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COLEGIO SAN BARTOLOMÉ LA MERCED NINTH GRADE PRESENTEDBY: JUAN DAVID CUERVO MAY 2011 ______________________________________________________________________ HUMAN POPULATION

EVOLUTION The Human population is the largest one in the planet but how begin the growing of the human population?, that is easy to answer be cause in the population dynamics that is a branch of the lifes cience takes cares of the studies of the changes in the size, age composition of a population. And then we are going to answer what is the formal definition of population? Population is all the organisms that both belong to the same specieand live in the same geographical área. In population dynamics we have to have clear these terms: y y y Natality or birth rate, often recruitment, which means reaching a certain size or reproductive stage. *this definition is taked from the fisheries Population growth rate, which measures the growth of individuals in size and length. Mortality,which includes harvest mortality and natural mortality.

Also in population dynamics is important to talk about the interacions of the specie with hisen viroment this is described from the One of the first laws of population ecology is the Thomas Malthus' exponential law of population growth... A population will grow (or decline) exponentially as long as the environment experienced by all individuals in the population remains constant. Also in order to have a clear idea of why the population grows, we have to know the Abiotic and Biotic factors. In the Abiotics factors: Air currents, temperature, moisture, light, sail, pH and salinity. All of these factors determine the types of specie and survival in a particular environment. In the other side is the Biotic factors we have: Food, shelter, reproduction and protection. All of these factors take place in the Biosphere that is the portion of earth that supports life also were all the interactions take place, this place is diverse but also is fragile. When we talk about the Human population, we are taking about 7 billion of persons aproximatedly. In Natality we have 140 million biths per year, Mortality is in 57 million almost a third part of the birth rate that¶s 140 million«.this info can talks pretty much about our population, that have increased since the bubonic plague and all the wars that

html . we are comsuming the world in a parasitism relationship in were the world doesn¶t receive any thing good from us.wikipedia.human have had in the past «our growing is not http://en. References: y y y http://en. Also I think like in the past the history is an cycle and natures always finde the balance so we will sufer a calamity as an specie and like in the bottle neck few ones will survive to again re-start the human http://www.sosmath.