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the company signs a contract with Safaricom and is then configured on the system and issued with a unique number called the ‘business number’. On meeting the requirements. 27/04/2007 .WHAT IS PAY BILL This is a service that allows registered M-PESA users to pay bills through their mobile line Companies that wish to accept payment via M-PESA need to first open a business account with M-PESA. This is the number that the customer enters into the M-PESA menu when paying for their bills. Money paid to a specific company is held in their M-PESA business account and they can withdraw it through a web request to Safaricom as stipulated on their contract.

ABC123456789 Enter amount 3250 Enter PIN Pay bill 600600 Account ABC123456789 Ks3250 OK Back **** X-DP200 confirmed Ks3250 sent to MTV KENYA for account ABC123456789 on 29/6/08 at 2.CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Enter business no.26 PM New balance Ks1750 27/04/2007 . 600600 Enter account no.

BUSINESS EXPERINCE • Each Pay Bill client will have a unique business number • Each Pay Bill client will operate 3 different MPESA accounts • Utility account – this reflects all customer payments • Charges paid account – this indicates amounts owed to Safaricom 27/04/2007 • M-PESA account – this is the interface .

Sample of web based utility a/c The business can monitor amounts deposited on line and can also have this report in either PDF or Excel • 27/04/2007 .

Sample of utility a/c report The business can generate reports in PDF or export them in an excel format • The business can engage a third party to automate the process and come up with an end to end solution • 27/04/2007 .

150 X-EP309 Confirmed.  on 12/11/09 at 5:34 AM  Ksh100 received from Maina Ben 254717708488.  on 12/11/09 at 5:24 AM  Ksh100 received from Jackie Sanders 254716608430.  Account Number TEST  New Utility balance is Ksh2.  Account Number 123ABC  11-12-09 8:35New Utility balance is Ksh3.950   2519   10-22-2009  8:29:00  2519AM 27/04/2007 .Sample of Business Terminal The business can also generate reports from a modem and export them in a csv format • From Phone Number Time Content X-EP311 Confirmed.

FLOAT TRANSFER The Business will identify two or more Operators who will be responsible for transfer of float from the utility account to the M-PESA account The 1st operator creates the transaction The 2nd operator confirms the transaction The request will then be visible to Safaricom Safaricom will initiate an EFT to the business’s registered bank account within 48 hours Minimum EFT amount Ks. 50.000 27/04/2007 .

BENEFITS Customer convenience Higher revenues Real time collections – records updated in seconds Cost reduction – Reduced staff & other admin costs Better resource utilization Low cash risk 27/04/2007 .

ISSUES TO CONSIDER Integration of M-PESA into the current payment processes Associated costs of integration Tariff– who pays? Authority and responsibility relationships 27/04/2007 .

REGISTRATION PROCEDURE Complete the following forms 1. Pay bill Utility Application Form Attach the following documents (where applicable certified copies): – – – – – – – – Brief company Profile Certificate of Incorporation or equivalent Memorandum and articles of association or equivalent The most current annual returns PIN Certificate VAT Certificate Resolution by directors to use M-PESA or equivalent Form CR12. current to 1 month 27/04/2007 .