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CONTACT What I Do & I use data to find and tell stories about systemic inequities.
▪ I found that federal data often overstates girls’ athletic participation in high school sports. My story
ran on the front page of the Baltimore Sun, and I produced accompanying data visualizations.
▪ I used the Library of Congress API to scrape data from more than 150,000 newspapers and connect it
EDUCATION to historians’ datasets of lynching victims. This helped to programmatically identify problematic
Master of Journalism newspaper coverage of Jim Crow-era lynchings.
University of Maryland ▪ I co-led a team of seven reporters in cleaning, wrangling and analyzing state health department data
Outstanding Master’s Student award for an investigation of worker safety during COVID-19. I both wrote code and assisted team members

B.A. in Anthropology in transforming data findings into language that readers could digest.
American University ▪ As a lead writer on an investigation of public housing evictions, I blended data findings with
Graduated summa cum laude and reporting from a dozen journalists covering five cities to craft a cohesive narrative.
with university honors
I use computational techniques to solve reporting problems.
▪ I developed an interactive database that allows reporters at a large daily newspaper to query five
SKILLS years of state education data across more than 100 variables and generate reporting leads.
▪ I created a bot that distributes daily Slack alerts about new or updated federal court cases involving
▪ Data wrangling and analysis: R,
school districts.
Python, Excel, Tabula
▪ I scraped an Office for Civil Rights database for cases related to Title IX and high school athletics and
▪ Data acquisition: Web scraping, used the scraped information to set up a systematic case review that led reporters to key stories.
public records requests and ▪ I am a member of AP’s automated web scraping team for making state and national election calls.

▪ Collaboration: Git version I am rooted in on-the-ground reporting.

control, GitHub, project ▪ As a local education reporter in Pennsylvania, I covered 17 public school districts and earned
management Pennsylvania’s highest newspaper journalism honor.
▪ Data visualization and design: ▪ I uncovered financial mismanagement and persistent Sunshine Act violations in a wealthy school
Adobe Illustrator, Flourish, district, prompting mass civic participation and changes to school district operations.
Datawrapper, HTML/CSS, Chart.js, ▪ For KQED MindShift, I have done deep dives into how teachers adapted to virtual learning, the
Adobe After Effects, Adobe social-emotional effects of the coronavirus pandemic on classrooms.
Premiere Pro ▪ I began my career by reporting on protest movements in Honduras and the occupied West Bank.

▪ Language: Spanish (basic)

I love sharing and spreading journalistic innovation and best practices.
▪ I established a system to coordinate multiple large-scale public records campaigns for the Howard
Center for Investigative Journalism. In one campaign, I coached 40 undergraduates from initial
requests through extensive follow-up.
▪ I have taught multimedia storytelling skills to international scholarship students at U.S. community
colleges, high school students at low-income schools in India, refugee teens in the West Bank and
adults living with mental illness in Pennsylvania.
AWARDS Work History
Punch Sulzberger Innovator of the ● Associated Press, Web Scraping Team Member
Year (Howard Center team) Contractor | 2021 - present
News Leaders Association, 2022
Assist with web scraping of votes totals to enable state and national election calls.
IRE Medal & Student, Large Award
(Howard Center team)
● KQED MindShift, Education Reporter
IRE, 2022 Contractor | 2020 - present

Best of Show for Writing & 1st Place, Cover the impact of COVID-19 on students and teachers for MindShift web vertical.
General News
● Howard Center for Investigative Journalism, Reporting Fellow
Pennsylvania Associated Press
College Park, Maryland | 2020 - 2022
Managing Editors, 2017
Used computational reporting techniques to acquire, clean and analyze complex datasets and
1st Place, General News
uncover systemic issues such as worker safety, gender equity in high school sports and
Pennsylvania Women’s Press white-owned newspapers’ role in fostering racial terror. Pursued and managed local, state and
Association, 2017 federal public records requests for multiple investigations.
Dew Award for Journalistic Service ● LNP Media Group, Education Reporter
Pennsylvania NewsMedia Lancaster, PA | 2013 - 2017
Association, 2016
Covered 17 public school districts for a newspaper with 75,000+ circulation.
Truth in Finances Award
Pennsylvania Institute of Certified ● Faces of Mental Health Recovery, Teaching Artist & Producer
Public Accountants, 2016 Pennsylvania | 2013 & 2014
● Staff Reporter, Perry County Times
New Bloomfield, PA | 2012 - 2013
References ● Freelance Reporter
Sean Mussenden | Data Editor, U.S. & Abroad | 2009 - 2012

Howard Center for Investigative

Work Samples
University of Maryland Federal Title IX data on sports participation is unreliable April 11, 2022 for The Shirley Povich Center for Sports Journalism and the Howard Center for
Investigative Journalism; also Page One, Baltimore Sun, May 2, 2022
Derek Willis | Lecturer in Data and
Computational Journalism ● Data wrangling and analysis with R, public records reporting, traditional reporting, writing,
University of Maryland graphics with Adobe Illustrator
Printing Hate App/Database
Dec. 20, 2021 for The Howard Center for Investigative Journalism
Ki Sung | Senior Editor
● Web scraping with Python, data wrangling and cleaning with R
KQED MindShift Walmart sales soared, essential workers got scant protection
May 12, 2021 for The Howard Center for Investigative Journalism
Tom Murse | Executive Editor
● Data analysis with R, publics records reporting, project management
LNP Media Group Why Helping Grieving Students Heal Matters So Much
March 16, 2021 for KQED MindShift
● Feature reporting and writing, cultivating sources, education beat reporting

Leaked audio: Manheim Township school board conspired to deliberate privately

on superintendent search
Feb. 4, 2016 for LNP/LancasterOnline
● Accountability reporting, public records reporting, education beat reporting

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