The Gospel of John


by Reece B. Sherman

Dr. Reece B. Sherman (205)-213-2620

ISBN 978-1-4116-6657-3

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Chapter 1 Hey people, have you heard? In the beginning was the Word The Word and God, you see, are one God-the Father...Word-the Son He was with God From the very start In the act of creating He played a part In him was life He was both life and light In light's battle with darkness Day has won the fight A man named John Testified to what was right He came to bear witness About the true light He spoke about the light To convince the world to believe Everyone would have light If the light they'd receive The light was in the world And he continued to glow And though he created the world

Him they did not know He was accepted by some What he said they received He made part of his family All who believed Not an earthly family Born from the sod But a spiritual family The family of God The Word became flesh Just like me and you He was full of God's glory He was graceful and true John said, "Here is the one Of whom I said, I am a follower He is the head." From the fullness of his grace We have all been blessed Moses only gave the law What Jesus brought was best Who has seen God? There is only one The only person to see God Is God's only Son Some were sent to talk to John

To find out who he was "He's the Christ...He's Elijah, He's the prophet, was the buzz." "I'm not the Christ, or the prophet, Or any others that you may say, I am just one crying in the desert, Sent to prepare the way." Then the Pharisees said "If that's who you are, Why do you baptize? You're not a star." "I baptize with water That's what I do But there is another of whom I'm unworthy to untie his shoe." Then John saw Jesus And he pointed him out "This is the one I've been talking about." "Here's the Lamb of God! The Savior of men He's the one who will Take away the world's sin." "He's the one He's the reason I'm here The one whom God said would appear."

"When he was baptized The voice from above Said he will Spirit-baptize Then I saw the dove Therefore I tell you Don't think it odd This man you see Is the very Son of God." The next day John and two Of his disciples were talking When Jesus, the "Lamb of God" Was out walking When they listened to John And what he was saying They ran after Jesus And asked "where are you staying?" Jesus said to the men "If you want to see, Then I will show you If you come follow me." So the men followed Jesus One of the two, Was Simon Peter's brother His name was Andrew He ran to his brother And said, "Peter, we've found The One

Come with me quickly This man is God's Son." So he followed his brother And then he met Jesus Who said, "Your name is Simon But I'll call you Cephas." The next day Jesus Went toward Galilee He ran into Philip And said, "Follow me." Philip then went and found His friend by a tree. To Nathaniel he said, "There is someone you need to see." "He is from Nazareth He's the Messiah, I swear!" "Nazareth !" he said, "What good comes from there?" When Jesus saw Nathaniel He said "In you is no guile, I can see in your heart, and find nothing vile." Nathanael said, "Wait... How do you know me?" "I saw you sitting Under a tree."


Then Nathaniel said "You really are God's Son, You are the King, The Promised One." Jesus said, "You believe now, But hold on to your hat. You will see things Much greater than that. You will see heaven And things that are grand, Like angels traveling On the Son of Man." Chapter 2 When Jesus went to a wedding In Cana of Galilee His mother said, "We're out of wine." He said, "Why do you bother me?" "My time has not yet come. What do you want me to do?" His mother said to the servants "Do whatever ever he tells you." So Jesus saw six water jars And said, "Fill them to the brim." Then they found the master of the wedding And took the wine to him.


The master tasted the water That had been turned into wine And said, "You have saved the best for last. This tastes really fine!" Jesus performed many signs To prove he was God's Son This miracle at the wedding Was the very first one Then he went with his disciples His brothers and his mom But when it was Passover time He went to Jerusalem When he went to the Temple He saw men selling cattle So he picked up a whip And started doing battle "How dare you turn the Temple Into a market for your wares. This isn't a place to change money It's a place to say your prayers." The disciples remembered prophecy But the Jews asked for a sign "What right do you have To draw this kind of line?" Jesus said "Destroy this Temple I'll rebuild it in three days." They didn't know he meant

His body would be raised After the resurrection His disciples recalled what he said Then they believed the scriptures About his being raised from the dead While in Jerusalem some believed "You are our Savior," some cried But Jesus did not trust them He knew what was inside. Chapter 3 There was a Pharisee Nicodemus was his name He didn't want to be seen So in the night he came "Rabbi," he said to Jesus "I know it's rather clear. No one could do the things you do Unless God sent him here." Jesus said I tell you the truth Unless you are born again You cannot enter the Kingdom It's the only way you come in. Nicodemus said "Now hold on What you say is strange Look at how old I am

I think I'm out of range." Jesus said "Now listen And don't think this is odd Unless you are born by Spirit and water You're not in the kingdom of God." Flesh gives birth to flesh And Spirit gives birth to Spirit Don't think what I say is strange When your ears hear it. You cannot see the wind But you can feel it blow So it is with the Spirit When he's there you just know. Nicodemus was puzzled What you say can't be. Jesus said you call yourself a teacher And you can't understand me? I speak to you of earthly things And you do not believe Then if I speak heavenly truths How will you receive? Jesus asked "Do you remember The one about Moses and the Snake? Instead of the Snake think the Son Of Man Lifted up for the world's sake I'm about to tell you something

That all the world must hear God truly loves the world He holds it very dear He Sent His only Son To a world in the midst of Strife And anyone believing in him Will have eternal life God did not send his son To bring condemnation Instead he sent him To bring about salvation Whoever believes in him Will not be condemned But there is condemnation For those not believing in him. The verdict's in: the light has come But most live in the shade Men desire darkness It's where evil plans are made Everyone who does wrong Tries to avoid the light They wouldn't mind being seen If what they did was right." Jesus and his followers left there And to the countryside went With all they had already done This was time well spent

They spent some time together And baptized those who came John was at Aenon near Salim Doing the very same This was before John's arrest He was still busy in full view An argument over ceremonial washing Began between his men and a Jew Then his disciples came to their master This Jesus you told us about Is baptizing a lot of people Dunking them in and pulling them out John said "a man only gets what he's given I told you the reason I came I came to pave the way He deserves all the fame" "He is the one who is great This isn't a time to feel gloom Think of this like a wedding I'm the bride and he is the groom Now my joy is complete I'm in a relationship of love I am from the earth He is from above " "He has been with God And he speaks from what he knows

But no one believes his words Or accepts the signs he shows The one whom God has sent Has been given all there is And he is loved by God Everything is his God will give life eternal To whoever believes in him But those who reject the Son God's wrath will fall on them" Chapter 4 The Pharisees heard that Jesus was gaining And baptizing more disciples than John Although his disciples did the baptizing Jesus baptized no one But because the word had gotten out Jesus knew he had to flee So he left Judea And went to Galilee He had to go through Samaria Sychar was the town When he came to Jacob's well He was tired so he sat down The disciples went to buy food While Jesus remained at the well

Then a woman came from the town To fill her water pail He asked her for a drink We read in the seventh verse She asked "Are you talking to me? Jews and Samaritans don't converse" Jesus said "If you knew who asks And what God freely gives You would ask me for a drink Of the water that really lives" The woman said to Jesus "Sir, you do not have a pail So where will you get this water If not from this deep well?" "Are you greater than Jacob? Are you pray tell? Jacob, his sons and animals Drank from this very well." Jesus said "If you drink from this well You will thirst again But I can quench your thirst With an eternal spring within" The woman said "I want this water That you are talking about This well is outside of town Then I won't have to come out."


"Go and call your husband," Jesus said. "And then come back to me." "I'm not married," the woman replied. Jesus said," You speak truthfully." "In fact, you have had five husbands And the one you're with now isn't one." "Sir," she said, "You are a prophet, No one else could do what you've done." Then she changed the subject She discussed worship with him "Should we go to Jerusalem, Or go to Mount Gerizim?" Jesus said, "The time is coming When the place won't matter much, We Jews know who we worship You Samaritans are out of touch." "But a time is coming and is here When worship will be from within Spirit and Truth should guide worship This is where we must begin." "God is Spirit and so our worship Must Spiritual and Truthful be." The woman said, "We look for Messiah." Jesus said, "I am he." Just then the disciples returned They saw them talking together Jesus talking to a Samaritan woman

You could've knocked them down with a feather The woman dropped her jar And into the village she ran "I think I've met the Messiah You've got to meet this man!" So the people ran out to see The man she had told them about She wasn't very trustworthy So I'm sure they had their doubts. The disciple's tried to get Jesus To eat the food they had brought But Jesus said he wasn't hungry "I have food you don't know about." The disciples wondered aloud "Did someone bring food to you?" "My food," Jesus said "Is to do what I was sent to do" "Tell me, do you not say 'Four months to harvest time?' Open your eyes and see The fruit is ripe on the vine Even now the reaper is paid And the sower is happy too And he harvests eternal life So what scripture says is true" "I have sent you out to reap

What others before you have sown The hard work is already done By those who have already gone" After the woman convinced them Many came out of the town They wanted to hear him themselves So to the well they went down They convinced him to stay two more days And what he said they received And when they heard His words Many of them believed "Now that we've heard him ourselves" They said to the woman that day "We know that he's really the Savior Now that we've heard what he has to say" After two days he left them And he went home to Galilee Jesus had said a prophet's not honored By those in his own country But this time they welcomed Jesus They were proud of their native son They were there in Jerusalem They had seen what he had done Once more he went to Cana The setting for miracle number one While there, a royal official Begged him to heal his son

Jesus said, unless you people See miracles you won't believe The official said "My son is dying." Jesus said, "Go, your son will live." The man had tremendous faith Though his son was nearly dead He believed his son would live He trusted what Jesus said Before he arrived at his home His servants ran out to him They told him his son was well He was full of vigor and vim He asked them the time of day That his son regained his power They told him "Yesterday, At about the seventh hour." The man knew that was the time Jesus said "Your son will be fine." If you're counting the miracles This was the second sign. Chapter 5 There's a pool in Jerusalem Bethesda is its name This is where many people With disabilities came

Jesus went to the city For a feast that was taking place While there he passed by the pool And saw the suffering face to face Jesus heard that one man Had been there every day For thirty-eight long years Here's what Jesus had to say "Do you want to be well?" The man couldn't believe what he heard "Sir, there's no one to take me down Whenever the water is stirred." "You see, I'm not fast enough," the man continued to talk. Jesus then said to the man "Take up your mat and walk." At once the man was healed And he picked up his mat in awe But since it was the Sabbath What he did was against the law "You can't carry your mat!" The Jews began to scold. "But you need to understand I'm only doing as I was told." "Tell us," the Jews demanded "Who made you disobey?"

But the man didn't know who Jesus was Jesus had already slipped away Later Jesus went to the temple He found the man there too "Now that you are well," Jesus said "Stop sinning, or worse things will come to you." The man told the Jews That Jesus had made him well Then they went to Jesus And they began to rail "It's the Sabbath, don't you know Now what do you have to say?" Jesus answered, "I am working Because my Father works every day." Then they tried to kill him They tried harder than before Saying that he was equal to God Was not something they could ignore. Jesus heard what they said. He responded "This much is true Unless my Father helps me There's nothing I can do." "You see my Father loves me What he does to me he's made known Then I do what he does I do nothing on my own."


"And this will amaze you He'll show me greater things than these Just as the Father gives life I will give life to whom I please." And the Father judges no one He's entrusted that role to his Son So that just as the Father is honored The Son is honored by everyone." "If you believe God sent me And have accepted my word You will move from death to life As will the dead who have heard." "For as the Father has life So has the Son And he has given him authority To judge everyone." "Don't be amazed, because the time will come When the buried will hear his voice The good will live and the evil condemned All according to their choice." "I do not seek to please myself But the One who sent me to you I testify about myself But my testimony is true "I judge justly by what I hear It doesn't come from me Another speaks on my behalf

And he testifies truthfully." John himself has testified To the truth of who I am But the testimony I receive Does not come from man I say things to save you For which John did shine bright And you were willing to rejoice For a while in his light" "But you need to know My testimony exceeds John The very work that I do Proves that I'm God's Son You have not heard You've never seen the One Who sent me to you And testifies of his Son You have not believed in me So God's word is not in you Even the Holy Scriptures Testify that this is true You are unwilling to come to me Or you would have life without end I do not bring myself glory And you don't have God's love within I have come in God's name

Yet you do not receive But if another comes Him you will believe How can you believe? This is very odd If you don't seek the glory From the one and only God I do not accuse you, but Moses does Even he has written of me If you do not believe his words Then how can you ever see?" Chapter 6 Jesus crossed the Galilee Sea Many people followed curiously They had seen him work miracles... They now wanted to see What he would do next so they watched him closely. Jesus reached the hill and they all took a seat Seeing the crowd he ask Phillip what they could eat This was a test to see what Phillip would say "Lord, to feed this crowd would take a year's pay." Andrew found a boy with five loaves and two fish But that wasn't enough to cover a dish Jesus took the food and then said a prayer And suddenly there was enough for everyone to share When the people saw what happened They said "Let's make him king."

But Jesus left their presence He wanted no such thing That evening the disciples climbed into a boat A storm began to blow and they were doubtful they would float They looked across the water and saw Jesus walk their way They let him in the boat not knowing what to say The crowds that Jesus fed began to seek him out They had to understand what he was all about Jesus said, "I fed you earthly bread and fish. But eternal foods are the things for which you should wish." They asked "What does God want us to do?" Believe that what I tell you is true God is my Father and I am his Son "Show us a sign," they said, "then we'll know you're the one." "The manna from heaven was not from Moses but God Now he offers bread not from the sod I am the only bread that is true Fill your hearts with me, I'm here for you." "I was sent from the Father to do his will I have a job to do, a task to fulfill If you trust in the very words that I say I will raise you up on the very last day." The people thought he wasn't one to be praised

"We know his family, we know where he was raised." But Jesus replied, "Don't complain about what I said. Believe and you will be raised from the dead." "As it is written 'they will be taught by God,' What I am saying to you isn't odd I am the bread, eat and you won't die I am the true bread sent from on high." But they misunderstood, his words made no sense Sometimes we mortals can be rather dense They thought he was speaking of real flesh and blood But he was referring to spiritual food His disciples even shook their heads at his word They thought what he said seemed rather absurd Jesus then said "Even you don't believe Tell me now are you all going to leave?" Simon said "Lord, where would we go? You are the one that we want to know You are from God, your words are true We would not leave; we'll stay close to you Jesus looked at Simon, then turned his head He then opened his mouth and here's what he said "One of you is a devil, it will be displayed You'll do me wrong...I'll be betrayed." He was speaking of Judas, One was bad, one was not You see, two were named Judas But He meant Iscariot

Chapter 7 Jesus continued to stay in Galilee In Judea the Jews wanted him dead, you see His brothers said he needed to go For your followers you need to put on a show It wasn't his time so he said "No." "The world hates me, But it doesn't hate you I point out its wrongs What I say is true "You go to the feast Don't stay here with me Go and celebrate in Judea I'll remain in Galilee After his brothers left He decided to go But he hid for awhile And remained incognito The people looked for him They wanted a show "Where is that man?" They wanted to know Some believed he was good Others thought he was bad

But they were afraid to speak up Because he made the Jews mad Halfway through the feast Jesus came out from his hiding He went to the temple to teach The people needed guiding "How are you so smart? Where did you get your knowledge? You speak with such wisdom Where did you go to college?" "My teaching comes from God He's my inspiration My words are not my own God gives me information" "Why do you seek to kill me?" "Because you have a demon. And you healed on a Sabbath!" That's why everyone was scheming "But Moses circumcised On the Holy day And you see nothing wrong with that What do you have to say?" Some asked "Isn't this the Christ? Where are those who want him dead? Wait...this can't be the Christ We know his mom and dad


Jesus said "Yes, you know me, And you know where I am from" But you do not know my Father Heaven is his home At this they went to grab him But him they couldn't get He slipped right through their fingers It wasn't his time yet Some in the crowd believed The who he must be Who else could do the things he does No one could but he Some tried to arrest him The chief priests and Pharisees They sent the guards to take him And bring him to his knees Jesus said, "I will leave you soon And you cannot come I will go back to my Father And the place that I am from" "But if anyone is thirsty I am here for you I will quench your thirst And make living water flow through you By this he meant the Spirit Whom they would receive And then share with the world

If only they would believe When they heard him speak They realized he was great "He's the Christ"..."No, he's the prophet" They started to debate When the guards returned They did not have the Lord The priests asked why and they replied "You've got to hear his word!" "He's tricked you too Now tell us does any Pharisee believe? Of course not, we are too wise For anyone to deceive" But Nicodemus asked "How they could judge one they hadn't heard" Replying they said "A Messiah from Galilee? That would be absurd." Chapter 8 In the story in chapter eight About the sinful woman's fate Jesus said "Cast the first stone, If you think she's alone, And you have no sin on your plate." Jesus said "Listen to me. I am the light,

The world is in darkness, I give it sight." You will not walk in darkness, If you will follow me Come to me now Then you will see." The Pharisees countered "What you say can't be true Who else backs your claims? No one...only you." Jesus said, "I am not alone You see there are two Yes, I speak for myself But my Father speaks for me too." "Who is your father? Show us, let us see." "You cannot know my Father Because you don't believe in me." His words made them angry Their tempers were hot But it wasn't his time So they captured him not Jesus said once again "Where I go you cannot be I will leave you soon And me you will not see."


"I'm not from this world Soon I will have to go I am from above You are from below" "You will die in your sins Now listen to me You will die unless you believe I am who I claim to be." "Who are you?" they asked "You've heard what I've claimed Believe in me now Or you will be blamed." "You will be judged If you do not believe I was sent from above For you to receive." "When I'm lifted up Then you will all see That my Father above Is down here with me." "If you hold to my teachings And you follow me You will know the truth And it will set you free" "We are not slaves" they said "So how can we be freed?" "If you sin, you're a slave.

I can free you indeed." We're from Abraham" they said "He is our dad." "Then why are you determined To see me dead?" They yelled, "God is our father." Jesus said, "How can that be? If that were the case You would all love me." "Why is my language not clear? You can't hear what I say Because your father's the devil He's the one you obey." "He's been the father of lies From the very beginning You believe what he says Because you claim I am sinning." "You say I'm possessed But I do not lie If you believe in my words You will not die." "Now we know you are wrong, Because everyone dies. What you say is absurd You are telling us lies." "Abraham died,

Are you greater than he?" Jesus replied, "I was around Before he came to be." They'd had enough So they picked up stones But when they looked up Jesus was gone.

Chapter 9 Then Jesus met a man born blind A man who needed to be healed Jesus said, "Sin didn't cause this. It is here for God's power to be revealed." Jesus said, "I am here. Let's get to work. Listen to what I say. We have much to do While we have the light of day." Jesus spat upon the dirt And formed mud in his hand Then he placed it on the eyes And then commanded the man "Now go and wash at the pool From darkness you will be free" The man went and washed his eyes And then he was able to see.


All of those who knew him Did not believe it was he "This man was blind and now he sees As well as you and me." "It's me he said, the one you know I am one and the same" "Who healed you" they asked? The man replied, "I forgot to ask his name." The Pharisees asked, "Who is healing, And even on the Sabbath Tell us now, who did this for you, Who gave you the mud bath?" The Pharisees shook their heads and said "Go get his mom and dad" They went and brought the parents back And this is what they said "This is our son and we are sure From birth he has been blind We don't know how he was healed, Ask him, he won't mind." So once again they asked the man "Your eyes are open how can this be?" The man replied, "All I know is I was blind and now I see." "Tell us again this man who healed How did he do this for you?" "I've already told you, why do you ask?

Do you want to follow him too?" "Shut your mouth, how dare you," The Pharisees pointed and cursed "This man is a sinner, he's demon-possessed He's not good, he's the worst." The man responded "I don't understand What you are saying is odd This man couldn't heal me Unless he was truly from God." Jesus found the man born blind And asked "the Son of Man, do you receive?" The man said, "Point him out to me, And then I will believe." Jesus said, "Open your eyes, I turned your night to day." The man fell upon his knees and said, "I believe what you say." Jesus said, "I give the blind sight And put those who see in a bind" The Pharisees asked, "Are you speaking of us?" Jesus said, "Yes, unless you admit you are blind." Chapter 10 "A shepherd goes through the front gate A robber sneaks over the wall The sheep know the shepherd's voice

They come running when he calls The shepherd knows them And he calls them by name They won't follow a stranger His voice isn't the same" They did not understand Because his words were very deep So he explained "I am the gate and you're the sheep" "Those who came before Sought to destroy But if you go through me You will find true joy I am the Good Shepherd I lay down my life for my sheep And I will protect you When the wolves lurk and leap I have other sheep Not just of this fold They also know my voice And do as they are told They love me Just as you do Soon all of my sheep will come together And there will be one flock, not two My life is in my hands

No one can take it from me My Father has given the command I give my life voluntarily" Some thought he had a demon They said "he's out of his mind." But others said "he can't be evil? He's able to heal the blind." Jesus was in Jerusalem Walking through the town The Jewish leaders found him And they gathered around "Jesus, tell us plainly Tell us who you are." Jesus said "why waste my time, You haven't believed so far." "I've already told you who I am My actions have shown you proof But you aren't from my flock So you can't accept the truth." "The Father has given the flock Into the hands of the Son I will guard them closely And I won't lose even one." Then they became angry Because of Jesus' claim That he and the Father were one That he and God were the same

Once again they sought to kill him They wanted Jesus dead Not because of what he did But because of what he said "Remember when the Scriptures said, 'You will be called gods.' So why do you think that my claim Is really all that odd?" Then Jesus escaped from their midst And went to where John baptized The people there began to think And then they realized "No one else could do these things No one, not even John So what John said must be true Jesus must be the one." Chapter 11 Sisters Martha and Mary Sent word their brother was ill "Hurry Lord, come quickly Lazarus needs to be healed" These friends lived in Bethany Jesus spent time with them there Mary was the one who anointed his feet And wiped them with her hair


Jesus' friend was close to death And in fact he would die Jesus knew what would happen He knew God would be glorified. So he did not go immediately He waited a day or two Then he said "It's time to go." But the disciples said, "they'll kill you." "The last time we went to Judea The Jews wanted you dead Don't go, it's much safer If we stay here instead." Jesus said, "We are safe while it is day The danger comes at night Our friend, Lazarus is sleeping But, he will be alright." "If Lazarus is only sleeping Then soon he will awake So let's not go to Bethany Let's stay here for goodness' sake." "Lazarus is dead", Jesus said "Let us go and see This will give you another reason To truly believe in me". Thomas said, "If Jesus goes Then so will you and I And if they try to kill our Lord,

Then we'll prepare to die". When Jesus arrived in Bethany Lazarus was already dead When Martha heard he had arrived She ran to him and said "Lord, if you had been here Our brother would not have died. But God will do whatever you ask" She looked at him and sighed. "Don't worry," Jesus told her "Your brother will arise." "I know," Martha said "It's something we will all realize." But Jesus wasn't pointing To some future date Lazarus' resurrection Would not have to wait. "I am the resurrection The Lord of the living I will give life To all those believing." "Do you believe?" Jesus asked. "Do you believe I am the One?" "Yes", Martha answered "I know you are God's Son." Then she went to where

Her sister sat grieving When she pulled her aside The others saw her leaving They followed her until She was at the Lord's side She said "If you had been here Our brother wouldn't have died." When Jesus saw her weeping Because her brother had died He was moved with emotion And then Jesus cried The people standing around them Saw Jesus weep They knew that his love For Lazarus was deep They arrived at the place Where Lazarus lay Jesus commanded "Roll the stone away." Martha said "Lord, The smell will be strong. He has been buried four days Lord, it has been too long." "If you believe", Jesus said, "God's glory you'll see." Then he prayed, "Father Thank you for listening to me."

Jesus said, "Lazarus, come out!" And he walked from his grave This was a sign That to death we are no longer slaves "Unwrap him now, And let him go Then they unwrapped him From head to toe Many who witnessed this Believed in the Lord But some told the Pharisees And caused more discord The leading priests Made a huge fuss "If we don't do something The Romans will kill us." Then Caiaphas said "Don't lose your head. We will not die, We'll kill him instead." This prophecy by Caiaphas Was from God not the priest To show that Jesus would die For the greatest to the least From this time on They wanted Jesus dead

They sent out the word There was a price on his head In Jerusalem, the Passover Was about to begin The people arrived early To be cleansed from their sin They all looked for Jesus But he hid from their sight In the valley of Ephraim Until the time was right. Chapter 12 Six days before the Passover in Bethany, Lazarus' town Jesus was given a meal They all reclined on the ground Martha was busy serving Mary opened perfume When she poured it on Jesus' feet The fragrance filled the room She anointed Jesus' feet And wiped it with her hair Judas complained about the waste But it wasn't because he cared. "Leave her alone", Jesus said The poor will always be, She's anointing me for my death.

One day you will not have me." A crowd arrived in town Because they heard Jesus was there. They also heard about Lazarus This the chief priests couldn't bear They wanted to kill Jesus And wanted Lazarus covered in dirt Because the fact he was raised Caused many to convert The crowd that came for the feast Met Jesus and started to sing They waved palm branches And yelled "Hosanna! Blessed is the King." Jesus rode on a donkey To fulfill what the prophet wrote "See, your king is coming, Seated on a donkey's colt." At first the disciples didn't understand Until Jesus was glorified All that was taking place They understood after he died The crowd that was present When Lazarus was raised from the dead Went to friends and neighbors To make sure the message was spread. The Pharisees looked and said

"We must do something quick. Everyone is following him It's starting to make us sick." It was time for the Passover And some Greeks were in town They wanted to see Jesus So they searched all around They went to Philip And he found Andrew Who in turn found Jesus And said "they're looking for you." Jesus said, "My hour has come, Like a seed that dies to produce, The one who loses will win The one who wins here will lose." "If you serve me, Then go where I go. The one who serves me, My Father will know. "Now my heart is troubled, What should I say? 'Save me from this, Father?' No! I came for this day!" "Glorify...Father, You're name among men," God replied, "I've glorified it, And I will do it again."

Some heard a voice Others only heard thunder. Jesus said, "Now is the judgment, Now Satan will be mowed under." "But when I am lifted," He referred to how he would die. "I will draw all people to me," But the people did not understand why. "We thought the Christ Would be with us forever So how could he die? He couldn'! Never!" Jesus answered, "You now have light. But it will not always be Walk in the light, Walk while you have me." Even after he spoke Some did not believe Even after his miracles Some did not receive The words of the prophet Were coming true as they stood "Who believed the report? Who really understood?" Some could not believe The same prophet had written

Some could not believe Because with blindness they were smitten. But some Pharisees believed Although no voice was raised They didn't seek God's favor By men they wanted to be praised. Jesus said, "When you believe in me, You believe in my Father If you don't trust in me, Then with God, don't even bother." "I came to the world To make sure you have light. And to save those who believe From the darkness of night." "I will not judge you, If you won't believe. I did not come to judge those Who will not receive." "But God is your judge, He sent me to you. God will judge what you say And what you do." "Because my words Are not mine alone. But the One who sent me, The One I've made known.


Every word I've said Words of truth and of love, They didn't come from my head, They were sent from above."

Chapter 13 Jesus knew the time had come When he would rise above So he wanted his followers To be sure of his love The devil had already Made Judas sell him out Jesus knew his own power Of that there was no doubt So during the meal, as they began to eat Jesus got up from the table And started washing their feet. When he came to Simon He refused the cleaning Peter felt that this task Was just too demeaning. But Jesus told Peter, "If you don't let me, You won't be clean, You'll still be dirty."

Peter then said "Lord, then don't stop there." Jesus replied, "If I wash your feet You'll be clean everywhere." "Not every one of you is clean, Listen to what I say." Jesus knew which one of them Would give him away. Jesus washed everyone's feet Then putting the towel away He asked, "Do you know What I've done here today?" "You call me Lord & Teacher That's who I am to you. If I can wash feet Then you can wash feet too." "No servant is greater than his master No one sent than the one who sends You have seen what I have done Now it's time for you to begin" "I am not speaking of you all Only one will sell me out The one who shares the bread with me Is the one I'm speaking about." "I am telling you this now So that when it comes you will know

That I am who I claim to be And that what I've said is so. If you accept the one I send Then I'm accepted by you And if you accept me Then you accept God, too" Then Jesus was very troubled He said "One of you will betray me." The disciples began to look around Wondering who it could be Peter whispered to John "Ask him about what he said." So John asked "Lord, who is it." Jesus said, "The one who shares my bread." Jesus gave the bread to Judas Then Satan filled his heart Jesus said "What you have to do Now's the time to start." The others did not understand They all sat very still "Perhaps Jesus means for Judas To go and pay the bill." When Judas took the bread from Christ Day turned into night And Jesus said "the time has come For me to be glorified."


"When I am glorified God will be praised too. The time has come for me to say Goodbye to each of you." "Where I go you cannot come But do as I have done If you love your brother You prove you belong to the Son." "Lord, where are you going? I want to go there too." Simon Peter boldly said, "I would even die for you." Jesus said, "Before the rooster crows You will disown me You will not do it one time or two, You will do it three. Chapter 14 "Don't be worried," Jesus said "You trust God, now trust me I want to tell you of a place That one day you will see." "There are many rooms there, And there is ample space I will go there soon And prepare for you a place


I would not lie What I say is true. When your place is ready I'll come back for you. You know where I'm going Listen to what I say" Thomas said, "Lord, we don't know where How can we know the way?" Jesus said, "If you go through me Then you will have proof That I am the way to the Father I am the life and the truth." Philip said "We will be satisfied If the Father we see." Jesus said "You see him Whenever you look at me." "You can work great miracles Just as I have done Ask me anything I'll do it," promised God's Son. "If you love me Then you'll keep my command The Father will send the Spirit Who will always be at hand. The Spirit will teach you truth That the world cannot receive And he will dwell within you

Because you believe. You will not be orphans I will come to you The world will not see me But I'll rise and so will you." You'll know I'm in my Father When I rise anew You will be in me And I will be in you. "If you obey my commands Then I'll feel your love And I will love you And so will God above." Judas, not the traitor Opened his mouth and appealed "When, Lord, will we see you? When will you be revealed ?" Jesus said, "My words are from God If you love me then do as I say Then I will reveal myself to you And live with you everyday" "I tell you all these things While I am still here Soon the Spirit will come He'll make everything clear." "I leave with you a gift

Peace of mind and heart. So do not be afraid Although I must depart." "I must go to my Father So do not weep, though I leave. I tell you these future things So when they occur you'll believe." "I don't have much time to talk You see, the devil is near But he cannot stop what I will do Come, let's get out of here." Chapter 15 "My Father works the garden He keeps it all in line Yes, he is the gardener And I am the true vine If a branch bears no fruit He cuts it off from me He prunes the good ones So more fruitful they will be You are already clean Because my words are true If you remain in me I'll remain in you In and of itself

A branch cannot bear fruit You can only be fruitful If in me you take root You are the branches And I am the vine If you remain in me Your fruit will grow just fine Without me you can do nothing You'll be cast into the fire But if you remain in me You'll be given what you desire It is for God's glory That you live fruitfully And when men look at you My disciple they will see I have loved you As the Father has loved me You'll remain in my love If you live obediently I want you to have joy And I want your joy to overflow That's why I've said what I've said This is what I want you to know Now make sure that you show the love That I have shown to you You are my friends if you obey And do what I've told you to do.

Joy is what I give Complete joy inside you My joy will fill you up If you do what I do Therefore love as I have loved Give your lives for one another There is no greater love Than to give your life for your brother I have called you friends my work I have made known You are my friends, not my slaves I chose you as my own. You must bear fruit Fruit that will endure Then when you ask of my Father His answer is sure "This is my command Above every other Make sure in your heart You love one another If the world hates you Remember it hated me first Being loved by the world Would be much worse You don't belong to the world I have called you out

That is why you are hated That's what the trouble is about They persecuted me They will persecute you A servant is not greater than his master What I tell you is true They persecuted me They will do the same to you But if they obeyed me They'll do what you say too The way I am treated You can expect the same They will treat you this way Because of my name The One who sent me They do not know Him My Father is the one Who sent me to them They have no excuse For the darkness within Because I have made Them aware of their sin They have seen the signs They were plain as could be But they hated my Father And they have hated me


"But this fulfills the law The Scriptures don't lie 'They hated me Though there is no reason why.' " "When the Counselor comes I will send Him to you He will testify of me And you must testify too." Chapter 16 "I have told you these things So that you do not go astray The synagogue will not welcome you 'God wants you dead' they will say" "They do not know the Father And they do not know me You may not understand now But one day you will see You are filled with grief Because I am leaving you But it is good that I go What I say is true When I go away The Counselor will come to you To convict the world of sin And bring righteousness and judgment too


"I have much more to say to you, more than you can bear But when the Spirit comes He will make it clear" He will speak what he hears He will not speak on his own He will take from what is mine And he will make it known. All that belongs to the Father Belongs to me too That is why I said the Spirit Will make things clear to you. In a little while You will see me no more Then a little while after that I'll be standing at your door" The disciples did not understand They asked "What does he mean?" Saying "In a little while you won't see me, Then I will be seen?" Jesus saw their confusion So he began to explain "The world will be happy when I'm gone They'll be joyful when I'm slain" "When they are happy You will all weep But when I come back

Your joy will be deep. When a woman gives birth Her pain is intense But when the baby is born Her joy is immense This is what you will feel This is what you'll endure You will grieve for a while But then your joy will be sure Then when you ask For whatever you need When you ask in my name You will receive it indeed I have been using metaphors To try to explain But soon what I say Will be very plain The Father loves you Because you believe You can ask him directly And you will receive" The light bulb came on Finally, they understood "Your words are now clear Now we know what we should." "Now we believe

That you are the one." "You finally believe After all that's been done?" "But soon you'll have trouble And you'll be dispersed And you'll think That it could not get any worse But take this to heart The matter is done So be of good cheer The victory is won!" Chapter 17 "Father", Jesus said, Looking toward the sky, "Glorify your Son. And you'll be glorified." "You sent me to the world And you gave me authority To give life to your own Life for eternity Now this is eternal life What it has always meant To know you personally And know your Son whom you sent I have brought you glory By what I've said and done

Now restore to me the glory I enjoyed as your eternal Son I have revealed you to those Whom you have given me They have obeyed your word Now they know and see. Now I pray for them For those you have given me I'm not praying for the world But those who belong to Thee All I have is yours And all you have is mine Because of these you've given me My glory it does shine I am leaving this world But these will still remain I am asking you To protect them by your name Unify them Father With the oneness that we share Except for one of them I've protected them with care I am coming to you now But these will still be here I have given them your word And filled their hearts with cheer


I am not of this world And neither do they belong Now the world hates them Protect them from all wrong Sanctify them by the truth Your very word is true Just as you have sent me I have sent them too For them I sanctify myself That their sanctification may be My prayer is not for them alone But also those they bring to Thee Just as I am in you And you are in me My prayer is this Is how they will be I have given them the glory That you have given me That they may be one In complete unity This way the world will know That I came from you And that you have loved me And you love them too I want those you have given me To be with me where I am And to see the glory

I've had since the world began Righteous Father, Though, you the world does not know I know who you are And you I did show I have made you known So that the love you have for me May abide in them This is my earnest plea." Chapter 18 Jesus left with his disciples After praying to his Father above They crossed The Kidron Valley And entered an olive grove Now Judas, the betrayer Knew the place where they had gone You see Jesus had often Gone there to be alone Judas brought with him officials Soldiers and priests Judas was the one Jesus spoke of at the feast Jesus knew they were coming He knew who they wanted to find Still he asked, "Who do you seek?"

Though he knew who they had in mind "We are seeking Jesus." "I told you I am he. Let these others go If you are looking for me." This happened so that the words That were spoken would be fulfilled "Of those you have given me None of their blood was spilled." Then Peter drew his sword And cut off a servant's ear "Put your sword away" Jesus said "There is no need for fear." "I must drink from the cup It is the Father's plan." Then they took him and bound him At the chief priest's command They brought him to Annas Who was Caiaphas' dad You know, the one who said Jesus Should die in the Jew's stead While one disciple moved closer Peter wanted to hide Some asked "don't you know him." "No, I don't!" Peter lied. It was cold and the people

Warmed themselves by the fire There were soldiers and peasants Oh, yes...and the liar. The priests questioned Jesus About what he'd said "I taught many people Why not ask them instead" An official struck Jesus After he said what he'd said "That is no way to speak To the high priest's dad." Jesus spoke clearly "What I said was the truth. If you think I'm lying Then show me the proof." Meanwhile Peter still stood With the crowd in the square Another said, "You were with him, I'm sure you were there." Peter denied it He denied it again He tried to get lost in the crowd He tried to blend in. Then one who was related To the man who lost an ear Said, "I know you were there." Peter denied it out of fear

Then, just as Jesus predicted No more than a day ago Peter heard a rooster In the distance start to crow. From Annas to Caiaphas To Pilate they took him They needed Support Before they could book him It was now early morning The night was over The Jews didn't enter the palace So they could eat the Passover Pilate came out And asked them a question "What charge do you have Why did you arrest him?" "If he were not a criminal If this wasn't his due We wouldn't have handed Him over to you." "Take him yourselves," Pilate said to them all "Take him and judge him According to your law." "But we don't have the power To carry out

The kind of punishment We're talking about Pilate asked Jesus "Tell me... is it true? Are you really The King of the Jews?" Jesus then asked "Did that come from your head? Or are you just repeating What others have said?" "Am I a Jew?" Pilate asked "Your own people brought you to me." Replied Jesus, "you must understand My kingdom is heavenly." "So you are a king," Pilate said "What you say is right. And if my Kingdom was from here My followers would put up a fight" "I was born for one reason And one reason alone To testify to what is right To make the truth known." "What is the truth?" Pilate asked Then he went to those accusing "I find nothing wrong with this man I will leave it up to your choosing."


"You know the yearly drill Each time you come to me To condemn one man And set another free" "So I ask you now decide between This Jesus, king of the Jews Or Barabbas who led a rebellion It is time for you to choose" "Jesus or Barabbas It makes no difference to me: "Give us Barabbas", they shouted "Let Barabbas go free" Chapter 19 So Pilate took Jesus and had him flogged He was beaten, bruised, & bound They put on him a purple robe And fashioned thorns for a crown They mocked him over and over again Their actions were a disgrace Saying "Hail king of the Jews" Then they struck him on the face Then Pilate went back outside and he stood before the throng He said "Here is the man I find in him no wrong" The Jews said "But we have a law

It's what we must live by He claims to be the Son of God That's why he must die." When Pilate heard them say this He was filled with fear He went inside the palace And asked Jesus "How did you get here? " When Jesus gave no answer He asked "Why don't you answer me? Don't you know I could crucify you, Or I could set you free? " "You would have no power If it had not been given The one who handed me to you Is guilty of a greater sin." Pilate tried to set him free When he began to comprehend But the mob said, "If you do You are not Caesar's friend." When Pilate heard what they said He brought Jesus out to them And he sat down in the judgment seat In order to bring this to an end. It was the day of preparation For Passover week Pilate said "Here is your King." Jesus stood there mild and meek

"We have no king but Caesar He has our adulation 'Crucify him!'" They cried Calling for Jesus' condemnation So Pilate gave Jesus over He was at a loss And the soldiers took Jesus And made him carry his cross They led him to Golgotha And there he was crucified Two others were crucified with him One on either side Pilate had a sign prepared And placed it in full view It read: Jesus of Nazareth The King of the Jews He had it written In Aramaic, Latin and Greek Many Jews read the sign On Friday of that week The chief priests went to Pilate And they started to complain "Don't write King of the Jews Write that was his claim" But Pilate didn't change the sign "What I've written stands"

Although the chief priests complained He did not give in to their demands When the soldiers crucified Jesus They gambled for his clothes This fulfilled the Scriptures Casting lots is how they chose Standing by the cross Were his mother and the others He said to the beloved disciple "Now we are brothers" To his mother he said "Behold your Son" To the beloved: "Behold your mom" From that point on the beloved disciple Took her into his home Later, knowing all was complete So the Scriptures would ring true Jesus said "'I am thirsty" After drinking he said "It is through!" After that Jesus bowed his head And his spirit was released And now the Son of God Hung on the cross deceased Tomorrow was the Sabbath Preparation must begin So they went to break the legs Of the crucified men


But when they came to Jesus He had already died Yet to be certain he was dead They took a spear and pierced his side The man who saw it has given Testimony that is true And he testifies to this So that faith may arise in you These things happened to fulfill The Scripture that was spoken "They will look on the one they pierced And not one of his bones was broken" Joseph of Arimathea A secret follower of the Way Received permission from Pilate To take Jesus' body away With him was Nicodemus He was a Pharisee He brought myrrh and aloes To bury Jesus properly They wrapped Jesus' body Placing strips of linen in position This was in accordance To proper Jewish Tradition It was the day of Preparation A day they'd never forget The day they laid to rest

The greatest they'd ever met They found a place to lay him In a garden that was near In a tomb undisturbed They laid his body there Chapter 20 On Sunday morning During the earliest part of the day Mary Magdalene came to the tomb And the Stone had been rolled away So to Simon Peter and The other disciple she ran "They have taken the Lord Come as fast as you can." So the two disciples Took off with a burst Peter ran fast But the other disciple arrived first. The first one there did not go in He leaned down and looked through the door When Peter arrived he went in the tomb And saw the linen strips on the floor The other disciple then went inside They saw wrapping for Jesus' head They were astonished at the sight

Not knowing he'd risen from the dead While Mary stayed there crying She saw two angels in white They asked why she was crying She replied, "My Lord is nowhere in sight." Then when she turned around She saw Jesus standing there She mistook him for the gardener Who he was really she wasn't aware "They've taken my Lord's body I don't know where he was carried" She finally recognized who he was When he spoke her name, "Mary" She then cried out "Teacher" He said, "Mary, do not come near I am returning to my Father Go, the others need to hear" So Mary ran to tell them The news of the Lord's resurrection "I have seen the Lord!" she said And she recounted their conversation On the first day of the week From the Jews they tried to hide But locked doors couldn't stop Jesus He showed them his hands and side "Peace be with you." he said

He stood there in full view "As the Father has sent me Now I am sending you." He then breathed on them The Spirit they were then given "Now you have power to forgive The ones you forgive are forgiven" But Thomas was not in the room When Jesus was there that day And when they told him about it Here is what he had to say "I'm sorry...I just can't believe it Not that I'm saying you lied But I must see for myself And touch his hands and side" A week later Thomas was with them As they huddled in the house to hide Jesus appeared among them And said "Thomas, touch my hands and side." Thomas didn't approach him In fact he felt rather odd All he could do was stand there Exclaiming "My Lord and my God." Then Jesus said "because you have seen me You now believe. Blessed are those who have not seen And yet me they receive."

Jesus performed many miracles That I haven't included here There were many signs and wonders In the presence of the ones he held dear. But the ones that I've included Are to clearly make the claim That Jesus is the Son of God And that by believing you have life in his name. Chapter 21 Afterward Jesus appeared To the ones that he had taught They had fished all night But not one fish was caught You see, Peter told the others "I need to get some air I'm going to the sea to fish." And the others followed him there Early the next morning Jesus appeared to them But when they looked his way They didn't know it was him. He called out to them "Have you caught anything yet?" "No," they answered "Then, cast on the right and you will fill your net."

So, they did what he said And their net became so full That they couldn't bring it in the boat Even when all of them pulled Then the beloved disciple said "It's the Lord, I know it's him" When Peter heard him say this He jumped in and started to swim The other disciples followed Dragging the nets filled with fish When they landed on the shore Jesus had already prepared a dish Jesus said "bring some of your catch." Then Peter obeyed his word No one asked Jesus who he was They all knew he was the Lord Jesus then gave them fish And then he passed the bread This was the third time they had seen him After he'd risen from the dead When they had finished eating Jesus said "Peter I have a question for you. Do you love me more than these?" He answered, "Lord, you know I do." "Then feed my lambs," said Jesus Then he asked Peter again

The same question a second time All to Peter’s chagrin But when he'd asked a third time Peter's hurt was deep He repeated the same answer Jesus said "Feed my sheep." "Peter, I tell you truthfully When you were younger you were in control But when you are older Others will tell you where to go." Jesus said this to indicate How Peter would die But even in his death God would be glorified Peter pointed to another and asked "Will he die that way too?" Jesus said, "If he remains alive What is that to you?" Jesus said, "You follow me." And some who stood nearby Started a rumor that went around That the other disciple wouldn't die I am that disciple I am writing these things for you So believe me...I was there All of this is true


Jesus did many other things Writing them all would be insane Because they would fill more books Than the whole world could contain.