Introduction To The Curses Are Being Returned In Regards To Junee Court Case Number 14/09 A Communication Of Intent From A Living

Creator Arthur Of The Clann Cristian
1st June 2011 - Updated 10th June 2011 Link: "The System" and everything of "The System" is a man-made system of curses, impure and insincere thoughts, feelings and actions that cause harm to the wholeness of Life. For us to return to wholeness, to Paradise, the energy of the curses has to be returned to the makers and holders of the curses to be resolved. Paradise is a world free from curses of our own making. All there is is LIFE and LIFE, in its true form, is perfect, whole. We were never meant to interfere with the wholeness of nature or tamper with the unique relationships we each have with the wholeness of Life. Our only options are to resolve the curses until they are no more and we are living in Paradise again or to continue speeding towards oblivion. As we drift further and further from Paradise, the aberrations and distortions that are the harm caused by our thoughts, feelings and actions become more and more obvious. The only way we can escape the curses of our making is to stop making them and to make whole what we have harmed, returning everything to the wholeness of the perfection of LIFE. This includes making our bodies whole too. The curses of our ancestors are still hanging around and, if we don't take on the full-responsibility of resolving the curses, our descendants will have to resolve the curses we refuse to resolve, that's if Earth still exists for them to do so. Our only protection from curses is to bounce them back to their makers and holders for them to resolve, for them to take full-responsibility. However, to do this effectively, we have to remain as men and women of love, peaceful and non-violent. The commitment is to making things whole, not to creating more curses. When we bounce back the curses, we do it out of love, forgiveness and wishing no harm, only sending the curses back to their makers so that the makers have the opportunity to either make them whole or to experience the effects of the curses in their lives and the lives of those around them, including the land they reside on and/or land that is affected by their actions. If we witness the effects of the curses on their makers, we help them as we are able; to be scornful or to think or say, "Serves them right" is not to be a man or woman of peace and love. We will continue creating more curses if we continue behaving this way. Should they send more curses our way, again, return them with love and forgiveness, i.e. "Turn the other cheek" - we do not want to be responsible for creating more curses. The path that leads us all back to Paradise is the path of love where all our thoughts, feelings and actions do no harm to all of Life. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". As we start to withdraw from "The System" into Do No Harm Communities, Kindoms, we stop supporting the industries and systems that continue the curses that are destroying Earth. This includes killing and eating flesh and blood creatures. All forms of harm to nature are curses. Those who want to make things whole are the men and women who will be co-creating the Do No Harm Communities, starting the return to Paradise that perhaps will be completed by our grandchildren so that all of LIFE is once more free from curses. While we are stuck in the belief systems of "The System", waiting for Jesus or the Galactic Federation to save us from chaos and destruction, we still continue to create and support curses because we are doing nothing to resolve them. We keep creating more. Paradise is Kindom. We are committed to the creation of Do No Harm, Kin Domain communities across Earth. Kindoms, where we grow our own food and support one another away from the endless rules and obligations we currently struggle under, are the only way to achieve lives of peace, joy and abundance for all and take care of Earth so that Earth flourishes.
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To learn more, please read and contemplate on the information shared in this article: Re-Presenting Is The Pull Of Duality Into False Consciousness - Unravelling Lies And Liars And The Remedy To The Lies by Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life - 19th April 2011: - This article also provides links to many recent Facebook discussions/debates. Collectively, they will help you to comprehend sense, to make sense out of all the non-sense which cause us to be slaves, processing curses in "The System" of curses. To be free from curses we all need to be from them. If Life all around us is chaos, war, destruction and harmful to everyone then we live in a hell of our collective making. If Life all around us is truth, freedom, peace, abundance, joy and do no harm to all of Life then we live in a paradise of our collective making.

The Letter Of Introduction
This letter, below this introduction, also posted here: is a template to be used and adapted as necessary, is an extended version that goes into all the explanation of bouncing curses back to their makers and holders. This is to provide full disclosure of the intention and the meanings of what we write so that no one of "The System" can say they do not comprehend what is being said. There is a shorter version that does not have all the explanations but which binds the cursers to the curses of their making. You can choose which one to send or send both or send the short one and provide a link to the longer one in this website (or any website you might have posted it on) or offer to send a copy if required. This letter can also be sent to the families of the parties involved and anyone you feel is connected. The more people start to wake up to the fact that we are all connected and that the actions of each of us affect all of us, the closer we get to a world of do no harm. The intention is what is all important and you cannot control what they do with it. This letter does not need to be signed so long as they know who it is coming from and/or the matter it refers to. They need to know who the letter is coming from as they have every right to contact the sender to ascertain if the sender is real and to make matters whole should they wish. While the letter is not signed, it is marked with the blood of the sender with the purity and sincerity of intent to do no harm. Do not use animal blood or someone else's blood. Blood contains life force energy that is consciousness that is in the water that is in all of life that is the essence of living creator. It is not of "The System" as pens and writing are. When you prick your finger and rub the blood on the paper, focus on your intention which is the image as explained below. As long as your intention is to do no harm through thoughts, feelings, words and actions to anyone or anything of life, including those lost and seeking to do harm to you, you can use Arthur's name and use your blood to show your intention to return to being living creator. You are using their dead language to communicate with the living-dead but your blood shows that you are of the living. You are walking into a dark cave and bringing a torch so that they can see you and you can see them. You are not shining blackness into black. "The System" is in the image of the man who created it and while we are still in "The System", talking its languages, using its mathematics and geometry, using its constructs as in commerce, science, education, media, religions, occults, esoterics, etc, we are accepting him as our master and ruler because we are creating our lives in his image. We worship him. All the re-presentatives of "The System" re-present him because he is their God and their Lord, known by Christians as Satan, Lucifer, etc, and in other religions and civilisations tied to those religions, as Ahriman, Zeus, Horus, Baal, Moloch, etc. Refer to all the Love For Life articles we have been writing for the last few years for a complete picture: All dreams have a creator and the creator of the dream of life that we really are is a living creator. The essence of living creator is who we really are, if we take full responsibility to be a living creator in the image of living creator, creating our lives in the image of living creator, thinking the thoughts and feeling the feelings of living creator in creating the dream of life. All dreams come with full responsibility and a living creator takes full responsibility for the whole of the dream of life. Refer to link above, especially "RePresenting Is The Pull Of Duality Into False Consciousness - Unravelling Lies And Liars And The Remedy To The Lies" By Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life - 19th April 2011: and the links to facebook debates found at that link. The articles written since September 2010 cover all this ground in great detail. There are no rules or regulations as to how a living creator looks, walks, talks, etc. We are all unique and, when we have remembered who we really are, we will all be unique living creators and we all express our intentions uniquely. There is no mould. A living creator does not entertain or focus on images that do harm to the living dream of life.
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Arthur has taken on the full responsibility to create life in the image of living creator and not in the image of the man who created "The System". Life is a gift of life and every life form of the dream of life lives for the dream of life. There are no leaders or followers in the dream of life, just men, women, children and other life forms of life, inanimate or not, taking full responsibility for creating life in the image of living creator. They do not serve the dream of Satan, the Grand Architect of "The System". Arthur has been living as a gift of life, creating gifts for life and receiving gifts of life since 2006. He no longer accepts the benefits of "The System" in any form, no longer contracting with it, no longer "owning" anything. He lives by the gifts of life provided by Fiona and others who are still compromised and tied to "The System" but who live for the dream of life and give what they can to support the dream. Arthur uses what Fiona has to reach other people so that we can walk away from "The System" together, creating a mass exodus. He is using the dead world to reach the living-dead, communicating with the languages of the dead world*. It's all about getting people to think and feel the information of living creator so they can start re-creating life in the image of living creator as living creators, which we all really are. We as a family have all suffered for this intention but we are still doing it. We see life as a team effort and it is going to take a team effort from many of us to pull out of this Satanic mess and return to life, co-creating Do No Harm Communities (Kindoms) in the image of living creator. *This is not to say that Arthur is better than everyone else or a "perfect" man or anything - just that he has been able to pull out of "The System" and therefore is more able to bounce back the curses of "The System". The more men and women who can pull out of "The System" to be living creators, supported by those still in "The System", the more powerful our intention to co-create the dream of life becomes. Anyone can do this but, because we are so compromised to "The System" for food, water, shelter, health, "security", transport, etc, as well as threatened and attacked by those of "The System" (including those who are lost) should we try to step out, that most of us find it very difficult to really come together and help each other on a permanent basis. Creating "Community Immunity" is what needs to be done. Again, see articles. While we are using the money and services of "The System" and while we still claim ownership over any intellectual property, copyright, of "The System" that covets life, we cannot be living creator because we are still contracted to "The System" and processing the curses of "The System". Ownership over who we are - our names - and over anything has no place in life. Everything we need to live is available in life so we do not need to own anything. We can take responsibility to care for something but that is not "ownership". Thoughts of ownership are not gifts for life and do not benefit life. Money is a curse designed for the processing of curses so we cannot expect to be free of curses and still using money. This applies to all forms of commerce, including trade and barter. This is why this letter cannot be used by those still tied to "The System" without using Arthur's name (or another man or woman out of "The System" and with the do no harm intentions) to bounce the curses back to their makers and holders. The curses of "The System" stay with those tied to "The System" to be processed because the whole of "The System" is a curse because we are worshipping Satan. Again, see articles.

Calling All Living Creators
The more men and women who are out of “The System” do it, and the more those of us still in "The System" support them, the more powerful the effect of the return of curses becomes. Once we are out of “The System” and start remembering who we really are, the more our brains expand and the more we have access to all the information of life. The more pure and sincere we are in our intention and the cleaner in body and brain we are, the more we can process the curses to prevent them spreading in life but, until we can absorb all curses, the best we can do is bounce them back to where they came from. Nature cannot do this which is why curses remain in nature, harming and destroying it until we stop it by removing radiation from soil, cleaning the waterways, etc, healing the distortion. We are the only ones who can fix this problem. Arthur can support those who want to get out of "The System" but are compromised by the need to stay in commerce for the time being. However, if we still want to be of "The System" because we want the benefits of "The System", there is no point in using this letter because it won't work. This letter can be used by those who wish to protect the men and women they are and their loved ones from the curses of those behind and of “The System” but it cannot be used by anyone still wishing to benefit from “The System”, i.e. wishing to claim remedy in the form of money from “The System”, anyone wishing to absolve themselves from taking responsibility for harm they may have caused or for any greedy and selfish reasons. It is only for those with purity and sincerity of intent, co-creating with the virtues of love, and for
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supporting pulling out of “The System” and returning to the real world. If someone wants to be of "The System" and receive the benefits of "The System" this letter cannot help them. It is very important to realise that we are not creating new curses to curse the cursers, only returning the curses of their making. We cannot stop them creating curses but we do not have to accept them. This letter has no guarantees in terms of expectations people may have - it may seem to have no effect in that those of "The System" still come at us with their force BUT, with enough of us doing it, with pure and sincere intention to stop the harm, it cannot but have an effect. They are the ones making the curses and they are the ones who determine what happens with those curses because they are the ones processing them when we send them back. They are their images that they worship and they have every right to have them, so let them have them. The important thing is for us not to claim them. E.g. refer to letters from Arthur to State Debt Recovery Office November 2010 onwards:

It Is Impossible To Have A Man-Made System Without Slaves And Rulers
The brilliance of those of "The System" is that they create the images that bring about our enslavement and destruction and then teach us to claim them, living our lives out of them so that we are actually the ones creating our enslavement and destruction. Our situation is of our own making and we cannot hold anyone else responsible. Those not of "The System" vastly outnumber those of "The System" - all we have to do is stop accepting the curses. The outcomes of our lives are in the image of the thoughts we give our life-force energy to. The more of us who bounce back the curses, the more we are creating a world not in the image of the curses but in the image of real life that is who we are that is all the virtues of love. We have created an image to change the world, an image of Paradise, of peaceful, abundant, joyful communities; we just have to take responsibility for focusing on that image rather than on those of "The System" and, the more of us who focus on the image of the world as we want it, the more powerful that image becomes. Refer to this recent Facebook discussion: that shows how people still want the curses even though they think or claim they are doing something to create a more "sustainable" world. Greed and selfishness is very hard to overcome and there are many false idols for the greedy and selfish to worship at. They cannot or do not want to comprehend that life is a gift and we live by creating gifts of life to serve the dream and they don't want to look at information that shows them clearly that they cannot have a world of peace while they hang onto what they "own", the benefits they have gained by complying to and maintaining "The System", and that it is impossible to have an artificial, man-made system without slaves and rulers. The me, me, me, i, i, i, mine, mine, mine, own, own, own, etc, is of Satan's world. Those of "The System" do not provide full disclosure of what they are doing when they bind us to "The System" and send the lackeys of "The System" after us and they refuse to "see" us as the men and women we are, acknowledging only the strawman that was created for us through the birth certificate that we re-present, also known as the ego, intellect, mind, person, agent in commerce, in-divide-u-all, (individual), etc. We can protest all we want but this does not stop them sending their force to our doorstep, which is all part of the processing of curses. In the same way, those of "The System" can choose to ignore what we are sending them but that does not stop the effect of our intention. When we are in their world, they can do whatever they like to us because it is their world. We are bringing them back to the real world, whether they see that or not, and what we do in the real world effects them because we are no longer acting in their world. The natural laws of the real world apply to them, those laws being love and all the virtues of love. Just as they use symbolism on us by creating images for us to think and feel, so we are sending the images of their curses back to them. Those behind “The System” have been playing brain games with us since “The System” began. Now we know what they are doing, we can stop playing. A brief extract from our next article written a few months ago about MANS displacement from Land - to be posted very shortly in the Love For Life website and its mailing list:

"No Man Is Master Of Another Man The Lie That Is Common Law, Trial By Jury And Democracy
By Arthur & Fiona Cristian Love For Life
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“A Natural Inheritance"
"Common Law, purported by many to be the key to our freedom, can never give us what we seek because it is tied to constitution, democracy, free enterprise, capitalism and economics, all of which are the cause of displacement of men and women from land. In a dog-eat-dog, survival of the fittest system, there are always those who thrive and those who succumb, not because they are stupid but because their skills do not lie in making money out of others. Their skills are elsewhere. They end up enslaved to rent, food bills, power bills and water bills, working most of their waking hours to meet these demands while even the "haves" are enslaved to the demands of their money and "their" land as they have to pay the rates, the taxes and the bills. If they do really well, they make enough money to service all these obligations without worry but they still have to keep making money if they are to maintain their wealth and their standing. Common Law protects the inequality of haves and have nots, of rich and poor. "The System" of commerce discriminates against the uniqueness of billions of men, women and children. Common Law supports this discrimination. In "The System", all individuals are created out of the same mould and those who break away from this mould suffer immense consequences. All systems, whether monarchies, dictatorships, republics or any other form of system, displace MAN from land and nothing of any system solves the problem of displacement from land. Until we solve this problem, we will never have freedom. We all know that all men, women and children are equal but we support and fight for systems that give some men and women standing over others. How can any system that supports this lie give us truth, peace and freedom? How can any of the laws, religions, processes, economic systems, etc, that are all based on inequality, provide freedom for all? Putting our energy into anything that is not providing men and women with their natural inheritance to land is a waste of time. Land is freedom. Displacement from land is slavery."

For those who are not familiar with the way those of "The System" use language and symbolism to brainwash and manipulate us, we have included some information here. Every English letter has a meaning not taught to anyone bar the privileged, selected few invited and initiated into the orders, etc that control "The System". Each letter/meaning is an incantation and as you combine letters (sounds) they form spells which is why all children are taught to spell so they will be under the spell for their whole lifetime, under-the-standing of the hidden meanings and symbolism. When we say I understand, your honour." in court, we are agreeing to be under-the-standing of the judge. In & outside court, certain lawyers, barristers, judges, etc, while in communication with each other, use the hidden meanings of the English language to talk in code, the plaintiff or defendant unable to comprehend that determinations and agreements are being made as they stand there. The lawyers, etc, often speak "Old English" as do some politicians when they talk to the people via the media with the codes/meanings/sounds/language going right over the heads of the people but being comprehended by those in the know. The people are not conscious of what is really going on, what is really being said. This is the real Orwellian Doublespeak/Triplespeak that occurs; not for nothing was the English language called "The New World Language". English roots are not only in Greek, Latin, Hebrew, French, etc, but also in symbolism which very few know anything about. It is this symbolism, used since these nut cases "crafted" the "practise" of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics which is rooted in mathematics and sacred geometry as all read & write alphabet languages are, that is being used against everyone. The symbolism is the true Freemasonic/Satanic language everyone is using without realising. These symbols are images and it is these images formed out of sounds that create our lost state where we need all the prosthetics of "The System" to survive in this unnatural chaotic state. It is the symbolism behind the language we use that forms the spells that most are under. All the best Arthur & Fiona Cristian Love For Life

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