helping Madam Tandin Norzin Wangmo and Madam Karma Yangzom. She said the work was fun and interesting. Her work was to fry papars, dry papars, and while frying, the student helpers also got to eat a few papars. One problem was when they fried the papars, the fire smoke got into their eyes and made them cry.
Class six students pick up their Tsho (blessed food) after the school’s annual Rimdro, which took place on 28 April. For more Rimdro photos, turn to page 10 & 11.

The student helpers also helped wash dishes, cut vegetables, pick the stones out of the rice, and bring mugs for the guests. Ugyen said, “We got lunch. It

was very special like dessi, red rice, pork, chicken, dhal, ema datshi, and mushroom datshi. It was very fun and interesting to celebrate Rimdro at school because we got special food for our lunch.”

School gets a makeover
By Kiran Mongar, Class VIA
Since April there were many trucks and bulldozers at Kanglung Primary School. The trucks were bringing lots of soil for the school’s construction and the workers were very tired. On the road, there were big stones. Kanglung Primary School (KPS) now has one new administration block completed. In that new building we celebrated the school Rimdro.
Before and after: the dismantling of a classroom block originally built in 1974.

which had been around since 1974. KPS principal Gomchen Tenzin said, “This reconstruction will be complete by December 2011.” In the new building, there are now the class IVA and class IVB classrooms. On top, there are the principal’s office, the vice principal’s office, and the staff room. Shegyel Wangdi (IVB) said, “I like the new classroom because it is not cracked. In the old classroom, it was cracked and the windows were broken, too.”

Recently the school dismantled one of the old classroom blocks,

Sometimes he feels happy or unhappy because sometimes the toilet cleaners don’t clean the toilets very nicely. sometimes they clean them very nicely. When asked how he felt when he became bell captain. Karma Tenzin. He felt happy and proud when he became prayer captain. Pema said. “I have so many problems.K P S O B S E R V E R Who’s who in student leadership By Cheki Yangzom. “I like to be the girl health captain because I want to make the toilets clean. Class VIA Pema Thinley said he likes to be the bell captain because he likes to ring the bell and it is very helpful to Kanglung students.” She felt so happy and proud when she became the health captain. When asked if she had any problems as health captain. I go to pick up the rubbish with Class II and III until Tendi’s shop. Class VIA Karma Tenzin said. Class VA Kinzang Wangmo. Class VIA Garab Tenzin likes to be boy school captain because he likes learning how to control the students.” Pema Thinley.” He helps the toilet cleaner to clean the toilets. Class VIB Chimi Dorji likes to be the prayer captain because he will always pray to God. “I follow the time. “In the social work time. “We have problems when we clean the toilet and there is no water. he felt so happy.” 2 Ugyen Yangden. Kinzang said. Karma said. During social work time. Kinzang Wangmo says she has to pick up the rubbish that makes the school dirty. “I like to be the boy health captain because I know how to stay clean. Garab said.” KPS OBSERVER . just like everyone else. “I felt very happy.” Chimi Dorji.” He added. “I like being the school captain because I help the small students and I want to be the class topper. she cleans the toilets and helps the house members to clean the toilet. When Garab became the school captain. it doesn’t last for one day because students play with the soap and keep it here and there. Class VA Ugyen Yangden said. Ugyen said. at social work time. Class VIB As girl school captain. He enjoys being in charge of the hand bell during morning prayer and he says he doesn’t have any problems. I don’t have a hard broom and when I bring soap.” Garab Tenzin.

“Without water. so save the water for the future. Kanglung Higher Secondary School. Sir Tashi’s favourite place is in Bumthang. nothing is possible. His favourite class is his own class. knows a lot about water. Ata Lekjay is not the only one who feels this way about water.. *and all around great guy Not enough water By Tandin Tshering Lhamo. Class VA Sir Tashi’s favourite game is volleyball because he is interested in volleyball and he is good at the game. KPS students marched with the college students. There were many Dashos and people and students watching the celebration. The rigsar dancers from Kanglung Primary School (KPS) were ready for their dance. Ata Lekjay said. He has five brothers and one sister.K P S O B S E R V E R KPS celebrates fifth Did you know. can’t clean the toilet. . His eyes turn into sadness..” Lekjay said.” said Ata Lekjay. 3 32-year-old Ata Lekjay. One of his brothers is 29 years old. “There is no water sometimes because the shopkeepers take the water pipe. the caretaker of Kanglung Primary School. Class VIB with help from her sister. Ata Lekjay doesn’t just keep it like that. He is from Zhemgang. and the primary school in Rongthung. and water is more important than my life. He cares for water just like his small children. Without water. the students can’t wash their hands. sports coordinator* During our Fifth King’s Birthday celebration at Sherubtse College. too. Sir Tashi’s best friends are Pema. staff secretary. He finds water from others or he just goes and cleans the tank to let water come because when there isn’t enough water. Sir has one son and a daughter. the students enjoyed a lot. Sir’s hobby is to play archery. They danced about Tae Kwon Do and they all did marching. Sir Phuntsho. and many friends.” When there is not enough water. CLASS VIA STAFF PROFILE: Sir Tashi Dorji teacher. He can absolutely say that the water is the main source of living beings and is important for all the people living in the world. He teaches math in both classes VIA an VIB. “I consider water as my best friend since water helps me to cook and wash. King’s 31st year BY TSHERING DORJI. we KPS OBSERVER . Sir’s favourite flower is a lily. He loves the water just like his own wife. There were so many dances.Kezang Namgyel. The other brother is 15 years old. VIB. Many of us feel the same as what he says. Their health has to be neat and clean and the toilet has to be clean. Class IX at Kanglung Higher Secondary School cannot survive. Another brother is 32 years old. too. His sister is 34 years old. Dema Lhamo.

Our house was first. Some were nervous. the principal handled everything perfectly. Chung was third. “In the English Storytelling Competition. While some were sorry for Druk house. class five student Karma Galey confidently answers a question. The principal said. There were three students from Taag.” The teachers were happy. “I am very happy because it was very fun and there were many interesting questions. Students get quizzed in Dzongkha By Dhina Rai. English Storytelling: Druk wins By Nima Lhamo. Class VIB The Dzongkha Quiz Competition was held on 28 May. V. Singye was first. Chung. sunny day.” There was a big board with many numbers written on the chart. It was not that much boring than I had thought of. too. Madam Lisa Phu brings brightness to the students and for the Dzongkha Quiz Competition. It was a bright. 4 Deki Lhaden (VIA) said. It was so interesting and the students had also never seen it that way before. That’s why I say our school is the best. and VI students watched. and Druk. The day was very interesting for the students. Deki Lhazom (VB) said. Class VA Kanglung Primary School had an English Storytelling Competition on the assembly ground and the class IV.K P S O B S E R V E R KPS INTER-HOUSE COMPETITIONS From left to right: KPS principal hosts the Dzongkha Quiz Competition on a bright. third was Singye. Taag was second. Second place was Chung. Deki Lhazom (VIB) said. Chung house members think about an answer. “I am very proud to have such kinds of students at our school. There were 12 students total who were participating from all houses.” Kezang Yuden (VIB) said. Sir Tandin Dorji entertains the crowd. The students were having fun and they were cheering for their houses. as same as her. I liked the competition because I The story and more pictures on the next page. clear morning with many cheers and laughter. Everyone was happy. I was feeling interested because I got knowledge in storytelling. I am happy and proud of my house members.” KPS OBSERVER . some were happy for Singye house. “I am happy because Sir Tandin was looking so funny. It was a great performance by the participants. Singye. and Taag was last. “It was really fun to have this kind of competition in our school. Druk house master and teachers were so happy because they won.” Teacher Tandin Dorji was in charge of the question board. DEGOR COMPETITION: JUST A STONE’S THROW AWAY Singye member Kinga Penjor performs Policeman Plod. like to memorize the story. and Druk was fourth.

the principal said. The Dzongkha Reading Competition was on 1 April. Classes IV. V. and VI stayed at the school to find out which was the winning house. they would get one point. All the houses participated and tried their KPS OBSERVER best but only one house was lucky. Lopen Sonam said that people should play degor because it is the traditional game. Lopen Sonam said degor should be played by going in pairs. try! One more Singye house!” Tshering Dorji throws a stone as participants look on. Left: Nima Lhamo (VA). Class VIA Before they started playing. Garab Tenzin (VIA) said. Participants should wear National Dress when playing degor. they are not doing as well as we expect. All the students enjoyed by cheering for their houses. After the first day of competitions. Degor is played by anyone but mostly it is played by the monks. Druk was third with 119 points. Chung house with 119. At last. “Though there were people who participated in the competition. If they hit the mark. It started with Taag house and went to the following houses. He is a Dzongkha teacher. First place was Singye with 120 points.” 5 .” Other students said that they played degor because it is so interesting and they know how to throw stones accurately to the mark.K P S O B S E R V E R MORE COMPETITIONS Degor Rules By Sonam Zangmo A. The Singye house participants and members were very happy that they stood first in the Dzongkha Reading Competition. The weather was cloudy. It started at 10 am.8 points stood second. Story and more pictures on page 12. The rules of degor have both teams with equal number of participants and each player has a pair of stones. “Try Singye. They play on the ground for passing the time. and Taag was fourth with 104 points. and Singye got more points than Druk. Class VIB Rain doesn’t stop the competition. Lopen Sonam Dendup explained the criteria of the reading competition because Lopen Sonan Dendup knows a lot of Dzongkha. They play for money because it is really fun. An excited crowd cheers for their house members. ENGLISH QUIZ SHOW: Student helpers Deki Yangzom (VIA) and Sonam Deki (VIB) stand by the question board. “I feel very excited. Right: Students hold umbrellas for the judges. Dzongkha Reading By Sonam Deki. Taag got more points than Chung.

they hit each other. When they fight. too. Chador Wangdi (VIB) said. “Class principal IIIB are the said. • Step three – Pour clean water. People were delighted to see Drawing by Shegyel Wangdi. When they said. We celebrated dancers. 6 There were three steps to clean the tank: • Step one – Clean the tank and take out the soil and sand in the tank. students try their best. “I fight with my friends.K P S O B S E R V E R Bullying Variety show is a hit By Kinzang Wangmo. brated Teachers were happy that the the variety show to display students performed the how much our students have songs that they liked so learned. Class VB Students fight when they bully each other.” KPS OBSERVER . “I was bullied. All the students did not go to clean the tank but the boy school captain and some of the health club members went to clean the tank. “Because I would like my brothers and sisters to stay healthy. the bigger boys bully small children. We did it in Shetickets to those who were rubtse interested. Class IVB Fighting in school By Pema Wrangdel. health club coordinator. • Step two – After taking out the soil and sand. went to clean the tank. An anonymous student in Class VI said.” celeClass VI boys in costume for the variety show. Class VIB This year. “If we they have. best dancers “This of all the year we classes. “Don’t watch the wrestling channel. we will also songs played at the variety celebrate the variety show show but most songs were next year.” modern. how much talent much.” Karma Tenzin (VIA) gets ready to clean the tank. When small children were playing. we celebrated a that KPS students are good variety show.” can have the same quality as There were many interesting this year. College The school on stage. Each class perSo it’s important that all formed one to two songs. Class VIA World Water Day was on 2 March. “When I entered the tank there was too much sand and soil in the tank. wash the tank. Madam Pema Tshezim. the principal punished them. Chimi Dorji (VIB) said.” Sir Tashi Dorji said. When asked why the tank was cleaned.” WORLD WATER DAY By Kiran Mongar.” Tandi Dorji (VB) said. Primary Vice principal School said. Principal said. The students sold on 7 May. The principal gave the students a rule not to fight in the school or in the classroom. Left: Health club members Karma Yangzom and Anisha Rai (VIA) show off one of the club’s posters for World Water Day. also collected Kanglung donations.

Recipe Corner: Students show off English reading skills By Dhina Rai. They were very helpful to all the participants. the vice principal. and then Druk house.K P S O B S E R V E R Chocolate Ice Cream By Kiran Mongar. During: Jamyang Dema tries her best. drawing. editing. happy. and nervous because there will be lots of people. put it in the freezer. boil all of it until it melts. “I am excited I am doing the English Reading for the first time in this new year. A newspaper by the students of Kanglung Primary School OBSERVER STAFF: Tshering Dorji (VIA) Dhina Rai (VIB) Sonam Deki (VIB) Sonam Zangmo A (VIA) Deki Lhamo (VIB) Nima Tshering (VA) Kezang Namgyel (VA) Ugyen Thinley (IVB) Cheki Yangzom (VA) Nima Lhamo (VA) Shegyel Wangdi (IVB) Cheki Dorji (IVA) Tandin Ghalley (IVA) Padam Maya (IVB) Tandin Lhamo (VIB) Kingzang Wangmo (VIB) Deki Choden (VA) Pema Wrangdel (VB) Kinzang Wanchuk (VB) Kiran Mongar (VIA) Deki Lhazom (VB) Tshering Yangzom (VB) With help from: Madam Kinzang Lhamo Madam Lisa Phu KPS OBSERVER Writing. and Sir Tashi Dorji. KPS OBSERVER 7 . Druk was third. A&er that. and layout are done by members of the Observer staff. put 10 pieces of Eakles. Then. and the students. The competition was started by Taag house and it following with Singye. Before the competition started. Pema Wrangdel (VB) said. Thank you. Keep it there for the whole day. It was horrible that the Chung house was last but it is not in our hands. I am having lots of fun. “I am very happy. The three teachers who were judging the speakers were the principal.” Sonam Deki (VIB) said. stirring. Chung. put in 2 spoons of sugar into the boiled water. When you finish pouring. It was a great start with the sun shining and all the beautiful birds flying toward the north direction. take it out and put any kind of fruit at the side of the cup. “I am very thankful to all the teachers. The competition ended so wonderfully and Principal said. The program soon started with some speeches from Madam Lisa Phu.” Ingredients 2 spoons of sugar 10 pieces of Eakles Fruit Water Preparation First boil ½ cup of water. A&er it is frozen. specifically to Madam Lisa.” Deki Lhazom (VB) said she was feeling “excited. Taag was second. photography.” All the students were confident as they were sure their house would come in first but it was like this – Singye was first. ClassVIA Before: Chung house members look out to the audience. Class VIB All the students and teachers gathered in the assembly as the English Reading Competition was held on 24 March during 6th period. Pour melted chocolate water into a cup. Then. and the last house was Chung.

” The teacher knew that he had stolen the things like a pencil and geometry box. very proud. That was how happy Teachers Day ended up. This will be a memory that lasts a long time for Kanglung Primary School students.” This means that the teachers were really having a good time with the students. “Teachers are like our parents and it is Teachers Day. the day finished so quickly.” Madam Kinzang Lhamo was the Teacher of the Day. STEALING Drawing done by Ugyen Thinley. Class VB 8 Y O N G P H U L A T S H E C H U KPS OBSERVER . Lopen Ugyen receives a kadar from a student. both from Class VIA. said. “Stealing is bad because if the teacher finds out and police know.” . “Jalam Jalam was a really cool dance. “I love my teachers so I pray for them. Class IVB Stealing can be a problem at any school: Kinley Wangchuk. The police will keep us at the station and we will be shy.K P S O B S E R V E R Teachers Day brings happiness to all By Padam Maya. Kezang Yuden (VIB) said. which made Sir Tashi Dorji. I enjoyed and I don’t know what I did. “I was beaten by my class teacher in the class. a student not at KPS. As it is a day for teachers. sang songs for the teachers. It was cloudy but the smiles brought brightness to the day. “I liked the things and I stole them. With the laughter and smiles. Class IVB and Dhina Rai.” Madam Lisa Phu had almost a bag full of gifts and cards. then we will be caught by the police. the students didn’t know what they did. I am really having fun. She was the best teacher for almost all the students. There were many dances. Phuntsho Rinchen said. the students had many gifts and speeches.” Kinley Wangchuk said. It would be a dream if it happened to me every day and I want to stay like that till death. Sir Phuntsho and principal lead the students in singing the Happy Teachers Day song. Class VIB Teacher Phuntsho Rinchen described the Teachers Day at Kanglung Primary School as “short and entertaining.” said Kinzang Wangmo. her husband.Kinzang Wangchuk. Tshering Dorji and Sonam Zangmo A.

KPS OBSERVER . Class VIB In Bhutan. She likes to play skip to keep her body healthy enough and without disease. She loves our country because our country is peaceful to live in.” RICE MEAT CHILLI ONION CABBAGE X C S L G T C A B B A G E V A E S R S E E A G O H X F Z V T K N P N R I X O C H I L L I F R N C L O H L A N Z S B E O T I F W U O X W X U I G O 9 Kiba Zangmo. When I have problems. Class VA & Kiran Mongar. Class VIA Directions: Look for the words in the Word List and circle them. “My favorite teacher is Sir Tashi Dorji because Sir Tashi teaches us very well with jokes that I can understand easily. “When I feel hungry in the class. or diagonal. Her father’s name is Wangchuk Namgyel. she helps me to solve them. sideways. as much as my parents. Class VIA Kiba Zangmo is from the village of Khaling.” PE Class By Cheki Dorji. She said. Sometimes I don’t bring lunch and I bring money to buy snacks. I dream because it helps me to take my mind away from the food and snacks. down. Chajay Wangchuk (VA). She said. The words can be found going up.” She has a problem which is that she can’t really understand what teachers are trying to say. we have many places. her favourite place is Thimphu because it’s the capital city and it’s also a big town. is caught eating in the classroom Student Profile: Kiba Zangmo. Word List: POTATO CHEESE BUTTER TOMATO EGG Z C C L X P A M A I E B C T N K S T B O H O O O N I O N Z V U O I I A S Y W E T J T O M A T O U M T M R L H O T E M E A T R I C E W A L T A I E Another student. Among the places. “When the teacher sees me eating. Class VIB By Kingzang Wangmo. Her hobby is to dance and read storybooks.K P S O B S E R V E R Eating in class by Deki Lhamo. Class VIB Deki Lhazom (VIB) has a problem because sometimes her friends give her snacks in class and she can’t avoid eating.” Deki knows that eating in class is not good because it disturbs the students’ minds and the teachers’ minds. I feel shy. Kiba said. “My best friend is Tandin Tshering Lhamo because I love her very much. Kiba said. Class IVA WORD SEARCH: FOOD By Nima Tshering.

.. The blessing. 10 KPS OBSERVER .K P S O B S E R V E R KPS RIMDRO: 28 APRIL 2011 The prep...

until next year.K P S O B S E R V E R The smiles.... RIMDRO 2011 .... KPS OBSERVER 11 .

Every day they have to look after the small kids. Class VA Traffic regulators at Kanglung Primary School are the most important people on the road. she won’t have to train. . Kanglung Primary School has 48 student traffic regulators. When the English Quiz Competition was at the end. the student traffic regulators stop the car to let the kids go. They wear red shirts. By Deki Lhazom. Then Singye house had the highest points. Singye house was the winner. Look both ways By Deki Choden. They follow the rules and help small kids to cross the road. Singye. the afternoon. Kanglung Primary School principal said that he enjoyed the competition because the stories were interesting. Then Taag house was losing. Class VB 12 Traffic Safety Drawing by Tandin Ghalley. Vice Principal Why did the student cross the road? Traffic regulator Sonam Deki helps a student get to school safely. They look after the students who go to the shop and write their names. said. Chung house tells the best stories The Dzongkha Storytelling Competition was on 26 April. Karma Lhamo (VB).K P S O B S E R V E R ENGLISH QUIZ SHOW From left to right: Druk house members Jamyang Dema and Pema Wrangdel look nervous. They have to watch the roads in the morning. Class IVA KPS OBSERVER . and Thukten Thinley answers a question for his Taag house team.” Tenzin Dorji said that the 48 students are keeping traffic regulated and the students safe. When Madam Lisa asked a question that was about the three impossible tasks in ‘The Wise Old Woman.” and I got one candy.’ none of the houses could get it right. Madam Lisa let the audience say the answer and I said. Tashi Deki of Singye house thinks about a quiz question as housemate Deki Lhazom waits for the answer. Karma Zangmo said that she likes being a traffic regulator because if she gets to become a police officer.Tshering Yangzom. Chung. “A drum that sounds without being beaten. I liked the quiz competition. “I enjoyed the English Quiz Competition. 21 May. When the car comes. and Druk. Class VB The English Quiz Competition was on Saturday. The quiz was between the four houses – Taag. He also said that the regulators are following the rules. Chung house took first place with funny costumes and interesting ways of storytelling. The traffic students have to reach school at 7:30 or 8:00 am. My friend. and the evening.

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