STAFF ADVISORY COUNCIL Meeting April 13, 2011 Executive Committee Nicky Bruckhart, President, nbruckha@du.

edu, x14241 Saskia Sawyer, Vice President,, x12704 Sarah Childs, Treasurer,, x13501 Kate Johnson, Webmaster,, x16515 Christa Bruning, Secretary,, x13170 Members in attendance: Kathy Aliaga, Facilities Ashley Beaudry, The Women¶s College Nicky Bruckhart, Athletics and Recreation Christa Bruning, University Communications Sarah Childs, Human Resources Lisa Cox, Institutional Compliance and Internal Audits Linda Daubers, Graduate School of Social Work Kris DeForest, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Anne Gross, Admission Becky Gonzalez, Bursar¶s Office Cheryl Jackson, Morgridge College of Education Kate Johnson, University Communications Gayle Keahey, Law School Mark Kintgen, Penrose Library Tina Miller, University College Marty Neary, DU Bookstore Sherry Newhouse, NSM/SECS Arianna Nowakowski, AHSS/Languages and Literature Samara Rasmussen, Graduate School of Professional Psychology Saskia Sawyer, University Advancement Kay Schneider, Institutional Research The meeting was called to order. 1. Introduction of the Council Members. 2. Guest speaker: Buddy Knox ± Manager of Parking Services Buddy has been at DU for five years. When he took over parking it was a mess and he has worked hard to straighten it out. In the last five years faculty and staff tickets have been cut by 50%. The decrease is due to consistent enforcement. Buddy can be reached at Receiving tickets for bringing a different car and forgetting your parking pass If this happens, call Parking Services and they can exempt your license plate for the day so you will not receive a ticket. They will do this for staff if this happens on occasion. This is not good

in the metered lots but only in your assigned parking lot. Another option is to park in your assigned lot and use your oops voucher if you do receive a ticket. Buddy hopes to have the barcode entry working for next year. Parking Services will make exceptions when necessary. Renaming of lots The lots were renamed last year, making it easier for guests coming to campus. Staff entry into the lots will still be by swipe card and will remain the same. Event parking ± If there are no spaces where does staff park? Parking tries to use lots with extra spots for events. If there are no parking spaces available in your regular lot there will be a backup lot for staff. Parking Services sends out emails to those that park in the lots that will be affected by event parking. Parking sells permits for 95 percent of each lot. This allows for some flexibility with event parking. Sliding scale for parking There is not a sliding scale for parking. Each space costs the same to maintain and is no less than other spaces. The University does not subsidize parking at all so it needs to be covered by faculty, staff and students. There are lots that are less expensive to park in as an alternative to the more expensive lots. There was a concern raised why staff is paying for the parking structures. There are very few universities that offer a sliding scale for parking to employees. DU dud a market rate survey across peer institutions and looked at the cost of parking per year. DU is in the bottom five percent in parking fees. Communication issues There seems to be a communication issue with getting parking information out to faculty, staff and students. Inside the parking folder you receive each year there is a ³Did You Know´ area that tells people what they need to know for their lot. The information is also on the Parking Services website; however, the website can be a little hard to find the information on. Carpooling Carpooling will allow people on campus to share one permit between two cars. However, if both cars are driven on a regular basis this is considered theft of service and becomes a Human Resources issue for the employees involved. DU Shuttle ± Why does it no longer run during the day? The Shuttle was created five years ago to be a safe ride across campus during the evening hours. The hours were then extended to daylight hours as well. There was also point to point service. The Provost¶s Office decided to stop the point-to-point service and running the shuttle during daylight hours and return it to its intended use as a safe ride across campus during evening hours. The shuttle runs from 6p.m. to 2a.m. Disability spaces parking violations and other offenses The high cost of parking in a handicapped space without the proper credentials is set by the

Americans with Disabilities Act. The fine can range from $100 to $200. There is a $15 over the line fee and general parking tickets are $30. The ticket for parking in a fire lane is $60. When you purchase a pass for a disability space it is good in any reserved lot and in metered parking areas. It is a multi-lot endorsement. The DU Shuttle runs 24/7 for disability needs but needs to be scheduled in advance. Additional information y Car sharing is coming to DU soon ± hopefully by fall quarter. y When guests are coming to campus please be sure to explain to them where and how to park on campus. The Parking Services website has maps of the campus on it. y Parking Services can make custom maps for events if requested in time. y Megan Enloe will work with groups holding events on campus to find parking for them. 3. Approval of minutes ± one date change y Email Nicky your vote to approve the minutes with the date change. 4. Announcements:: y Egg hunt stuffing party is Friday from 9 to 2 in the Ritchie Center. Please come and help stuff if you have some time. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. y Kris DeForest announced there is a Childcare Advisory Task Force meeting on Monday from 2:30 to 3:30. 5. New Business y Telecommuting ± Decisions on this will stay at the departmental level. All departments need to be sure the customer service piece remains in place. y Administration and the Board of Trustees is on board with changing the bylaws to include all departments so that everyone across campus is represented and has a vote. Nicky would like to have a Council vote on this in June. y Engagement survey ± Please encourage employees in your area to take the survey. It closes April 25. 6. Meeting adjourned. Next meeting: May 18, 2011, 12 ± 1 pm, DuPont Room, Mary Reed Building. Respectfully submitted, Christa Bruning Secretary

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