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get a grip
Sick of slipping and sliding during your practice? Stay put while doing mat or apparatus work with ToeSox Grip Gloves, which feature a supersticky gripping palm. Your hands will be comfortably supported, thanks to the half-finger style, sweat-absorbing terry cloth thumb and form-fitting fabric. The adjustable gloves come in small, medium and large sizes. ($21.95; Amanda Altman

anatomy of a cantmiss workshop

Rev your mindand get your hands dirtyat the Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries (FAMI) Workshop, held at NYCs Mount Sinai School of Medicine. The brainchild of Matt and Carrie McCulloch, MD, founders of Kinected Pilates Center Matt in Manhattan, the four-day course is intended to school Pilates pros (and advanced students alike) on the anatomical and clinical knowledge needed to safely and effectively train clients. At the most recent workshop, held in July, each day focused on a different section of the body, including: Vertebral Column, Lower Extremity, Upper Extremity, and Pelvic Floor & Abdominal wall. Participants began with in-depth foundation lectures, given by leading orthopedists, neurologists and sports-medicine physicians, which discussed common injuries and helped equip them for their next activitya hands-on experience with 3-D cadaver prosections (think spinal cord, knee replacement, pelvic floor) in a professional lab. But theres much more: Kinesiology + injury labs, newly added to the repertoire, allowed total access to the brains of physical therapists, including movement protocols for specific injuries and how they apply to common client scenarios. Last, but not least, participants engaged in radiology sessionsX-rays, CT scans, MRIs, bone scansand received an overview of radiologic modalities. You, too, can get med-schooled this year, on July 1417. For more information, including rates and CECs, go to A.A.

roll call
Kick your regular routine up a notch with the CoreFitnessRoller, which promises to help increase your strength, flexibility and energy level. Designed specifically for Pilates, balance and therapeutic exercises, the foam roller features three levels of resistance so you can constantly shake things up. The best part: The handy prop, beloved by BASI Pilates founder Rael Isacowitz and celeb trainer Kathy Kaehler (Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Samuel L. Jackson), takes up minimal space and takes only minutes to setup (professional edition, $349; Valentina Palladino


january/february 2011

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thirst for function

Youve probably kicked your plastic water bottle habit to the curb. But have you invested in the smartest, greenest, coolestlooking, reusable sippers out there? Here are our picks for the most resilient, BPA- and toxin-free versions that you can tote all around town. 1 EarthLust Vintage Collection water bottles have carbineers for easy portability. Available in five vintage-looking designs: wooden train, cameo, chandelier, flowers, and bicycle ($13.00 for a 13-ounce-bottle; 2 Perfect for long hikes, Alex Bottle is designed to open in the middle for easy cleaningand it compacts to half its size when empty ($25.95 for a 20-ounce bottle; 3 Natural Fitness water bottles, made with food-grade stainless steel that does not retain or leach flavors, come in brightly colored, nature-inspired prints ($12.99 for a 25-ounce bottle; 4 Great for jogging or biking, Sport + Store water bottles have a non-skid base and a storage reservoir for your essentials ($19.95 for a 20-ounce bottle; 5 Contigo Travel Bottles Bottles feature a patented technology that automatically seals the bottle between sips. Plus, the open-and-close button sustains beverage temperature for a longer period of time ($12.99 for a 24-ounce bottle; Tiffany Ran

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