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University of North Texas Summer, 2011 Intensive English Language Institute Week II: June 13-17

Six Flags Saturday, June 18, from 9 a.m. 6 p.m. Six Flags is an amusement park with roller coasters and rides, so don't miss out! Sign up in SYMR 214 if you would like to attend. Cost is $10, cash or check. Meet at the corner of Ave. B. and Mulberry St., outside the GAB, to ride the bus. Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History Saturday, June 25, from 12p.m. 5p.m. Sign up in SYMR 214 if you would like to come. Come and see real dinosaur bones, learn how to herd cattle on an interactive horse, and explore the history of aviation. Meet at the corner of Ave. B and Mulberry St. at 9a.m. to ride the bus.

NEW!!! Do you want an extra opportunity to practice speaking English with Americans?

Come to IELIs Conversation Hour! Friday, June 17 12:101 p.m. in SYMR 203 Sign up in the Student Counselors office, SYMR 214, if you want to attend.
Conversation Hour will be held on Fridays during the Summer term.

The Information Science

1. The Reading/Materials Room (224B) is only to be used while using IELI Lab materials. It is not for studying, doing homework, using laptops, etc. Please ask a lab assistant before using this room. 2. A new IELI Study Room, for doing homework, is available in Room 269 . Also, the Eagle Commons Library is open downstairs. You must enter through the doors by the steps. 3. If you have any questions about these new policies please ask. These are in place to make sure that people who need to use IELI Lab materials have a place to do so.

Building (ISB) has been renamed Sycamore Hall (SYMR). IELI will be in the same place, but it will have a different building name.

IELI WEEKLY MEMO http://www. -1-

Attention all NEW Summer term students:

All new international students are required to be screened for tuberculosis after beginning classes at UNT. ALL new students must make an appointment at the Health Center between June 20 and June 30 to have the TB screening done. ***To schedule an appointment, call 940-565-2333, press option 2, and say you want to schedule a TB appointment.*** When you go to the Health Center, you must bring three forms with you: the TB Screening Record, Medical History Form, and TB Screening Form. You should have filled out the forms at orientation. They must be filled out using black ink. Extra copies of the medical forms are available in the Student Counselors office, SYMR 214. If you have questions, you can speak to someone in SYMR 214. Students who do not complete the screening by June 30 will be taken out of class to go to the Health Center. They will receive an absence for the class that they miss to do this.

Bus schedulesUNT buses run on limited schedules in the summer term. Bus service ends at 5:30 p.m. and only operates Monday through Thursday. However, the Discovery Park route operates on Fridays. If you ride the bus, please check the summer schedule online at: DormsIf you plan to live in the UNT dorms during the Fall semester, you must apply at: Even if you live in a dorm this summer, you must reapply for the fall. You will not be able to stay in your room without filling out the housing application again and paying a deposit. If you have not applied already, you should do so right away. Housing is filling up quickly.

Every week, you will be given a new Speaking Challenge. A Speaking Challenge is an opportunity for you to use English outside the classroom. This week, your Speaking Challenge is to introduce yourself to a new IELI student who doesnt speak your language. If you are a new student, your challenge is to introduce yourself to a returning student who doesnt speak your language. Set a time to meet for coffee or lunch so that you can get to know each other. Talk about the resources that you have at IELI. Do you know where to go when you are sick? What should you do if you need help finding an apartment? There are many important resources to discuss. After your meeting, send Kristen an email ( to introduce your new friend!

Attention students in Levels 5/5, 5/6, or 6/6! If you plan to begin UNT classes Fall 2011 or Spring 2012 for a Bachelors or 2nd Bachelors degree, you must attend the Going to UNT meeting on Monday, June 20. If you plan to enroll in a Masters program or a PhD program, you must attend the Going to UNT meeting on Tuesday, June 21. Both meetings will be held at 12:15pm, in room 203

IELI WEEKLY MEMO http://www. -2-