STAFF ADVISORY COUNCIL Meeting January 12, 2011 Executive Committee Nicky Bruckhart, President, nbruckha@du.

edu, x14241 Saskia Sawyer, Vice President,, x12704 Sarah Childs, Treasurer,, x13501 Kate Johnson, Webmaster,, x16515 Christa Bruning, Secretary,, x13170 Members in attendance: Kathy Aliaga, Facilities Ashley Beaudry, The Women¶s College Nicky Bruckhart, Athletics and Recreation Christa Bruning, University Communications Sarah Childs, Human Resources Fay Coulouris, Learning Communities and Civic Engagement Lisa Cox, Institutional Compliance and Internal Audits Linda Daubers, Graduate School of Social Work Kris DeForest, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Anne Gross, Admission Kate Johnson, University Communications Mark Kintgen, Penrose Library Cindy Koch, Daniels College of Business Marty Neary, DU Bookstore Arianna Nowakowski, AHSS/Languages and Literature Lynn Reed, University College Saskia Sawyer, University Advancement Kay Schneider, Institutional Research The meeting was called to order. 1. Introduction of the Council Members. 2. November and December minutes were approved. 3. Announcements: Departmental and Treasurer¶s Report y A new content management system for the DU website has been purchased. The new company is Omni Update. UTS will be migrating content to the new system. As soon as more information will be sent out as soon as it¶s available. y University Advancement recently had a re-organization; an email went out campus-wide. y Institutional Research conducted a big study on women that included faculty, staff and students. The information included is through 2008, and includes the most recent peer data; which was part of the reason the dates were chosen.


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HR ± Amy hired an Associate Director for the Total Rewards position. The Associate Director of Employee Services will start in March. There are still some open positions. Ticketmaster will be replaced with a new system called Paciolan. The season tickets may look slightly different with the new system. There was a reorganization in the Women¶s College an there will be five positions open. Treasurer¶s Report: Currently there is $6,873.63 in the account.

4. New Business y Cartridges for Kids ± An updated list of what is accepted will be posted on the SAC site and at the drop off locations.SAC members suggested adding two dropoff locations in Ruffatto Hall and Sturm Hall. y Nicky met with Amy King from HR regarding a morale survey. Amy said an engagement survey will be going out to all employees in the spring that will include a morale portion. Amy would like questions from the staff. y Job Categories ± Amy and Shaunda Norman collect information from Mountain States and other companies to look at cities and jobs across the board. Right now DU has 37 job families and would like to get that down to 16 if possible. All division heads and HR liaisons receive this information and can share it with staff. SAC discussed who should give the approval for it to be shared with staff and felt that should come from HR. The question came up of what is SAC¶s plan with this information? The plan is to share it with departments and have open communication about it. y Appointed versus elected SAC positions ± Should all positions be elected and do we need to expand the Council to include other departments such as Newman, etc? There was a discussion of the how the bylaws came about and how the selection of members occurs. It was brought up that the mission of SAC was to represent each department. y SAC members¶ questions/Getting results ± The question came up of how to move things along to get results when the Chancellor says it¶s ok. Suggestions are as follows: o Ask Chancellor who to bring items on the list up to or ask the question to when we meet with him and he gives the approval to move ahead on something. o SWAN is mirroring many of SAC¶s initiatives, which will help as well y Suggestions for things to work on: o Look at bylaws and update those o Would like to expand the Council to include all other departments. More people on the Council means information is disseminated faster. y Question: How is agenda set? ± Nicky sets agenda and takes suggestions. y Parking/Snow day questions for issues committee: o Parking ± When a conference happens on campus and the bar in the parking lot is up there are no spots left for staff members. y There is always parking available in the general lots. y Parking Services does not guarantee a spot.


An email about the event to those affected would be nice. Nicky can arrange for Buddy Knox from parking to come to the April meeting. o Snow days ± Would it be better to have a late start some days instead of a snow day? y There could potentially be some pay issues for hourly versus salary employees with a late start. y The Provost makes the decision on snow days. y Nicky will try to get Risk Management to come to the May meeting. Open discussion: o Sustainability Council: The Rocky Mountain Sustainability Summit will be on campus February 10 and 11. o Neil Krauss will be the Director of the new DU Center for Sustainability. There will also be one faculty member who will help run the center and there will be several student workers too. o Coat drive ± the pick is scheduled for February 10. There was a great turnout this year. Thanks to everyone for their help. o See¶s Candy ± There was not more than about $200 in interest from the various departments so there will not be one big order placed. o Girls Scouts will be on the Driscoll Bridge selling cookies on February 21. o There is no opt out option for receiving the DU Magazine for on campus for employees. Options for this need to be discussed with the Sustainability Council and Human Resources. o Please send all questions for the meeting with the Chancellor, Parking and Human Resources to Nicky by March 10. y y

5. Meeting adjourned. Next meeting: March 9, 2011, 12 ± 1 pm, DuPont Room, Mary Reed Building. Respectfully submitted, Christa Bruning Secretary

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