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Amy Leung and Wouter Lincklaen Arriens are expanding the Water CoP’s leadership development service

In 2010, the Water CoP rolled out its new coaching programs Discovery and Change to help interested members expand their leadership on the job.

Read how CoP members have benefited
Hubert Jenny was among the first to sign up:

“I valued the opportunity and experience to join the Integral Water Leaders Coaching Program. I feel more fulfilled now because I got to know myself better and can focus on the important things in both my life and my work. Coaching also helped me to develop a new approach to project design using the strengths of the clients.”
Chris Morris also benefited from taking a coaching program:

Starting in 2011, the Water CoP’s coaching service was expanded to include opportunities for water teams. The Viet Nam Resident Mission’s Water Team was the first to benefit from a water leadership and team building program spread over three days. Team members shared their feedback:

“Powerful questions and clever facilitation during coaching sessions have guided me to find my own practical solutions to reach my leadership goals. Discovering my strengths and how to develop and use them more productively has been valuable. I expanded my leadership by learning to ask questions and listen, and to facilitate the development of new ideas from conception through to the acquisition of new skills. I feel more confident and fulfilled because coaching has guided me to independently develop a new suite of tailor-made tools and skills relevant to my work needs. I also learned how to use different types of “intelligence” for my life and work environments. I am more productive now.”

“I learned about coaching skills to deal with clients and other types of people… The coaching method is a great way for communicating with anyone… I learned how to use a strengths-based approach in one’s work and personal life … I learned how to link operations in projects with knowledge and leadership, for co-creating solutions with clients and partners in project preparation and implementation, especially using open questions… The program created an occasion to sit and work with colleagues of the water team in a way that we have not done before, and thereby to get to know them better… It was a wonderful chance for all team members to become more open then closer to one another… The program gave insights into the way each of us works, which clearly can (and should!) provide the basis for more effective supportive collaboration in the future.“ n

Become an integral water leader
The CoP is now preparing to implement the new Water Operational Framework. In this time of unprecedented changes in managing Asia's water, you will need to hone your leadership and strategic thinking skills more than ever before, to help your clients find and implement answers to the region's complex and urgent water challenges. It will be even better if you can also nurture your client's leadership.

Expand your leadership skills
Coaching is a powerful tool and a highly effective way to help you expand your leadership in your current job and take charge of your development and career journey. It can also strengthen your professional and personal skills in work and life. Leadership is not limited to those in top positions. Coaching is non-directive and works in a safe and challenging environment that is co-created by the coach and coachee with full confidentiality. As coachee, you set the agenda, and you do most of the talking. The coach primarily listens and asks questions that guide you forward. Assignments will help you discover more about yourself and to prepare for sessions.

Choose your coaching program To benefit from this unique leadership development service offered by the Water CoP, you can choose either the shorter Discover or the longer Change program. Additionally, you can explore a water team building program with your colleagues. Discover (1 month) Discover (1 month) Discover (1 month) Discover (1 month) Change (3 months) Change (3 months) Change (3 months) Change (3 months) Tackle one or more of your issues in this introductory program of 4 coaching sessions of 45 minutes supported by exercises between sessions to help you discover and use your strengths. Change your outlook and behavior to achieve SMART goals you set for your own leadership development in a series of 8 additional coaching sessions after completing your Discover program. And discover more potential.

Please contact Water CoP Coaches Wouter or Amy once you are ready. n

May 2011

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