JACK is walking through the lot, looking around nervously. As he walks by a van, he is quickly pulled in and the door slams shut. JAY sees this happen from afar and watches as the van drives away. He takes out his cellphone and dials a number. 2 INT. BEDROOM - DAY BILLY is asleep in bed. His cellphone begins to ring on the table next to him. He sits up in bed and answers. What? BILLY 2

JAY (O.C.) They took Jack. Who? BILLY

JAY (O.C.) Emma and her psycho friends. BILLY Fuck. I was afraid something like this would happen. I’ll be right there. Billy hangs up the phone and reaches for a whiskey bottle by his bed. He takes a swig of it, then gets up. BILLY (V.O.) Nothing to start your day like a swig of water kept in a whiskey bottle. I need my head clear. 3 EXT. HOUSE - DAY Billy leaves the house, dressed in a dark black suit with a white undershirt and a dark blue tie. BILLY (V.O.) My uniform is my authority. I don’t need a gun. If I need one, I’ll get one off the body of someone who thinks trying to stop me is a good idea. And I can’t forget, these are just high school girls. A swift punch to the face should be enough to incapacitate them. 3

2. He heads to his car. BILLY (V.O.) It’s time to kick some cunt. 4 EXT. SCHOOL - DAY Jay is waiting for Billy with a folder as he arrives. Billy steps out of his car and walks up to him. Talk. BILLY 4

JAY I got you a rundown on all the “perps”. Jay starts taking papers and photos out of the folder and showing them to Billy. He holds one up. JAY (CONT’D) This one is Stacy. She’s not too dangerous. Falls down whenever she gets scared. BILLY How can I take advantage of this fact? JAY I don’t know. Kick her while she’s down or something. Now this one is Jessica. Jay shows Billy a picture of the next girl. BILLY Ah, Jessica. I remember this one. Had a run-in with her boyfriend some time back. Cute girl, bad attitude. She’s like a midget though, she shouldn’t be a problem. JAY Let’s hope not. Now here’s the madam of this whole whorehouse. Emma. Jay shows Billy a picture of Emma.

3. JAY (CONT’D) I think she couldn’t handle the fact that Jack got back with his girlfriend, so she tried to take him for herself. You find Emma, you find Jack. Billy nods. JAY (CONT’D) Oh, and don’t forget about Emma’s sister, Kate. Kate.... BILLY

JAY She’s older than the rest. And she lacks in being as young as she makes up for in loyalty to sister. You fuck with one, you with them both. Watch out.

what them her fuck

BILLY Don’t need to tell me twice. It’s time to get this blood orgy started. Billy starts to head for the school. BILLY (V.O.) Directory in the office. If anything knows where they are, it does. 5 INT. SCHOOL OFFICE - DAY 5

Billy enters the office and begins looking through various stacks of pamphlets and fliers. A woman approaches him from behind the desk. WOMAN Excuse me. Is there something I can help you with? BILLY It’s okay, I’m a professional. WOMAN I’m sorry, but you can’t just come in here andBilly delivers a swift karate chop to her throat.

4. BILLY (V.O.) From me with love. Billy finds the directory and heads out the door, leaving the woman gagging on the floor. 6 INT. CAR - DAY Billy is looking through the directory. BILLY (V.O.) Emma. Unlisted of course. Jessica. Phone number, no address. Shit. Stacy.... Yes. BILLY 6

BILLY (V.O.) Of course I have to work my way from the bottom up. Billy puts the address into his GPS and starts to drive. 7 EXT. STACY’S HOUSE - DAY Billy steps out of his car and opens his trunk and grabs a sledgehammer from inside. BILLY (V.O.) My trusty sledgehammer. 8 INT. STACY’S HOUSE - DAY 8 7

Glass shatters as Billy hits the window with a sledgehammer from the outside. He clears the glass around the edge and climbs through. Stacy is on the ground looking shocked and scared. She quickly snaps out of it and grabs a tazer from under her bed and lunges at Billy. Billy counters this with a swift kick between her legs. While she’s doubled over he hits her in the stomach with his sledgehammer. BILLY I hope you were pregnant. Stacy lies on the floor gasping for air. Billy sits her up. She tries to spit in his face, but it gets caught on her chin. BILLY (CONT’D) You would be a spitter.

5. Billy backhands her. BILLY (CONT’D) Now where’s Jack?! Another door in the house is heard slamming. Billy looks out the window and sees Jessica sprinting to her car. BILLY (CONT’D) Never mind, I’ll just ask her. 9 EXT. STACY’S HOUSE - DAY 9

Billy climbs back out the window as Jessica drives past him. BILLY (V.O.) Car chase, huh? 10 INT. CAR - DAY 10

Billy follows behind Jessica as she slowly drives down the street. She pulls into a driveway and runs through the front door. BILLY Not exactly the chase I was hoping for. Billy parks the car. 11 EXT. JESSICA’S HOUSE - DAY Billy opens his trunk and looks down at his sledgehammer. BILLY Nah, too easy with it. He closes the trunk without taking the sledgehammer and heads for the front door. He kicks in the door. 12 INT. JESSICA’S HOUSE - DAY Billy takes a few steps in. Jessica is standing across the room smiling at him. BILLY Is that a smile on your face or are you just happy to see me? 12 11

6. Billy puts on a shit-eating grin, and is quickly hit over the head with a baseball bat. He looks up at his attacker as he passes out. BILLY (V.O.) Shit. This must be her boyfriend’s house. 13 INT. SEX DUNGEON - DAY Billy wakes up on the floor in a daze. He tries to get up, and notices his hands are restrained with fuzzy handcuffs. BILLY (V.O.) What am I in, a dungeon? Billy looks around the room which is filled with swings, whips, and all kinds of sex toys. BILLY (V.O.) Oh it’s that kind of dungeon. Ew. Billy heads up a set of stairs and tries to open a door that turns out to be locked. He stares at the knob with a blank look on his face. BILLY (V.O.) Gonna have to use my head to get out of this one. 14 INT. JESSICA’S HOUSE - DAY 14 13

Billy smashes his way through the door by head-butting and kicking it. He emerges into the kitchen of the house. Music can be heard playing. Billy rushes through the house. BILLY (V.O.) Where are they...? He reaches the living room where Jessica and her boyfriend are making out on the couch. The music is loud now. BILLY (V.O.) Let’s see if they start something for me to end. Billy stands over them for a few beats. They don’t notice him. BILLY (V.O.) Well this is awkward.

7. Billy walks over to a CD player that is on and headbutts it. BOYFRIEND What the fuck?! The boyfriend grabs his bat again and takes a swing at Billy. Billy dodges it and moves around him so he’s between Jessica and her boyfriend. Get him! JESSICA

The boyfriend throws the bat at Billy but misses, hitting Jessica hard in the stomach. BILLY Two for two. BOYFRIEND You son of a bitch! The boyfriend runs at Billy. Billy lunges at him head-first, smashing directly into his face. The boyfriend falls to the ground, nose bleeding, and dazed. Billy gets on his knees and beats him into unconsciousness by repeatedly smashing his head into him. Billy gets up and heads towards Jessica, who is cowering on the couch holding her stomach. BILLY I’m gonna need these off. Billy indicates his handcuffs, then sits on Jessica’s legs. BILLY (CONT’D) (calmly) Where the fuck is the key? Jessica looks at him angrily, then slides her hand into her underwear and fiddles around a little bit. BILLY (V.O.) Even at a time like this, I have to admit that that’s kinda hot.... Wonder what would’ve happened if things had gone farther with her and her boyfriend and she forgot where she hid it. BILLY Undo these. Jessica reaches behind Billy and undoes the handcuffs.

8. JESSICA Just get out of here. Billy punches her in the face, knocking her out. He gets up to leave, stops, and sits back down on her legs. BILLY (V.O.) Almost forgot why I came here in the first place. Billy starts slapping her repeatedly. BILLY Hey! Wake up! Jessica regains consciousness. JESSICA What the hell? BILLY Emma’s house. Where is it? JESSICA 50 Edgemar Lane. Thanks. BILLY

Billy gets up again and starts to walk away. BILLY (V.O.) ...I wonder if she’s lying. No way to tell yet. Hmm. Billy shrugs. 15 EXT. JESSICA’S HOUSE - DAY Jessica crashes through the back window, having just been thrown by Billy. 16 INT. JESSICA’S HOUSE - DAY Billy heads toward the front door to leave. BILLY (V.O.) I figure if she’s lying I should just get her punishment out of the way now. 16 15

9. 17 EXT. EMMA’S HOUSE - DAY Billy charges at the front door. BILLY (V.O.) No fucking around this time. He throws himself against the door and it falls inward. 18 INT. EMMA’S HOUSE - DAY The door isn’t touching the ground. Emma is unconscious underneath it. BILLY (V.O.) Well that was easier than I thought it would be. BILLY Gotcha now, bitch! Kate runs into the room and starts shooting at Billy with a handgun. Billy hides behind a couch as Kate keeps firing his direction, never hitting him. BILLY (V.O.) I do not appreciate this. The gun clicks empty. Reload it! EMMA 18 17

Kate fumbles with the gun trying to reload it. Emma starts crawling out from under the door. Billy runs over to her and soccer kicks her in the stomach. Goal. BILLY (V.O.)

Billy picks up the door and runs towards Kate. Just as Kate gets a new magazine into the gun, Billy rams the door into her stomach. BILLY Knock, knock! Billy drops the door and starts beating Kate. After a few hits she goes down, and Billy picks her up again by the front of the shirt and starts punching her repeatedly in the face. After several punches, he lets her drop again.

10. BILLY (CONT’D) A fucking gun? Are you fucking kidding me? Is this because I used my trusty sledgehammer on your friend instead of just beating her the old-fashioned way? Billy looks towards Emma, who is still laying on the ground. BILLY (V.O.) Well she’s not saying much. Probably because I pretty much just kicked her spine from the front. Billy picks up the handgun and starts firing it in Emma’s general direction. BILLY (V.O.) Just to scare her. Emma covers her head with her arms. BILLY How do you like that? Does it feel good to get shot at? No, it doesn’t does it? Billy tosses the empty gun at her and it makes a thud as it hits her. BILLY (CONT’D) (calmly) I just don’t understand why you have to be so violent. Billy leans down next to her. BILLY (CONT’D) Anyway, where’s Jack? Emma points up a stairway. BILLY (V.O.) I really liked the fact that I didn’t have to ask twice. Billy heads upstairs, stepping on Kate along the way. 19 INT. EMMA’S HOUSE UPSTAIRS - DAY Billy opens a door and sees Jack tied to a bed and gagged. 19

11. BILLY Ah! I found you! Billy unties Jack and takes off the gag. JACK Ah, that feels better. BILLY Man, what did she do to you? Oh and I think I might’ve just killed your kids, by the way. JACK Nah none of that went on. They grabbed me in the parking lot and took me straight here. I’ve been here literally the entire time. BILLY I don’t get it. Were they planning on doing something to you later, or...? I dunno. JACK

BILLY Well why’d Emma wanna kidnap you? JACK Because she’s a psycho. Billy pauses for a few seconds, then nods in agreement. BILLY (V.O.) For all I know, this is just her time of the month. BILLY Anyway, let’s get you out of here. Billy takes out his phone and dials a number, then puts it up to his ear. BILLY (CONT’D) I got him, Jay. He’s fine. Awesome! JAY (O.S.)

12. BILLY I need you to come get him. I need to figure out what I’m gonna do here. JAY (O.S.) Alright, I’ll be there as soon as I can. Thanks. BILLY

Billy hangs up the phone. 20 EXT. EMMA’S HOUSE - DAY 20

Jay pulls up in front of Emma’s house. Jack gets in the car. BILLY Take him to some pizza or something, okay? Jay drives away with Jack. Billy pats down his pockets. Phone.... BILLY (V.O.)

Billy heads back into the house. 21 INT. EMMA’S HOUSE - DAY 21

Billy steps through the door-less doorway and looks around. Emma is laying on the couch, and Kate is still unconscious. BILLY (V.O.) I’m a little surprised she’s not dead with the beating I gave her. Billy heads upstairs. 22 INT. EMMA’S HOUSE UPSTAIRS - DAY Billy enters Emma’s room and sees his phone on the bed. He picks it up. BILLY (V.O.) Better check in with Jack and Jay. Billy dials and puts the phone up to his ear. 22

13. JAY (O.S.) Hey what’s up? BILLY You guys all good? JAY (O.S.) Yeah man we’re heading to a place now. JACK (O.S.) (distant) This pizza’s gonna be so fuckin’ good! BILLY Ha ha! Good to hear. But yeah, anyway, I’ll see you guys later. I think I should maybe just leave. Billy hangs up the phone. JESSICA Not so fast! Jessica, Emma, and Stacy are all standing in the doorway to the room. Jessica steps forward. JESSICA (CONT’D) You’re not going anywhere. BILLY What do you want? This is over. Jack’s gone. JESSICA We want you. Billy scoffs. BILLY Ha! You all know very well what I could do to you. The fact that there’s three of you doesn’t change shit. STACY Oh, we don’t want to hurt you. Not at all. Quite the opposite in fact. BILLY (V.O.) I’m confused.

14. The three girls approach Billy, shut the door, and push him into a sitting position on the bed. Stacy and Jessica sit on either side of him and start rubbing his inner thighs while Emma gets behind him and starts to rub his shoulders. BILLY What the hell is going on? The girls giggle. EMMA We never wanted to hurt anyone. We just wanted a thrill. STACY We’re thrill seekers. Like those people who make fight clubs. JESSICA And today you showed us what a big, strong man you are. Jessica squeezes Billy on the inside of his thigh. STACY Let us take care of you. You must be awfully tired. You had a long day. The girls all make puppy-dog eyes. EMMA Just relax. Billy leans back and smiles. BILLY (V.O.) This is going to be awesome. Billy’s smile disappears and a look of concern crosses his face. BILLY (V.O.) Wait a second.... 23 EXT. EMMA’S HOUSE - DAY 23

Jessica crashes through the window and falls down into some bushes.

15. 24 INT. EMMA’S HOUSE - DAY 24

Billy drop-kicks Stacy and sends her flying through the bedroom door. She’s knocked out. Emma runs for it. Billy runs after her. 25 EXT. EMMA’S HOUSE - DAY Emma sprints down the street. Billy gets into his car and heads after her. 26 INT. CAR - DAY As Billy drives by Emma he throws open his car door and smashes Emma with it. BILLY (V.O.) Perfect contact. The sound of sirens fill the air. Billy speeds off. BILLY (V.O.) Undoubtedly headed to Emma’s house to find out what the fuck just happened. I think I may be a fugitive now. Not my problem. In the end, I’m the victor. 26 25

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