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Time in School Search Tricks These search tricks can save you time when researching online for your next proj ect or just to find out what time it is across the world, so start using these r ight away. 1. Convert units. Whether you want to convert currency, American and metric u nits, or any other unit, try typing in the known unit and the unknown unit to fi nd your answer (like how many teaspoons in a tablespoon or 10 US dollars in Euros ). 2. Do a timeline search. Use view:timeline followed by whatever you are researc hing to get a timeline for that topic. 3. Get around blocked sites. If you are having problems getting around a bloc ked site, just type cache:website address with website address being the address o f the blocked site to use Google s cached copy to get where you are going. 4. Use a tilde. Using a tilde (~) with a search term will bring you results w ith related search terms. 5. Use the image search. Type in your search word, then select Images to use the image search when trying to put a picture to your term. 6. Get a definition. If you want a definition without having to track down an online (or a physical) dictionary, just type definition:word to find the definiti on of the word in your results (i.e.: definition: serendipity will track down the definition of the word serendipity ). 7. Search within a specific website. If you know you want to look up Babe Rut h in Wikipedia, type in Babe Ruth to go directly to the Wikiped ia page about Babe Ruth. It works for any site, not just Wikipedia. 8. Search within a specific kind of site. If you know you only want results f rom an educational site, try site:edu or for a government site, try site:gov and you r search term to get results only from sites with those web addresses. 9. Search for a specific file type. If you know you want a PDF (or maybe an M P3), just type in filetype:pdf and your search term to find results that are only in that file type. 10. Calculate with Google. Type in any normal mathematical expressions to get the answer immediately. For example, 2*4? will get you the answer 8. 11. Time. Enter what time is it and any location to find out the local time. 12. Find a term in a URL. This handy trick is especially useful when searching blogs, where dates are frequently used in the URL. If you want to know about a topic for that year only and not any other year, type inurl:2009? and your keywor d to find results with your keyword in URLs with 2009 in them. 13. Use Show Options to refine your search. Click Show Options on your search re sult page to have access to tools that will help you filter and refine your resu lts. 14. Search for a face. If you are looking for a person and not just their name , type &imgtype=face after the search results to narrow your results to those with images of faces. Google Specifically for Education From Google Scholar that returns only results from scholarly literature to learn ing more about computer science, these Google items will help you at school. 1. Google Scholar. Use this specialized Google search to get results from sch olarly literature such as peer-reviewed papers, theses, and academic publishers. 2. Use Google Earth s Sky feature. Take a look at the night sky straight from y our computer when you use this feature. 3. Open your browser with iGoogle. Set up an iGoogle page and make it your ho mepage to have ready access to news stories, your Google calendar, blogs you fol

Study the oceans with Google Earth 5. If you are an expert. Stay current with Google News. Use keyboard shortcuts. 10. Right click to use save-as. Explore Knol to find out what experts have to say on a wide range of topics. to o. On your own or in collaboration with other students. You can find . 1. Google Groups allows you to communi cate and collaborate in groups. Use the school year calendar template. then you can use the se arch feature to find them if you need them again. 6. 3. Have an easy to use school year cal endar through Google Docs by following these instructions. and much more. so learn how to use this product even more efficiently. and project due dates. line. Create online surveys for research projects. 4. Collaborate on group projects. Quickly and easily create onl ine surveys for any research project that requires feedback from others. 8. you can easily create a graph. Send invitations. Gmail The super-popular Gmail is full of fun and fast ways to make your life and commu nications easier.low in Google Reader. 1. Excel. 9. 5. Google Docs allows for real-time collaborat ion. Visit this Google site to have access to Creative Commons-licensed content to help you learn more about computer science. so take this option to set up a study group that doesn t have to meet face-to-face. put together an awesome project like one of the examples provid ed that can be used by many. Find out how to send p arty invitations using Google Docs. Add video to your presentation. Collect research notes with Google Notebook. Use the right click save-as option to save a G oogle Docs document on your computer. 4. Use these 50 pre-made templates to track spending. 3. exams. 7. Use this simple note-taking t ool to collect your research for a paper or project. Use labels to mark your messages. Google Docs Google Docs is a great replacement for Word. Use the Archive feature. so make easy work for everyone next time you have a group project due. 2. Use the Tasks as a to-do list. an d scatter graphs. 8. and PowerPoint. and much more. Use the Tasks available in Gmail as a way t o stay on top of assignments. Create a Google Custom Search Engine. Google News brings headlines from news sources around the world to help you stay current without much effort. 7. Create a new document with shortcuts. Highlight mail with labels. including shipwrec ks in 3D. keep up with your health. 10. Use premade templates. Google Earth 5 provides information on the ocean floor and surface with data from marine experts. One of the great features of Gmail is that it all ows you to archive emails to get them out of your inbox. Google Docs allows for pie. 5. Once you have populated a spreadsheet wit h data. Learn two ways to open a new Google Docs page with these tricks. School shouldn t be all about work. Google Code University. Create graphs from spreadsheets. write your own Knol. 2. Like an electronic clearinghouse for news. 6. Make a study group with Google Groups. 9. bar. Learn what experts have to say. Learn how to seamlessly add video to your Google Docs page to really give your presentation or project a boost. The ans wers are saved to your Google Docs account. Use this handy list of keyboard shortcuts to save lots of time while using Google Docs.

and more with Google Calendar. you can easily add this event to your calendar by clicking Add to cale ndar. assignments. If you find yourself writing the same type of email over and over. and more to stay ultra-organized. Set weekly repeats for any day. Change from daily to weekly to monthl y view. By signing up for the Labs. This feature notices if you have type d something about an attachment in the body. Add events from Gmail. If you have events on your calendar that you want to invite others to join. Incorporate Google Calendar and Docs on your Gmail page. The drop-down menu only offers M/W/F or T/ Th options for repeating events. Go to Labs to select this option. If you receive an email with event time and date in formation. 10. Use Canned Responses. 2. 1. 6. and more with these simple shortcuts. an account throug h school. Go to Settings and enable keyboard shortcuts so yo u can perform common tasks at the touch of just one or two keys. Use multiple calendars. 12. If you have a Gmail account. 11. 7. persona l information. creating this label keeps you from f orgetting to follow up on it later. and any other account you are juggling separately. Use the https option. pop-up. 3. just add their email address under Add Guests within the event. 10. Choose from email. Click on Quick Add and type the day and time and what you a re doing to have the calendar create the event with the correct time and date. compose a new event. Go to Every Week and customize which days you wan t the event to repeat. Add a Waiting for Response label. but are sending without actually at taching anything a great tool to save time and embarrassment. Use Quick Add. Set reminders in your Google Calendar so that you nev er forget an appointment again. 9. Keep up with all that you need to do for the day without ever having to log on to your Google Calendar. Add multiple attachments. If you use AIM to IM friends or partners on projects. Customize reminders. 9. Google lets you sync your calen dar with others using Apple iCal or Mozilla Sunbird. Have access to re cent documents used in Google Docs and get an agenda of upcoming activities you have on Google Calendar with small boxes added to your Gmail page. use the Canned Responses feature in the Labs to create a template that you you can use without having to type out the entire email every time. or SMS reminders and even set when the reminder comes. Use keyboard shortcuts. Consolidate email accounts. 8. Sync up with others using iCal or Sunbird. 4. If you have emails in your inbox that you are holding until someone gets back to you.them easily while in your inbox and do a search for all the messages with that label after you archive them. Invite others. Google Mobile . you can select to have the Forgotten Attachment Detector. combine them all in to Gmail to cut down on time spent checking all those accounts. 6. Check out #8 in this lis t to learn how to access your upcoming events via your phone. Never forget to attach a file. 4. 5. 5. Use the Control (or Cmd on Macs) and Shift keys to select more than one file to attach to your email at one time. ad d it to the chat feature already in Gmail to have access to both. 8. 7. Get upcoming events while away from the computer. Use AIM in Gmail. Google Calendar Save yourself some time by keeping track of appointments. Create separate calendars for school work. Get a text message with your daily agenda. Google recommends using this option if you use your Gmail in public places like a dorm or coffee shop to add an extra bit of protect ion to your Internet activities. Learn some basic keyboard shortcuts. important due dates.

Google Chrome Tips and Extensions If you are using the Google Chrome browser. 1. Open a new tab. Use Google Voice to consolidate phone numbers. 10. Save as PDF. 11. Oops! If you didn t mean to close that tab. Use a Pin Tab . 5. maximize your window. and any other phone numbers. 8. see your history. 13. Get your iGoogle page formatted just for the smaller scree n size of your phone. Sync your calendar. use Google Mobile to stay productive while away from your computer. Use the Chrome shortcuts. then you will love this extension. Android and iPhone users can access Google Books on t heir phones. 9. Keep a to-do list on your phone. 7. Access iGoogle. Have access to all your Google Docs items right on your phone. just press Ctrl+Shift+T to reopen it. . quickly access pages you ve already visited. Check your email. and much more with the bookmark manager. Whether you are looking for a great place to eat dinner. ChromeMailer. you can use the add ress bar to perform a Google search. use a Pin Tab to make the tabs the size of the little icon on the left side. Stay organized. add folders. Do a quick search anywhere. search for bookmarks. 2. These two features are ava ilable when you right-click to add a word or URL to Chrome and will save you an extra step. With Google Chrome. 7. or want to know what the Spanish word for bathroom is. 6. Find out where your friends are and even get a map wi th directions for how to get there with Google Latitudes. Read your Google Docs. 3. If you don t want to leave traces of where you were browsing. and much more with these shortcuts. Never be far from your Google Calendar when you sync i t to your phone. too. wondering what the weather is like. If you have multiple tabs open. This tool will give you a list of all the password information stored in Google Chrome. 4. Use your mobile to post to your Blogger blog. and get recommendations for places to go. Take advantage of the address bar. 9. Post to your blog. a cell phone. rearrange bookmarks. 2. 3. just text your information to Google (46645 3 spells Google on your phone) to get the answer texted back right away. 10. If you have a phone in your dorm or apartment. Keep your email right at your fingertips with Gmail for mobile. Never get lost again. Access your blog subscriptions. Don t overlook Paste and Search and Paste and Go. use incognito mode instead of having to go back and delete your history and cook ies. Keep up with your blogs and news feeds tha t you subscribe to through Reader right on your phone. 8. Use Google Tasks for mobile so you can ac cess your to-do list any time and check off what you ve finished. Find information with a Google search from you r phone to impress your professors and your friends. 4. then you will love these time-saving tips and extensions. Reopen a closed tab. Go incognito.Whether riding the bus or walking to class. If you ve lost valuable time when having to manually enter ema il information from a website because Google Chrome doesn t support the mailto: fu nction. Use the bookmarks manager. ChromePass. consolidate them into one number with Google Voice. Google Maps is an interactive program for most smart phones that offers tons of features so you will never have to be lost again. 1. Access Google Books. 6. 5. Save any page as a PDF with this bookmarklet. Find out information easily while on the go. 12. Easily find friends.

Find books to supplement your assigned texts. which provides you with many more detailed options. bookmarks. and send texts. weather. This versatile app is more than just for IMs. 8. 6. Search full text. Click on Add to my shared library to start yo ur own personalized library where you can label books to keep them organized for each class or project. Google Chrome Backup. Google Books offers full text for over 10. try the advanced search. so see i f you can save a trip to the bookstore next semester. Google search box. Google Translate. 3. so look here the next time you are researching something at the last minute. 7. Use the Advanced Book Search. Google has an incredible image search feature that will pro vide you with tons of high-quality images you can use in presentations. Google Books is constantly evolving. 12. too. Each book in Google Books has a link t o find the book in a library. news. Sign up to get email notifications any time a topic you des ignate shows up in Google search results. Find facts and organize them with this search feature from Google Labs. clicking this li nk will give you helpful information such as the table of contents. Google Alerts. Don t spend time looking up stuff in books. 7. create documents . and more all in real-time. Communicate. Business students can keep track of markets. 1. Access text books. Google Images. At the top left of the page of a book. related book s. Handy Google Services and Apps These other Google products will help you save time by offering you everything f rom alerts to online collaboration to help working with data sets. 5. 9. use Google Sket chUp to do so easily and free of charge. This brand new Google product shows great promise for anyone collaborating. Picasa. but especially for those in school. news stories. Google Desktop. do a video chat. Many text books are available on Google Books. bookmarks. Search for magazine content. and more in one place. Select Magazines in the Advanced Book Search to locate information from magazines. You can switch to voice. Google Fusion Tables. If you are working with data sets. Google Toolbar. 2. 5. Search by subject to see wha t books you may be able to read to get the extra leg up in your classes. 6. 9. so stay on top of all the latest news with the Inside Google Books blog. Google SketchUp. Have easy access to Gmail. 4. and m ore with this toolbar available for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Google Talk. Create a personalized library. 10. 1. 3. Read the blog. If you can t find the book you are looking for . Google Finance.000 books.11. use Google Tra nslate to get foreign words translated right away. If you need to draw 3D figures for class. Find books in your college library. 11. Keep a clock. Use About this book . and more with this simple tool. an d more all within easy reach when you use Google Desktop. Manage your photos and even incorporate them into your blogs and e mails with Google s streamlines photo manager. 4. Google Books Learn how Google Books can save you time and trips to the library with these tri cks. It can tell you exactly where to look at your own school. Google Squared. Google search. Back up your personal data. 8. portfol ios. then you will lov . 2. This is a great way to stay current wi th a project or news story. Google Wave. and a map of places mentioned in the book.

e this program that will allow you to upload data. . create visual representations . Create a blog as a part of a project or just to stay in touch wit h friends and family in an easy way. and take part in discussions about the data. Blogger. 13.

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