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June 2011


- The Sprint Deal ChowNow shakes hands with Sprint to provide restauranteurs with new tablet receiver for online, mobile and social orders. Page 1

- Launching Pad Object Relational Mapper, check! ModelView-Controller Design Pattern, is activated! Feature Sniffer is a go! Page 2

- New Places Our team has grown. We needed elbow room. So we moved to Foodie Street in Venice, CA. Imagine that. Page 2

- New Faces There is something about working on a cool food project that gets really talented people excited. Meet our new dynamos. Page 3

ChowNow is proud to announce the newest member of the fam: Sprint.

Indeed, the same Sprint whose network provides the wireless backbone of the US government, and whose fatherly CEO lovingly appears in all their adverts. This partnership enables ChowNow to deliver orders to any restaurant in the US, regardless of that restaurants current telecom setup. No fax machine. No internet connection. No laptop. No problem. From here on out, all orders will leave the customers ChowNow ordering app, y through Sprints invisible pipes, and land on the ChowNow tabletPOS sitting inside the restaurant, in about .005 seconds. And just like Tom and Gisele, both parties bring a little something special to this beautiful marriage. In our case, ChowNow builds all the ordering software, and Sprint provides the wireless connection and hardware. That hardware being the latest Android tablet running ChowNows proprietary POS app. Due to the rise of relatively inexpensive tablet devices, there is a strong surge in the restaurant industry toward displacing traditional POS and other, older technologies with a whole host of tablets (see the article in the well respected restaurant publication, QSR Magazine: ChowNows deal with Sprint will help the company to address the rising demand for tablets and the parties have agreed to a mutual marketing strategy that will allow ChowNow to leverage Sprints vast network of clients. YAHTZEE!!

Not just for t he lunch time salads and sandwiches...

ChowNow is getting interest from high brow restaurants that would like to increase sales with our elegant takeout solution. It seems that customers like to eat gourmet food even when they are not dining inside the restaurant. We just reeled in a wine bar group that would like to offer its popular tapas for take-out to its loyal clientele. Ill drink to that! 920 Abbot Kinney Blvd Venice, CA 90291 888.707.CHOW

June 2011


Our Engineers are Burning through Keyboards

We a re s p r i n t i n g t o t h e n i s h l i n e o f ChowNow1.0. Every day, new features are coming to life and our QA team is squashing bugs preparing for a formal launch. The dev team is particularly amped about the Facebook application which is one-of-a-kind, and therefore a major milestone in the industry. Imagine visiting your favorite restaurants Facebook page and instead of just checking the daily special, you can actually click on it and start your order right there in Facebook. Your friends want to join the order? Go ahead and invite them. Wanna schedule it to be ready in a few hours? No problem. Yeah, we did that. Our ninja coders are working on some pretty cool new features for the Fall release as well. Cant say much here, because the boss man will get upset, but noodle on these: Pandora for online ordering and following the orders of respected local food bloggers. OK, Ive said enough. A refueled version of will be live on July 15.

Testing in Live Environments

In order to graduate from the programming stage to the testing stage, we reached out to some of the restaurant groups with whom we have discussed our suite of applications. We were greeted with open arms and an enthusiasm to play guinea pig for this new technology. We have limited our testing partners during this stage to two specic restaurant groups that have agreed to allow our engineers on site to record issues and immediately eradicate bugs from the system. Once we clear this plate, its on to the public beta.

Home Sweet Home

No we didnt move into my grandmothers house. She said we couldnt. Instead, we moved onto the respected, but eclectic boulevard of Abbot Kinney in Venice. We gured what better way to attract a bunch of food-loving techies and sales people than to put them within walking distance of some of L.A.s nest eateries. Annually, thousands of food inspired folks ock to our neck of the woods for the Abbot Kinney Festival centered around food and music. Some of our notable neighbors include Gjelina, Hals Bar and Grill, Joes Restaurant, Lilys, Primitivo, The Tasting Kitchen and Wabi Sabi. If you know L.A., youre stoked for us! Come visit.

920 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice 920 Abbot Kinney Blvd Venice, CA 90291 888.707.CHOW

June 2011


Yarone Goren Chief Technology Officer
Prior to joining ChowNow, Yarone co-founded Zumbox and Academy123. A self-proclaimed serialentrepreneur, he was born to build, launch, and scale technology startups. He has a 12th degree black belt in product vision, user experience and design specications. Relentless in his pursuit of perfection and equipped with a solar powered crystal ball, Yarones far-reaching vision for ChowNow is going to forever change the way modern society experiences breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Gabriel Hayes Lead Developer

Driven by an endless desire to simplify complex programs and procedures, as well as stay innovative in an ever-evolving industry, Gabe brings a mix of creativity and real world application design to our ofce. His aim of streamlining existing applications and increasing usability has led Gabe to become an expert at the planning and architecture of rich web applications. He continues to follow his goal of enhancing the user experience to make the consumption of knowledge a seamless activity.

Josh Creter Director of Product Development

One of the preeminent product-minded software architects in Southern California, Josh honed his unique skill set programming sophisticated applications for products used by clients of Yahoo, Sony, Comcast and Warner Music. His peak awareness for constantly progressing user demands and advancing technological innovations combine to provide ChowNows user base with the latest in product functionality, appealing user interface, simplication of complex processes and good, old-fashioned fun.

Todd Mathison Lead Developer, Mobile

An iOS maverick, Todd sets the app standard for Apples iPhone, iPod and iPad. Among others, he wrote most of the home search app and the fantasy football app for NBC Sports. Todd has 16 years of experience with various MSFT and SQL languages, including website and client applications. He has worked for many high-prole companies including Transamerica, Warner Brothers and Nestle. Prior to developing, he spent 6 years in the US Navy...2 of them on a nuclear sub.

John Madden Social Media Strategist

A graduate of Loyola Marymount University, John has spent his career immersed in the world of the internet. In the fall of 2004, he succumbed to peer pressure and became one the early adopters of Facebook and credits Google for nurturing his love of research. After serving over 3 years on the team that launched online dating service,, he now directs ChowNows social media campaigns.

Oanh Ta Market Research Intern

Oanh is a junior at UCLA performing research for her thesis in Anthropology. When not in class, Oanh works as a Senior Clerk at the UCLA Anderson School of Management and as Assistant Design Director for the Daily Bruin. Oanh developed her love of marketing when she was a marketing intern for Anderson and the Forte Foundation. She helped to promote Career Lab for undergraduate women. 920 Abbot Kinney Blvd Venice, CA 90291 888.707.CHOW