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1. Name: 2. Designation: 3. Department: 4. Qualification: Below 10th ( ) HSC ( ) UG ( ) PG( ) 5. Age: 20-30yrs ( ) 31-40yrs ( ) 41-50 yrs ( ) 51-60yrs ( ) 6. Gender: male ( ) female ( ) 7. Experience at URL: Below 3 yrs ( ) 4-6 yrs ( ) above 6yrs ( ) 8. Previous experience: .. Yrs 9. State your level of agreement with the following statements relating to the Training Policy of the company S.No 1 2 3 4 Statement The role defined for every employee in the Organization is clear The knowledge and skill of the employees are Properly utilized for their job Training as a management development tool is Taken various levels across the organization Supervisors given enough encouragement and Support for attending training course SA S NAND DA SD

SA-Strongly Agree DA-Disagree A-Agree SD-Strongly Disagree NAND-Neither Agree nor Agree 10.State your agreement or disagreement with the following statements S.No Statement SA A NAND DA SD 1 2 The employee performance is systematically received f by identifying training needs The employee self developed needs are given Reasonable importance

Employees are given opportunities to propose their own plans for organization

11.Training need are identified by : ( Encircle the answers) i. Problems / operational difficulties in a particular section / unit ii. Feedback given by participants iii. Customers complaints iv. Observation report of supervisors v. Decrease in productivity vi. Decline in the involvement of the workers vii. Accidents, wastages, etc., 12. The training and development programmes of the organization provide the following benefits to the employee a) Increase in skill and knowledge b) Increase in the confidence level c) Increase in the productivity d) Behavioral modification e) Decrease in accident, wastage, etc., 13. Does your company have separate, full-fledged equipped training department? (a) Yes (b) No

14. Who are all involved in providing training to you ? a. company trainers b. external trainers c. line manager / executives 15.State your rating of the trainers a) Excellent b) Very good C) Good

d) Average

e) Poor

16.What do you feel about the effectiveness of training programmes conducted so far? a) Excellent b) Very good C) Good d) Average e) Poor

17. State your level of agreement with the following statements S.No Statement When we are deputed for training programmes, 1
We find them to be greater opportunities for Learning and attend the programmes very sincerely



After the training, we are given opportunity to apply/ practice the new knowledge/skills that we acquired through training. 3 The resource person involved in the training programme are competent and they instill required knowledge, skills and values etc.,of employees 18.Is there any teaching programme conducted on quality ? Yes ( ) No ( )

19. Is there any leaving programme conducted on safety? Yes ( ) No ( )

20.Is the training programme conducted for sufficient duration ? Yes ( ) No ( )

21. State your level of satisfaction with the training and development in your organization? a. b. c. d. e. Highly satisfied Satisfied Not sure Dissatisfied Highly Dissatisfied

22.Please give your suggestion for improving effective training programme. Training effectiveness in the following areas

a. Quality-Improve? Yes ( ) No ( )

b. Productive & Productivity-Improve? Yes ( ) c.Customer satisfaction level? Yes ( ) d.Waste elimination? Yes ( ) e.Cost save? Yes ( ) f.Absenteeism? Yes ( ) g.Leadership? Yes ( ) No ( ) No ( ) No ( ) No ( ) No ( ) No ( )

h.Activities in small group function. Yes ( ) No ( )