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Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

196 Park Avenue, Worcester

The right choice for your real estate career.

What should be important to you in a Real Estate Company and Office?

Having someone who is committed to your income and business goals so you can produce an optimal lead flow and increase your listings and sales. Career development personal coaching incomparable training. Dedication to helping your business grow. Business Management Transaction Management Deal Organization. Integrity, competence, reputation, brand and market share. Having the best blend of on-line and off-line marketing strategies connecting more buyers with more sellers. Personal Promotion In-house marketing at your finger tips. Having access to numerous ideas for personal marketing initiatives. Multiple levels of business opportunities and resources lead generation. The highest level of office and company support Office Administration, Marketing, Legal, Technical.

Why choose Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage?

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. To realize your full potential and maximize your earnings. To better manage your time and the balance in your life. To enhance your competitiveness resulting in more listings and sales. To maximize your lead flow. To have exceptional tools and resources to offer your clients. To be affiliated with a well-known and trusted brand. To have a powerful internet marketing strategy that increases the odds of getting your listings sold. 8. 9. 10. To work in a positive environment and be appreciated and respected. To access a wide array of agent services and resources at no cost. To have access to the best educational programs available.

Why choose Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage?

Coldwell Banker is one of the most recognized and trusted real estate brands today. With a strong market presence locally and across the state, more signs and more exposure means more calls and more transactions for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage associates.
In 2010 Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage was the leading real estate firm in the city of Worcester with a 17.01% market share. In Worcester County, we sold thousands of properties and commanded a market share close to 3 times our nearest competitor (per MLS/SF-MF-Condo). In Massachusetts alone we closed over 16,000 sides with the next nearest competitor at just over 1900 sides. More sales means more experience. Buyers and sellers look for experience.


CBRB KW Worc Re/Max Ad 1 ERA Re/Max Vis All Others

5.58 5.04 56.33

CBRB ERA Key KW Worc Re/Max 1st Re/Max Exec Others

2010 Market Share Worcester

4.1 3.31

2010 Market Share Worcester County

Market Presence Throughout New England

2010 New England Statistics Sales Volume - $9 Billion Sales Units 21,654 Listings 18,473 Relocation Referrals 19,797 Sales Associates & staff - 4,107 CBRB Offices - 89
In 2010, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage led the Massachusetts market closing more than 5 times our next nearest competitor. ($7.5 Billion & over 17,000 transactions) Of the top 14 real estate companies in Massachusetts in 2010, CBRB closed more than the other 13 companies combined.

15000 13508 10000 2492 5000

Home Office Reservoir Place Waltham, MA



CBRB No. 2 No. 3 No. 4

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage The Massachusetts Market Leader.







Coldwell Banker was #1 in Massachusetts Closed Dollar Volume Market Share in 2010, closing more than the next 13 competitors combined!





0.0% CBRB 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Source MLSpin for SF, CC, LD, MF

Business Management
Reaching your full potential
Realizing your potential in the real estate business is my number #1 priority. Aiding you in finding solutions and creating ways to access opportunities for a successful career is second to none. Creating or correcting habits and changing behaviors is the biggest part of my personal coaching program.

Business Management
Personal Coaching
How I Develop Powerful Agents

Any successful sports team is a direct result of a proper game plan and proactive coaching. My personal coaching that I offer to all of my agents is designed so they can manage their time better, learn to prioritize activities, perfect their skill development and lead generation and optimize their daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly schedules so they produce results. Here are some of the incredible results that some of my agents have had since they started with one on one coaching.

Tom Rheault Up 84% in income in 2010 versus 2009, Up 40% in closed (2 1/2+ yrs.) transactions

Lisa Westerman Up 51% in income 2010 versus 2009, Top Listing Agent (7 yrs.) Craig Luchon Up over 40% in personal income in 2009 versus 2008 (7 yrs.) Up 45% in closed transaction 09 vs. 08

Angela Black Up 60% in closed transactions in 2009 versus 2008 (15) (4 yrs.)

Business Management
Lead Generation

In 2010 just our company alone in New England generated 44,381 Internet processed leads through our Leadrouter quick response system. Over 37,000 of those leads sent to agents in our offices came with no referral fee attached. Do the phones ring here in the Park Ave. office? We typically carry well over 250 listings at any one time so our phones ring constantly from consumers looking for more information on a property they just drove by, or just saw on the Internet, or just read about in one of the print mediums we use. Does the Coldwell Banker sign create leads? The proof is in the dominant marketshare we possess in many of the communities that we do business in, with many that we dont even have an office in.

Business Management
Reaching your full potential

Business Management
Maximizing Your Earnings
Much of the daily cost of conducting your business including newspaper and magazine advertising, major website inclusion, Just Listed/Sold cards, professionally installed yard signs, administrative support that places all the advertising as well as posting our properties on-line, high speed internet service, Leadrouter technology, on-going training and certification, collateral materials including lockboxes, stationary, business cards, telephone costs, copies, beauty sheets, flyers, newsletter templates, electronic personal promotion, etc. is taken care of. Also, there is no monthly desk fee.

Eliminate all those monthly bills!

At some companies, you are required to pay high monthly expenses whether or not you are generating income. At Coldwell Banker, I will help you achieve a higher sales volume while we fund much of the daily business costs!

Business Management
Information & Resources available to every CBRB agent

Our sales associates have a state of the art prelisting package prepared for them that includes marketing and market related materials designed to hit all of the important points in a listing presentation.

Our new intranet site is your personal research tool designed to make you more organized and prepared. Access the Do Not Call list, various forms, CMA Tool, personal income reports, and much more.

Our in-house services allow us to prepare current market studies that show buyers and sellers whats happening in any given market.

Whether its local or national statistics and research, youll be able to show buyers and sellers real time information that will impact how they think about buying and selling property.

RESource allows our agents to find a calendar of events and trainings, transaction and income tracking, CMA tools, market reports, marketing websites, listing and selling forms, legal alerts, Easy Fax, Do-Not-call, weather updates, traffic updates, and the list goes on and on. Our source for everything.


Resources available cont.

Have the finest materials and tools available to ensure that your listing appointments include the very best visuals so you can get your point across.

Career Development
My philosophy is that its very difficult to pass a test without studying for it. Having office meetings that give my agents up to the minute information on the Real Estate world, mortgage rates & programs, legal updates, marketing ideas, and great speakers including lawyers, home inspectors, CPAs, and even the mayor, all will help them create more business for themselves. Sales skills workshops, technology courses, and CEU designation courses are all designed around making my agents the very best in what they do.

Career Development
On-going training, workshops, and Webinars
In Office Workshops & Trainings
Great Prospecting Ideas How to get the Listing/Expired/FSBO/Developer Communication Styles Objection Handling How to get a 6% commission Short sales & Foreclosures A listing presentation that gets the listing Setting the expectation Hot topics in the Mortgage Industry and how they impact your Real Estate Business Scripts/words that work The legal world of real estate The best prospecting ideas that work How a House Works, its working parts The Power of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter,etc) Top Spot Knowledge sharing from top agents

Success Builder Knowledge Builder Webinars

Generating Referral Income eMarketing through Xpressdocs (e-mail) Safety in Real Estate Home Base Certification /Transaction Management Company Websites Tour Personal Safety Fair Housing Creating Personal Profiles On Our Websites Our Marketing Services Overview Of The Home Protection Plan Our Visual Imaging Services Customer Relationship Management Social Networking Managing Your NEMoves E-Mail Account Niche/Generational Marketing

New & Experienced Associate Curriculum Skill Builder Series

Skill Builder Series Discover the Difference Preparing and Positioning for Success Meeting with the Buyer Assisting Buyers with Decisions and Offers Positioning and Marketing Strategy for Sellers Presenting to Sellers Assisting Sellers with Decisions and Offers Home Base Certification Communication Styles

Materials Available For Associates & Their Clients

Buyer Presentation Guide Market Analysis Summary Pieces Seller Questionnaire/Qualifying The Seller Scripts For Positioning The Marketing Strategies Referral Forms Income & Activity Planner

Career Development cont.

Top Agents Sharing Their Secrets


Taking Your Business to The Next Level The art of what to say and how to close.
Knowing how to handle situations and issues with buyers and sellers, and knowing what to say can be the difference between making money or not making money. First impressions, setting expectations, proactive business building ideas and knowing what youre talking about will separate you from the competition.

Advertising & Marketing

Print Media
As an office, we promote our agents listings weekly and monthly in many local newspapers and magazines. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage is the largest real estate advertiser in both the Boston Globe & Worcester Telegram and Gazette.

As an agent with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, you can also take advantage of huge negotiated discounts when advertising with numerous publications throughout New England. The following are just a few examples of the print media available to our agents.

Advertising & Marketing

Postcards, magazines, feature sheets

Personal Promotion
Agent Recognition
Help in promoting your name and your accomplishments to the public will bring you more business.

Personal Promotion
On-Line or through the mail
Our in house marketing department can create marketing pieces for your personal marketing initiatives. All designed to get you more exposure to the public.

Personal Promotion cont.

Marketing Yourself & Staying in Touch (Contact Management)
State of the Art Programs Available To All CBRB Agents (Xpressdocs)

Easy to use On-line Professional & affordable E-card Programs for marketing yourself and your listings Sports schedules Seasonal cards Newsletter templates A full template library of ideas Mail merge & campaign scheduling Consumer opt out function Customer support Personal branding

Xpressdocs eCard Marketing Program What does Xpressdocs offer?

A comprehensive eCard program that provides: A secure site Branded with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Easy to use Affordable and professional alternative to current platform used in the field

New Templates Added Weekly

Personal Promotion
Internet Exposure
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage offers unsurpassed internet exposure for all of my agents to help them stand apart from the competition.

Personal Promotion
Additional Exposure
Through Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerages promotional strategy, sales associates gain additional exposure through more conventional media outlets.

Property Promotion
Internet Exposure
More than 80% of consumers start their home search online. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage has the most visited website in New England, with listings provided on numerous additional websites, and a collection of online services that is unmatched by other real estate firms.

More exposure for your listings means maximized odds of getting the property sold in the least amount of time.

Property Promotion
Internet Exposure (cont.)


Business Opportunities & Resources

Access to more programs that compliment your professionalism while giving your clients what they want full service!

Coldwell Banker Previews is one of the most prestigious Luxury Real Estate Companies in the world.

Representing hundreds of builders and contractors throughout New England.

Full range of programs designed to get your clients financed with no hassles. Ranked one of the best in Massachusetts in 2010.

Auto, home, and life insurance. % discount for sales associates.

Protecting buyers & sellers from expensive home repairs so transactions happen. (AHS)

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Home Resource Center

Distributes Internet leads from multiple websites.

Help your buyers and sellers organize their move with an On-line System for changing/ordering utilities, addresses, moving companies. Available to every Coldwell Banker associate and their clients.

Business Opportunities & Resources

Relocation Services
By listing with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, our Home Sellers have the added advantage of having their homes marketed to the group of the most highly qualified Buyers.

New England Statistics 2010 $1.3 Billion in closed sales volume. 3,105 closed units 19,797 Referrals placed

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage is the principal broker for Cartus

Relocation, the worlds largest relocation company. Some of our clients include
CVS, Shell Oil, UPS, General Electric, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Agilent.

140000 120000 100000 80000 60000 40000 20000 0

Source: HRO magazine May 2006

Cartus Crown Prudential Primacy Sirva

Coldwell Bankers Preview International Luxury Property Marketing.


luxury residences requires an expert with discretion, contacts and extensive experience in selling exceptional real estate. Going beyond standard services, Coldwell Banker Previews provides a full-service promotional approach that takes your customized marketing plan to a higher level, drawing on the wide array of unique resources offered by Coldwell Banker Previews International. Previews gives the distinct marketing edge to high-end properties in the local, national and worldwide Markets.
TARGETED PREVIEWS PROPERTY MARKETING Upon placing your property with Coldwell Banker Previews International , we will:

Place a Previews Sign on the property, where applicable. Arrange professional photography to best showcase your property. Arrange professional copywriting for your property. Create a custom Previews e-mail alert to be distributed to more than 250 certified Previews Property Specialists throughout New England. Design and prepare a full-color Previews Property Mailer that will be distributed to select area residents, as well as to our Network of Offices in New England, Connecticut/Westchester, New York City, Florida and California. Showcase your property, with Multiple Property Photos, on and the web site of the International Herald Tribune. Custom-produce an enhanced Previews HomeMovieSM, a full-motion video of your property with descriptive captions, streamed online at and Target potential high-end buyers for your property through exposure in two issues of the Northeast Edition of The Wall Street Journal. Provide advertising opportunities in Local and/or Metropolitan Newspapers such as The Boston Business Journal. Feature your property in the Previews Portfolio, one of our Companys Publications, printed in full-color and distributed to a targeted mailing list of 30,000 Investors and Owners of Luxury Properties. Feature your property in Previews International Homes & Estates Magazine, direct-mailed to 110,000 Ultra-Affluent prospects & available on International newsstands, if warranted. Hold a catered Brokers Open House to assure maximum exposure to the areas finest REALTORS, if applicable.

$1,000,000+ Single Family Closed Transactions Sides

Massachusetts Luxury Homes Market Share 2010



Business Opportunities & Resources


Support Staff
Office Administration
A successful and well run office is by all means a result of having highly skilled and experienced office staff that understand their roll as the support mechanism for the real estate agents. In todays extremely competitive environment in the real estate business, its critical that all pistons are firing at the same time so my sales associates clients have a consistent and pleasing experience, which in turn will increase the agents odds of many referrals for the future. Job knowledge Truly remarkable customer focus

Teamwork and communication

Adaptability and flexibility Transaction management Dedication to your success

Our coordinated approach to getting listings into all of the systems from on-

line and off-line venues to sending out the final commission statement, is
taken care of by us. Additionally, I have an online transaction management program that allow you, as an agent, to stay organized and focused on what needs to be done during a transaction, and when.

Support Staff
Legal Defense Program
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage maintains a staff of highly competent real estate attorneys who are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the laws and regulations governing Massachusetts real estate practice. We reduce your exposure and liability with this expert staff of attorneys.

In the unlikely event that you should be sued, our legal defense program will cover the costs of internal legal fees, external legal fees, and settlements against you (subject to the terms of the legal defense policy).

Heres what some of the Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage agents and staff have to say about working here and working with the office.
The atmosphere in our Coldwell Banker office is second to none. The agents are pleasant and helpful and our office strives to uphold very high standards of professionalism. We believe that high level of standards is followed through by our office manager. Good leadership, enthusiasm, advising, listening, encouragement, and a sincere caring approach are just a few ways Leif helps us through the ongoing challenges of the real estate world. When we need to get some direction on an issue, Leif is always just a phone call away. Chris Werme & Mike Boland/Top 100 Out of 3000 Agents & Multiple Award Winner

With close to 20 years of working in the real estate business, both as an agent and as an administrator, we offer many advantages over other companies in regard to helping both our experienced and newly licensed agents enjoy successful careers. Agents rely heavily on my knowledge and expertise to ensure that their deals run smoothly from beginning to end. We pride ourselves here at CBRB on knowing that were a part of one of the largest, most impressive, and well-run real estate offices in Worcester County.
Betty Anderson/Administrative Manager I joined the Coldwell Banker to give me more opportunities to getting to the goal level that I need to. On any given day Im in the office, Leif is always upbeat and energetic. Hes always willing to help you whether its with issues that might be taking place in a transaction or whether its thinking of different and innovative ways to market myself. This is the place to make money. Craig Luchon/Sales Agent, Multiple Award Winner & 2008 Top Transaction Agent Leif is one of the top managers in the CBRB West region and in the company. He is one of the select few managers who has been chosen to serve on the Presidents Advisory council. As a former top producing agent, he knows what it takes to be successful in real estate and his knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm make him a great business coach. He is excellent at helping people reach the next level in their career. Its no wonder so many associates enjoy working in his Worcester/Park Avenue office. Christopher Bernier/Executive Vice President Coldwell Banker New England

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

The right choice for your real estate career.

Thank you for considering Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. We are prepared to provide you with the finest in resources, tools, and services to grow your business to any desired level. I personally look forward to helping you attain great success in the real estate business!

Leif W. Rosseland
Senior Vice President, Worcester Branch Manager 196 Park Avenue Worcester, Ma 01609 508/795-7500 OFFICE 508/769-2212 CELL PHONE 508/795-6923 FAX