■ Volume 39 Issue 3 June 2011


Humboldt Republican Women Welcome Gene Owens
Gene is a former Marine and Vietnam veteran. He has a B.A. degree in Fine Arts from the University of Dominguez Hills. He is the founder of a recently formed organization, Citizens for the Republic, which teaches the United States Constitution, Constitutional Law and Common Law at their meetings. Gene lives in Fortuna with his wife, Joan. For twenty years, he owned a parrot pet circus and did shows at school assemblies and amusement parks all over the United States. He also taught Basic American Civics at youth camps for ve years.

Constitutional Law and Common Law will be the topic addressed by guest speaker, Gene Owens, at our June 16th meeting.

General Meeting: June 16th

y, Thursda 011 2 June 16,

11:30 AM Lunch 12:00 - 1:00 PM
Lunch & Speaker ~ $14.50 Beverage & Speaker ~ $4.00 Payable to Elks Lodge THIS MONTH - Please RSVP to Colleen Hedrick phone 268-0101 or email colleen1516 @ sbcglobal.net by Monday, June 13th Early lunch reservations appreciated and to be honored

445 Herrick, Eureka

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Board of Directors 2011

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This is a comprehensive list of links and contact info for elected o cials. It includes links to meeting agendas, email addresses for Letters to the Editor, and links, addresses and phone numbers for Federal, State and local Representatives. From President Barack Obama, to Governor Jerry Brown, to the Board of Supervisors (Humboldt and Del Norte), the City Councils of Arcata, Blue Lake, Crescent City, Eureka, Ferndale, Fortuna, Rio Dell and Trinidad, to the Community Services Districts, Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District, and Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation and Conservation District, you’ll nd all the information you need. And, if you have any links to add, let us know! We’re adding to it all the time.

P.O. Box 771, Bayside, CA 95524

www. hrwf-ca.org

Chaplain’s Report
We celebrated Memorial Day at the end of last month. I noticed the mention of God and his blessings on our land in several of the presentations I heard at the Memorial Day service I attended. Our traditions are steeped in a belief in God. I loved the way Netanyahu ended his impressive speech before the Joint Members of Congress. “God continue to bless America,” he said, with deep passion. Irving Berlin, a poor Russian Jewish immigrant, cherished the God he served. I believe one of his most famous songs came from the heart of one who truly loved America. God Bless America
While the storm clouds gather, far across the sea, Let us swear allegiance, to a land that’s free. Let us all be grateful, for a land so fair, As we raise our voices in a solemn prayer. God bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her Through the night with a light from above. From the mountains, to the prairies, to the ocean white with foam God bless America, my home sweet home.

ou can hardly miss the eerily familiar tone that the news is dreadful from one end of the country to the other and then you glance around the world. Evidently there is a 'spring' happening in the Arab world while the temps rise to well over 100 degrees. Israel is supposed to just - go away, and our own nation is up-side-down literally! With this much change and little in our pockets, we must grasp the reins and take charge like never before just for survival. Our own HRWF Club will adjourn in July and August ~ this is a nonelection year ~ and meet again on September 15th. Although we have more time for family over the summer break we will be diligent with our great projects, like MELP, and Socks For Soldiers, the Military Coupon Project (over $80,000 to date) and extra events. The Republican of the Year Event honoring Dennis Hunter and our member Karen Brooks will be June 23rd at the Ingomar. Ward Connerly is the keynote speaker. Let's begin with this event to rally for 2012. Contact Joy Finley at 845-2575 for reservations. July 4th begins celebrations and we will have a HRWF/GOP booth in Old Town and again at the Humboldt County Fair in Ferndale, August 11th ~ 21st! Thanks for signing up with Colleen at 268-0101~ it is truly a blast! We look forward to the fall when we will honor club members for their commitment to HRWF ~ we started in 1938 and we are proud to say we have a long history of conservative Republicans that are sharing in it. Our website www.hrwf-ca.org is a fantastic source and will be the go-to place all the way through the election season. Sign on as a friend with Facebook and follow us on Twitter, and use this to stay up with current event and as for contacting local, state, and national o ces, news and more! We are ready to help you in one step ~ that’s teamwork! God Bless ~ Pray for America!

President’s Message

2011 Calendar
June 6 ■ D-Day June 14 ■ National Flag Day June 16 ■ General Meeting, see front page for details June 19 ■ Father’s Day June 23 ■ Republican of The Year Dinner at the Ingomar Ward Connerly, Keynote Speaker - Advance Reservation Required July 4 ■ HRWF/ GOP Booth ~ Old Town August 2 ■ Declaration of Independence signed August 11-21 ■ County Fair Booths HRWF/GOP & Honor Flight Booth August 14 ■ Honor Flight Fundraiser at the Elks September 9 ■ California, the 34th State September 15 ■ HRWF resumes meetings ~ Elks September 25 ■ REPUBLICAN PICNIC ~ Rohner Park September 29-Oct 2 ■ 36th NFRW Convention, Kansas City

W ays & Means
Our May Opportunity Drawing items were donated by Debbie Walker, Gwen Morris and Linda Arata. The winners were Doug Vieyra, Sonja Hauxwell and Rose Welsh. To donate a prize for future drawings, please telephone Linda Arata at 839-5054

Fred Nelson: Guest Post
he Humboldt County budget is in a world of hurt. News from the Courthouse talks of 8% budget cuts for each department. Layo s are imminent. Department heads warn that such cuts will carry consequences. The public has been asked to attend meetings and present ideas. Has there been any mention of an overall study of a reduced salary system? There has been little information on thoughts to reduce any salaries except that released by the Grand Jury about a year ago. The only ones targeted at that point were the members of the County Board of Supervisors. In 2009, the Board had given itself a 3% raise with the annual salary set at $77,000. The Grand Jury thought the salaries were too high when compared to County Supervisors in Shasta. I have a few questions for you citizens of Humboldt County. Do you think that the Board members make too much money? Do you think it fair to study the possibility of a reduced salary system? It is your tax money that funds the system and you should have an opinion. If you want to know more about county salaries, go to your computer and enter “Humboldt County Online Job Application System.” You will nd the salaries for all Humboldt County jobs and I think that you will agree that the County Supervisors should not be singled out. Granted, they are responsible for the operation of the County. Personally, I think that most people are too lazy or don’t have the “know how” or guts to force an overall salary study, yet they complain about high wages in the public sector.

Count your blessings
to each member who counted their blessings and returned the tax form with a contribution. As di cult as it may be for Republicans to accept one more tax, you have joined in the fun and have been a bene t to our 2011 budget. For those who need a reminder, there is no penalty for a late return! Gratefully, Treasurer

Many thanks

Let’s take a look at the salaries for Humboldt’s elected o cials as listed on the County web page:
(Keep in mind that the salary mentioned does not include longevity pay or any of the fringe bene ts allowed)

County Supervisor - $81,500, Coroner/Public Administrator - $102,500, Assessor, Auditor-Controller, Recorder and Treasurer-Tax Collector each $111,000, Sheri - $146,000, District Attorney – $154,900.

Next are the salaries over $100,000 for the appointed department heads:
The Agricultural Commissioner/ Sealer of Weights and Measures and County Librarian, each - $102,500, Director of Community Development Services $115,300, Director of Child Support Services - $120,200, Director of Public Works - $120,600, Personnel Director - $120,900, Chief Probation O cer $121,100, Con ict Counsel and Public Defender, each - $130,800, County Counsel - $152,400, Director of Health and Human Services - $166,600 County Administrative O cer - $169,000

Fred Nelson, for Community Comment on KINS radio

Debbie’s Note: The totals listed above and all of this public information is available as they work for us~ the list is long. Controller John Chiang -California State Controller's O ce report: http://lgcr.sco.ca.gov/Default.aspx lists every county in California showing the latest report as 2009~ aren't we in 2011? Another point to question is the State Controller reports Humboldt County as having 7 supervisors where we have only 5. Whatever you take away from these numbers or any research we do on our own to clarify them, these two facts alone certainly show the lack of accuracy and unbelievable disregard of the people~ 2009, really? Are they kidding? It is interesting that the Democrat-controlled state of California wants to raise taxes in place of cutting their budget~ maybe they don't want us to know the real scoop on our bankrupt state. Look for the follow-up on our website: www.hrwf-ca.org

Somehow, run-of-the-mill Democrats and their even more rabid ideologic progressive cousins seem to believe everybody’s lives would be enhanced if only government were allowed to intervene and save us from ourselves. We see this again and again. The truth is, Ronald Reagan had it right, ‘Government IS the problem.’ Case-in-point, Oakland, California: Oakland has always had high unemployment, few opportunities for minorities, and black-on-black deadly violence, right????? WRONG! Oakland was the land of opportunity, a ‘boomtown’ for black and white entrepreneurs alike, during the California Gold Rush and again at the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad. Because of California’s low cost of living and the social freedom in Oakland, blacks had unrestrained ability ‘to buy homes, acquire wealth, and achieve civic prestige.’ So, what happened to change all this??? The Democrats and Progressives!!! The Progressives began their slow progression (no pun intended) of in ltrating the once truly successful city at multiple levels. While many Democrats truly believe government is the key to improve lives, progressives always intended to transform what they touched into something completely di erent. To believe otherwise is just plain naïve! (Humph, just think back to the election of 2008 “fundamentally change America” but that is a column for another day.) Progressives have always been connected to the purposes of socialism, communism, and the like. Just read their rhetoric from the early days forward. It is all there. The ’revolutionary left became a permanent xture with deep historic roots in Oakland’ from the early 20th century. By the 1970s, the Black Panthers had a stronghold there, using a learning center as a front for diverting charitable donations and government grants ‘primarily from prominent white leftists in order to hire gunmen and keep them in fancy cars and clothes and drugs, and, when necessary, out of jail.’ Lyndon Johnson‘s Great Society naively triggered ’unintended consequences’ crime, poverty, Illiteracy, and unwed motherhood,’ essentially keeping people trapped in a ‘permanent underclass.’ How truly tragic! ‘Oakland was once the home to a blossoming black middle class the welfare state has done to black Americans what the harshest form of racism couldn’t do. And that is, destroy the black family.’ The irony is that, for the past forty years, Oaklanders have continued to elect people from the same party that ruined their lives!

Education Report

According to State Auditor Howle, the Commission on Teachers' Credentialing needs a drastic overhaul. Her report stated that credentialing, which handles teacher discipline, was one of the worst-run state agencies she has ever seen. At one point, it had a backlog of three years in reviewing and responding to credible allegations, including such outrageous behavior as teachers showing pornography to middle schoolers, urinating in the classroom and working as prostitutes. Lawmakers found it important to address hotel sheets. Recently, state legislators pondered a unionbacked bill mandating the use of tted bottom sheets in all hotel rooms. In response, hoteliers say the tted mandate could cost the industry $20 million dollars statewide. They call it a ridiculous, unnecessary piece of legislation that is sidetracking politicians from far more pressing work, like balancing the budget. Although this may seem outlandish, just look at the light bulbs the Federal Government has mandated for use in your home. The Governor has a million dollar man. His name is William Lightbourne and he has been named to head California’s new Special Services Department. He will be collecting more than $343,000.00 in annual pay and bene ts in an unusual hiring arrangement that will make him one of the state’s top-paid bureaucrats. Lightbourne will also receive a $400.00 per month car allowance. It is easy to see why our state is in its present nancial situation.

California Legislative Report




Information from Larry Kelley’s article, ’Disaster by the Bay’ Townhall magazine, April 2011.

Will be awarded to a deserving high school graduate with an additional $500 to be awarded upon completionof their Freshman year if they maintain a 3.0 GPA. RECIPIENT MUST BE RELATED TO SOMEONE IN HRWF. DO YOU HAVE A POSSIBLE RECIPIENT IN YOUR FAMILY?


Applications will be available for the 2011-12 school year. Additional scholarhips/info at our website www.hrwf-ca.org.

2907 E Street, Eureka 442-2527 32 Sunnybrae Center, Arcata 822-3750 Redwood Village Shopping Center 725-9003




One hundred thirty-four dead, the worse tornado season since the 50’s and where is our president? Oh yes, he is touring the British Isles and Europe giving our money away and spending like there is no tomorrow. Our nation continues to take a beating from Mother Nature and nally the president shows up to visit “the people” of Joplin. I understand he was only there brie y and then o to play golf. Is it my imagination or is it true the major media is missing in action also? They seem to give Mr. Obama a pass on all of his short comings. Who owns the press? They certainly were very vocal when Mr. Bush was perceived to be unresponsive during the Katrina Hurricane disaster. I am not calling for special treatment but rather fair treatment by the media. Last night my phone rang and when I answered, it was Mike Thompson’s recorded message for constituents who are on his phone list. If you have never been on one of his “Phone Town Hall,” don’t bother. Except for a very few who want to hold his feet to the re, most are swooning over him. It will de nitely throw you into a sugar overload! So, as we enter the summer months, stay connected and informed, it should be interesting what they wind up doing about the debt ceiling and so many other issues.

Missing in Action

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Dear President Obama: I am writing today with a somewhat unusual request. First and foremost, I will be asking that you return America to its August 20th,1959 borders so that Hawaii is no longer a state and you are no longer a citizen. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Americanism Report
In 2007-2008 your organization sent socks to an Infantry Battalion that I served with in Sadir City Baghdad. It was a very kind gesture and so well received and appreciated by each and every soldier. I know that each soldier was blessed by your generosity and caring spirit and willingness, on short notice, to ship to so many. I am now the unit chaplain for the Special Troops BN, 2nd BCT, 4ID out of Fort Carson, CO. Our Soldiers are on another deployment to Afghanistan. Could your organization help us once again by sending socks (and maybe some chapstick) to our Battalion? We would de nitely appreciate it. If so, you may send it to my chapel in Farah Afghanistan. We have 800 (550 men and 250 women) total Troops in our BN. Any assistance your organization could o er would be greatly appreciated. God bless you and all those that help you. CH(CPT) Rod Gilliam UNIT CHAPLAIN Brigade Special Troops Battalion Second Brigade Combat Team Fourth Infantry Division Fort Carson, CO 80902 Based on this request, Socks for Soldiers and Big Red Country KRED 92.3 FM put together a drive to collect 1600 or more of chapstick. Collection was held until June 3rd at many businesses in our county. Paulette wants to thank you for the many generous monetary gifts given from HRWF members and our club donation of $100 that will again be contributing to the pending shipment. Call Paulette Gilliam, Socks for Soldiers, 442-9322 for details of this July 4th gift! (an actual letter)

Membership Report
Remember our challenge, Membership Match!
Match your membership by bringing in one new member this year and we will double our membership! Some people may not realize that HRWF has been an organization since 1938! Please welcome our new members, Rita Wesa, Carla Olson, Marilyn Cargill, Kathrin Burleson, Minzelle Oliveria, Rose Welsh, Cheryl Brown, Jacqueline Giuntini, Marlene Gi n, and Linda Jonckheere. Our New Associate members are Jerry Partain, Eugene Schnell, and Phil Arnot! July and August HRWF will be going dark. That is when we will be putting together our Membership Roster for those members that expressed a desire to share their contact information with other members. We will be having a business section too. I think this will be a great tool for networking and socializing outside of the HRWF monthly meetings. For new or renewing members, if you’d like to share your information, there is a checkbox on the Membership form. Please do check it, when you send in your $30. membership dues. Remember WIN = Women in Numbers…WIN!

Dear Socks for Soldiers,

Membership Applications are available online at our website, just print the pdf le and send your application to:


HRWF c/o Terry Roberts 4425 Cha n Road McKinleyville, CA 95519


Our May guest speaker, Andy Westfall, was truly enjoyable and has won an outstanding award. The 15th Annual Independent Publisher Book Awards contest in the Photography category announced their winners and Andy was honored with a third place tie out of their 3,000 entrants on May 23rd at the ceremony in New York. His 256 page book, “Humboldt Heartland", features wonderful photographs and captures memories of the past. An autographed copy is available from Andy at 786-4659.

Update: Andy Westfall

Humboldt Republican Women, Federated c/o Terry Roberts 4425 Chaffin Road McKinleyville, CA 95519


The Redwood Alert


Caring for America

Honor Flight Update
39 vets made the trip - and received a heart-warming welcome home with color guard, music and flags flying!
Our fundraiser at Blue Lake Casino was a great success! Wonderful spirit, lots of vets showed up and were enthusiastically honored (and they had a great time) and we raised over $15,000. At Honor Flight’s Humboldt County Fair booth, August 11-21, vets will be on hand to talk with people (and receive honor, thanks and praise); please volunteer for the booth with the veterans~call Kathrin at 677-0490. Our next big fundraiser will be hosted by the Elks Club on Sunday, August 14 and the Yurok Tribe is planning a salmon barbecue ~ date pending ~ please join us! Thanks to the help and generosity of patriotic Americans of the North Coast! www.northcoasthonor ight.com

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