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GATE Overview

GATE Overview

Many students may not be aware that there are several institutions in this country, offering specialized postgraduate programmes in various disciplines. Attractive scholarship / Assistantship for postgraduate courses in engineering / Technology / Architecture /Pharmacy at Engineering colleges / institutes in the country ,are available to those who qualify through GATE. Some Engineering colleges / institutes specify GATE as a mandatory qualification even for admission do students to post graduate programmes. The candidate is required to find the procedure of final selection and award of scholarship / Assistantship from the respective Institution to which the candidate seeks admission. GATE qualified candidates in Engineering subjects) will also be eligible for the award of junior research fellowship in CSIR Laboratories.

What is GATE ?
The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an all-India examination administered and conducted in eight zones across the country by the GATE Committee comprising faculty from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and seven Indian Institutes of Technology on behalf of the National Coordinating Board - GATE, Department of Education, Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), Government of India.

To identify meritorious and motivated candidates for admission to Post Graduate Programmes in Engineering, Technology, Architecture and Pharmacy at the National level. To serve as benchmark for normalisation of the Undergraduate Engineering Education in the country.

Why should we take GATE:

1. M.Tech degree leads to specialization and furthering of interest in a certain area which may lead to Ph.D 2. M.Tech degree is best for those wishing to apply for Faculty/Research positions in educational Institutes/R&D centers.

Important Dates:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Availability of GATE forms: 21st September, 2010 Last Date for filling up forms: 27th October, 2010 Online Examination Date: 30th January, 2011 Offline Examination Date: 13th February, 2011 GATE Exam Results: 15 th March, 2011

Examination Details:
1. The examination is a single paper of 3 hours duration and consists of 65 Questions with Maximum of 100 Marks. 2. You have to opt for your subject and study as per the syllabus mentioned in the GATE brochure. 3. The subjects of our interest are Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering., Electrical Engineering and Instrumentation Engineering. Other subjects are also available such as Mathematics, Physics, etc. 4. Results of qualified candidates in GATE will give All India Rank and indicate percentile score. For example, a percentile score of 99 means you are in the top 1% category of the candidates who appeared for GATE. 5. Candidates who get less than 70 percentile get no score card. 6. GATE scores are valid for 2 years. You may reappear the GATE exam if you are not satisfied with the earlier score and the new score (if better than the old one) will be used for admission purposes.

After the Exam, what next:

1. After publication of GATE results, students must apply to individual Institutes to get their application forms. 2. Institutes advertise M.Tech admissions in leading newspapers from 1st April till end July. However some Institutes do not advertise and therefore students have to get the forms themselves. 3. In the application forms, you have to mention your GATE score alongwith other details. 4. The concerned Institute may conduct written test and/or interview for the purpose of admission. 5. General thumb rules: If your GATE score in Computer Science is 96 percentile or more then you can try for IITs, if between 85 - 96 percentile, then apply for top RECs, JADAVPUR, SHIBPUR, ROORKEE, etc. If less than 85, you have to look for appropriate institutes.

During the pursuit of M.Tech, you are paid a scholarship of Rs. 8000.00 per month by the Government of India. This amount is enough for living expenses including purchase of books, etc. The scholarship is paid for the entire 18 months M.Tech period.

We encourage 3rd year students to also appear GATE alongwith Final Year students since: a. GATE score is valid for 2 years. b. The syllabus as required by GATE is generally over by 5th semester. c. Anyway, it will be a good try ! If it is a bad score you can always try again.

GATE Eligibility
The candidates with following academic background are eligible to appear in GATE 2011 Examination: Bachelor's degree holders Engineering/ Technology/Architecture/Pharmacy (4 years after 10+2) and those who are in the final or pre-final year of such programmes. Master degree holders in any branch of Science/ Mathematics/ Statistics/ Computer Applications or equivalent and those who are in the final or pre-final year of such programmes. Candidates in the second or higher year of the Four-year Integrated Master's degree programme (Post-B.Sc.) in Engineering/Technology or in the third or higher year of Fiveyear Integrated Master's degree programme and Dual Degree programme in Engineering/Technology. Candidates with qualifications obtained through examinations conducted by professional societies recognised by UPSC/AICTE (e.g. AMIE) as equivalent to B.E./B.Tech. Those who have completed Section A or equivalent of such professional courses are also eligible.status.


A candidate is eligible for Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) Scholarship/ Assistantship in Engineering/Technology/Architecture/Pharmacy/Sciences at engineering colleges/institutes in the country if he/she qualifies in GATE . To avail the scholarship, additionally, the candidate must secure admission to such a postgraduate programme, as per the prevailing procedure of the admitting institution. GATE qualification by itself does not guarantee admission. GATE qualified candidates in Engineering disciplines are also eligible for the award of the Junior Research Fellowship in CSIR Laboratories. Some government organizations prescribe GATE qualification as a requirement for applying to the post of a Scientist/Engineer. As per the directives of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India, the following procedure is to be adopted for admission to postgraduate programmes (Master's and Doctoral) with MHRD Scholarship/Assistantship . The GATE performance of the candidate will be considered for admission. If the candidate is to be selected through interview for postgraduate programmes, minimum 70% weightage is to be given to the

GATE performance . The remaining weightage (30% maximum) can be given to the marks obtained by the candidate in his/her qualifying examination or interview. Candidates opting for a general paper (XE or XL) should be further examined (by interview/written test) by the admitting institution. In such cases also the weightage for GATE score should not be less than 70%. The admitting institution will prescribe minimum passing percentage of marks in the interview. Some Colleges/Institutes specify GATE as mandatory qualification even for admission without MHRD Scholarship/Assistantship. Candidates are advised to seek details about admission procedures and availability of MHRD Scholarship/Assistantship from the department of their interest or postgraduate office of the concerned institution. GATE offices will not entertain any enquiry about admission and award of Scholarship/Assistantship. While qualifying in GATE is essential for all candidates seeking admission to postgraduate programmes with MHRD Scholarship/Assistantship, the management of the postgraduate Scholarship/Assistantship is the responsibility of the admitting institution. The GATE Committee has no role in the award or disbursement of Scholarship/Assistantship. Similarly, reservation of seats under different categories is as per the policies and norms prevailing at the admitting institution and the Government of India rules. According to MHRD rules, the award of postgraduate Scholarship/Assistantship to GATE qualified candidates is for a maximum period of 24 months for Master's degree programmes in Engineering/Technology/Architecture/Pharmacy/Science. Additional Scorecards (up to a maximum of two) will be issued only once on request and on payment of Rs 300 per card. Such requests should reach the Organizing Chairman. These cards will be labelled as Additional Scorecard -1 and Additional Scorecard - 2 at the top. However, if the candidate changes his/her admitting institution by using the additional scorecard(s), he/she is required to clarify the matters related to his/her admission and Scholarship/Assistantship with the new institution where subsequent admission change is sought. The GATE Score of a candidate is in the range 0 to 1000. It reflects the performance of a candidate, irrespective of the GATE paper or year in which he/she has qualified. Candidates with same GATE Score from different GATE papers and/or years can be considered to have the same performance level. At present, students in the Integrated Master's Degree and Dual Degree programmes in Engineering/ Technology are eligible to appear in GATE 2007 in order to qualify for the postgraduate scholarship in their own institutions only. They are not eligible for admission to a fresh M.E/M.Tech. programme.