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sesaje jer upload kt post blog nie pasal essay yg saya dh buat sewaktu saya mahu menghadiri temuduga MARA pada April lepas...haha...(ignore the grammar mistake...english saya bukan gempak sangat pon~!!!heee~~) enjoy reading!!!
ME, MY EDUCATION AND CAREER PLANNING Born and named as Khairun Nurlisa binti Kamal, I am the first cute daughter of Kamal bin Abdul Hamid and Norazlin binti Md. Isa. I was born on November 12th, 1991 in Penang. Right now, I am already 17 and going to turn 18 years old this coming November. I stayed with my family in Kulim, a small town in southern Kedah. I am the eldest sister among three siblings. I had a younger brother and a younger sister. My father works as a technician and my mother is a full-time housewife. I started my primary education at SK Pangkalan TLDM 2, Lumut, Perak during my father was still in his service as a Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN). Then, when we moved to Kulim, I continued my study in SK Taman Kenari, Kulim. During the year 2003, I took the UPSR examination and I passed with flying colours to score 5A¶s. I furthered my lower secondary education at SMK Sultan Badlishah, Kulim and in the year 2006, I¶ve been listed as one of the best student after I got 8A¶s in PMR examination. After obtaining a good result in PMR, I was offered to carry on my upper secondary education at MARA Junior Science College Kubang Pasu, Kedah. I took my SPM in the year 2008 and as a result, I got straight 9A¶s. Proven, I am a very consistent and determined student in achieving my entire target in every examination that I¶ve taken. Stepping into MJSC Kubang Pasu, it truly gave me a possibility to polish my talent, my abilities and my potential to become a versatile student. Being one of College Prefect Boards Exco, has exposed me to become a strong leader that full of professional leadership qualities and readily to face any challenges after I¶ve attended the Malaysian Institute of Integrity¶s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Rebung 2007 Programme at MJSC Alor Gajah, Melaka. Besides, I also involved in the Youth Forum Team and represented the college during the Inter-MJSC Language Week held at MJSC Transkrian, Penang. By joining this team, I could gain and build up my self-confidence in giving speeches and share my ideas with others. At the same time, I also hold the position Vice President of College Girl Ranger and participated in the Inter-MJSC Girl Ranger Camp. This shows that I am a student that is compatible with many kinds of activities either curricular or co-curricular activities. Although I was busy and getting active in those activities, yet I was still able to divide and manage my time efficiently. In addition of my examination result that is always consistent; I was a recipient of the Principal¶s List of Merit for 4 semesters consecutively and graduated as First Class from MJSC Kubang Pasu. Why I really insist to pursue my study in dentistry? Since I was small, I always aspired to become a dentist when I grow up. I got many compelling reasons why I choose dentist as my future career. Dentist belongs to one of the best profession, mainly responsible for people life. I love to help needy people. So, by being a dentist, I can serve to the people and help those people in improving their oral health, as well as quality of life and their appearance. It is really a great satisfaction for me if I can lend a hand to help people especially the poor, the disabled people and the elderly. Furthermore, dentistry is a dynamic health profession that provides a great job prospect in the future since currently there are insufficient dentist available in Malaysia to provide adequate oral care to its population. The demand for dental care is projected to grow as baby boomers age, they will continue to need preventive services and require maintenance on existing dental work. As in Malaysia, the current ratio is 1: 10 000 which means one dentist to 10,000 people. The country hopes to achieve a ratio of 1: 4,000 in 2020. Undoubtedly, there is a high demand for dentist. In addition, a dentist is usually not required to be on call at night or to make house calls. Thus, it is easier for dentist to attain a perfect balance between their personal and professional lives. As for medicines that have so many areas of specialization, so do dentistry. The areas of specialization in dentistry including oral surgery, orthodontics, endodontics, forensic dentistry and community dentistry. I¶ve decided to continue my study regarding dentistry in Manipal University, India. For the dental students, this established university has provided their own college known as The Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Manipal. It was the first self financing dental college in the private sector in India. Established in the year 1965, it initially had an intake of 40 students that was

they are full time staff with excellent teaching and clinical experience. dentistry will be one of rewarding career and surely people will start to look for a chance to get to know more about it. Manipal. work in the Ministry of Defence or Institute of Medical Research. I will surely do anything to achieve my goals. especially Biology. it would be easier for me whenever I attend the class everyday. Thus. my education and career planning if I took dentistry as my primary choice to further my study. June 22. audio-visual aids like LCD. work in the private sector or become academician. each student must have a very good and strong basic regarding pure science subject respectively. I also can set up my own dental practice. Moreover. So. dentistry also serve a lot of golden opportunity in Malaysia. This college is approved and recognized by the Dental Council of India in the year 1992. Not only that. It is situated in the heart of the city besides the Kasturba Medical College. Regarding the teaching faculty. especially in the future. Lecture Halls. Mangalore. This job is not only about making money. but also mainly about how to improve my race level in this modernity lives. this university also have another dental college situated in Mangalore known as The Manipal College of Dental Sciences. Since the intake to fill this course is quite competitive. in my opinion. 2009 Labels: essay. I can even become a dental officer by continuing my studies in master for about three to five years and be one of the specialists in oral surgery. Just like a typical dental student. I can either choose to continue my career in the public health services. Science subjects especially Biology is the most subject I¶ve interested with. As this field is less monopolized by the Malay bumiputras. Apart form The Manipal College of Dental Sciences. Basically. etc. This is all about me. There is a centrally air conditioned library. The college also undertakes dental camps in rural areas for teaching purposes. Transport is provided from the hostel to the teaching places. dentist in Malaysia will have many career pathways undertaken with this degree. I must achieve good result in all my examinations.later increased to 100 admissions from 1983-84 onwards. There is also an excellent ambience for studies and recreation. it will take at about 5-6 years to finish up my study in the dental course before I can become a doctor and got the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS). the college has excellent infrastructure facilities with adequate dental chairs and latest state of the art of dental equipments. Manipal University is a great choice for me to continue my study in dentistry. All the latest dental materials for various clinical procedures are available for student use. Despite of deep interest in this field. spilled by nurlisa kamal at Monday. are used for teaching purposes. mara . All fresh dental graduates are compulsory required to work for the Ministry of Health for three to five years. It has also been accredited by NAAC and recognized by Malaysian Dental Council. interview. This college was established in the year 1987. I think I¶ve had the responsibility to help my own people. On completion. Besides that. Hence. Mangalore at Light House Hill Road.