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CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only

Introduction I t d ti Every Brocade communication impacts our brand perception.
As you connect with our customers throughout the customer lifecycle, you play an important part in building the Brocade brand. Consistency is a critical part of this effort By using these guidelines, you effort. guidelines enhance our brand and contribute to a memorable brand relationship with our customers. Inside these guidelines you will fi d d ig elements, specifications, and I id th g id li ill find design l t ifi ti d implementation examples. When used consistently, they will help you to compellingly express our brand character: smart, courageous, motivating, lean, lean and full of integrity. integrity

CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only


Contents C t t
The Brocade Brand 5 6 7 Our Name Copyright and Trademarks Brand Approval Typography The Brocade Corporate Signature 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Signature Elements Registered Trademark Designation Color Variations Clear Space and Minimum Size Signature Elements: Incorrect Usage Background Usage Signature Elements Separated Signature Elements Separated: Incorrect Usage Co-Branding Imagery 25 26 27 28 Photographic Style General Brand Imagery Customer- and Product-Focused Imagery Using Imagery 22 23 Typographic Style Using Type Color 19 20 Color Palette Using Color Combining the Elements 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 43 44 45 46 Overview Collateral Basic Grid Incorrect Usage Designing to Content E-mail HTML Templates E-mail Signatures PowerPoint Emblems Trade Shows Signage Merchandise Final Notes

CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only


The B Th Brocade B d d Brand

CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only


Inc.Our N O Name Use Brocade in external marketing and communication materials: • Business cards • Stationery • Collateral and presentations • P Press release b il l t l boilerplate • 25/50/100-word corporate descriptions • Web content Brocade Use Brocade Communications Systems. (for legal communications) are the proper names of our company. Never use Brocade Communications for the company name. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 5 . Inc. Inc. Brocade (for general usage) or Brocade Communications Systems. Systems Inc when necessary to identify the legal entity: • Contracts • POs • Checks • Legal documents and statements g (such as trademark boilerplates) Brocade Communications Systems.

DCFM. IronView. Inc. Brocade. please e-mail the Global Brand Management team at branding@brocade. We continue to protect and maintain the rights to all registered trademarks whether or not they appear in the boilerplate. in the United States and/or in other countries. Do not alter the trademark boilerplate in any way.Copyright and T d C i ht d Trademarks k The Brocade word mark and the B-wing logo are registered If you have any questions. Full Trademark Boilerplate Brocade uses the f ll trademark boilerplate for all B d h full d k b il l f ll marketing collateral. Other brands.. Reserved. Extraordinary Networks. FastIron. e-mail blasts. NetIron. the abbreviated trademark boilerplate is acceptable acceptable. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 6 . All Rights Reserved. Abbreviate Trademark Boilerplate In the case of advertisements. products. Inc. SAN Health. or service names mentioned are or may be trademarks or service marks of their respective owners. TurboIron. Brocade NET Health. VCX. © 2011 Brocade Communications Systems. DCX. and Wingspan are registered trademarks. the B-wing symbol are registered trademarks of Brocade Communications Systems. Other brands. Inc. Fabric OS. or service names mentioned are or may be trademarks or service marks of their respective owners. products. Brocade One. Inc. or other short or online deliverables. and Brocade Assurance. and VDX are trademarks of Brocade Communications Systems. MyBrocade. © 2011 Brocade Communications Systems Inc All Rights Reserved Brocade and Systems. BigIron. ServerIron. the B-wing symbol.

CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 7 . holidays.Brand Approval B dA l All new external pieces and revisions must undergo branding review before printing or publishing. In calculating 24 hours. please allow for weekends. and should be e-mailed to branding@brocade. we will provide either “approval” or “changes needed” comments within 24 hours. and different time zones—something received Friday in San Jose. will be turned around by Monday of the next week. @ In most instances.

The Brocade C Th B d Corporate Si Signature CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 8 .

and straightforward. visually supporting the B-wing logo without upstaging it. However. courage. attempt to redraw or alter this artwork in any way (see page 13). and confidence. Corporate Signature Our corporate signature is a combination of the Brocade word mark and the B-wing logo. the color of performance. and ability to empower people with information. Word Mark The word mark is bold. The signature visually establishes our presence and should appear on all external communications materials.Signature Elements Si t El t The Brocade signature is a visual representation of our agility. Always reproduce the signature using the digital artwork available from the Brocade Creative Services team (e mail logorequest@brocade com) Never (e-mail logorequest@brocade. confident. It is always black or white but never red. B-wing Logo The B-wing logo evokes a pair of wings that also forms the letter The B-wing logo is a vibrant and energetic red. The signature can be scaled up or down as an entire unit. t@b d CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 9 . To T request the logo. courage. please e-mail l t th l l il the word mark and B-wing logo have a fixed unit However B wing proportional relationship and should not be resized individually.

Also. which excludes the word mark. The mark always appears at the top and to the right of the B-wing logo and is the same color as the B-wing logo. embossing. Signature Artwork without Registered Trademark The signature and B-wing logo should always appear with the registered trademark designation unless the design is constrained by reproduction techniques of special applications (such as embroidery. you can use the artwork without the registered trademark. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 10 . engraving. or signage). and must always be used in combination with the B-wing logo. Note that the registered trademark never appears with the word mark. The registered trademark is in a fixed size and position in the master artwork and should retain this relationship. In these cases. the word mark should never be used as a standalone graphic. Note that in the B-wing logo artwork.Registered T d R i t d Trademark Designation kD i ti Signature Artwork with Registered Trademark The preferred usage of the Brocade signature and B-wing logo is always with the registered trademark designation. the size and position of the registered trademark have been adjusted to accommodate reproduction at larger sizes.

The B-wing logo can be red. This is the preferred color variation of the corporate signature. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 11 . One-Color Positive (Brocade Red) The B-wing logo appears in Brocade Red. black.Color V i ti C l Variations The word mark and B-wing logo must always be reproduced from master artwork in the designated colors. or white. but the B-wing logo remains Brocade Red Red. You can place this version of the signature over Brocade Red. Two-Color Reverse The word mark reverses to white. or imagery. One-Color Reverse Both the word mark and B-wing logo reverse to white. dark gray. The word mark is only in black or white but never red. One-Color Positive (Black) Both the word mark and B-wing logo appear in black. Two-Color Positive The word mark appears in black with the B-wing logo in Brocade Red. The B-wing logo is the only element to appear in color. black. Note that the signature and word mark never appear in a one-color Brocade Red version.

In exceptional cases. The guidelines to the right illustrate the minimum clear space requirement.” which equals the height of the word mark and is required on each side of the signature. smaller sizes might be necessary for certain printing and reproduction methods.Clear Space and Mi i Cl S d Minimum Si Size Clear Space Clear space is the area surrounding the signature that must always be free of any text or graphic elements (with the exception of the ® symbol). remember that legibility should always be the top p y p priority. Minimum clear space is built into all signature artwork. ensuring that the signature is visually prominent. Whenever possible. allow for more clear space than the minimum requirement shown here. we require a minimum reproduction size. We define the minimum clear space by the measurement “Y. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 12 . Minimum Size To ensure the clarity and integrity of the signature. Do not reproduce the signature smaller than this required minimum size. A width of ½ inch is the minimum size for the word mark and B-wing B wing logo when used separately. Do not reproduce the separately signature elements smaller than this established size. y A width of ¾ inch is the minimum size for the signature in all applications. In such instances.

DO NOT use the logo as an animated graphic element 5 11 4 10 3 9 2 8 1 7 6 12 CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 13 . DO NOT change the word mark font 2. DO NOT use the B-wing logo as a letter or character 6. DO NOT change the orientation of signature components 4. We show some common misuses here.Incorrect Usage I tU Altering or changing the signature in any way weakens the power of the image and what it represents. DO NOT add texture or patterns to the signature 9. 1. DO NOT use the word mark as a standalone graphic 12. 2 DO NOT scale signature components separately 3. DO NOT place the B-wing logo in a shape 11. DO NOT change the position of signature elements 7. DO NOT alter the B-wing logo in any way 5. DO NOT change the colors of signature elements 8. 9 DO NOT add any graphic elements to the signature 10.

Background U B k d Usage The Brocade signature must always be clear and legible. Please note that the guidelines established for signature background usage also apply to the word mark and B-wing logo when used separately. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 14 . White on red is more legible. Do not place the signature against a busy photographic background that compromises legibility of the words. Use the two-color positive signature whenever possible. Avoid using a black Brocade signature on a red background. you can use the one-color or two-color reverse signature if there is insufficient contrast for the two-color positive signature signature. When placing the signature against a photographic background.

when the signature elements are separated from one another. remember that the ® associated with the B-wing logo is not included as part of the measurement. The ® falls outside this configuration. The B-wing logo should never be used as part of a word in replacement of the letter “B”. also place the B-wing logo in that area. In certain applications such as merchandise. The word mark should appear either to the left or below the B-wing logo and align either horizontally with the top of the B-wing logo or vertically with the B-wing logo. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 15 . Position R l i P i i Relationship hi Always place the B-wing logo in the upper right of a layout.Signature El Si t Elements Separated t S t d Although the Brocade word mark and B-wing logo must appear on all communications pieces. For example. the B-wing logo can appear alone. Size Relationship The widths of the word mark and B-wing logo are always equal when used outside the signature configuration. In general. Always place the word mark and B wing logo in the same area of B-wing the deliverable: either on the background or within the title block (all in or all out of the color block). or imagery block. color block. when the word mark is within the title block. but the Brocade word mark must never appear without the B-wing logo. both must still appear on the communication and maintain a consistent size and position relationship. they can be used outside of the core signature configuration in limited circumstances. When making the B-wing logo and the word mark the same width.

Some common misuses are shown here. the word mark is always white or black DO NOT show the B-wing logo in Brocade Red on a dark gray background 3. place both either inside or outside the color block 2. be sure to maintain the size and position relationship. 1. DO NOT place the B-wing logo so that it touches a color or imagery block DO NOT position the word mark where it is not aligned vertically with the B-wing logo DO NOT place the B-wing logo in the imagery block and the word mark in the color block. DO NOT place the word mark above and/or to the left of the B-wing logo DO NOT show the word mark in Brocade Red. DO NOT increase the size of the B-wing logo or the word mark beyond the width of one grid section (see page 32) 3 4 1 2 CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 16 . DO NOT place the B-wing logo on the left of a layout DO NOT place the word mark on the lower left of a layout 4.Incorrect Usage I tU When using the word mark and B-wing logo separately.

please e-mail logorequest@brocade. When placed with another company’s logo. If you need a Brocade logo. logorequest@brocade com Send all external-facing.Co-Branding C B di The Brocade logo should typically appear on the bottom right or top right of a deliverable. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 17 .com. co-branded materials to for approval. the Brocade logo should be the same size: neither more nor less dominant.

Color C l CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 18 .

conveys our brand’s directness and simplicity. The chart provided on this page indicates color values for the Brocade color palette. Our colors are divided into primary and secondary palettes. black. RGB. DO NOT use any color not shown in the Brocade palette. and hexadecimal values. CMYK. and white. Specifications To maintain consistency in our identity system. A specialized secondary color palette has been developed for use with the corporate PowerPoint template. They are appropriate for graphics and text blocks. The Brocade color palette. broken down by PANTONE colors. signature by adding contrast and variation. Primary Color Palette Our primary palette consists of Brocade Red. Use only the color specifications provided on this page. Each color creates a different effect when used alone or in combination with others Each color works successfully with our others.Color P l tt C l Palette Color adds vibrancy and promotes name and brand recognition. dark gray. DO NOT use tints of these colors. especially the strategic use of the rich Brocade Red. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 19 . it is essential that our colors are reproduced accurately. Secondary Color Palette Our secondary palette consists of accent colors that complement the primary colors rather than overpowering or competing with them. The secondary colors should not be used as background colors on covers.

Do not use more than two color blocks on a page. highlighting key information. to differentiate types of information. Corporate PPT presentation color palette CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 20 . Contrasting or complementary colors stand out more.Using C l U i Color Use color to convey a message or to create a particular mood. The secondary colors work well as accents. A specialized secondary color palette has been developed for use with the corporate PowerPoint template template. Remember to use the primary and secondary colors effectively. acts as a strong visual accent. Similar hues create a more seamless or harmonious presentation. Use the vibrant Brocade Red as a powerful visual cue This color cue. choose colors that complement those of the image to create the most dynamic effect. You can apply transparency to color blocks placed over an image so that the image is not obscured. or to add richness to a layout. Because the relationship between imagery and color is critical.

Typography T h CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 21 .

It helps differentiate us from our competitors. allowing flexibility across many applications. and placement of typography can enhance design as long as legibility is maintained. The Brocade word mark is set in uppercase Franklin Gothic Medium. Arial is our primary font for uses where our corporate typeface is not available. and clean. Our corporate typeface is Franklin Gothic which is bold. bold confident. confident Gothic. it must appear in a different font weight than the word mark. size. When using "BROCADE" in a headline or uppercase body copy. such as general desktop office applications and HTML text. The color. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 22 . The Franklin Gothic font family is versatile and contemporary. contrast. which reflects the perfect balance of receptiveness and confidence.Typographic Style T hi St l Typography is an essential part of our brand’s personality. Think of typography not only as a communication vehicle but also as a design element.

However. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 23 . Never bleed title blocks top. t d ith i d Indent subtitles from the title when the title bleeds off the edge. title text should appear in a color from the primary palette that closely matches the image background that is adjacent to the title text.Using T U i Type Titles The preferred font for titles is uppercase Franklin Gothic Medium or Demi. bottom. and the body copy left-aligns with the title block. legibility never gray. Subtitles can be set in Brocade Red.) text bleeds off the left edge of the block. When a title is more than 10 words. Subtitles The preferred subtitle font is Franklin Gothic Medium or Demi. Body Text The preferred body text font is Franklin Gothic Book. You can apply transparency to color blocks placed over an image so that the image is not obscured. or right. When a solid color title block is placed over a background image. Remember: lean and full of integrity. Title Blocks Indent titles on data sheets and white papers. All text is flush left with a right rag. Titles and subtitles do not end with periods. subtitles left-align with the title. in headline usage BROCADE must be rendered in Franklin Gothic Book or Demi. so white space is good. Otherwise. Titles d btitl d Titl and subtitles do not end with periods. because the Brocade word mark is set in uppercase Franklin Gothic Medium. never centered or justified. either sentence or title case. place titles within a block filled with color from the primary palette (Brocade Red or black if necessary for legibility—never gray ) Title Red. you can use either sentence or title style. Otherwise (in documents such as data sheets and white papers).

Imagery CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 24 .

and style of our imagery reflects the realism of the daily technology issues faced by our customers. and are elevated above the mundane by providing visual interest through dramatic cropping. and style are realistic. dynamic perspectives. Our images are natural. unexpected for assistance. and true to life. composition. Customer-Focused for more information or t b set up with an account. please contact Creative Services at creativeservices@brocade. The content. At the same time. unstaged. and the exceptional nature of our products and services.widencollective. i f ti to be t ith t If you are unable to find suitable imagery on Widen. our images are clean and sophisticated. and Product-Focused Imagery. The library is warehoused in the Brocade online media collective on Widen. http://brocade. the efficiency and flexibility of our responsiveness to partners.Photographic St l Ph t hi Style Brocade develops extraordinary solutions that help our customers and partners meet real challenges every day. and subjects appear unposed. e app op ate The Brocade image library comprises three categories: General Brand Imagery. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 25 . Contact Creative Services at creativeservices@brocade. composition. Lighting. and a se se o ot o a d sense of motion and speed when appropriate.

embodying the core of the brand. effort.General B d I G l Brand Imagery This imagery sets the tone for Brocade materials. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 26 . It focuses on impressive implementations of architecture. engineering. or design.

Specific product photography shows our products at the required angles. forward-thinking individuals who are empowered by Brocade technology.and P d t F C t d Product-Focused Imagery dI Customer-Focused Imagery This imagery targets and represents the people who are impacted by our products—modern. using close-ups close ups and perspective to add visual interest interest. Customers should appear professional. Product-Focused Imagery General product imagery should be dynamic in point of view. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 27 . with a slight drop-shadow beneath. We sometimes show people at a moment of inspiration to highlight the enabling effect of Brocade technology. not casual or playful. on a white background. Do not use people with their backs turned.Customer.

lean. e-mail Branding team at branding@brocade. and is an important consideration when designing Brocade materials. If you have questions regarding appropriate image usage e mail the usage. please put either “FPO” or “For Position Only” on them so reviewers understand that the images are not final. When considering legibility. You can also use blocks of imagery over fields of white. remember to use minimal wording in color blocks. and with intuitive flow to guide the reader to the focal points of the document. Remember to maintain legibility when placing typography over imagery. Blocks of primary Brocade color can appear on top of full-bleed or silhouetted imagery to allow for text. simple. and direct. and full of integrity—with more white space in general. Imagery is a dynamic way to bring visual energy to our communications.Using I U i Imagery To ensure effective communication. Typography should knock out to the background color. Layouts should be CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 28 . Note: When sending out proofs with pictures that are not yet final. imagery must be bold. dynamic. You can apply transparency to these blocks so that the image is not obscured.

Combining h El C bi i the Elements CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 29 .

If you have any questions on file naming conventions. partners. Web. such as print. etc These guidelines are the foundation for print Web etc. type of document. and revision number. and employees encounter the Brocade brand through many different media types. product category name (or OEM name). All document names should follow best-practice file naming conventions—including product name.Overview O i To establish a strong visual presence. correct use and expression of the identity. please e-mail Creative Services at CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 30 . You can help ensure the longevity and integrity of our brand by following these guidelines. Our customers. we have created a look-and-feel system to build brand recognition and to create a competitive advantage.

Collateral C ll t l All of our communications should show courage and simplicity. courage can be suggested most effectively by simple. b di g@b d CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 31 . Always use the approved templates. Often. Templates are available for a variety of standardized Brocade material in Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word for standard corporate use. For any branding Visuals should remain uncluttered and to the point. please e-mail branding@brocade. Microsoft Word templates are available for: • Letterhead • Memos • Faxes Adobe InDesign templates are available for: • White Papers • D Data Sheets Sh • CD Labels and Covers • Brochures • Solutions Briefs • Success Stories Note: We need print ready-PDFs for printing as well as lowerresolution PDF files (usually the final proofing copy) to post to our intranet and Internet sites (contact Creative Services if you need more information). clean communication—just a few colors and elements placed strategically. Keep in mind that courage doesn’t always mean large or busy visuals.

S. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 32 . Using a grid ensures that all elements and information are organized in a way that is visually pleasing and accessible. Use grids to properly place all graphic elements in order to maintain consistency across communications and to establish a hierarchy of information. and ISO sizes and is used for both single.and double-page spreads. The grid divides a full page into three columns and six rows. The same basic grid structure applies to both U.Basic Grid B i G id Grids are essential in maintaining the identity system.

not top or bottom DO NOT place the word mark and B-wing logo on the left of a layout DO NOT use multicolored or visually confusing imagery (refer to Imagery Style before selecting imagery) 2. Take care to ensure correct and consistent use in every application. DO NOT use more than two color blocks in a layout DO NOT use color or imagery blocks only to contain identity elements or content y 4. and only bleed left or right. This will help create a much stronger brand.Incorrect Usage I tU The visual identity system is an essential part of the Brocade brand. DO NOT obstruct or cover up the main subject matter of an image with a color block DO NOT change th shape of a title block t anything h g the h f titl bl k to thi g other than a square or rectangle 3. 1. Some common misuses are shown here. DO NOT use a color from the secondary color palette as a background color or dominant color like a color block that would cover more than 25 percent of the page 1 2 3 4 CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 33 . DO NOT extend a color or imagery block across a layout DO NOT have a color block bleed off more than one side of a page.

Designing t C t t D i i to Content Brocade produces many different types of communications pieces—some with more content than others. The key is to keep the visual communication simple and clean. In content-heavy pieces such as system content heavy pieces. use only essential elements. When space is limited because of content. The full expressive range of the identity system is easier to use in deliverables with a lot of visual space. data sheets. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 34 . you might need to simplify the identity system.

CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 35 . Use the framework inherent in these e-mail templates to segment your content and ensure legibility legibility. Use the headers and sidebars in your HTML e-mails to summarize and provide the most critical content immediately. Our customers are busy.E-mail HTML T E il Templates l t Delivering a quick read is critical for e-mail communications. They want relevant information delivered concisely.

Creative Services Brocade 130 Holger Way.333. CA 95134 T .408.XXXX www. NOTE: Please remember the appropriate way to write our company name is “Brocade” (Not “BROCADE” or “Brocade Communications”). Your Name Here Sr.. Also.XXXX M. it is important to follow the instructions outlined on the Email Signature Guidelines page on the Brocade Intranet.brocade.333. “Brocade Communications Systems. Our full name. +1. Manager. San Jose. when using the logo signature graphic.408.Email Signatures When creating a signature.. +1.” communications. A link to these guidelines is available from the Marketing Resources page. is only used in legal Brocade Inc. the correct version is the one with the ® not the TM. .

always use the approved presentations template. The most recent version is always posted on the Marketing Resources page of the Brocade Intranet. The template is formatted with a customized Brocade color palette that has been optimized for presentations and includes example slides and a grid for creating consistent and dynamic presentations. Do not use PowerPoint with black backgrounds: dark backgrounds are reserved for keynote presentations. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 37 . or you can contact Creative Services at creativeservices@brocade. When creating PowerPoint P P i t Our PowerPoint template contains a variety of slide layouts and instructional slides.

com. and individuals who have achieved Brocade certification. developers. The emblems are designed to be distinctive and instantly recognizable. the colored tab on the left identifies the relevant Brocade program. and the notches indicate the level of the recipient s partnership or certification Generally the body of recipient’s certification.Emblems Overview Brocade emblems are awarded to corporate partners. please contact creativeservices@brocade. the emblem is a flat screen of gray to allow for visibility on both light and dark If you have any questions. If you need Widen access.widencollective. although in some cases the highest levels of partnership/certification are also distinguished by a metallic sheen and/or contrasting color. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 38 .com. please contact branding@brocade. The B-wing logo anchors the emblem. Always reproduce emblems using the digital artwork available on the Widen library at http://brocade.

characterized by a notchless light gray tab. To request an emblem tailored to an additional program or partnership. and blue for the Technology Alliance Partner A fifth set of generic emblems. Education Partner Program emblem Education P Ed i Program emblem bl Alliance Partner Network emblem Generic emblem Technology Alliance Partner Program emblem CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 39 . beige for the Alliance Partner Network. serves to identify one-off programs or partnerships. please e-mail branding@brocade. dark gray for the Education Partner Program.Emblems Program Differentiation There are four programs through which emblems can be awarded: • Education Program • Education Partner Program • Alliance Partner Network • Technology Alliance Partner Program The emblems for each program are distinguished primarily by colored tabs: green for the Education Program.

the highest levels of partnership/certification are also distinguished by a metallic sheen and/or contrasting body color rather than the standard flat screen of gray. In some cases. The higher the level of partnership or certification. the greater the number of notches on the emblem. Notch Highest level within program Single level Single-level program CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 40 .Emblems Partnership/ Certification Level The emblems use a notch system to indicate the partnership or certification level that has been awarded. The absence of notches indicates a single-level partnership/certification program.

RGB-specified emblem artwork should be used.Emblems Usage Online and in Presentations When used online and in Microsoft Office files such as PowerPoint. The minimum size for such applications is 160px wide (2.28 inches) for an emblem that is 160px wide.22 inches in Microsoft Office). The minimum clear space is equal to ⅛ of the width of an emblem—20px (0. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 41 .

or CMYK-specified emblem artwork should be used.Emblems Usage in Print For print purposes.5 inches wide. The minimum clear space is equal to ⅛ of the width of an emblem—0. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 42 . PMS. The minimum size of an emblem reproduced in print is 1.5 inches wide.1875 inches for an emblem that is 1.

Trade Shows T d Sh Our trade show properties are designed to physically convey the dynamic nature of Brocade as a company. We use the walls to communicate big ideas while ensuring there is plenty of space to interact with our people. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 43 .

In some instances. used This version is used for signage on the San Jose. In these applications. you can use the signature artwork without trademark registration. CA Jose headquarters campus and requires prior approval from the Branding team (branding@brocade.Signage Si Corporate signage should adhere to the usage requirements for our company when space or structural integrity is a concern. Restricted-space version for building signage at San Jose HQ CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 44 . a modified version of the logo signature can be used.

In certain applications you can use the B-wing logo for approval.Merchandise M h di When developing branded merchandise. independently as shown on the hat and lapel pin pin. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 45 . the item should reflect the audience and the value of the Brocade brand. always select items and materials that reflect the caliber of our brand. Always submit merchandise designs to branding@brocade. Whether for a promotional purpose or a gift.

e-mail branding@brocade.Final N t Fi l Notes All design vendors should check with Creative Services to ensure that they are using the correct Brocade design templates and adhering to Brocade production requirements. Following these guidelines will help ensure consistency and high quality across the full range of Brocade marketing materials we create. we are all responsible for building awareness and representing the Brocade brand in the most positive manner possible As Brocade Brand Experts. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 46 . If you have any questions or suggestions about these guidelines or Brocade brand materials.

CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only .© 2011 Brocade Communications Systems. Inc.

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