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P O Box 531, 410 Main Cross Street, Taylorsville, KY 40071 Parish Office: 502-477-6676 Fax: 502-477-5278
Pastor: Fr. Scott Wimsett Deacon: Gerry Mattingly Bookkeeper, Director of Religious Educcation, Secretary Diane Black Youth Ministry: Laura Zoeller Pastoral Assistant: Carl Fahringer Pastoral Minister/RCIA: Mari Wertz 477-6676 538-4933 955-5366 email: email: voice mail box 2 email: voice mail box 3 email: voice mail box 1 email:

RCIA: If you know somebody interested in exploring the Catholic faith or if you are interested in joining the RCIA team, please contact Mari Wertz.

Parish Yard Sale: This big event will be July 30 from 9 to 1 in the parish hall. For information, contact Barbara Yates at 418-8501 or the parish office. Staff Changes: We regret to announce that parish secretary Nancy Almony is leaving her part-time position here at All Saints to accept the full-time secretarial position at St. Francis Xavier. We thank Nancy for her service to our community and ask that God bless her in her new role. Diane Black has accepted the additional duties of parish secretary and bulletin editor, along with continuing as bookkeeper and Director of Education for children. We also want to thank Markee Rippee, the former secretary at SFX, for her assistance to our parish, especially in scheduling visiting priests. Markee has accepted a position with Fr. Scott’s new parish, Our Lady of Lourdes. Please keep all the members of both parish staffs in your prayers as they begin new roles and prepare to assist with the change in leadership. Community Education—Focus on Alzheimer’s: Nazareth Home, 2000 Newburg Rd., will be offering a class on “Client Centered Care” Monday, June 20, from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in the chapel. Since an estimated 74,000 Kentuckians are currently living with Alzheimer’s, a number project to rise dramatically for the next 10 years, this session could be of interest to many people. Please call Gretchen Houchin at 502-473-2396 if you would like to attend. Parish Blog: The best way to keep up with what’s going on at All Saints, including the bulletin and newsletter when you miss them, is to check the blog kept by Deacon Gerry. Visit Catechist Certification Classes: The Bardstown region is offering a series of classes beginning June 14 for those who would like to earn their Associate Catechist certification. The classes will be held at St. Joseph’s in Bardstown and are open to anyone interested in learning about our faith. Brochures are available in the parish office and on the table near the loft stairs. Preregistration is requested for preparation of materials. Contact Diane Black or Deacon Gerry for more information. Relay for Life: The All Saints team would like to thank all who participated and donated to the annual fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. The fund total will be reported as soon as it is confirmed. Bridal Announcement: If you are planning a wedding between July 28, 2011, and January 25, 2012, and want an announcement in The Record’s July 28 bridal edition, the deadline is July 1 at 12 noon. Contact Rachell Rauh at 502-471-2125 or email You can also complete your form online at

To arrange for Baptisms or Weddings, please call the office. Confessions by request or 4 o’clock Saturdays at St. Francis Xavier

June 19, 2011 Trinity Sunday
June June June June June 18 19 22 25 26 Sat. Sun. Wed. Sat. Sun. 5:00 p.m. 11:30a.m. 6:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. 11:30 a.m. Pro populo Imelda Fleitz Rosary No Priest Available ~ Pray for vocations Pro populo

Parish Support $3282.27 Crusade for Children $60 Propagation of the Faith $226.00 Relay for Life: $386.00
Prayer list: Martha Hopper, Patricia Hurst, John Gathoff, Carol Kennedy, Elizabeth Martin, Julia Ameral, Joan Gollar, Diana Howard, Azeline Thomas, Margaret Glassford, Don Bealmear, Pam Lewis, Benny Lyon, Tom and Pat Drake, Frances Wheatley, Pat Cheney, John Riker, Cheryl Riney (Mary Akins), Emerson Chadwell (Kapfhammers), Sandra and Toni Rae, Yvonne (Pat Cheney), Steve, Barbara, Olivia Fahringer, Rhonda McCarty, Beth Hotz (Carl F.), Virginia Hinton, Frank Taylor, Brownie Clements (Diane and Cele), Anna Burns (Penny and Tom), Charlotte and Doris Vowels (Pete and Mona), Melvin Meis (Melinda Warford), Jeff and Margaret Hardison (Darnells), Fred Barton (Patti Grubb) all the unemployed, Wes Robinson, Bryant Fowler, Thomas Creed, Bryan Ford, John Rock, and all serving our country

If you or a family member would like your name added to or deleted from our prayer list, please call the office. We have been told that the sick may only be on our list if we’re sure the patient or the patient’s parent/guardian consents, because HIPPA otherwise protects their privacy from church/religious involvement. Also, if you go to the hospital, make sure your HIPPA release form instructs the hospital to contact the parish. Thank you! Happy Birthday: 6/18 Trish Smith, John Thomas; 6/19 Ryan Mihaljevic, Luke Rock; 6/22 Landon Pund, Shannon Toomey; 6/23 Melinda Warford; 6/24 Dian Gordon, Anna Hochstrasser, Nina Sanders, Chris Shawver; 6/26 Taylor Early, Anna Lee Stokley Religious Education News from Diane Black: We had a wonderful week at our annual Covenant Churches VBS and want to thank the parents who brought their children for our summer Religious Education offering. I also want to thank our adult and teen volunteers—our parish was well represented. AA meets at 7:30 every Tuesday in the parish hall. We use an open discussion format. Prayerful Sending Service: Members of both parishes are encouraged to attend the prayers service scheduled for 7:00 p.m. this evening, June 19 at St. Francis Xavier, in thanksgiving for Fr. Scott’s service to our communities and to ask God to continue to bless Fr. Scott and his priestly ministry. A reception with light refreshments will follow.
No Mass on June 25: It is very challenging finding priests to say the Saturday Mass during the summer when Father Murphy is away. After exhausting the list of priests, there no priest is available on Saturday, June 25, so Father Scott has cancelled that Mass at All Saints. Since that is Father Paul’s first weekend as pastor, “Saturday people” may want to consider attending his Mass at St. Francis Xavier that day to welcome him.

UPCOMING EVENTS Sunday Wednesday Saturday June 19 June 22 June 25 7:00 p.m. Prayerful Sending Service for Fr. Scott SFX Fr. Paul Beach begins his service as pastor NO 5:00 p.m. Mass

Communion Ministers:

Ministers to the Sick: Ministers of the Word:

Sat. 6/18 – Marian Pusey, Penny Burns, Pete Vowels Sun. 6/19 – David Sherry, Bob Searcy Sat. 6/25 – no priest available ~ Pray for vocations. Sun. 6/26 – Deacon Gerry, Bob Jones, Diane Black May 18-19 - Anna Hochstrasser; May 25-26 Becky Hornung


Ministers of Hospitality

Sun. 6/18 – Richard Hornung. Joe Hayes Sat. Carl Fahringer Sat. 6/18 – Jim Pusey Sun. 6/26 – Liz Walker Sat. 6/19 – Gary Kehne. 6/26 – no priest available ~ Pray for vocations. 6/25 – no priest available ~ Pray for vocations Sun. Darren Esterle Sat. Thank you for your stewardship of time & talent! . Carolyn Kapfhammer Sun.Sat. Tom Burns Sun. 6/19 – Joe Bowling. Don Bealmear Sat. 6/25 – no priest available ~ Pray for vocations. 6/26 – Cele Walker. 6/19 – Bryce Nall. 6/18 – Phoebe Brown.