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DATE: 11th December 2010 s GROUP/PROGRESS REPORT NUMBER: TEAM LEADER: Maaheen Mushtaq TEAM MEMBERS: Maaheen Mushtaq, Laila Farid Nayani , Hammad Abu Bakar, Shoaib Ahmed Khan

5. TITLE OF PROJECT/REPORT: Consumer Behavior while Shopping online and

barriers to e commerce in Pakistan 6. OBJECTIVES / GOALS: To find out the main barrier to the growth of e commerce in Pakistan (Problem Statement) To find out whether income and age plays a significant role while people shop online To find out the main reason, why people do internet shopping?
1. PROBLEM STATEMENT: What is the main factor restricting the growth of e

commerce in Pakistan? 2. HYPOTHESIS: Internet shopping doesnt depend on income level Internet shopping doesnt depend on age People do internet shopping not just for the sake of convenience Main factor restricting the development of E-commerce in Pakistan is not illiteracy 1. SAMPLE SIZE: 100 2. DATA COLLECTION PROCEDURES: Questionnaires 3. ANALYSIS PROCEDURES: (SPSS) Graphical representation and Regression analysis 4. RESULT OBTAINED/ DERIVED: Age and income are important factors which influence the decision of shopping online. People do shop because of convenience. Shopping online mostly shop for software. Survey also shows that ecommerce is not very much developed in Pakistan because of illiteracy and unawareness Traditional barriers: manufacturer doesnt need to go online they are earning much more in physical business.


E-commerce MUHAMMAD


Age and income are important factors which influence the decision of shopping

online. Lower income class doesnt shop online. People belonging to age group of 25-45 are the people who mostly shop online. People who belongs to higher age group dont have much knowledge about technology and believe in shopping the traditional way People do shop because of convenience as shopping online surpasses all the geographical barriers Pakistani society is such that people rely more on the advice given by their friends and family rather than believing an advertisement. People go online shopping they mostly visit those sites that are advised by their friends trusting their opinion that the website is safe 1. SUGGESTION/RECOMMENDATIONS (FUTURE WORK/EXTENTIONS): It takes a long period of time to increase the literacy rate of the country and traditions only change when people are more educated and open enough. But making internet more safe and educating people about e commerce will surely make businesses turn their ship towards e business. 1. EVALUTION OF GRADES: