The Sun as the Axis

The Inspiration for these writings comes from inner spiritual wisdom contained within the writings of nuwaupian texts as well Writings by other Master teachers that I read and experiences walking the long journey on a short path to spiritual perfection of ones inner being as taught by the Master teacher in this day and time. By long journey means the amount information that I as a student of the master teacher absorbed from 18 years young to age 40, short path is the time spent of this blue planet ( Ptah Nun). As I passed thru every school from Ansaar Sufi, H.t.m. U.n.n.m. A.m.o.m. I questioned myself daily as well my teacher when I would see him and it became clear to me upon entering A.E.O. and later taking my Masonic oath being passed and raised that my own destiny was to be that of a Master teacher. I can Re-member Yaanuwn teaching us the Sons of the Greenlight he was Al Qutb, The Axis just as the Sun is the axis to each universe. Now I have my own Students and stand as the Axis for them radiating Green solar Rays from my solar plexus ( Galb Arush ) as did my own teacher for now I Realize its time to put to the test everything he taught us! It’s our time to stand and be counted and recognize by the elders Pa Neteru ( Pa Nazdiru ) however only a few of us will make that journey to

self perfected beings while yet alive in the physical form being re-instated as Living Pa Neteru, Pa Nazdiru.

Neb Please explain how the sun is the axis and how it relates to a Master teacher being the axis for his or her students? The Sun is the central point of existence burning giving off energy as protons, neutrons, electrons rotating around the Atom, Atum.

Q. Neb So the Teacher becomes The Qutb Center Axis, Atum, Atom giving wise words of Right knowledge to his or her students as the Atom is to


the protons, Neutrons, Electrons. Yes that’s exactly right!

Neb as the Axis His Universe Q. Is there a relation to the word Nu or Neutron? Yes even though in English they spell it neutron to hide the fact of its tamarean origin it’s most definitely linked to Nu or Nun the 4th deity as well the 5th deity Nunet of the 100 neteru or Nazdiru meaning Yaa Nun Yaa Neter or netert oh Primordial abyss oh deity, Nun is masculine, Nunet is feminine.

Q. what is meant by the primordial abyss? Primordial abyss is the cosmic soup or cosmos that the deity Re or Ra was known to swim Pert M.Heru and I quote Dr. Muata Ashby Nu or Nun the

primeval waters of creation, Nun, pushes the boat of Atum –Ra, who emerges as khepri ( scarab ) onto the waves. Behind khepri do the divinities Geb (earth), Shu (Space, Air, and Ether), Heka (The divine creative world), Hu (Divine sense and taste) and Saa Divine understand? Cosmic soup is the essence or darkness, Khashuk where all creation takes place.

The Cosmic soup of Nun Is there a relation between the words primordial and Primary? Yes it is but first let’s defines the words Primordial and Primary. pri·mor·di·al adj \prī-ˈm r-dē-əl\ 1

a : first created or developed : PRIMEVAL 1 b : existing in or persisting from the beginning (as of a solar system or universe) <a primordial gas cloud> c : earliest formed in the growth of an individual or organ : PRIMITIVE <primordial cells>


adj \ˈprī-ˌmer-ē, ˈprī-mə-rē, ˈprīm-rē\ Definition of PRIMARY 1 : first in order of time or development : PRIMITIVE <the primary stage of civilization> <the primary lesion of a disease>

El istakhlaag The creation Holy tablets Chapter 1 tablet 1 verse 14. Original or primary creation from primaries, from primus, first before the lightest atom, hydrogen, energies existed, as a form of energy existing in the form of gases, nine levels of them from quarks, to biaps, to

zeds/zeles, referred to as sub-atomic energy before the weight or sum of any weight registering as nothingness, yet existing, being lighter than the first form of existence hydrogen.

From Atoms Atums to Quarks

The sacred records of Atum-Re Scroll 3: verse 43 The simplest particle of life to date is a quark, of which atoms ( atums ) are composed of. This puts it on the otherside of things or something, based on its weight as H is the lightest thing on this side of things.

Then the quark is without weight or sum, it’s nothing, no-thing. El Suhuf, tablets of life, 10 pages of Adam, Atom son of Atum & Lillith The Atom is nothing more than a time solar system charged with electronic and magnetic power.

The Milky way The 18th Galaxie Q. What do the scientist say about quarks Neb? Well here is little info

that I found from my research online from Q&A about quarks. Hello Emma, That's a tough question to answer since no one has actually seen a real isolated quark You have to rely on indirect evidence. Fortunately there is plenty of that. Just as Ernest Rutherford determined that the nucleus of the atom was a small compact object by observing alpha particles back-scattering from it, today's physicists perform similar experiments by scattering high energy electrons off of protons. The resulting angular distribution of these scattered electrons can be explained only if there are tiny constituents inside the proton (as well as neutron). Additional evidence comes from the observed patterns of mesons and baryons that are produced at high energy accelerators. These patterns can be neatly explained by assuming a few types of fundamental quarks that combine with each other to form the observed particles. As to whether the quarks are made of

still smaller sub-quark things, we don't know for sure but as of now there is no evidence for that. LeeH Q. Is there any other scientific proof on anti-matter or quarks? Yes actually scientist did an experiment recently where they trapped anti-matter for 15 minutes or so there is an online article published about it an I quote.

CERN / ALPHA An artist's conception shows an anithydrogen atom being released from the trap after 1,000 seconds. The squiggly line represents the atom's path in the trap while it is trapped. The curved tracks that emerge from the trap represent the annihilation


products (pions) resulting when the released antiatom hits the trap's inner wall. updated 6/5/2011 2:12:36 PM ET

GENEVA — Nuclear scientists announced Sunday that they have found a way to "trap" for more than 15 minutes elusive antimatter atoms that used to disappear after a fraction of a second. That will give scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research time to study the atoms properly, in the hope of understanding what happened during the first moments of the universe. The achievement is a significant improvement on earlier attempts to trap antihydrogen, which like all antimatter has a tendency to disappear before scientists have time to examine it. "We went from two-tenths of a second to 1,000 seconds," said American scientist Jeffrey Hangst, a spokesman for the ALPHA research team working at the world's biggest particle physics lab — known by its French acronym CERN — on the Swiss-French border. The team improved the efficiency of the antimatter trap by cooling antihydrogen atoms down to less than


0.5 degrees above absolute zero. Their research was published online in the journal Nature Physics. Hangst said extending the lifetime of antihydrogen means scientists can be sure it has enough time to settle so it can be probed and compared with hydrogen atoms. The team will begin firing microwaves and then lasers at trapped antihydrogen later this year. Phillip F. Schewe, a spokesman for the American Institute of Physics, said refining the antimatter trap was a great feat of physics engineering.

"But in a sense it does represent an incremental improvement rather than the achievement of something new," said Schewe, who wasn't involved with the work. "Now they'll have to trap greater number of atoms." Hangst said the ALPHA team has already trapped about 300 antihydrogen atoms. The more they trap, the easier it is to conduct experiments on antihydrogen. "This is a big step in demonstrating what we can do and where we can go," he said. Understanding antihydrogen will help solve one of the biggest riddles of physics. Theorists say both matter and antimatter must have been created in equal

amounts in the Big Bang, but antimatter has since disappeared from the natural universe while matter abounds in the stars, planets and galaxies. Or as Hangst puts it: "Half the universe has gone missing and we don't know why."

Teachings of Cheik Anta Diop on The Nun

against the background of the Kemetic experience, Diop illustrates these trans-regional features of African philosophical and religious heritage in a series of evocative empirical references across the continent, ranging from Sénégal, on the west coast, to Kenya, in the east, and from Kemet, in the north, to South Africa. Appropriately, he begins this comparative survey by focusing on the importance of water in the African creation stories. In Kemet, the "abyssal water" or nun represents the "raw material" which is the precursor of the universe, life itself, and all creation. It is from "abyssal water" that ma’at, the famed moral code that deliberates on, and projects society’s quest for "truth, justice and balance", emerges. Similarly, "primordial water" plays a prominent feature in the creation stories of the Dogon (where it is called nummo), Wolof (where it is called nwl), Bambara, Akan and several other peoples in west Africa, as well as those


in the Congo basin of central Africa, and peoples in the east and south of the continent.

Q. How can one come in contact with the Nun or Dark water abyss after first gaining knowledge of its existence. Thru Meditation, Hesi chanting and affirmations, WuNunFa – The science of sound healing using our ancient ones to acieve one-ness with with The Nun.

Q. What is Wu-Nunfa? Wu-Nunfa was taught to you As wadhiyfah or wazifa Of Ansaar pure sufi and wazufa of A.m.o.m. the kamatian science of sound healing when we would dance, chant, play musical instrumentas raising our vibrations thus communing with that great etheric ocean of nun.

Sufis in Sudan Performing Wadhiyfah

In Ancient Africa ( Tameri ) Napata/ Nupu-ta, Nubia or Kish ( Kush ) We Waab or Nebs called this science of Magic Alchemy or Nun-Noone Science to those commoners not initiated into the mystery schools our Science appeared to be magic, however we were intune with the cosmic forces of Nature, Neter or Nazdiru thus working with the laws of nature raising our vibrations and for those few short moments we exercise control over the elements having been align with The Universal All in All. ( Pa Paut )

Q. What is the All? All is everything that’s responsible for existence creation and growth or an ever living force that’s that is constantly creating universes or multiverses on a quantum level for nothing is separate all things are connected 9 to the 9th power of 9. The Sacred wisdom of Tehuti Paa Faut Kalun Fi Paa Faut – The All is in All While The All is in All, it is equally True that All is in All. To him or her who truly overstands this truth, right wisdom has come in the form of right knowledge. How often has the majority of people heard repeated that the statement that their Supreme Being called by many names was All in All, and how little have they suspected the inner occult truth concealed those carelessly uttered words? The common used expression is a survival of the Ancient Tamerian Maxmim quoted above. Wisdom says:

To him or her who truly overstands these this truth right wisdom has come. We have given you The Tamerian teaching that The universe or multi-verse is mental, held in the mind of All. But note also the co-related statement, that it is equally true that The All is, I am. Yet I am not All, Bu in All as The All. This apparently contradictory statement of relations existing between All and The All and its Mental Universe, Multiverse. We have seen how The All is in All and you are a Part of All.

Q. Neb how was the Our Central Sun Created? Our Sun was created out of a whirling dust cloud gases left behind from the collapse of former Sun that existed before the current one that we know of this event happened some 93 billion years ago.

Paa Re ( The Sun )


Holy Tablets chapter 1 tablet 7 By: Pa Nazdur Atum-Re The creation of your solar system 19x5 = 95 1.Lo! 93,000,000,000 billion years ago, your solar system formed out of a gigantic whirling dust cloud and gas, as the Re-sult of the collapse of that great star Sal. 4. This marks the time when the explosion came from two hydrogen Atoms/Atums to make helium; and there combination of the two gases, which led to a series of chain Re-actions exploding, and this was the creation of Shamush/ Paa Re The Sun. 5. That cloud of dust and gas exited unformed in the universe, then it began to collapse. 6. This brought 2 Hydrogen atoms/atums together to form helium. Hydrogen the most abundant and simplest gas in the universe, is the fuel of stars of which there are many kinds. Q. Neb so your saying our central sun was created from a super nova collapsing and forming and a new sun? That’s exactly correct! Holy Tablets chapter 1 tablet 7 verse 22 By: Pa Nazdur Atum-Re and I quote


22. These Super novas collapse upon themselves producing intense heat and causing there cores to explode.

Q. How were the planets in the solar system formed after the creation of Paa Re ( The Sun )? The burning atoms caused electrical storms on the surface of the sun the energy from storms was flung off into outerspace thus cooling and settling forming stars which are suns and planets also. Holy Tablets chapter 1 tablet 7 By: Pa Nazdur Atum –Re Verses 15- 18 and I quote. 15. This burning of Atoms/Atums causes explosions, also called electrical storms. These storms give off sparks of hydrogen and helium, that fling out into the universe. 16. Upon being flung out into the universe, whirling at a tremendous speed, these sparks of buring gas began to cool to a lesser degree of heat, and it settled within different places within the universe. 17. We call these planets, suns, other galaxies. 18. From your suns electrical storms came the birth of your solar system; a large universe, a supernova and explosion. The Nun Project: Walk in The Light Of The Sun

Let it be Re-membered always beyond what you physically see as The Sun, it exist in Darkness ( Khashuk ) Jet Black and is composed of undetectable Ether, a mere theory to the best of their scientist. It is undetectable by those who depend on the light alone for in-sight, not outsight born of Darkness or Dark matter ( Khashuk Mahum ) and the realization that both of them exist in absolute nature as opposites, Just as NoopooH ( Nun/Noone or Nine Power and ZoopooH ( Zoon ) animal power are opposite powers of absolute nature that alternate in season-cycles. P. 65

Introduction to The Nature of Nature 55. Listen to Re-asun! This Herald of Nine News Reinterates: The controlling Suns of The solar systems are Male Stars; whereas other stars may they be male or female. The Original Nebula of the Universe is female, because she formulates, nebulas, and develops the other Nebulas of a Universe. The nebulas that primary nebula Re-produces be female also, because they formulate, gestate, and develop The True Stars, and some of the stars create and control Solar systems; Our Sun SoL ( Paa Re ) is one such Star. If the solar system Sun would produce The Planets the same way that Nebulas produced Stars, He would have to be Female. But instead, A Solar system Sun Uses Chaos Matter left in his domain to make planets by causing brain cores for the planets to formulate and gestate in formless matter left in his magnetic field during

the creation of The Stars. Nebulas are Female Suns who have not Reproduced Offspring. In the beginning were The Suns and The Suns are with Nature ( Nazdur ) and The Suns are Nature and The Suns are The Gods and Goddess who grew Absolute Nature into Creation Order. Let it be Re-membered Always and Let it Be Known.

Neb Nyansapo NoopooH



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