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Topic Impact of energy crises on organization in Faisalabad Table-I For the year 2010 Sr No Description Bismillah Textile 1 Available

sources 1(Gas) 2 Production (per day) 80,000 3 Production in 2009 70,000 4 Current production 29,200,000 5 Future production 35,040,000 Result and Discussion:
According to the research data, the table-I is showing the data for the year 2010. In which data is categories in two firms. 1. Bismillah Textile 2. Masood Textile Mills Bismillah textile has the available sources of energy 1(Gas) but Masood textile has the available sources of energy 3(Electricity, Gas, Diesel). All the production of the bismisllah textile on the Natural Gas. And Masood textile mills all production depends upon the Electricity, Diesel and Gas. If we comparisons between the firm production and the most highest per day production of Masood textile Mills is 95,000 and other firm per day production is 80,000. The production of both firm in 2009 is also mention in this table-I, due to the more available sources of energy the Masood Textile Mills is also increase your production. In 2010 the current production of Bismillah Textile is 29,200,000. It is low production other then the Masood Textile Mills. The future production of the both firm is increase the 20% of the current year production.

Masood Textile Mills 3(Electricity,Gas,Diesel) 95,000 90,000 34,675,000 41,610,000

000 Results and Discussion: Masood Textile Mills 3 1. . The most high production (per day) is 1.000 60. In 2010 the annually production of Bismillah textile is 29. 50.675. The future production of the every firms is a objective.000 34. The current production of the firms is incredible. The given data showing the results of 2011.000. The least production (per day) is 1. In 2010 data. In which analysis the data of two firms.50. This data is related to the production of the firms.500.675.00. the future producton of the firms also increase 20% of the current production. The annually data of the Bismillah textile showing the low result other then the MTM.000 54. show the previous record of the production of both firms.200.750. The result is that there is no Impact of the energy crises on organization because the firms have alternative resources of energy. The firms have struggled for increase your current production.250. The current production of the MTM is high and low production also the Bismillah textile.Table-II For the year 2011 Sr No Description Bismillah Textile 1 Available sources 1 2 Production (per day) 1. 00.200.000 5 Future production 44.000 and MTM is 34.000 of Masood textile mills.000.000 4 Current production 36.000 3 Production in 2010 29.000. the production (per day) of the Bsmillah textile is lower then the Masood textile mills.000 of Bismillah textile.