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CONTRACT NO 01/06/12 Whereas the seller has agreed to sell and the buyer has agreed to buy the following quantity of the commodity (Chrome Ore lumpy of Albanian origin) on the terms and conditions hereinafter mentioned. Now it is hereby mutual agreed doctored by and between the parties hereto as follows: GOODS: CHROME ORE LUMPY GRADE 1 QUANTITY: .MT +/- 2% QUALITY FOR CHROME ORE LUMPY: CR2O3: CrFe: Si02: FeO: Al203: MgO: P: S: Moisture base 40% Minimum 38% Rejection 38% 2.8: 1 min 13% max 13% max 12% max 25.00% max 0.01% max 0.03% max 5% max

Size: above 20mm (fines 0-20mm-20% max) Quality should be done by independent surveyor Al-Mir SHPK, official representative of Alex Stewart International Co., of before the buyer charters the vessel. After the quality control the parcel should not be replaced

SHIPMENT: DESTINATION COUNTRY: DELIVERY TERMS: FOB Durres PACKING: In container or vessel ORIGIN: Albania PRICE: PAYMENT: 100% five business days after Al-Mir SHPK Albanias certificate of analysis is presented to the buyer Payment to be executed to the following sellers bank details: Bank Name: Name of Account: Number of Account: Documents: 1. signed commercial invoice; 2. Certificate of Quality in one origin and two copies issued by Al-Mir SHPK Albania; 3. Certificate of Weight (weight bridge) and Moisture in one origin and two copies issued and signed by Al-Mir SHPK 4. Certificate of Origin in one origin and two copies issued and signed by the ALBANIAN AUTHORITIES. WEIGHING, MOISTURE AND QUALITY INSPECTION: 1. At the port of Durres stockyard to be determined by HOFF AlMir SHPK Albania Inspection Company nominated by Seller will assist in weighing, moisture and sampling operations cost for AlMir SHPK at loading port side to be for Sellers account. 2. Al-Mir SHPK and Buyer inspecting representative will assist during sampling preparation and assay determination for Cr 203 and for moisture. 3. Al-Mir SHPK, charges at buyers account and buyer inspecting representative will assist during sampling preparation and assay determination for Cr203 at unloading port. Cost for Al-Mir SHPK at this charging port side to be Sellers account. SHIPPING CONDITIONS: Loading rate: .. MT per day wwd ssh, excluded from Saturday h. 12.00 to Monday h. 8.00 time not count even if used. Buyer must advice name of vessel, its flag and main characteristics including hatches and holds dimensions and same. The vessel characteristics must allow safe and smooth operations. Vessel must be accepted it by Seller.

Buyer must timely and precisely pre-advice Vessels E.T.A. (seven days, six days, five days, four days, three days, 48 hours, 24 hours) at loading port in order to allow Sellers to timely prepare goods for loading. The vessel should arrive at loading port beyond the advised lay can days. Buyer accept to pay to Sellers any warehousing/storage extra expenses being same not caused by Seller. Any demurrage in which the vessel may incur into are on Buyers account for any reason unless same due for non-readiness of goods for loading. Sellers will timely supply to vessels agents all necessary customs documents in order to timely issue the sailing Customs Manifest and if any delay in sailing occurs because of non readiness of Customs Manifest are not on Sellers account, if Sellers have timely supplied same to vessels agent at loading port. LAW AND ARBITRATIONS: The construction, validity and performance of this contract shall be in accordance with English law. If any dispute arise between buyer and seller on this matter will be referred to the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. FORCE MAJEURE Neither seller nor buyer shall be liable in damages or other obligations 1. hereunder other then obligation to make payment, were such failure or delay is cost by 2. force Majeure being any event, occurrence or circumstance reasonable beyond the control of the party, including without prejudice to the generality of the forgoing, failure or delay cost by or resulting from act of God, strikes, floods, wars (whether declare or not), riots, delays of carriers, due to break down or adverse weather parries of the sea, embargoes, accidents, restrictions imposed by the governmental authorities etc. GENERAL: Unless where otherwise stated, this contract shall be governed by Incoterms latest version. Amendments to this contract, if any, shall be made and writing and confirmed by both parties. ASSIGN ABILITY: Neither party shall assign the whole part of its rights and obligations hereunder directly without the prior written consent of the other party. THE BUYER THE SELLER