number of stories

building type

room depth

facades sidelighting toplighting 1 X X X 2 1 X 2 X 2 X 0 X X 1 X 1 X 1 X 1 X


C. E. Smith Building Waterford School Center for Desert Architecture Chamber of Commerce Park Ridge Primary School EOS Building Bertolt Brecht School Geyssel Building School for Medical Assistants Gropius School Ludwig Erhard Building Botag Building Willy Brandt Building Protestant School Shell Building Ebbinghaus Department Store DIN Building IBM Building Architecture Faculty Debis Building

19°S Townsville 27°S Brisbane 30°N Cairo

Australia Australia Egypt

mixed use school research office school

7 1 2 1 1 5 3 2

1,5H interactive

planter box / sunshade / grey glass angular selected skylights / sunshades skylight with hologram glass / diffuser skylight design system with mirrors tunnel lights / steel meshed shade light shelf / louvers louvers fabric / lightguiding glass curtain / louvers louvers blinds balcony / glazed screen / vertical lamellas glass lamellas / okasolar lamellas / fabric overhang / louvers / diffusing glass louvers / curtain sunshade / diffusing glass / louvers sunshade / diffusing glass / louvers lightshelf / louvers / vertical lamellas overhang / awning blinds

autonomous 2 X X 2H autonomous 1 interactive

33°N Palm SpringsUSA 38°S Melbourne 46°N Lausanne 51°N Dresden 51°N Cologne 52°N Berlin 52°N Berlin 53°N Berlin 53°N Berlin 53°N Berlin 53°N Berlin 53°N Berlin 53°N Berlin 53°N Berlin 53°N Berlin 53°N Berlin 53°N Berlin Australia

autonomous 2 X X active

Switzerland office Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany school mixed use

2,4H interactive 2,5H interactive

educational 4 school mixed use mixed use mixed use school office retail office office university office 3 9 7 7 5

3,1H autonomous 1 X 2,5H autonomous 2 X 1,4H passive

1,8H autonomous 1

1,8H autonomous 2 X X 2,2H autonomous 2 X X

13 2,3H autonomous 2 X 4 6 9 9 2,6H autonomous 3 X 1,7H active 1,7H active 1,7H active

21 2,2H interactive





4H interactive - 1 X 2 X balcony / sunshade / louvers / vertical lamellas sunshade / fabric skylight system with prismes of canvas awning / translucent glazing autonomous 2 X X interactive 1 0 X X 55°N CopenhagenDenmark 64°N Trondheim Norway 1.Deutsche Bank Building Oberstufenzentrum Wirtschaft Trapholt Art Museum Gentofte Public Library Dragvoll University Center 53°N Berlin 53°N Zehdenick 55°N Trapholt Germany Germany Denmark bank school museum library university 14 2.9H passive Introduction Overview Systems .7H interactive 3 2 2 3 2.

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