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Alion Infection The time, 1:22 AM, six minutes after the rock hit: “Oh, my f**king head.

Steven, Wyatt, Matthew? Anybody there?!” A voice of a teen that was almost a baritone spoke from the darkness that had engulfed the sight echoes out “Shut up man, I’m right here…” came a deeper toned teen’s voice in response “Good, Steven, are you alright?” “Yeah, I’m as fine as I’ll ever be Baker, where are you, and the others?” It must have been hard to see through that purple haze to the boys. “Over here, walk to my voice, ugh…” They clambered towards one another until, “Baker, that you?” Steven said aloud, reaching forward and grabbing Baker's collar. “Yes. Where the hell are we?” Baker asked. “I’m not sure, but we have to get out of here and find the others…” “Right.” For what seemed like forever they walked through a violet mist that never wanted to let up. “Try not to breathe in the air, Eric, keep your mouth and nose covered.” Steven’s voice echoed, “Alright.” Eric Baker obeys by wrapping his jacket tight around his face and the two wandered aimlessly into the mist.

that’s not cool touching a girl so inappropriately!” Eric says. then says. “Steven you get the other one. “Hey. what is with this eff’ing mist?” Steven just snorts. seriously. Mira tries to stand but lets out a yelp of pain. I found the tree she’s stuck under. . I think I twisted it!” So Eric grabs one of her arms and lifts her up. I’m stuck!” Even with no sight.” Eric grunts.“Hello? Is anyone there?” said a girl’s voice that was a little bit of a soprano cutting through the thick mist. “Mira Anna. putting her arm over his shoulders as well. Eric made the mistake of… “HEY!!! THAT’S MY BUTT NOT THE TREE YOU PERV!!” Mira screams at the top of her lungs. get over here. then moves to the tree limb that hinders the girl. “Yeah. “Hey.” Steven complies. the boys find her and together they feel for the object holding her down. But where are they going? After awhile Eric gets agitated and yells. Please can you help me. “Alright. filled with worry. both boys push the semi-large fallen tree off her legs. trying to stifle a laugh. “You ass…” Steven replies. “You tolerate me. though he was the one who did it. Then slowly they drag on. who are you?” Steven asks through the haze that seemed to grow even thicker as they wandered forward.” Eric smirks like an idiot even though it can’t be seen. “I. Together. Steven.

“Look. ambiguous maze. It was the meteorite which hit the earth some thirty minutes prior. because on the opposite side of the mist were two more travelers and one who had already made it to the center of the strange. In the center was a boy. only find them being pulled back to the stone by a black sludge that coated it. genius. one that sounded almost like an animal in pain. standing inches from a black stone. “Well. Little did they know that they were only heading deeper into the mist. He wore overalls with one strap undone and a plain white T-shirt under it. the moaning noises forcing them to go further from the exit and only closer to their destiny. Then. this sure don feel like any rock I ever touched.” The boy says in a young southern accent. The boy had strange goggles on his forehead and one hand outstretched for the dark stone to try and touch the smoothness that it had portrayed. it has to have something to do with that rock alright? I honestly have no clue what to say about…” He was cut off by a strange moaning noise. “Well. . The boy looked only to be maybe ten years of age. No. It was the size of two men standing side by side. An ominous feeling is in the air. and really excited by the rock. his fingers made contact. standing at about 4-foot 5-inches.” Then Mira Anna chimes in her side. They all stop and get really silent.“It’s the debris from the fallen meteorite. that is true. but it is kind of unnatural that the color is so vibrantly purple. Then he tries to pull his fingers away. “I think we should be quiet from here on…” Mira almost squeaks out and they continue their journey to find a way out of the fog. isn’t it?” Steven just shakes his head. But it seems they weren’t the only ones trapped by the strange fog. heck.

we’ll do it yo’ way for now!” With his free arm he shoves his goggles from his forehead to his eyes. “Wait. however. NO!” Mira screamed. and Mira had shown up at the right moment. you know I don't even think he is scared right now at all. trying to reach for him only to stumble forward. For some strange reason the mist didn’t flow near this rock.” Steven says. “Well. now that they can see. alrighty then misser rock. For a moment they share an intense look.!” Too late.Steven just simply nods. “He is a tough little boy. “It's alright. “Neverest. not to them maybe. Steven. almost as if they are having a silent internal conversation. if there was another side. I'm sure he is fine. and then dives right in to the now-oozing stone smiling at the thought of adventure.” the voice of the reassuring boy says. as they both rush forward into the meteor. Mira. Eric. Finally. Eric looks to Steven. Eric spoke up as she had fallen straight into the rock and was now pulled through to the other side. “Let’s see where the party’s at. the blackened ooze reaching for them and tugging them inside making a sick sucking noise. you’re going to get. Sil is gone!” another young girl cries out. there still remained several wary strangers.” Through the mist the girl shakes her head.. Well.“What in the blue blazes?” he says as it pulls him in. “Little boy. . once up to his shoulder he puts on a fearless expression. In the mist.

Every word he said dripped with pure confidence. Not to get attention.” But she didn't seem to think so. if I am right. “We need to keep moving. he is my little brother and when I was his age I'd do the most dangerous things I could think of. because every promise he made he came through on. “What was that?” Sarah asks quietly. Her fingers clung tighter to the fabric of Neverest's shirt. Sarah. “Look. I promise.” She could feel the smile on his lips as she stood on her tip toes to kiss him. just for the thrill of adventure!” Neverest knew she was panicking.” he starts as they rush together through the mist. So Neverest decides to take action to calm her down. now. even though the fog was dense it did not hide her movements very well as she franticly searches looks around to no avail. “I believe you. She knew this but it wasn't what he said that calmed her it was what he did. a new sense of panic taking her. . “Look.” He interlocks fingers with her and begins to run towards the noises. whispering into her ear. “I think he would have a little more sense than that. Snuggling closer to him she whispers back. “We will find him.” All panic just erased from Sarah's mind as he held her in his arms. But Neverest seemed to not agree. But Neverest's attention was elsewhere. But their passionate moment was ruined by a loud moaning noise.“That's the point! The boy has no fear! He probably got attacked by some alien or weird freak of nature! He would do anything if it meant he would be headed to an adventure!” Little did the two know. he is your brother after all and you are the most cautious person I've ever met. With his arms he wraps himself around her. that was exactly what he did.

“I. The pair was assimilated together into the ooze. Neverest even gave more momentum to Sarah by swinging her around with him. The soul-mates veered towards the sound.. neither letting go of the other. . starting to go faster than him now. He truly considered her as an equal. in near perfect harmony. Finally he gives in. or even make a movement. did not feel the need to outshine or show off to her.” Eric thinks as he floats through nothingness.” Sarah's grip tightened in his as she sped up her pace.” Out of nowhere a voice spoke. most times saying she was better than him. I'd be covered in tears.. but nothing.“Then that is exactly where Sil is. Neverest. “We have to get to my little brother!” Faster and faster they ran together. It was like they were pure equals in everything. Eric tries to struggle. being a male. The moaning noises changed direction suddenly coming from their right instead of in front of them.. disposing of his original body. DAMN IT! No. I have to find my brother and Matthew! Steven! STEVEN!!! Answer me!” But it was useless. he no longer had lips or even a face. while one stumbled the other quickly got them back to their footing. Actually all Eric is just a thought floating through a seemingly vast space. “If I could cry. I'm not ready to die. When one sped up the other kept in pace. The rock had made him a part of it.. “This has got to be the biggest mistake of my life. But sadly they only rushed straight into the black stone. I think this is what dying must be like.

well. There were a total of eight there and all seemed relaxed as a ninth figure started to materialize before them all. Free from the restraints the first to speak was Eric. Matt. “Sil! Oh baby boy. .” the amorphous blob seemed to say yet it had no lips. “You see. “Steven. Wyatt! Boy. I am an alien race that in your language is known as a copy-cat. I am the only of my race because they were wiped out by another race known as The Kiris. completely overlooking what the blob had said. the eight kids and teens it had lured into the meteorite suddenly dropped to an invisible floor. live on and come away from that light. I missed you!” It was Sarah and next to her was still Neverest. structure relaxes just a small amount. could you please help me?” it begged them from the tone it portrayed.” His time for talking was short lived as a rosy haired girl screams. uh. You all may feel free to say no to this but. She releases him as she runs to kneel down to Sil. just stare gawking at each other through the empty space. Because the blob didn't realize that humans could not hear the thoughts of another. essentially evil as your world would put it. “Oh… and you too Mira. Eric’s body took form as did several others. locked together by their hands. I am glad to see you guys!” A loud cough alerted him to the presence of a girl behind them. her baby brother.“Then don't earth child. This race is. “This must be scary for you.” The blob's. You're not all the perfect specimens but you'll do. “I am here to ask of your help children. but please don't be afraid of me. But no one could say anything at all. His face goes from white to red as a blush spreads across his freckled cheek.” Suddenly.

I’m all fine! No harm no foul righ’?” That is when Sarah and the rest realize that they’re not the only ones there. “I apologize I overestimated your abilities. It started to take shape and stand up like a swimmer walking out of a pool.” The Alien said. It resembled a clear. only standing just taller than Sil with an expression of cool disdain. Finally. standing a few inches over six-feet tall. spoke. “Well heck take a look at me sis. This boy was built like a college athlete. “But he does have a valid point. what is that thing?” The largest boy in the room asks. “I don’t really know Wy-Guy. “Don’t you ever run off like that again. His eyes were a dark-tinted green as he looked from one person to another. siren-like being now and had a face that was like looking into crystals. apparently she only uses it when she’s angry. wearing a jersey that hid most of his bulk. . ya’ hear?” with her own southern accent. Wyatt just makes a ‘tsk’ sound and quiets himself.” Eric says. with more than enough muscle to prove it. Eric.“Aw. angrily. being as clueless as he was. aloud this time. but let’s not start making people mad. inside of its head was what looked like that of an embryo. shucks sis’ why you gotta embarrass me front of people!” She just smiles and replies with. flicking his own little brother in the back of the head. “So what’s with the loser convention and that pile of goop?” A boy with light brown hair spiked up into a fro-hawk asks. “Because I thought I’d lost you silly!” But the happiness fades from her voice as she goes on to say. namely because they out number us. let me try again.

he didn't need to think on this. “Look. reaching to her. you idiot. an alien race that was the genocide of mine is heading here. slowly he guides her hand to the crystalline alien.” Neverest spoke up. Wasn't anyone listening to it? It came here to ask for our help.” Sarah still doesn't want to agree until. “Yes. I do. She took his hand. “What if it is only trying to trick us into some messed-up trap? What if. now look. “What if it is just lying?” She says.?” Steven scoffs. miss. pulling off his black hood and bandanna to show his dark. hold my hand. it is an alien. “Yes. Don't ask questions anymore. “To eradicate and erase all other life and put an end to any beings they see as imperfect or impure.” Most complied.” Everyone looked at him with a 'What?' look spread wide on their faces.“Oh I know these things they are homunculus!” Steven sighs inwardly. Do you want to save Earth?” Neverest walks forward to stand in front of the alien.eyes and messy brunette hair. this creature wouldn't have come all this way and ask us that if it didn't mean it. . just do it before I fade and can no longer hold this identity. “Baby. except for Sarah. now tell us what does this race want?” He says..” “What is it that we have to do?” “Touch my form. I came to prevent the tragedies that befell my home planet. He stops just a few inches before it and says. as I am now. I am pretty sure this being would've just swallowed us whole and never said a thing if it were to trick us. “No.

” “Matthew.” “Wyatt... what's a little bit of scraps and bruises and all?” .” “Sil.” Sarah closes her eyes tight. Why now are you so brash and insulting?” “.What is it that made you become so wreckless?” “Well I'd have to say because I ain't seen the harm in stuff is all. I guess that side of me just died. you are a strong and brave boy....Being nice never got anybody anywhere. never disobeying the person trying to help.. What made you want to suppress and hide it so deep inside?” “My family and friends would all ridicule me for dressing as an Indian because I was so pale skinned and when I tried to speak my natural Irish accent everyone just looked at me different.....” “Eric.“It is all up to you now. not too long ago you were sweet and well-mannered.. I had an accident and I. you used to be courageous and strong. What is the reason you see fit to run away from everything and hide yourself away?” “Because I don't want to hurt anyone. What happened to you child?” “I.. you used to be obidient.. you used to be intelligent and proud of both your Cherokee and Irish heritage.... “Sarah. then presses her hand to the alien and the moment her hand touched the creature the whole abyss flashed and they were all engulfed in a blinding light.. well that's what dad said..

” “Now everyone hear this. would you protect and lead this group for me?” “Yes. Neverest. I will be their guardian to watch over and show them the way to go and will prevent this world from meeting a fate so vile.“Mira. the light began to fade away.. I have asked each of you a question. What do you see in your future? “I see a life of peace. you were born with a level head and unmatched leadership skills. even if I have to become evil to do so I will obtain peace. one that involves those that deserve it. because if I don't. who will?” “Ah.” And with that.” “Neverest. I will give each of you the DNA of an animal that exists on this earth and each part of my DNA. watching over them. it seems you understand far more than you should of the darkness and know that it takes more than brutal force to achieve your aspirations. Steven. This will most likely corrupt your human profile but do not fear because I will be able to restore you if ever you decide it is too much to handle. One stood out among the rest as he seemed to be the only . I expect you to lead and to each of you I will grant a power that you will discover on your own.. All of the teens that once were terrified of the meteorite with the black ooze were gone. If I gave you that responsibillity... always looking out for another even if you get hurt or it breaks your heart you never let someone down. All of you will now be a part of the same team.. In their place were various animalistic beings that resembled what they used to look like. Why do you want to help others so badly?” “I see myself as an angel. I see me getting to that point through any means necessary..

and his bangs swept to the right. The being wore Neverest’s clothes. except for that there were two brown feathered and raggedy avian wings that stood through the back of his. He walks into the only stream of light. A pink strip came from the bottom-right side of his chin expanding upwards through the middle of his face then vanishing under his bangs. “When do we start?” End of Episode One: Alien Infection . The top of his hair was up in spikes and jagged to the left. now. He only had eyes and lips on his head. He was honestly ready to lead and did not hesitate when he said. The look in his eyes was that only of assured determination. His skin was the color orange with ribbon-like pink stripes wrapping around his body moving radically all over. this was Neverest. his side burns reaching down past his chin in the same jagged design. torn shirt. where the blob used to not panicking about this situation.

Minutes before he was merely walking down fifth avenue .The Power of One In a dark alley way a man ran for his life from some unknown attacker.

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