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School of Humanities,

Fine and Performing Arts

RichStudent Experiences

“The way I look at things has changed dramatically. I notice the light and texture of things a lot
clearer than in the past. My photography class helped me to see life through a different view.”

“Getting up in front of a group of people was the last thing I wanted to do! I'm not as outgoing
as others. Taking speech communication helped me overcome a lot of my public speaking shyness.
It helped me to better articulate my ideas to friends and future employers.”

“It isn't just about Lincoln, FDR and the New Deal. I learned about the impact of war and why policies
were made. By looking into the past, we can see how to chart our future. History really is futuristic.”

Cultural Studies:
“Not only did I learn about different cultures, but I also learned how to bring some peace to
my hectic life. Balancing school, family, friends and a job can be stressful. I learned great
conflict resolution and coping skills.”

“I wasn't used to doing solos. Due to opportunities here, I have learned how to be a soloist in a band.
I have built confidence. The band provided challenging music to keep me practicing.”

“Why am I at Richland? For the experienced teachers and directors.
They actually allow students to design the theatre shows.”

“Professors give you the tools needed to succeed. They will work with you after class. I enjoyed my art history
and art education classes because they were interactive. I wasn't just reading a book.”
Dear Student,
Did you know that half of your Associate Degree and Core Curriculum requirements are based in the
Humanities? Humanities courses are an essential part of your undergraduate education. Our courses
enrich your mind and prepare you for successful living in a rapidly changing global economy.
Our faculty are dedicated, award-winning professionals who are experts in their fields of study.
You will find a supportive learning environment and unique opportunities to apply learning to real
world contexts. We offer a number of learning formats including distance learning, campus-based
classes, and individualized instruction.
The following disciplines are taught in the Humanities Division:
• Art • Music
• Design, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking • Choral and Instrumental Ensembles
• Cultural Studies • Philosophy
• Dance • Photography
• Drama • Religion
• History • Speech Communication
• Humanities • Theatre

Whether you want to take a course for personal enjoyment or to complete your Associate Degree,
we have everything you need. Check out the RichLearning of the Richland College School of
Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts!
Art classes at Richland will help you develop your creative potential and establish your foundation
for critical thinking. Richland College faculty are dedicated visual artists who are active in local and
regional art communities.

Learn the basics of drawing and engage your imagination with pencil, charcoal, and
sketch-book. From innovative still life arrangements to figure models and campus
excursions, you will learn important drawing skills and concepts in this foundation
art class.
This nuts and bolts course teaches basic skills in color, composition and symmetry.
Learn about the use of line, texture, shape and size.
Hone your problem solving skills by taking a sculpture class. Learn to manipulate mass
and form in a variety of media from wood-carving to plaster casting. The Richland
sculpture studio will help you fashion your three-dimensional dreams into reality.

“If it weren't for the Arts, I don't know how

I would have made it through my other classes.”
Whether your preference is oil, acrylic or watercolor, taking a painting class develops your creative
talent. Learn about composition, color theory, form, light and shade.
Get your hands dirty and earn credit. Our clay program offers classes in wheel-throwing,
handbuilding, sculpture, glazing and kiln firing. Clay courses emphasize both technical and personal
creative development. Join the Richland College Clay Arts Club and sell your art work at the annual
Clay Guild Sale.
In printmaking classes you will create an etched design and reproduce it onto another surface. Learn
about the world of monoprints, relief printing, and alternative processes in our printmaking studio.
When you take a photography class, you will learn to enhance the quality and power of images to
communicate effectively. You will gain a high level of confidence in technical skill and proficiency.
You will also develop an aesthetic clarity of vision that will follow you throughout your
photographic life. Our photography professors have a wide range of professional and instructional
experience. Whether your goal is personal enrichment or commercial aspirations, our photography
faculty can help you meet those objectives.
From Aristotle to Zen Buddhism and Pyramids to Pop Art, Humanities is the study of the collective
artistic accomplishments of humankind. Rich and diverse, this interdisciplinary course enables you
to understand past and present societies in the search for life's meaning expressed through the
visual and performing arts. You will expand your world and enrich your life with this Core course.

Don't know much about history? We can help. Understand the human experience across
a range of historical periods and cultures. Learn to write and think clearly, work in small
groups and approach complex issues in an informed way. The study of history allows you
to appreciate your place in contemporary society. History courses complement every
major and career choice.

“I am shy but, I learned to come out of my comfort zone.

I have learned leadership skills.”
“I was encouraged to ask questions. Professors use hands-on demonstrations.”

“I learned more in my first term at Richland than I did in all four years
of high school theater!”

“The teacher in the rock, pop, show band class was excellent. He was
knowledgeable about all types of music. He covered everything from
classical to hip hop. I learned how to improve my sheet music reading skills.”

“I am part of a community theater. I have used what I learned at Richland

to teach others. I can teach as well as learn.”

“My professors were friendly and they really cared about students.
They gave me lots of opportunities. I learned quickly because I worked
hard and the instructors really know how to make it work. They're great.
They were always there for me.”
Have you ever dreamed of being on stage? Would you like to develop
self-confidence, creativity, self-discipline and communication skills?
Our Theatre, Drama and Dance departments have much to offer you.
Our classes prepare you for success in the world of Theatre Arts.

“Working with my professors opened

a whole new avenue for me in the real world.”
“Richland theatre professors are professional actors.
They know what we need to learn. They have been there.
They push us because they know what it takes to make it.”

“I wanted a school that would teach me theatre.

I wanted to work with people who have actually worked in the field.”

Our department offers an impressive range of theatrical productions. Whether you are
interested in acting, singing, make-up, costumes, film, or set, sound and lighting design, you
can get your start with us. Our award-winning faculty are seasoned professionals whose work
is highly respected throughout the North Texas region and beyond.

Take theatre at Richland and follow in the footsteps of the many distinguished program alumni who have appeared
in film and on stage both nationally and internationally. Scholarships are available to qualifying students.

Do you know the difference between a pliez and a pas de deux? Our dance department offers a wide
variety of courses designed to encourage creative expression, poise and the appreciation for classical and
contemporary music. Take tap, jazz, ballet, dance appreciation and hip hop with a dance professional.
Participate in yearly dance performances. Prepare for a major in dance or
simply increase your focus, posture and self-awareness.

“People in my community tell me that we are

producing professional quality work here at Richland.”
Speech Communications
Take speech communication and develop competencies essential to your personal
and professional success. Develop confidence in speaking before an audience, learn
to work effectively in small groups, become a more effective listener, increase your
leadership skills, and become more skilled in nonverbal and verbal communication.
Many business executives indicate that communication competency is the single
most important factor in professional success, regardless of your career choice.

“Richland professors work with you one-on-one

to help you to see your potential.”
Cultural Studies
Cultural Studies is a field that examines human relations and creativity using
approaches from many academic disciplines. Each Cultural Studies course focuses
on a unique theme and is designed to help you think critically about issues related
to that theme.

A cultural studies course will help you develop an awareness of your own cultural
perspectives, attain a deeper understanding of the perspectives of those from
other cultures, and enhance your ability to make sound judgments on a variety of
moral issues. Taking a Cultural Studies course is a good way to become an active
participant in our global community.
Let music be a part of your well-rounded educational experience. Our music
department offers a wide variety of courses, ranging from Core curriculum classes
such as Music Appreciation and Music Literature to a Field of Study music major.
Our faculty are available to guide you through the advising and registration process.

“I have made life-long friends. The passion for music here is contagious.”

“In my digital music production class, I learned how to compose music digitally
for use in commercial jingles, movie soundtracks and general background music
for television and radio.”
Our music department hosts over 20 live music performances each semester that are free and open
to the public. Hear live jazz, rock, classical, and world beat at our weekly Recital Series. Our Evening
Concert Series takes place in November and April each year and features performances by Richland's
numerous music ensembles.

Do you sing or play an instrument? Then join an ensemble at Richland. We offer a wide range of
ensembles at times that fit your schedule. All ensembles are one credit hour each. Choral ensembles
include two non-audition choirs; Chorale and Gospel Singers and two audition ensembles; Chamber
Singers and Jazz Singers.
Instrumentalists may choose between symphonic winds, orchestra, various jazz ensembles, rock/pop,
world drumming, steel band and guitar ensembles.
Come be a part of the excitement that is Richland Music!
Our philosophy courses present the world and self from multiple perspectives. You will
explore the "big questions of life," such as, How should I live my life? What can I know?
Who am I? Critical thinking, curious probing, and information analysis will assist you in
other academic coursework.

The cool thing about taking a philosophy course is that you learn not "what to think," but
rather "how to think." Many of our philosophy students have gone on to earn philosophy
degrees from such schools as Southern Methodist University, the University of Texas at
Dallas, The University of North Texas, the University of Texas at Austin, and many others.

Religious Studies
Religious studies courses will help you to live in an increasingly complex
world and to approach and understand religious traditions and cultures
radically different from your own. You will learn to think critically as you
explore the foundational worldviews of varying religious cultures.
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Richland College is the first community college ever to receive the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality
Award, presented jointly by the President of the United States and the Secretary of Commerce. This
award is considered the nation‘s highest honor for performance excellence. Richland is also the first
accredited institution of higher education in Texas to receive the Texas Award for Performance
Excellence, Texas‘ highest honor for performance excellence, presented by the Governor of Texas and
the Quality Texas Foundation.

Richland College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools, the accreditation
agency for an eleven-state region.

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