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Aviansies tanking guide

Section 1 - Requirements:

Troll stronghold
Temple of ikov
Death plateau
Edgar’s ruse (optional, but highly recommended)

70+ range
70+ defense
55 magic
43+ prayer

A decent amount of money to spend (at least 1m+)
You will need to buy some costly equipment, but only once (except for barrows items,
which need to be repaired) other than that, you will need to spend about 70-140k each
trip. It will be worth it because you will make AT LEAST a 250k profit if you follow the

You also need one item equipped relating to each of the following gods:

*43 prayer is required for the path to god wars (see section 3 for details).
Section 2 - What to bring:

Section 2a - Equipped:


Spot – great/ OK/ not-so-great

Helm – Torag’s helm/ archer helm/ karil’s coif
Neck – pendant of armadyl/ unholy symbol/ fury or glory
Body – karil’s leather top/ black d’hide body
Legs – Torag’s or guthan’s (guthan’s is cheaper, but Torag’s gives better defense)
Weapon – rune c’bow (no alternative =P)
Shield – granite or obsidian (both give the same range defense, granite is cheaper though)
Gloves – zamorak bracers/ any R.F.D. gloves
Ring – archer’s ring (a ring is optional, DO NOT bring a ring of wealth, I will explain
this later on in the guide)
Boots – it is best to leave on the climbing boots unless you are teleporting, in that case,
bring snakeskin boots.
Arrows/bolts – 1,000 – 2,000 broad-tipped bolts/ 1,000 emerald (e)/ adamant bolts
Cape – Saradomin cape/ava’s device

DO NOT bring a ring of wealth!!! It increases the rate that you get rare drops! Rare
drops include a half key, rune daggers, and rune limbs. Since adamant bars are a
common drop, do not wear it. (About 1:4 without ring, 1:5 or 1:6 with ring)
I have personally tested this method for 100 kills with and without the ring.
Also, broad-tipped bolts are as good as adamant bolts, yet cost 74 gp each.
In general, you will want to bring armour with a high range defense overall, but with
a decent range attack bonus.

Section 2b - Inventory:


• One-click teleport (to save inventory space)
• 100 or more nature runes
• Fire staff or 700 fire runes*
• 50 bones-to-peaches tabs
• Mithril grapple
• Super restore (4)**
• Saradomin brew (4)**
• 21 Sharks
• A rope if it is your first time
*700 fire runes are recommended because the aviansies drop 9 nature runes occasionally
** The Saradomin brew is needed if you are short on food and take a decent amount of
damage. Drink one dose of the brew and then one dose of the super restore (You normally
would take 1 brew dose and then 3 restore doses, but we don’t really need to). You can
also use it if you have run out of peaches and are still collecting bones and you need to
heal =]

Section 3 - How to get to there:

Follow the colored trail on the map
Green trail means you just walk (and climb over rocks)
Red trail means you run/walk using protect from missiles
Blue trail means you walk/run using protect from melee
Pink circles are rocks that you climb over (while wearing you climbing boots)
Orange trail means you are going through a tunnel
Purple trail is the path you take if you teleport to trollheim (after Edgar’s ruse)
Section 4 - In the god wars dungeon:

Blue trail means you just walk/run (preferably run)

Red trail means you grapple the pillar to get into Armadyl’s Eyrie

Upon entering the dungeon, just walk or run along the blue path. If you followed this
guide, the only monsters that should be attacking you are bandos monsters. Just run all
the way to the red circle. When you get to the red circle, equip you mithril grapple in you
arrows spot and click on the pillar.


Then run all the way to the east where you’ll see a statue of some sort.

Two of the lowest level aviansies respawn near there

A lv 69 to the north and a lv 71 to the south (I think)
Section 5 – killing the aviansies

First of all, I will tell you a few of the great things about aviansies.

1. They drop 4 noted adamant bars frequently

2. They also occasionally drop a rune dagger (p+) and runite limbs The dagger
alches for 4,800gp and the limbs alch for 9,600 gp.
3. there are high lv requirements to enter the dungeon, so you will *NOT* be
harassed and bothered by pures or n00bs 
4. The god wars dungeon is a RANDOM EVENT FREE ZONE!!! No random
events will keep you from earning valuable xp and items
5. It is not often crowded and if it is in that spot, there are plenty of other member’s
worlds to choose from.
6. Each adamant bar is worth around 2.2k each, therefore a drop of 4 noted addy
bars is worth 10k! There is some real money to be made here!!!
7. Aviansies also drop half keys and clue scrolls! That means you could get anything
from a rune axe to a 3rd age kite shield!!!

Make sure you equipped you broad-tipped or emerald bolts (e) before you start your
killing spree. Just fire away at the low leveled aviansies until you run out of sharks (It is
advised to keep inventory spots for the addy bars, water runes, and air runes). Remember
to always pick up the bones if you have the inventory space! You will need them for the
bones to peaches spell. Aviansies occasionally drop 5 un-noted swordfish. If this happens,
bury 5 bones (if you need) and pick up the swordfish. This will decrease the number of
bones to peaches tabs that you will use.
Section 6 – Drops and what to leave and take

Here is a full list of drops. I got this list from I DID NOT create this, it is
not mine, I just added what to take and what to leave.

100% drop
Bones – keep for bones to peaches
Feathers (1-10) – leave

Rune dagger (p+ and p++) – keep, then alch
Dragon spear – keep!
Rune javelin – your choice, use them or leave them (don’t keep them, they never sell)

Runes and arrows

Blood rune (11) – recommended you leave them because you don’t get them often
Nature rune (9) – keep
Water rune (15, 30) – keep
Earth rune (8-12) – leave (I’ve never gotten this drop =P)
Air rune (15) – keep
Chaos rune (3, 6, 16) – leave
Law rune (2) – keep, they drop this pretty often in my experience
Mind rune (5) – leave, they’re only worth 10gp each
Body rune (12) – same as mind runes

Runite limbs – keep, then alch
Adamantite bar (4-noted) – keep! This is what you’re here for!
Antipoison potion (3) (5) – leave, they’re useless here
Uncut gem – keep only ruby and diamond
Half key – keep
Shield left half (dragon) – keep, keep, keep!
Swordfish (5) – keep and eat when needed
Nature talisman – leave
Herb – keep only ranarr and up
Silver ore – leave
Clue scroll (lv. 3) – keep!

Note: Aviansies don’t drop any coins, charms, or seeds of any kind.
Here is a picture of one trip of loot I got from killing aviansies:


And this is how much it was all worth:


Section 7 – Credits:

Mainly I would like to thank:

• for their monster database and map
• for their god wars dungeon map
• And JaGex, for making this game. (Disclaimer: I do not work for JaGex nor, am I
a part of their staff, so don’t ask me questions that relate to that sort of stuff)

Final notes:
I am an actual RuneScape player. I am also a paying member. Here are my stats as of July
29, 2008:

I blocked out the names of the people who were talking for safety reasons ^_^ don’t want
to make anyone mad!

Mt prayer is 52/50 because I prayed at the altar in the top floor of the monastery.

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