Building an Ethical Organization


Building an Ethical Organization Part One

HSM 230 June 5, 2011 Terry Jorgenson

Self-defense classes will equip victims with a tool to protect themselves. The organization supports the ethical system by abiding by the law and imposing moral values and beliefs within the organization. The organization strives to challenge society to gain beliefs that do not condone domestic violence. and self-defense classes. is a safe place for women to come and grow into a more positive person.Building an Ethical Organization Building an Ethical Organization Part One The new human service organization. they also encourage and expect others to practice ethical conduct. A leader can implement this by asking others how he or she arrived at a conclusion. 2 The organization provides counseling services to help victims regain self-esteem and recover from the trauma. The community must know that someone is aware of the violence going on. and it is intolerable. Observing a leader leading by example indicates the leader is abiding by the ethical leadership others expect. Meetings are held to discuss ethics within the organization. An employee needs to know what ethics he or she is to . counseling. The program is available to any woman who is a victim of domestic violence and sexual assault. How one realizes the conclusion is just as important as arriving at the conclusion. Ethical leaders make ethical decisions visible so others are confident the leader¶s decisions are moral and ethical. Ethical leaders not only lead by example. Public education awareness programs arm the community with knowledge to handle a domestic violence situation should it occur in their home. Leaders behave ethically by doing the right thing. The women¶s retreat is a nonprofit organization that offers services through education classes. The organization reassures its stakeholders that the organization lives up to society¶s standard of ethics for a nonprofit agency. Group discussion groups will enable victims to speak about the incident with other victims who have experienced the same type of ordeal. Women¶s Retreat for Victims of Domestic Violence (WRVDC).

A mission statement explains why an organization operates. courage to endeavor in such tasks. an ethical leader is not enough. A code of ethics 3 explains ethical reasoning and decision making. The mission statement sends the message to the community that domestic violence is unacceptable and intolerable. The Women¶s Retreat upholds honesty and integrity between and among employees and clients. This damage is hard to erase and overcome.Building an Ethical Organization uphold and the ramifications of his or her actions. and sometimes victims fail to recover completely. Domestic violence changes a person from the inside out. respect for all. The values guide decisions within the organization. A code of ethics guides decisions. This is a cruel. Society will not continue to allow this kind of behavior to continue. A code of ethics creates an understanding of doing the right thing. The Women¶s Retreat¶s values statement is to value lifetime changes to promote . Although ethical leadership leads to an ethical workplace. A code explains how to seek guidance when confrontation regarding an ethical gray area arises. The Women¶s Retreat hopes to alleviate the pain and suffering. and honor and fairness to all. A code of ethics describes ways to address ethical issues. empower survivors. Values define the principles the organization bases the mission on and the ethical standards for the organization. Victims of domestic violence undergo a long healing process. and encourages a better life for the victims of domestic violence. The Women¶s Retreat¶s mission statement is to reduce trauma. compassion for improving the lives of all involved. A code of ethics is an organization¶s written standards of expectation of its employees and leaders. Ethical leadership requires an ethical support system. These values will inspire action and influence behavior by building one¶s confidence in the organization and its leaders. violent act from one individual on another. and improve the quality of life through services provided.

An employee of the Women¶s Retreat will instill in oneself the desire to help everyone around him or her. and excellence in service quality. the value statement. Each employee supplies clients with accurate descriptions of services the organization provides and the benefits the client will receive. An employee respects and honors all those around him or her and respects privacy with the clients. The organization has consequences for discrimination. and clients. individuality. and the code of ethics upon hire date and before assisting clients. . The Women¶s Retreat for Victims of Domestic Violence does empower survivors. The organization expects open communication in the workplace.Building an Ethical Organization successful lives. and does improve the quality of life through the services it provides to the community and to individuals. Clients are confident they will receive fair and honest services in times of need. Everyone is knowledgeable of the mission statement. harassment. The values relate to the organization¶s mission to empower individuals and improve the quality of life. he documents everything and shows accountability for all actions. 4 When one is honest in the workplace. An employee will be fair to all employees. and any other unfair treatment. leaders. Moral ethics and values within an organization will encourage the community to trust the organization to continue providing services to the community. dignity.

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