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Bulletin from Aidan Burley MP #17 Date: Thursday, 16 June 2011 17:05:09 United Kingdom Time From: To: Aidan Burley MP

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Aidan Burley MPs Diary Website of the Week: Aidan attends Rugeley Charter Fair Aidan opens South Staffordshire Colleges redeveloped nursery at Cannock Fighting crime with the National Crime Agency Aidan welcomes Munro Report into child protection Big Society fund supports voluntary sector in Cannock Chase Aidans mission to Israel Aidan in Parliament: Aidan intervenes in Welfare Reform Bill debate Aidan in the papers: Week in Westminster Aidan in the papers: Week in Westminster Aidan in the papers: Week in Westminster How to contact Aidan Burley MP

Issue 17 Thursday 16 th June 2011

Since the last edition, Aidan has:

Got engaged to Helen! Aidan proposed on the roof of the House of Commons (where else?!) on Tuesday 14 th June, which also happens to be Helens birthday. Aidan went down on one knee and Helen said yes, just as Big Ben chimed 6.45pm! Attended the Rugeley Charter Fair, where he presented awards for the winning mobile and walking floats. Spoke in the House of Commons in a debate on the Munro Report into child protection. Met with the Home Secretary the Rt Hon Theresa May MP, to discuss crime and policing issues. Intervened in a debate in the House of Commons on the Welfare Reform Bill. Met with constituent Clara Lewis at the Tea time for Change event in Westminster to discuss government action to tackle global poverty. Conducted a fact finding mission along with other MPs to Israel. Welcomed news that local voluntary sector organization Be Together Ltd is to receive 160,000 from the Governments Big Society Transition Fund. Attended a Backbench Public Services Committee meeting with Andrew Lansley MP, Secretary of State for Health, to discuss health reforms. Tabled several Parliamentary Questions relating to constituency concerns over energy efficiency and disability hate crime.

Website of the Week:
The website of a unique ever-changing themed vintage boutique in Lichfield which sells authentic vintage clothes and accessories for men and women, with the focus on excellent customer service, opened by Cannock residents Saffron & Tony McCabe.

Aidan attends Rugeley Charter Fair

Aidan awarding the prize to this year's winning mobile float The Royal British Legion with local councillor Ann Allt and members of the winning float team. Aidan Burley attended the Rugeley Charter Fair at the weekend, the second time he has attended the popular event in as many years. Before attending the parade Aidan judged the Trolley Parade with Angi Cooney from the Rugeley Traders Association by the Globe Island Pub in the Town Centre. Photo to follow. Aidan was then one of the official judges who judged the outstanding entries for this year's Rugeley Charter Fair. He helped judge the 6 winners ranked 1-3 for the best mobile float and best walking float. Commenting Aidan said: "I was delighted to attend the Charter Fair for the second year running. I had such a wonderful time last year I just had to come back again. I would like to pay tribute to everyone involved in the organisation of the Charter Fair and Parade which showcases the very best of Rugeley. It was also great that so much money was raised for so many worthwhile causes - and I understand that Rugeley had far more floats than the equivalent event in Lichfield last weekend!"

Aidan awarding prize to winning walking float The Watt Christian Theatre Group with their memorable red arrow display team and Admiral Nelson who raised money for the Stroke Association. For more pictures of Aidan Burley MP at the Rugeley Charter Fair, visit

Aidan opens South Staffordshire Colleges redeveloped nursery at Cannock

Aidan Burley MP and South Staffordshire Colleges Chief Executive Principal, Graham Morley, meet the children at the opening of the Little Learners Nursery on the Colleges Cannock Campus. South Staffordshire College has opened the newly refurbished Little Learners nursery at Cannock Campus, with Chief Executive Principal Graham Morley welcoming it as another successful project in the Colleges 3.5 million investment programme. The official opening ceremony was performed by Aidan Burley, MP for Cannock Chase. Graham Morley said Aidan has shown a very keen interest in the college since he was elected to represent the Cannock Chase constituency and we were delighted that he agreed to officially open our new nursery. Little Learners will benefit the children of learners and staff at South Staffordshire College but it is also open to the wider community looking for an outstanding nursery. We are very proud of our new development, which includes new furniture, equipment and landscaped areas. The nursery project was partly financed by the Department for Children, Schools and Families and also by Cannock County Council. Belinda Ball, Head of Learner Services for South Staffordshire College, says The new nursery site will offer a happy, stimulating and caring environment in which parents can have the confidence to leave their child knowing they will be well looked after. The redevelopment means the nursery will now be able to accept children from six weeks to five years and the baby, toddler and preschool rooms have been designed to meet the specific ages and stages of development for each group. Belinda adds, The creation and improvement of our outside space will enable the children to have free flow access to outdoor play at all times and will become a key aspect of our provision of childcare. VIP guest Aidan Burley and Graham Morley spent time talking to the children enjoying the new facilities and joined in the activities, including placing their handprints alongside the youngsters to create a commemorative piece of artwork. I was honoured to be asked to open this new nursery facility here at Cannock and to support the launch of the Little Learners brand, said Aidan. The facilities at the nursery are second to none and after speaking with some of the children it is clear they agree! Nurseries such as this not only provide perfect learning facilities for students on childcare courses, but also provide a vital resource for both students at the college with children and the local public. The redevelopment will also benefit the College students on Childcare and Health and Social Care courses who will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience of a professionally run nursery environment.

Fighting crime with the National Crime Agency

Aidan has welcomed Government plans to introduce a new National Crime Agency (NCA), which will come fully into operation by 2013. Organised crime costs the UK public between 20 billion and 40 billion each year and affects the everyday lives of individuals. The NCA will be responsible for tackling these crimes which include child abuse, drug and people smuggling, illegal immigration, fraud, cyber crime and many other serious and organised crimes. Until now there has been no national overview or means of coordinating and focusing the law enforcement response to get to grips with the scale and complexity of the problem. This has led to too many of the 6,000 groups involved in organised crime in the UK escaping justice. The NCA will be made up of four distinct commands which will come together to work more efficiently and effectively: The Organised Crime Command will address organised crime groups across local, national and international borders. The Border Policing Command will co-ordinate law enforcement agencies, ensuring illegal goods are seized, illegal immigrants are dealt with and networks of organised criminals are effectively disrupted both overseas and at our ports. The Economic Crime Command will improve the capability to deal with economic crimes, including those carried out by organised criminals. The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre will retain its vital national role, unique identity and capabilities, while benefiting from shared intelligence across the NCA. At the heart of the NCA will be an intelligence hub which will build and maintain a national intelligence picture of the threats, harms and risks to the UK from organised criminals. This information will be used to prioritise criminals and task police and law enforcement agencies to ensure there is an appropriate operational response. Commenting on the announcement, Aidan said: "This Government has a clear plan to fight crime with the new National Crime Agency. The impact of serious and organised crime is felt in the everyday lives of people in Staffordshire". "The NCA will make sure crime-fighters work together to more effectively address serious and organised crime. "Organised crime, economic crime, cyber crime and child exploitation are real problems, for real people across Staffordshire. The NCA will better defend our borders, protect children and tackle the drug trade and many other crimes".

Aidan welcomes Munro Report into child protection

To watch Aidans contribution to the Munro Report debate, click on the image above. Aidans comments begin at 17:52.08. Aidan has welcomed the publication of the independent review into child protection by Professor Eileen Munro. This follows a speech made by the MP in the Commons debate on the topic last week. The review, commissioned last year by Education Secretary Michael Gove, has built on reports by Lord Lamming and the Social Work Task Force. The report concluded that for too long social services has been bogged down with "too many forms and procedures which are preventing professionals from being able to give children the help they need". Aidan used the debate on child protection to highlight concerns raised by a number of constituents regarding the interpretation of the term "emotional abuse" by some social services. He urged the Minister that as part of the review into child protection he look again at the definition of this term, to ensure it is being applied correctly and accurately. Commenting Aidan said: "I was pleased to be able to speak in this very important debate on child protection. Professor Munro has taken a long hard look at what is preventing child protection services from working as well as they should in this country and I very much welcome her through analysis of the problems. It is vital that as we take forward these excellent proposals we remember that the interest of the child must always come first". Aidan's comments in the House of Commons were as follows: Aidan Burley (Cannock Chase, Conservative): Like the previous speaker, I do not intend to make a long speech. I rise to make just one point to the Minister before allowing him the time he needs to sum up the debate. I welcome the Munro report and its recommendations. Everybody, on both sides of the House, would agree that it is important for the best interests of the child to be paramount in all child protection decisions. However, a number of constituents have raised concerns with me about the term emotional abuse, and how it is defined and interpreted by social services. I note that none of the recommendations of the Munro report relates to the term emotional abuse or its definition. We would all agree with the need for children to be taken away from such abuse, but some parents who have come to my surgeries are concerned that in some cases social services are being over-zealous or taking quite extreme action based on a rather loose interpretation of the term emotional abuse. In one case highlighted to me, social services removed a child from her parents because they felt that she had not been made aware of her father, the evidence for this being that there were no photos in the house. That seems to be based on a loose definition of emotional abuse. As part of the Ministers review of child protection services, will he consider looking again at the definition of the term, to ensure that it is applied correctly and accurately?

Big Society fund supports voluntary sector in Cannock Chase

Aidan Burley MP has welcomed the news that money from the Governments Big Society Transition Fund will support the voluntary sector in Cannock Chase. The funding, part of the third wave of payouts from the 107 million Transition Fund, is being paid out to Be Together Ltd. Although three quarters of charities receive no public funding, the Government is determined to protect those charities, such as Be Together Ltd, which are most vulnerable to public spending cuts. The Transition Fund provides grants to these organisations to allow them to prepare for the future opportunities opened up by the Big Society. The money will fund the crucial changes that charities need to make to take advantage of the new opportunities available to them from opening up public sector contracts. So far more than 900 charities nationally have received support from the Transition Fund. Aidan Burely MP for Cannock Chase said: Im pleased that the Government is committed to supporting charities, voluntary groups and social enterprises across the West Midlands despite the necessity of dealing with Labours disastrous economic legacy. Its great to hear that Be Together Ltd which does important work to improve the employability skills of local young people, will receive 160,000 of funding.

Aidans mission to Israel

Aidan in front of the Old City of Jerusalem during his recent fact finding trip to Israel. Aidan spent time in Israel last week as part of a delegation of MPs visiting the afflicted region on a fact finding mission. Other delegates included Government Whip Chloe Smith MP and Derbyshire MP Heather Wheeler. The trip came only a week after US President Barrack Obama reaffirmed his commitment to peace negotiations in the region to create a viable Palestine, and a secure Israel. The President said that the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognised borders are established for both states. During the visit, the delegation went on a tour to the northern border, observing the division between Israel and Lebanon, the Golan Heights and Syria, as well as Kerem Shalom the point where aid crosses to reach the troubled Gaza region. At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Aidan met with his Israeli counterparts, the Knesset members (Above Picture), as well as many other Palestinian Businessmen and politicians to discuss key issues, such as security, trade links and the current situation in Iran involving new nuclear power facilities that threaten stability in the region. Aidan was also reminded of the horrors of the when the delegation visited Yad Vashem, memorial museum which honours the millions during the War. (Picture right, Aidan in front Jerusalem) Second World War Israel's Holocaust of Jews persecuted of the Old City of

Commenting upon his return Aidan said: "Israel may seem far removed from us here, but the Holy Land has been at the root of many of the major conflicts that this country has fought over the last 40 years. As such, it has touched families in Cannock Chase and across Staffordshire. It is important for the new generation of politicians to try and end the fighting through a "Two State" solution. The trip (privately funded at no cost to the taxpayer) has given me and other MPs a deeper understanding of the tensions and difficulties that stand in the path of peace."

Aidan alongside other MPs in a meeting with Knesset Members during his recent fact finding trip to Israel.

Aidan in Parliament:

Aidan intervenes in Welfare Reform Bill debate

Monday 13 th June 2011

To watch Aidans intervention to the Welfare Reform Bill debate, click on the image above. Aidans comments begin at 21:06.20. The text of Aidans intervention is as follows: Aidan Burley (Cannock Chase, Conservative): I am following the hon. Ladys arguments closely. I represent a Birmingham constituency where the average salary of a working family in the private sector is 22,450 a year. Even under the Governments reforms, such a family could still claim 26,000 a year in benefits, which is more than they would receive by going out and working in a proper job. Does she accept that there is a problem that people in low-paid jobs who want to work see other people getting more and having a better quality of life by choosing not to work and to live on benefits?

Aidan in the papers:

Thursday 16 th June 2011

Week in Westminster
Westminster resumed last week, but not before I had the joy of attending the Rugeley Charter Fair for the second year running. It was difficult judging all the floats on show because the quality was so high and the costumes so varied from Admiral Nelson and the Red Arrows to Dads Army and Colonel Mustard! It was wonderful to see such commitment to good causes from local people, and the turnout was incredible even bigger than last year. It was also inspiring hearing stories from local people who were raising money for so many worthwhile causes. One such story that springs to mind was that of a young lady who had got together with a few of her friends to wash cars for MacMillan Cancer Research after her father had recently been diagnosed with the disease. Rather than get down about such news, instead she got her friends together and set about raising funds to help combat the disease. That is the way these problems will be tackled by positive people with a can-do attitude. She is a tribute to our area and an inspiration to all young people. So I pay tribute to everyone involved in the organisation of the Charter Fair and to all those who took part. It shows the very best of Cannock Chase and makes me immensely proud to be the local MP. Upon returning to Westminster I had the privilege of meeting with a local constituent who had come down as part of the Tea time for Change event organised by charities such as Oxfam and Action Aid. The national lobby called on the government to increase efforts to combat global poverty. Rather like those in the Charter Fair raising money for people less fortunate than ourselves, I am proud to be part of a government that has put tackling poverty at the heart of its thinking. Despite the difficult economic situation we find ourselves in, we should never balance the books on the backs of the poor.

Aidan in the papers:

Thursday 9 th June 2011

Week in Westminster
Israel may seem far removed from us here, but the Holy Land has been at the root of many of the major conflicts that this country has fought over the last 40 years. As such, it has touched families in Cannock Chase and across Staffordshire. My trip to Israel last week (privately funded at no cost to the taxpayer) was designed to help me and other MPs understand the tensions and difficulties that stand in the path of peace. During our five day trip we went on a northern border tour, seeing the border between Israel and Lebanon, the Golan Heights and Syria, as well as Kerem Shalom, the aid crossing point to the troubled Gaza region. We visited the town of Sderot, which has been the target of Hamas rocket attacks, and even held real rockets which had landed in the back yard of the local police station. Later in the week we met with Knesset members (the equivalent of MPs) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as Palestinian Businessmen and politicians, and even had dinner with the British Ambassador in Tel Aviv. Finally we got to visit the old City of Jerusalem, including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the famous 'Wailing Wall', at the foot of the Temple Mount. Most movingly of all we visited Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust memorial museum, which was an emotional and heartrending experience seeing the exhibits and hearing the stories of the Jews during the Second World War. Seeing such ancient sites, which have been a destination for pilgrims and prayer for centuries, as well as understanding the modern political challenges stemming from the 1948 and 1967 wars, often led me to have more questions than answers. But it reminded me of the deep history of this troubled region, and how important it is for our generation of politicians to try and end the fighting through a "Two State" solution.

Aidan in the papers:

Thursday 2 nd June 2011

Week in Westminster
It's not every day you get to meet the most powerful man in the world, but along with my colleagues from the House of Commons and Lords we got the opportunity to see the President of the United States speak in Westminster Hall as part of his visit to Britain. Obama is the first US President ever to be given the honour. The whole of Westminster had been a hive of activity during the visit as the President's huge bomb-proof car, nicknamed 'The Beast', went back and forth from Buckingham Palace to Downing Street and Westminster Abbey. I have never seen such tight security around Parliament than in the last few days. So much so that I even had my bike removed and the lock hacked off with bolt cutters from outside Westminster Hall. Although I got my bike back, I still had to pay 10 for a new lock! Obama entered Westminster Hall to a fanfare more reminiscent of films about Tudor Kings rather than a US President, and starting with a good joke, the Grandson of a Kenyan cook in the British Army delivered a speech largely focused on our shared democratic values and ideals. It seemed ironic that it should take a US President to explain to us what this country has achieved and that we should be proud of our legacy to the world. He received a deserved standing ovation and I even managed to get a handshake as he exited the Hall. He and his huge motorcade then went back to Buckingham Palace before heading to France with David Cameron for the G8 summit. I instead went to the Aquarius Ball Room in Hednesford to serve drinks and welcome people on the door for its last weekend. It too was a hive of activity and a repository of local history. Though sadly only my dancing could be described as 'The Beast'!

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