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Week of June 19-25

Welcome Welcome everyone into your home & give a high 5 to all the dads that come. Make your guests feel welcome & be sure to create an inclusive environment in your group. (IDEA: Do a group cheer for dad. Give me a D! Give me an A! etc.) Opening Prayer Introduce any guests that might be attending. Have the dads gather together & form a circle around them. Thank the Lord for the dads & ask Gods blessings on your HG tonight.

Become (Spiritual Disciplines, Care) // Pick at least one from each category to use in leading your group
Suggestions for Family Time A) What makes your dad (or granddaddy) so great? How is your dad (or granddaddy like Jesus? B) Whats something that youve hoped for? (a certain birthday present, to win the award, etc.) Do you always get what you hope for? (No...sometimes you dont, but you still hope for things, right?) If you have faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior, where will you go when you die? (heaven) Why do you believe this? (Because the Bible tells us.) Why should you believe (or have hope) in what the Bible says? (Because God always keeps His promises!) Thats where HOPE is found! C) Divide into groups & memorize the Core Comp creed for Hope: I can cope with the hardships of life & with death because of the hope I have in Jesus Christ. Suggestions for Kids Time A) Play the Trust Fall game: kids close their eyes, cross their arms in front of them & fall straight back into the adults waiting arms. Let everyone have a go & then talk about the trust that it took to do that. You could do it because you had confidence that the adult behind you would keep his promise to catch you. Thats the kind of HOPE we have in God! B) Read Matthew 16:21 to the kids. Jesus told His disciples what was going to happen (EMPHASIS on His death & resurrection). Did these things happen to Jesus, just like He said they would? (Yes). Now read John 14:1-4. What did Jesus tell His disciples that He was going to do? (Go to His Fathers house, make rooms for them, come & get them to take them to be with Him). Has Jesus come back to take all Christians home to heaven yet? (No) Do you have HOPE that He will? Suggestions for Adult Time A) Compare earthly fathers to God the Father. (Make a list of similarities & differences as the group gives input) How can you, as an earthly father, help your children to know their heavenly Father better? B) Whatre you hoping for right now in your life? How does your faith in God influence your perspective on these things youre hoping for? Read Romans 5:3-5 & talk about the progression of this verse. (one thing leads to another until you arrive at HOPE.) Describe what makes this kind of hope so strong. C) Read Luke 1:17. If fathers needed to be turned back to their children, what turns our hearts away from our children? Suggestions for Prayer Time A) Lift up the dads in our HG, asking for God to be #1 in their life & #1 in their homes. B) Praise God for being the perfect Father in all His ways. Focus your praise on His character.

Beyond (Evangelism, Recreation, Volunteerism, Extending Compassion, International Missions)

Check the bulletin or for the stuff going on in our church. Consider the ideas below, as well! Community Calendar With such hot days here, collect bottles of water to carry in a cooler in your car. Look for opportunities to bless someone while you make your way around town. (examples: yard workers, the mailman, the homeless, etc.) Church Calendar Mission Arlington School Supply Drive , June 26-July 10. $20 donation provides school supplies for a child in need.