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Minutes of the Secretaries Committee Meeting

Venue Date & Time Participants

1. Mr.A.Sivaswamy 2. Mr.S.Rangarajah 3. Mr.R.Umakanthan 4. Mr.A.Manoranjan 5. Mr.T.Rasanayagam 6. Mr.U.L.M.Haldeen 7. Mr.R.Raveendren 8. Eng.A.E.S.Rajendra 9. Mr.L.Illangovan 10. Mrs.R.Wijayaluxmi 11. Mr.M.Thushyanthan 12. Mr.N.Sarveswaran Chief Secretary, NP Secretary to the Hon.Governor Deputy Chief Secretary, Planning Deputy Chief Secretary, Finance Deputy Chief Secretary, Adm. Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture Secretary, Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medicine Secretary, Ministry of Infrastructure Secretary, Ministry of Education Secretary, Ministry of Local Government Asst. Director Planning, PPS Asst. Director Planning, PPS

: :-

Conference Hall, Chief Secretarys Secretariat, Northern Province 4th April 2011, 3.30 p.m

The Chief Secretary, Mr.A.Sivaswamy, chaired the meeting and welcomed all those who were present at the meeting. He mentioned that the last Secretarys Committee meeting was held on 19th April 2010 .Nearly after one year the above meeting has been arranged for today .Due to Various important works such as Dayata Kirula Exhibition- 2011, Flood, and Provincial Administrative Institutions Shifting to Jaffna,this was delayed he said.
Minutes of the previous meeting held on 19th April 2010 were adopted unanimously. This was proposed by Mr.R.Raveenthiran , Secretary, Ministry of Health and Seconded by Eng. A.E.S. Rajendra, Secretary, Ministry of Infrastructure Development ,Northern Province. Last meeting minutes matter ariesd and discussed.

1. Outstanding Provincial Audit Queries It was informed to take necessary action to conduct review meeting regularly. Chief Secretary pointed out that all matters related to audit should be discussed deeply at the audit workshop scheduled to be held on 5th of April 2011. Action by: - DCS-F 2. Provided Service in Resettled Areas. It has been informed that action is being taken to resettle the people in Tellipallai and Maruthankerny Divisions. Chief Secretary requested to all Secretaries to help to provide immediate assistance in the resettling areas.

Secre.Comm on 19 April 2010

3. Advanced programme
It has been pointed out that; advanced programme should be monitored regularly.

Action by: - All HoD

4. Monitoring Service Performance Plan
DCS, Planning informed that, service performance plan and financing plan have been prepared and published with the Provincial Budget 2011.

Action by:-All Sec &DCS-Planning

5. Vital Statistics DCS-planning pointed out that; quarterly vital statistic is updated regularly.

Action by: - DCS-Planning 6. LAN Archive

One Officer should be assigned to these activities. Mr.Surendren will be engaged to LAN activities in PPA.

Action by: - DCS-PPA 7. Citizens charter

It has been informed that, Citizens Charter is very important for Local Authorities. Secretary, Ministry of Local Govt. informed that the Local Authorities have already developed citizens charter in their level.

Action by: - DCS-PPA 8. Seniority List

Deputy Chief Secretary, PPA informed that, the seniority list is periodically updated by the Provincial Public Administration.

Action by: - DCS-PPA

9. OIS
Deputy Chief Secretary, Planning informed that, the NPC website is regularly updated. Vehicle Pass system has been developed.

Action by: - DCS-P


Secre.Comm on 19 April 2010

10. Approval of Memoranda

Secretarys Committee has approved the following memos.
Memo No
CBG/2011/01 CBG/2011/02 CBG/2011/03 CBG/2011/04 CBG/2011/05 CBG/2011/06 CBG/2011/07 CBG/2011/08 Provincial Land Adm. Dept.of Agriculture Dept.of Motor Traffic Dept.of Probation Dept.of Probation Dept.of Industries Provincial Treasury. Provincial Planning 0.668 0.724 4.000 0.200 0.700 0.055 5.700 0.500 Approved Approved Approved Approved Approved Approved Approved Approved


Amount in RsMn.


10.2.PSDG PSDG/2011/01 PSDG/2011/02 PSDG/2011/03 Dept. of Cooperatives Ministry of Agriculture Dept.of Agriculture 3.000 0.157 5.000 Approved Approved Approved

The Chief Secretary informed that, the Mechanical Engineers report is required for major repairs of vehicles. (Details are shown in the Annexure I) 11. Review of Progress AIP 2010 Deputy Chief Secretary- Planning presented the progress position on AIP 2010 programme..

11.1. Progress under Criteria Based Grant-2010 The budgetary allocation is Rs.309.86 mn .This allocation has been revised as Rs.300 mn by the Finance Commission. A sum of Rs.300.0 mn has been released as an imprest for various Departments.Rs.299.43 mn reported as an expenditure up to 31.12.2010.
(Details are shown in the Annexure II)

11.2. Progress under Provincial Specific Development Grant (PSDG) The budgetary allocation of PSDG for the year 2010 is Rs.1, 441.31 mn . It has been revised for Rs.1,205 mn by the Finance Commission. A sum of Rs.1,203.99 mn has been released as an imprest for various departments. Rs.1,201.35 Mn reported as an expenditure up to 31.12.2010.
(Details are shown in the Annexure III)

Secre.Comm on 19 April 2010

11.3. Progress under Health Sector Development Project(HSDP) A sum of Rs.1, 081.43 Mn. has been allocated under Health Sector Development Programme (HSDP) for the year 2010. The allocation has been revised for Rs.1,010.81 mn Out of this amount Rs.237 mn has been reported as an expenditure up to 31 December 2009. Rs.772.18mn reported as expenditure up to Dec..2010. A total sum of Rs.1,009.18 mn has been reported as expenditure up to 31st Dec.2010.

11.4. Progress under Education Sector Development Project (ESDP) The total allocation of ESDP for the 2010 is Rs.300.00 mn and imprest fully released. A sum of Rs.299.99Mn reported as an expenditure up to 31.12.2010. 11.5 Educational Sector Projects Deputy Director of Education explained the progress position on educational sector projects.

11.5. (i) Secondary Education Monitoring Project (SEMP) A sum of Rs.12.7 mn has been received as an imprest under SEMP for the year 2010. Rs.11.78 mn reported as expenditure up to 31.12.2010.

11.5.(ii). Educational Knowledge Society Project (EKSP) The imprest received for EKSP is Rs.47.4 mn for the year 2010. Rs.47.33 mn reported as expenditure up to 31.12.2010.

11.5.(iii) Basic Education Sector Unit (BESU) The allocation for BESU is Rs.15.67 mn for the year 2010. A sum of Rs.14.07 mn has been released as an imprest .Out of this amount a sum Rs.11.07 mn reported as expenditure up to 31.12.2010

11.5.(iv) Nawodaya The total allocation for the year 2010 is Rs.30.0 Mn. A sum of Rs.25.50 mn released as an imprest. Rs.25.47 mn has been reported as an expenditure up to 31.12.2010

Secre.Comm on 19 April 2010


Vadakkin Vasantham - 2010 Action Programme

A sum of Rs.20, 678.58 Mn has been estimated for the Vadakkin Vasantham Action Programme for 3 years (2010- 2013). Out of this amount Rs.6,934.82 mn has been allocated for the year 2010 under Provincial funds and other source of funds including donor funded projects. 3,076 activities have been identified for implementation. Out of which 1,732activities completed and sum of Rs.4,132.43 mn reported as expenditure up to 31.12.2010.

Details are as follows. Sector Total Estimated Cost Mn (2010 2013) M/Agriculture M/Education M/Health

Allocation Mn 2010 951.67 1,086.12 1,599.86 1,035.55 2,261.46 6,934.82

Expenditure up to 31.12.2010 588.08 658.77 1,509.73 596.67 779.29 4,132.43

5,458.00 7,368.30 2,007.24 1,195.00 4,650.04 20,678.58

M/Local Govt. Total

12. Regional Initiative under PSDG A sum of Rs.75 Mn has been allocated for the Regional Development Initiative under PSDG. In addition to this Rs.50.00 mn has been transferred to the Regional Development Initiatives from Ministries/Departments for the initial development activities for shifting of Northern Provincial Departments. Out of the total amount of Rs.125 mn, Rs.124.05 mn has been released.( Lead Project

Rs.27.00 mn , Urgent Priority Works Rs.36.05 mn , Shifting for Kilinochchi/Jaffna Rs.61.00 mn). A sum of Rs.116.61 mn reported as expenditure up to December 2010.

13. Upfront Activities and Urgent Priority Work s under PSDG (Flexibility Amount) A sum of Rs.82.36 Mn has been allocated as a flexibility amount under PSDG for Ministries and Departments for the upfront activities and urgent priority works.( Upfront Rs.31.35 mn , Urgent

Priority Works Rs.50.96 mn).Rs.62.75 mn reported as an expenditure up to December 2010.

Secre.Comm on 19 April 2010

14. Resettlement of IDPS 386,501 IDPs consist of 119,146 families were resettled and 184,782 IDPs to be resettled in all five District as at 31st March 2011. Details are as follows.
No District Resettled To be Resettled Name .of Demining Villages

Families 1 2 3 4 5 Jaffna Kilinochchi Mannar Mullaitivu Vavuniya Total 27,160 37,515 21,225 23,126 10,120 119,146

Ind. 80,451 118,918 82,532 69,761 34,839 386,501

Families 15,495 239 7,555 12,784 5,080 41,153

Ind. 56,870 778 52,686 55,204 19,244 184,782 Mugamalai,Vembodukerny and Kilaly **Indicate below Maruthamadu,Makilankulam and Velankulam

**-Maritimepattru:Mullivaikkaal East, Mullivaikkaal West, Ambalvanpokkanai, , Kokkuthoduvai South, Kokkuthoduvai North, Kokkuthoduvai center, Thannimurippu, Semmalai East, , Thannerootru East, Kumarapuram, Kumulamunai center ** Oddusuddaan:Puthukkudiyiruppu East, Sivanagar, Manthuvil, Malligaitheevu, Ananadapuram, Puthukkudiyiruppu west, Kombavil, Iranaippalai, Thevipuram, Vallipuram, Udaiyarkaddu North, Udayarkaddu South, Suthanthirapuram

It has been informed that only 17,975 people are remaining in the two welfare centers in Vavuniya.

15. Budgetary Allocation and Imprest Released for the year 2011 Deputy Chief Secretary - Planning presented the position on budgetary allocation and imprest released for the 2011 programme. 15.1 Criteria Based Grant-2011 The budgetary allocation for the year 2011 is Rs.275 mn . A sum of Rs.48.26 mn has been released as an imprest for various Departments.Rs.27.25 mn reported as expenditure up to 31.03.2011. 15.2. PSDG- 2011 The budgetary allocation of PSDG for the year 2011 is Rs.1,150.0 mn . A sum of Rs.76.10 mn has been released as an imprest for various departments. Rs.3.94 mn reported as expenditure up to 31.03.2011.

Secre.Comm on 19 April 2010

Deputy Chief Secretary- Planning informed that the Finance Commission has approved PSDG plan for the year 2011 and he further said the approval letters already have been sent to relevant sectors. It has been pointed out that if any changes in the activities under PSDG more than Rs.5 mn worth of projects approval should be obtained from the Finance Commission. 15.3 UNICEF The Progress position for the year 2011 is as follows.
Budgetary Allocation Sector Mn Imprest Received from Gen. Treasury Funds Transferred to Gen. Treasury by UNICEF for 1st Quarter Imprest Released to Depts. By P.T 31.03.2011 Expenditure Mn.

No. of Activities
Education Health

Amount Mn 19.10 12.57 5.37 7.32 44.36

16 29 300.00 50.00 1 2 300.00 50.00 48

20.00 0.50 20.50

Social Service Probation & Child Care Total

16. Preparation of Capital Expenditure for the year 2012 Deputy Chief Secretary, Planning informed that the G II form will be issued next week for the preparation of capital budget for the year 2012. It should be based on the G-I form which has been prepared for the budget 2011. 17. Updating of Website NPC website is regularly updated by the OIS team. One Media consultant , Media Coordinator and Asst. Coordinator are appointed by the Hon.Governor for the news collecting and updating in time.. 18. ICT Usage in Provincial Ministries and Departments The workshop was conducted on 30th March 2011 by the Finance Commission with the collaboration of ICTA. NPC already have developed in ICT usage.

19. Donor Funded Project

19.1 North East Housing Reconstruction Project (NEHRP) Total Houses Damaged assessed in 2010 -168,130 Nos. Allocated Houses-27,392 Nos. No of Houses CompletedHouses under construction -12,629 Nos.
7 . s o N 3 6 7 , 4 1

Secre.Comm on 19 April 2010


Pro-Poor Economic Advancement and Community Empowerment Project (PEACE) Total Allocation Rs.1,550 Mn Project Period-February 2007 to May 2011 Total Allocation For the Irrigation schemes- Rs.855.0Mn Expenditure up to December 2010 For the Irrigation schemes-Rs.331.3Mn

Details are as follow: Name of the Scheme Total Allocation (Mn) Financial Progress (Mn) Physical Progress

Nampan kulam (Vavuniya) Mamaduwa (Vavuniya South Akathimurrippu (Musali,Mannar) Thadchchinamaruthamadu (Madhu,Mannar) Thenniyankulam(Thunukai,Mullaitivu) Akkarayankulam(Karachchi,Kilinochchi)
0 3 . 1 3 3 0 0 0 . . . 0 5 0 0 1 2 8 0 . 1 6 2 5 5 8 8


19.3 Re- awakening Project (RAP) The following 4 components are covered under this project for the years 2004 Oct to 2013 March.

Village Rehabilitation & Development - Rs.580.0 mn Essential Rehabilitation & Improvement to selected Major Irrigation Schemes Rs.1,015.0 mn Cluster level livelihood support activities Rs.50.0 mn Institutional Capacity Building Rs.187.0 mn The progress position of Major Irrigation schemes are as follows. Name of the Scheme Giant Tank Valukaiaru Pavatkulam Total Allocation Rs. In (Mn) Expenditure up to 27th Dec. 2010 (Mn)
0 . 0 5 2

Under the Livelihood Support Activities, In the batch II 8,510 loans have been issued. For this purpose a sum of Rs.154.9 mn has been released. Batch III 3,428 loans issued worth Rs.73.1 mn.

Secre.Comm on 19 April 2010

0 0

. . 1

7 4

19.4 NECORD II Supplementary Loan

Emergency Rehabilitation Project ADB & GOSL funding Total Allocation - 16.60 mn US $(12.80 mn US $ ADB, 3.80mn US $GOSL) Contract period 2 years Multi Sectoral Project Components: i) Infrastructure and Civil Works - 9.0 mn US $ ii) Supplies and Equipments - 2.0 mn US $ iii)Project Implementation - 5.6 mn US $ Out of 69 projects 50 Project approved by the ADB at the cost of Rs.685.14 mn 40 Project Tender Called, 18 Project Tender Awarded Expenditure reported up to 31st March 2011 Rs.11.11 mn
19.5 Provincial Road Projects a) Northern Road Connectivity Project ADB Total Allocation 28.53 Mn US$ ADB Contribution 89%, Government 11% 140 km C,D Roads Covered Vavuniya and Mannar District Project Period - 5 Years(June 2010 June 2015) Advanced Procurement Activities Completed and 6 packages of roads contract awarded in Mannar and Vavuniya Districts each 3 pakages.. Project agreement signed in Nov 2010.

b) Provincial Road Project World Bank Total Allocation 21 Mn US$ 100 km CD Roads (88 km is taken) Covered Jaffna District Project agreement signed Northern Province consultant appointed to prepare estimate. Project Commence Date - 31.03.2010 Project Completion Date - 31.03.2015 Feasibility study, Road Selection, Design, Estimation works completed. Selection of supervising consultant ongoing

Secre.Comm on 19 April 2010

c) Conflict Affected Rehabilitation Emergency Project (CARE) - ADB

n m 3 2 . 0 6 1 3

Total Allocation

US $

ADB Contribution 89%, Government 11% Project Period 3 years 100 km Provincial Road ( 84.08 km is taken) 100 km Local Authority Road( 77.64 km is taken) Covered Mannar, Vavuniya,Mullaitivu and Kilinochchi Districts

19.6 Emergency Northern Recovery Project (ENReP) Scope of the Project is Support the Governments efforts to rapidly resettle the Internally Displaced People (IDPs) to their original places of residence in the Northern Province Funding 75.54Mn US $ - World Bank Project Period - Three years ( 2010 2013)

Progress position of the following components for the year 2010 and 2011 March

Component No.of works/ mandays

Year 2010 Total Allocation ( Mn) Financial Achieveme nt (31.12.2010) Mn

Year 2011 Total Allocation ( Mn) Financial Achieveme nt (31.03.2011) Mn

A-Emergency Assistance to IDPs B-Work fare programme C-Rehabilitation, Reconstruction of Essential Public & Economic Infrastructure

84 1.64 mn.

200.00 800.00

78.88 847.99

60.00 315.00

21.36 99.25






Secre.Comm on 19 April 2010

20. UNICEF The Progress reported for the year 2010 is as follows..
Sector Budgetary Allocation MN 101.59 104.70 9.09 13.41 10.36 239.15 Imprest Released up to 31.12.2010 (Allocation Revised) 101.59 103.85 9.09 13.41 10.36 238.31 Financial Progress Mn Up to 31.12.2010 101.59 103.85 9.09 13.41 10.36 238.31

Education Health Social Service Probation & Child Care Local Govt. Total

21. Performance Improvement Project (GiZ- PIP) Mr.K. Jeyaratnam, Senior Government Advisor, GiZ-PIP explained the progress position on 2010 and Key activities for the year 2011- 2013. This programme covers Human Resource Development and Local Governance for the period of January 2009 to December 2013. Placement test conducted for 870 Northern Province and District/Divisional officers 396 staff successfully completed STEPS courses. 1145 staff were trained since 2006 to 2010. English Language Teaching methodology for 30 teachers from 5 Zones. 3 ILDP Socio Economic profiles prepared with peoples participation in Valikamam West, Island South and Vadamaradchchi North Divisions. ILDP trainers trained and Published training materials. 9 resource persons certified for methodology training. Public redress complaints analysis training for 7 LAA.( Vavuniya-4,Jaffna-2, Mannar 1) The following Key Activities will be considered in HRD and Local Government for the year 2011- 2013. Build the Human Resource Management capacity Conduct good governance courses Organise the International Language and Development Conference- Language and Social Cohesion Integrated Local Development Planning Process Public Redress System Public Information Dissemination.

22. Progress on Taskforce Activities Deputy Chief Secretary, Administration informed that the Task force activities already have been completed and report also submitted to Hon. Governor and Chief Secretary Northern Province. The meeting was concluded at 5.00 pm.

A.Sivaswamy Chief Secretary Northern Province

1 1

Secre.Comm on 19 April 2010