Hengratana Sary Diet 111 Instructor: Vivian Brake 9/17/10 There is a growing concern and emphasis pertaining to regular and

appropriate eating habit, healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, and most importantly a logical exercise program. Many countries have offered dietary suggestions and requirements with food guidance to track human daily consumption based on their nutrition needs. Given these facts, typical recommendations have been initiated and spread throughout the world though they have shared certain similarities as follow: 1. Variety Not only countries with tremendous reserves in terms of food supply but also countries lacking resources like Singapore and some European countries have been trying very hard to increase the awareness of consuming as much variety of food as possible out of which are basic food categories such as fruit, vegetable, grain, fat free or low-fat milk and other milk products, lean meats or poultry and fish, nuts or seeds and legumes. 2. Moderate Fat and Cholesterol Most countries have advocated moderating fat intake because research on nutrition has proved that if we feed our bodies with food containing the majority of food and cholesterol everyday, we are likely to be at risk of having heart disease and diabetes. According to Global Overview of Dietary Guideline, the percentage of calories fat intake endorsed by both the United States and the Netherland is on average 20-35 calories. 3. Physical Training Balancing weighs of our bodies is very crucial towards day to day life because it could keep the body healthy and prevent us from consuming too much food which could be vulnerable to diseases and overweight issue. In consistency with the guideline of the United States, countries such as Philippines and India have intimated that doing exercise regularly is the requirement. On the other hand, recommendations have been made in countries such as Korea, Ireland and India in contrast to those in the USA in terms of dietary guidelines. In Korea, maintaining a balance between energy intake and consumption has been in place and imperative while other countries tend to ignore. Thanks to the same Guideline, Ireland has been using a variety of seasoning while preferring salt to flavor food is not recommended. Using herb, spices, and black peppers could be alternatives which mean we can utilize natural herb instead of salt as an ingredient in the recipe. In addition, food guides in India has proposed that edible fat intake need not exceed 40grams and that should be limited to levels at which no more than 20% of energy is provided by

fat intake management. there are still countries coming up with their own guidelines which are completely different from the rest of the countries¶ raising the alerts and practices to be implemented in human everyday activities. and physical training to their citizens. This has allowed us to come to the conclusion that while a number of countries are giving similar recommendations in the context of variety.fat which is another interesting and unique endorsement as compared other regions. .

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