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Mann Heart to Heart Pg 2 Hello, I am Manu and I found Spidey, my best friend in my school bag.

Today we decided to listen to our heart and do what we want to do. We danced with joy Pg 3 No TV today! and switched on the fan. Pg 4 Hurray!!! We shouted out loud Pg 5 Sh . Neighbors heard us so we became quiet! Pg 6 I mocked Spidey and he pulled my hair. Pg 7 Spidey got upset and thought our friendship was over. He told me he would always remember me and he has webbed my picture in his heart. Pg 8 I felt sorry. We made up after listening to each other s hearts. Pg 9 Hale and Hearty! We played together.

Pg 10 It s is so much fun to listen to our mann. Pg 11 Crossing our hearts and we promised that we will remain best friends-always. Pg 12 Ha ha!! We had a hearty laugh. Pg 13 Sigh! We cried our heart out. Pg 14 While we clapped our hands and Spidey forgot to use his legs to hold onto its sticky thread. And fell with a thump! Pg 15 Manu s heart told her to ride a train. But Spidey gave her a red signal. It s ok if you can t always listen to your heart. Pg 16 Hop! Hop! We jumped out wild Pg 17 La La La and we sang with all our heart. Pg 18 We smelled yummy food and followed it. Pg 19 We filled our tummy with hot-hot jalebi.