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Introduction -------------Indira Gandhi Naional Open University is really a 'People's University' following a learner-centric approach, was established in the year 1985,and has contributed significantly to the development of higher education in India through the Open and Distance Learning mode. The University, at present, offers 338 programmes of study through over 3,500 courses to a cumulative student strength of over 30 lakh students. The programmes are offered by the University at the following levels: doctorate; masters and bachelors degree programmes; post-graduate and under-graduate diplomas; and certificates. The education is disseminated in conventional, as well as specialized fields like IT,Engineering etc. Through this distance programme ,the University has got centres all over the world. Studies are conducted using the centres and also uses internet/mulimedia facilities for teaching along with a dedicated TV channel ² Gyan Darshan. IGNOU runs a 24x7 website portal for aiding different functions of the university starting from admission, internal assessments and dissimenation of results which is the subject of study for this assignment. About the website ----------------Site has a URL address - "" with a new design and format adopted very recently. The design is catchy as well as simple with scripts running to detect whether our connection is slow or fast depending on which the page tries to load with maximum speed. Viewers with visual disabilities can also use the increase font size option to make the size of text big. Even there is a language selection tool to switch between English and Hindi. A pod cast is also available to listen to the page for blind audiences. Link for youtube , which shows the different classroom sessions is also given so as to enhance the student's learning process. The main sections that are relevant here are the "Student Zone" and "Bulletin board" which are discusses belowWhen you click the "Student Zone" a new page opens with the following sections1)Forms Provision for online filling: Admission form, re-admission form, duplicates, provisional certificate 2)Fees

along with admission and examination fee. journals. question papers. prospectus andstudy material of various programmes 5)Online Classroom Link to online lectures delivered for various programmes from IGNOU Headquarters 6)Library Access to books. internal exams and evaluation 4)Downloads Provision for online assignments. assignments.Country-wise cost of each programme. if any 3)Queries Clarification about admission. periodicalsand other related material of IGNOU in e-version 7)FlexiLearn Register and explore courses free of cost to gain knowledge and skill in a particular area of interest 8)Results Status of assessment of assignments. delivery of material. declaration of yearly and final result award of degrees Know More 9)On-Demand Exam It is aflexible system of examination through which students can choose the exam dates and venue as per their choice 10)Assignments Click and download assignments for various IGNOU Programmes and Courses 11) Old question papers Enter the data bank of previous IGNOU question papers to crack your examination 12)Important Information Students may get important informations related to them from here 13)Programmes .

discussion questions and also projects are not available which makes it difficult for the students who has to use the unreliable postal services to do so. 365 days an year and is advantageous to students pursuing their higher education in more than one ways.1) Has got all information regarding every academic function of the university 2) is fast and has a catchy design 3) simple and easy to go from one page to another and also easy to search the needed sections 4) Announcements & latest News and Events are posted in the first page itself so that its easy to find out the main happenings that the students are required to know. Inspite of all these disadvantages. diplomas and certificates offered by the university 14)Admission Information about eligibility criteria.Details of thedoctoral programmes. Advantages. we can see that this site is full fledged and is having more features and sections which is beyond the scope of this assignment. Disadvantages --------------1) Sometimes site traffic is too much so that some pages take more time to open 2) Downloads are some times dangerous as some viruses are also included in the files. 3) Online submissions of assignments. . In short this site can be considered as one of the finest and best tailored portal for any academic institution. degrees. procedure and deadline for applying to various programmes Conclusion ---------As described above. IGNOU's site is a complete educational portal and is online 24 x 7 . 5) Even the PRICE CATALOGUE FOR IGNOU'S STUDY MATERIAL is also present for which we dont have to go to the center and enquire.

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