Tainted Love Blog: Richard Clark, Jr.

Season 2 // Installment #1 Making it Personal: My Introduction to India
As we gear up for Season Two of the series I can t help but to think back on last summer s trip to India. Most of this journey will be chronicled in a few episodes of this upcoming season, but there is one particular moment I would like to point out here. I think everyone of us have those life changing, paradigm shifting moments. This was without a doubt one of mine. I never thought that I would find myself undercover, inside of the dark, nasty brothels in India. Well, I did. I remember standing in an eight-story high Mumbai brothel that housed over 5,000 women and children. With the size of the problem looking me dead in the eyes I recall thinking that doing a simple show on sex trafficking was such a waste of time. However, like most of any of my thoughts I was wrong. The stairway leading up to this Delhi brothel was about three feet wide and it was pitch black dark. With no idea of where we were stepping or what we were stepping into, my fellow Producer s (Marshall Nord and Tyler Garnett) and I, made it up to our first brothel. The moment we had enough light to see I hoped that it would become dark again. We found ourselves in a tiny room packed with Indian women and men, the victims and the buyers. Men waiting for their turn carpeted the room; literally we had to watch where we were walking. Every few minutes you would see a woman walk from the small, wet and rusted cellars on the balcony. The man would come out soon after. Let me point out that you could buy sex in this brothel for about the price of a Pepsi so to put it mildly, business was a booming. We sat down with this lady. She was shocked to see us there. Not because she wasn t used to seeing men, because the fact is she was getting raped by about forty of them every day. She was shocked to see us because we were not there to have sex with her. We were there because we cared about her story. We sincerely wanted to know who she was. This particular woman was now in her thirties, but she had been trapped inside of this brothel since turning twelve years old. She had a price put on her head and until she was able to pay this amount she would not be allowed to leave the brothel. It was an amount that she could never repay. She went on to tell us her story. Hers was a heartbreaking story like many of the others I ve heard. However, this time it was different. This time I was standing inside of this brothel as a victim was baring her soul to us. With every word she spoke another buyer would walk out as another one walked in. None of this fazed her because this was the hell she called

The fact someone had come to India to speak with her because they cared was more than she could handle. She cried and then said something to us that I will never forget. we asked for spiritual peace. You should not have to say.life. She was grateful that someone treated her like a human. As gut-wrenching the circumstances were sadly she seemed numb to it all. We left with her voice. Every victim that Tainted Love can give a voice to makes us one step closer to ending this catastrophe. Thank you. It was something that I hear everyday. After she finished her story we prayed for her. but also something more. but I can t. because that seemed like an unattainable goal. She had been used and abused every second of every day since she was a child. but for some reason hearing it this time was soul shocking. Each tear that ran down her face represented a man that she had been forced to perform sexual acts on. Welcome to Tainted Love Season Two. This woman had spent twenty plus years as a slave. This is when I realized that our little series did mean something. More than asking God for physical peace. I would love to say that we rescued this woman from the hell she was in. Being treated like a human should not be a privilege. We can give voice to the voiceless. . With all sincerity in her heart she looked at us and said Thank you. I can tell you that we left that brothel with a piece of that woman. What did she say thanks for? Thanks for praying for me? Thanks for listening to me? I believe she was saying thanks for all of this.

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