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HPCD Newsletter Summer 2011

Now its your time to Soar!

34 Women graduate from 18-month incubation project

A cord of three strands is not easily broken. ~ Ecclesiastes 4:12

Initially, before the January 12 earthquake, HPCD and the UN ( RVC Division) was expected to select 14 women to enter the incubation phase. After receiving news that 90% of these womens micro enterprises had been destroyed by the quake, there cases were carefully reconsidered HPCD and UN decided to incubate all 34 women. Page 2>

This coming July will mark the completion of the 18-month incubation project for 34 entrepreneurial women who reside in Cite Soleil and Martissant, two of the most violent districts in Port-au-Prince which were also heavily ravaged by the January 12 Earthquake.

After having received a rigorous 6-month formative business training course which emphasized on: business plans, marketing, administrative skills and leadership these ladies were placed in two different HPCD incubators, 20 were placed in Martissant and 14 placed in Cite Soleil.

Creating Jobs for the Disadvantaged Youth

Within violent high risk areas of Haiti, it is at times impossible for the youth to obtain their first job, let alone receive professional development. HPCD has partnered with the United Nations ( UN) on a rehabilitation program for 200 youth in high risk areas to potentially reduce violence in these respective communities. These youth went through a formal 6-month training program implemented by LEcole Nationales des Arts et Metier (ENAM) and Centre de Formation Professionelle de la Reforme (CFPR) Page 2> Inside this issue:
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Women graduate from incubation project (contd)

The incubator served as a venue for the women to manufacture their products, to recapitalize their business after the earthquake, to create employment opportunities for others in their communities, receive additional coaching, and obtained substantial financial support to maintain and grow their enterprises. It is our time to congratulate these 34 women, for their hard work, resilience, and ambition to grow their business and create employment opportunities for members within their community.
Martissant entrepreneurs celebrate after their successful fair!

These women create a variety of goods including: macram sandals, embroideries, tailor-made clothing for men and women,
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peanut butter, confiture, artisanat and a number of other innovative products.

Please join us in congratulating these exceptional women!

Job Creation for Disadvantaged Youth in Haiti (contd)

-funded by the UN where they
acquired professional, technical skills, social reformation which would hopefully gear them with the tools to be successful at work and reduce violence in their communities. They obtained certificates in various fields including: Mecanique/ gnratrices, Electricite Batiment, Construction batiment , Rfrigration/climatisation et Soudure, etc. HPCD primarily served as an office for placement and orientation for these 200 youth from areas including Cite Soleil, Simon Pele, Bel Air and Carrefour. HPCD opportune these youth with continued formal training, orientated and referred these youth to business within the private sector,
Our youth hard at work at his internship!

of 6 months. After their 6 month internship, over 75% of the youth were offered the opportunity to work full time in these organizations. The remaining youth were offered the opportunity to launch their own microenterprise. Come help us congratulate our youth this July 2011 at their graduation!


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Job Creation for the Youth of Haiti (Oxfam Project)

From October 2010- January 2011 HPCD and Oxfam partnered to support and accompany 60 youth 40% of these female, from dangerous high risk areas to train them professionally and place them in three month internships. They initially received technical training in fields including ceramics, construction, and electricity through the institution of GB Damier, located in Port-au Prince. HPCD successfully browsed through their network of professional within the private sector and placed all these youth in 3-month internships with these companies. Over 60% of these were hired by the companies they interned with. HPCD delivered on their promise! Oxfam was very happy with HPCDs diligence and hard work throughout this project and plan to work with us again in the near future.

Youth receiving a certificate for completion of training from coordinator and accountant.


Address: Haitian Partners for Christian Development 170 Route de Auto-Route Delmas Port-au-Prince, Haiti Telephone: HPCD: 2-940-0619 Ernso Jean-Louis: 3-480-3833 Martissant Incubator: 2-941-0619 Cite Soleil Incubator 3-939-0619 E-mail: Website:

Vision and Mission

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A country full of employment where social harmony lasts and economic development is based on entrepreneurship and sharing.

To encourage strong entrepreneurship, in Haiti and around the world, that is based on foundational values, ethics, and social sharing as stated in Biblical


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