Mohamed Alabari Todd Aldrich Pat Aylward Wanda Brackins Troy Burton David Byfield Steve Caskey, Treasurer Laura Crosby Mike Ducar Meghan Elliott J. Forrest Lucy Gerold John Grieman L.B. Guthrie John Hetterick Garland Hill Christine Hobrough, Secretary James Howard Earl Johnston Peter Kiedrowski Karen Kraemer Jean Krause Richard Martens Kim Matheson, Board Chair Neeraj Mehta Damu McCoy Kenneth Nelson Jonathan Palmer Jerome Paquin Beth Parkhill Paul Parrish Jeffrey Peterson Ronald Poole Margaret Price John Rasmussen Laurie Rice Walter Rockenstein, Board Vice Chair Rachel Nsubuga Sampong Mary Jeanne Scott Rick Smith Glen Skovholt Richard Voreis Wesley Walker Pamela J. Wandzel Scott Wilensky

A banker friend sent me an economic report which contained a striking bar chart displaying job gains and losses annually from 2000 to 2010. The bars for 2008 through most of last year plunge dramatically downward. It made such an impression that I clipped the chart and taped it by my desk as a daily reminder of what our nation, this region, PPL as an agency, and most important of all, the families and individuals we work with endured and ultimately overcame (or at least survived). Despite this economic tumult, we can look back with pride that the most people in PPL’s 38 year history were served in 2010. It was a good year from a financial standpoint as well, owing to the continued generosity of donors in the Twin Cities and the impact of federal stimulus spending in many areas of our work. This report describes those results in greater detail, including impact stories from the lives of our participants. Of particular note is the role of volunteers. Over 1,600 people lent a hand at some point during the year, contributing an amazing 76,000 hours of service. At a time of great need for so many, it is inspiring to know our community responded in this way. As a ”New Normal“ takes hold following the Great Recession, much remains unsettled, with public sector budget priorities perhaps topping that list. But, two things are crystal clear to me. PPL’s work helping people move toward greater self-sufficiency is needed now more than ever. And we couldn’t do that work without your support. Thanks!


Project for Pride in Living, Inc. (PPL) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping low-income individuals and families develop the tools they need to achieve self-sufficiency through a broad range of programs and services. We believe in empowering participants to be accountable and responsible for their own growth toward self-reliance. This reinforces our mission: PPL works with lower-income individuals and families to achieve greater self-sufficiency through housing, employment training, support services, and education. Since 1972, thousands of people from throughout the Twin Cities metro area have built brighter, more stable futures and stronger communities as a result of PPL’s innovative, highly integrated approach. HOUSING STABILITY PPL develops and sustains a wide variety of safe, quality affordable housing for lower-income families and individuals through new construction, renovation, and management for ownership and rental. PPL owns and/or manages around 1,000 units of affordable rental housing, and recently sold a renovated home to Nykea, whose story is on page 4. ECONOMIC ADVANCEMENT Whether getting people started on a career track or helping them take the next step up the career ladder, PPL’s employment, job training, and career advancement programs help individuals at every stage increase their opportunities for economic advancement. Turn to page 6 to read about how Tom is advancing in his career with the help of PPL. FAMILY STABILITY Families and individuals in our housing are offered oneto-one services and community building activities onsite that are customized to their needs. Errol is finding that the services at PPL Re-Start are helping him build a bright future with his daughter. Read his story on page 8. YOUTH ACHIEVEMENT To help break the cycle of poverty, PPL connects students of every age to resources and relationships that will help them succeed from early childhood through high school graduation. From PPL schools to our high quality, afterschool learning activities, youth like Kiara, whose story is on page 10, are building a solid foundation for success in school and life. PPL served over 13,500 people in 2010, the most in our history. Visit www.ppl-inc.org for more information, or schedule a tour by calling 612.455.5211.

Housing units owned or managed.

Received work readiness and job training.

Adults received family stability services.

Youth and children benefited from schools and enrichment programs.

Volunteers contributed 75,681 hours of service to PPL last year.


Nykea, a single mother of two, wanted stable housing for her children. The dream of homeownership, however, seemed a long way off. PPL helped make her wish a reality. “The day that they gave me the keys was the happiest day of my life,” Nykea remembers. “I moved in right away.” Nykea’s renovated home is just one part of PPL’s revitalization work in the Hawthorne EcoVillage, a hard hit section of north Minneapolis that is being developed by incorporating eco-friendly standards. Updates to her house included a solar-powered hot water system, native landscaping, and other energy-efficiencies. PPL also worked with Nykea to renovate this home with her tastes in mind. “They let me have input on the scope of work on the home, even the paint colors and cabinets. I was so excited that I went over almost every day to see the progress.”

PPL develops and sustains a wide variety of safe, quality affordable housing for lower-income families and individuals for ownership and rental.

Nykea had help from PPL’s financial coaching services to prepare her for the responsibility of homeownership. Working with a coach, she reviewed her credit, learned how to create a savings plan, and prepared a household budget. Now Nykea and her son Jarmell, 11, and daughter Nyriah, 5, have rooms of their own, and even space for a dog. “I didn’t think I’d own a home for 10 years, if that,” Nykea said. “I’m really thankful and blessed by this.” While the home is a dream realized for the family, it is also a sign of new life for the community. “Neighbors have told me how good it feels to see people moving into the neighborhood again.” With other housing in development, EcoVillage residents will have many more new neighbors to welcome in the future.



• PPL completed an extensive renovation project of 72 units of affordable rental housing in the Near North neighborhood of Minneapolis. The properties, some of the oldest in PPL’s portfolio, were updated to provide a new level of comfort and safety for low-income families. This revitalization project also encompassed PPL Re-Start, our first supportive housing development for persons with criminal histories, helping them gain much needed housing stability. • PPL and community members celebrated the opening of the first LEED Platinum Certified home in north Minneapolis. Sold in just four months time, this single-family home, along with Nykea’s home, are just the beginning of the larger multi-year, multifaceted Hawthorne EcoVillage project. A neighborhooddriven effort, the goal of the EcoVillage is to create 50 to 100 new units of for-sale housing and 40 to 50 units of new affordable rental housing, all developed to a high standard of sustainability, making green living affordable. • PPL, the Minneapolis Police Department, and many other partners were honored with a MetLife Foundation Community-Police Partnership Award for dramatically improving safety and quality of life in the Hawthorne neighborhood. The national award, sponsored by MetLife Foundation and administered by the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, recognizes partnerships between community organizations and police departments that have reduced crime and spurred positive development in low-income communities.


After a year filled with struggles, Tom is making what he calls “the great proverbial comeback.” With the goals he’s achieving, he’s advancing personally and helping others along the way. Tom came to PPL after seeing an online posting for an Employment Training class in health care. An experienced health care professional, he was recently laid-off and looking to add to his skill set. “I found so much more than I could have possibly imagined,” Tom said. Along with the class, PPL staff helped him polish his resumé and interviewing skills. They also helped Tom regain the confidence to do great things, even in tough times. “I found wonderful mentors here,” Tom notes, “and a humility that was more empowering than all my education and experience combined.” After graduating from the class, Tom landed a job as a pharmacy technician. His passion for personal health care

PPL‘s Employment Training efforts help people prepare for a job, start on a career track, or take the next step up the career ladder.

and career advancement soon earned him a position as an oncology patient service specialist, and cultivated an entrepreneurial dream, which he is making a reality today. Undaunted by the current state of the economy, Tom is starting his own business to raise awareness of personal health responsibilities and the preventative health care options that are available to fulfill them. PPL’s financial coaching “helped me realize that I could launch my business, and that it was possible even under the most adverse circumstances,” he recalls. There were times when Tom felt like he might fall through the cracks. He credits PPL’s Employment Training staff with encouraging him to overcome the obstacles in front of him and make a better future for himself and his family. Tom is also striving to make a better world for us all, improving our physical well-being through his business, and paying forward the kindness he has received from others.



• PPL’s Learning Center programs and services got a boost through a generous stimulus-related grant from Community Action Program of Minneapolis. The grant helped PPL expand computer and professional development workshops available for low-income jobseekers, helping them gain skills and advance their careers. • PPL’s Education for Life program received national attention at the 13th annual Ryan White Clinical Conference in Washington, D.C., because of our partnership with the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Positioned as a national model, this program has served nearly 300 HIV+ individuals, offering them an opportunity to explore and prepare for returning to work in a positive and supportive learning environment. • PPL’s on-the-job-training programs include two business ventures, PPL Industries and Furnish Office & Home, to help disadvantaged workers gain the skills and experience they need to achieve stable employment and economic advancement. In 2010, PPL Industries and Furnish came together under one organizational roof known as Project for Pride in Living Enterprises to create administrative efficiencies, maximize resources, and establish one board of directors to provide a high level of expertise and singular vision. • PPL SHOP was renamed Furnish Office & Home to better describe its retail offerings and develop new audiences for its high-quality, highvalue furnishings. • PPL Industries, in partnership with Hennepin County and other county agencies, grew its mattress recycling efforts, creating more opportunities for “green" job training. In 2010, PPL Industries processed nearly 11,000 mattresses, and provided workforce development experience for trainees.


Errol has hope for the future now that he has his own place to live, even if his three-year-old daughter owns most of the furniture! He moved into an apartment at PPL Re-Start, which offers permanent, supportive housing to individuals with criminal histories who are dedicated to re-entering society in a positive way. Before moving into PPL Re-Start, Errol’s housing depended on the kindness of friends, moving “from couch to couch, floor to floor, staying wherever I could.” The instability made advancing in other areas of his life difficult, especially connecting with his children. Errol remembers how hard it was to sleep while staying with hosts with late-night activities. He’d often be late for work, fall asleep in class, or stay up for fear that his belongings would be taken. “It’s hard to hold a job or go to school when you are staying with others who have different priorities,” he notes. Finding a job in order to afford his own place to live has been problematic. Errol’s criminal conviction from years ago still holds him back. While interviews have brought job offers, his background has led them to be rescinded. “It’s been a barrier,” Errol admits. “It’s easy to get discouraged.”

PPL provides a range of support services to help families and individuals in our housing and in our community build brighter, stable futures.

Despite the obstacles, he’s committed to establishing a home and building relationships with his daughters. “I want to be another backbone for my kids. Girls need their dad around, to be involved in their lives.” Since moving into PPL Re-Start, Errol has been able to spend more time with his three-yearold daughter Jazmyne, which helps him stay positive. Having his own housing has allowed them to deepen their relationship. “If you’ve got nowhere to go yourself, where can you bring your kids?” Errol asks. “Now Jazmyne asks, ‘Dad, can we go to your house?’ It’s the best to hear that.” Living at Re-Start and connecting to Jazmyne have provided Errol hope for his future. He has worked to position himself for success, completing job training programs and using Re-Start’s onsite resources to build his skills. “I’m trying to make it on my own. I am destined for greater things, and I’m waiting for them to happen.”


• PPL Re-Start opened in August to provide 14 units of supportive housing for persons with criminal histories. Intensive onsite services ensure that residents are able to sustain stability, increasing quality of life, family reunification, and positive re-entry into society. • Residents at PPL’s Louisiana Court Apartments learned the science and art of gardening and eating healthy through “Growing Together,” a community building effort. • PPL received a HUD Shelter + Care grant to support homeless families with disabilities living in our St. Paul properties. • PPL’s financial coaching services expanded to our Self-Sufficiency Program. PPL’s Financial Literacy Toolkit is now regularly accessed online by staff working onsite with residents. • The Kopp Family Foundation Transportation Fund provided 125 grants to participants to keep them moving forward. This generous support helped jobseekers get to interviews, families reach critical destinations, and enabled people to obtain their driver's licenses. • PPL Connections to Work staff member James Klund was selected Job Counselor of the Year by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. • Onsite digital skill-building services received a boost with the addition of a Community Technology Empowerment Program AmeriCorps member to help strengthen curriculum and outreach. • A partnership with the University of Minnesota received a Broadband Technology Opportunity Program stimulus grant to increase broadband access, technical assistance, and computer instruction for PPL residents in north Minneapolis.



Kiara, a fourth grader, tells her tutor Hannah, “I am ready to learn,” and another session at PPL College House's tutor/mentor program has begun. While Kiara receives help with her school work, both she and her tutor learn more from each other. Kiara and her family moved into PPL housing three years ago. Once there, her parents enrolled her in our tutor/ mentor program. Moving from Chicago, Kiara was understandably nervous about her new surroundings. The family noticed how the tutors helped Kiara adapt socially. “She would stay to herself when we moved here,” her mother LaLaVee said. “Now she opens up, and she carries herself well.” “Kiara has an individuality that inspires me,” said Hannah, her PPL tutor. “Because she is from Chicago, kids will ask her, ‘Why do you say things like that?’ and she stands up for herself. She has an extreme maturity and a presence among her peers.”

Over 500 tutors volunteered in 2010 to help youth achieve academic and personal successes through PPL youth programming.

That maturity drives Kiara to do well in school. An honor roll student, she is currently reading fluently and is ahead of her grade level in math. “There’s a tenacity and vivaciousness to keep going, to keep learning, and get assignments done,” Hannah said. She has asked her tutor for additional math problems because it helps her in science classes, and knows it will help her in future endeavors. Kiara wants to do all that she can, at school and for others. She is volunteering at a pediatric unit in a hospital because “she is crazy about kids,” her mother notes, and wants to be a pediatrician when she grows up. Kiara continually looks for ways to help other PPL residents and even set up a jar on her kitchen shelf to collect change to help feed the hungry. “Kiara taught me,” Hannah reveals, “that we can always do a little more.”



• For a second straight year, PPL’s Loring Nicollet and MERC alternative schools were ranked at the very top of a quality review of all schools in the Minneapolis Public School District by Cambridge Education Group. • MERC Alternative School expanded to serve youth in grades 7 and 8. The program features small class sizes and a focus on helping students prepare to transition into high school. This is a unique opportunity for middle school students and parents who are looking for a deeper connection with their school. • Volunteers and youth groups gave over 100 hours of service to create a new playground environment at PPL’s Early Wonders Preschool. The playground includes traditional playground equipment and new nature spaces that double as an outdoor classroom, teaching children about the environment. • Youth Development launched a comprehensive afterschool and summer program onsite at our Van Cleve development project in southeast Minneapolis. • Ready for School became our youth staff members' newest tool, helping pre-K children and their parents prepare for kindergarten. Staff and volunteers created and implemented lesson plans to help young children reach developmental milestones and to show parents how they can be teachers at home.


Thank you for your generous support to PPL in 2010. Together we continue to help individuals and families achieve greater self-sufficiency throughout the Twin Cities. PPL continues to maintain a strong operating position and has a consolidated net assets position of over $35 million. Contribution and grant income was $9.4 million and earned income revenues exceeded $15.1 million. The sources of earned income include rental properties, sales from PPL Enterprises (the combination of PPL Industries and Furnish Office & Home), and new home sales. The consolidated contribution to net assets in 2010 was $757,609 before non-cash charges for depreciation and accrued interest of $4.6 million. Financial performance for 2010 was very strong due, in part, to increased income through investments, the receipt of multi-year grants, and federal stimulus grants. PPL’s 2010 audited financials will be available in late June and Form 990 will be available in late summer 2011; both are available upon request or by visiting www.ppl-inc.org.
Please note: PPL's consolidated financial statements include limited partners of housing partnerships where PPL is the general partner but holds a minority interest.


Consolidated Statement of Financial Position
witHout PARtneRsHiPs


Consolidated Statement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets
witH PARtneRsHiPs witHout PARtneRsHiPs witH PARtneRsHiPs



2010 Grants and Contributions Revenues interest and Gain on investments

2010 $ 9,391,680 15,176,899 1,001,864

Cash & Cash equivalents Cash Held in escrow Marketable securities Receivables inventory Prepaid expenses Property under Development other Assets


7,077,551 815,467 287,349 3,375,686 113,592 180,446 6,426,107 734,198 $ 19,010,395

$ 13,999,821 5,100,304 287,349 2,051,650 113,592 214,755 6,426,173 1,286,888 $ 29,480,531 119,496,592 (27,851,944) $ 91,644,648 $ 121,125,179 $ 72,999,795 1,177,287 9,864,255 444,085 907,822 $ 85,393,244 35,731,935 $ 121,125,179


9,126,174 10,516,111 971,943

$ 20,614,228

$ 25,570,443


Property and equipment Less: Accumulated Depreciation net Property and equipment

32,609,955 (10,297,581) $ 22,312,374 $ 41,322,770 $ 30,105,828 273,221 1,798,102 166,591 872,854 $ 33,216,596 8,106,174 $ 41,322,770

Program and services Affordable Housing enterprises support services education supporting Activities General and Administrative Fundraising

$ 11,676,422 2,470,187 3,616,763 1,641,757 1,303,036 626,299 $ 21,334,464 $ $ $ (720,236) 1,495,254 775,018

$ 19,772,509 2,470,187 3,616,963 1,641,757 1,303,036 626,299 $ 29,430,751 $ (3,860,308) $ $ 4,617,917 757,609


notes and Mortgages Receivable Accounts Payable Accrued expenses escrows and Deposits Deferred Revenues




sustAineRs CLub ($5,000 AnD uP) Anonymous (3) Abbott northwestern Hospital Foundation Ameriprise Financial, inc. Athwin Foundation bank of America Charitable Foundation, inc. David winton bell Foundation John and Ruth bergerson Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation otto bremer Foundation Marney and Conley brooks, sr. Patrick and Aimee butler Family Foundation buuck Family Foundation Caliber Foundation the Cargill Foundation Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation Carolyn Foundation CenterPoint energy Minnegasco Charlson Foundation Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota Joan and Ron Cornwell Judy Dayton Michael and Deborah Ducar Jaye F. & betty F. Dyer Foundation education Minnesota Foundation emma b. Howe Memorial Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation enterprise Community Partners, inc. F. R. bigelow Foundation evelyn Franklin Frey Foundation General Mills Foundation Gilligan Foundation Greater twin Cities united way John D. Gross Real estate broker Jack and sherry Guggisberg Richard o. Hanson Memorial Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation Lucy Hartwell James and Rosalyn Hawley Hennepin Avenue united Methodist Church James and Ann Howard Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation Hugh J. Andersen Foundation Mary Johnson Jay and iris Kiedrowski the Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Minnesota Kopp Family Foundation Laker software, inc. Local initiatives support Corporation, twin Cities tom and Mari Lowe Mardag Foundation Margaret Rivers Fund Marquette transportation Finance McFarland Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation the McKnight Foundation Minneapolis empowerment Zone the Minneapolis Foundation Minnesota Housing the Mortenson Family Foundation Pentair Foundation Plymouth Congregational Church Pohlad Family Charities Molly and Ronald Poole Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation elizabeth C. Quinlan Foundation, inc. RbC Foundation - usA Richard M. schulze Family Foundation Megan Roach the saint Paul Foundation Joan and Arthur schulze, Jr. securian Foundation sheltering Arms Foundation emil and emily slowinski smith-McCarthy Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation irmagene stark tankenoff Families Foundation target Foundation tCF national bank Minnesota thrivent Financial bank thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation travelers Foundation us bancorp Foundation u.s. bank Valspar Foundation wells Fargo Foundation Minnesota wells Fargo Housing Foundation wells Foundation westminster Presbyterian Church Angus and Margaret wurtele Xcel energy Foundation Acme tuckpointing & Restoration todd and Allyson Aldrich Darren and Jennifer Anderson Dewalt and Margaret Ankeny sally and Peter Anson Associated insurance Agents, inc. Prospect Creek Foundation, a family foundation of Martha and bruce Atwater Margaret baird baker Foundation bergren Family Foundation best buy bike & build, inc. Kathleen and thomas boe Julie brekke and Jeffrey walden bremer bank, n. A. burdick-Craddick Family Foundation Kenneth and Crystal burns C.H. Robinson worldwide Foundation Carmen and Jim Campbell of the Campbell Foundation Philip Campbell and stephanie steel Cargill Kent Carlson Alan and Ruth Carp Michael Chutich and susan Gretz Douglas and sandy Coleman Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation Combined Federal Campaign of twin Cities Area Laura H. Crosby and Daniel J. enebo John and elizabeth Curtin

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entHusiAsM CLub ($1 - $249) Anonymous (8) Paula and esam Aal omar Abdi Fozia Abrar Abdulkadir Addow Jessica Adolph susan and Duane Ager Mohamed Alabari Kristin and oswald Alcindor stephen and Annette Alderson Albert Alexander Rev. Dennis Alexander Kenneth Allen David Allgeyer and Melinda Look susan Almen sonja Almlie william Alvord American Association of university women Amy Anderson Joyce Anderson Lisa Anderson Margo and Chris Anderson Kathleen and Douglas Andrus Gwen Angel Cindy Angerhofer brigette Appleby Frank and Georgette Ario Paul Aslanian elizabeth and Clifford Athorn elisabeth Aurand Daniel Ayd ibrahim Ayeh Pat J. Aylward Daryl and Kay bach Peter bachman and Janet Rice Mary Kay bailey Chuck ballentine tom and sally barker Jennifer and James barrett Meg barrett Robert and beverly barrett George and Leora barthel Patricia bartley Patrick and Andrea bassett Karl batalden susan baysden

Jim and Peggy beardsley Joachim bedynek-stumm Lauren benson Peter and Carolyn benson Carol and Michael berde steve and Alice berestka Lu Verne and Donna berg Amy bergeron Kris A. berggren and ben olk Arthur berman David and elizabeth berry Michael and Ruth bettendorf bernard bickman Joseph and sheila biernat Lee and Kathy binger Ann blide Henry blissenbach troy blizzard blue Cross and blue shield of Minnesota eric bond and Diana Hopkins Cathy borer Michael borich bob boucher Dale bowman Clara boyum Karen boyum Reverend John F. brandes Patti brase Jennifer bratvold Jim brick Douglas brink Dennice briol and Robert Parkhill Henry bromelkamp George broostin Gen brophy Patty brophy walter broughton Kathleen browning Margaret and thomas bruce barbara and sidney buchanan Joe buck Kristeen bullwinkle Adolph and Rose burckhardt Gary and elaine butler Delroy Calhoun Alexander Calingaert and suzanne Candell

Armando Camacho Maria Campo eileen Capshaw tydlacka and Charles tydlacka Perry and Doris Caranicas Dave Carlson Peter and Laura Carlson Carlson Printing Company Mary Lou Carpenter Anne and Dr. thomas Carrier Dr. and Mrs. Richard Carroll Rick and Jeanne Carter Gay w. Castle Mary Cerise tom and Helen Cesare susan Cheney and David Arbeit Robin Chiari Laura Christensen Rochelle Christensen Angela Christy Margaret Chutich Megan Clapp Mary and Peter Clasen Roger and Gretchen Clemence barbara and Maurice Clipperton Gerry Cochran Philip Cohen Rob and Mary Colbert Ralph and Ruth Colby Carol J. Colloton bruce and Linda Coltvet Kathleen Conklin Jessica and Arne Cook Laura and benjamin Cooper Peter and Gloria Cooper Jeanne and David Cornish theodore Cornwell Paul Cowdery Jay and Page Cowles Jeanne Crain James and Pamela Cramer Kate and bill Cullen Raymond and Donna Cunningham earl Cutter evelyn Czaia Laurie and David Dahl Greg Dahlager John and Roberta Dahler

steve and Patricia Dale Carol Daly nancy Dana Daniel Danielson and Deborah Zanish Michael and Michele Darger John and ida Davies Jennifer Davis Merrill Davis Phil Davis tom Davis Judith Dawes Julia Dayton Klein Jennifer de Fiebre Anne and shawn Dean Janine Decoster Martha Delaney Kathy Derner Camillo and Lois Desantis beth Desnick and william Raaum Mary Dew Glenna Dibrell and David Cummings Kevin Dildy Catherine and David Dillon thaine Dirks Karen Doherty susan Doherty Mary and Donald Donaldson Joseph Donner scott Dorfman Anne Dorweiler thomas and Annella Dosdall Paul G. Dosh and Andrea Galdames elizabeth Dostal sheril L. Doughman and Joe Larson David Dudycha and Dorothy Vawter Mary and Greg Duerr sandra Dufresne timothy Dunleavy Jim and Colleen Durda Frank and Patricia Dutke edward ehlinger Jane elias and Kevin e. Marshall Rob and Janne eller-isaacs Peter elwell

Clem engen stephen england, MD and suzanne Paki Joan and tracy engstrand Jeff erb Carl erickson tom and Diane erickson David and nancy erpestad Georgiann and Joe errigo excel Painting Plus, inc. steve Faber James Farstad salah and suzanne Fattah David and Rita Feehan elleni Fellows Michael Ferraro Catherine Finch and sarah Goullaud Anne Marie Fischer ed Flahavan and sue o’Leary Chris and ellen Flaherty Gerry Flannery and Jean Henjum sam and Harvey Fleitman Virginia Flygare Jay Foley barbara and David Foote benjamin A. Ford and Judith newton Graham and susan Ford Ken and barbara Ford Ray and Gloria Ford Pat Forrest David Forsberg Anne Foss Drinal Foster Rita Foster and Char Madigan Jim Fournier and Karen Zeleznak Russell and Rebecca Fraenkel Dennis and barbara Ann Frederick sherry Freeman Lan Freitag Michael and susan Friedman Melissa Froehle Jane Galbraith scott and Charlotte Galbraith Debbie Galka Jon and Christine Galloway John Ganoe

enrique Garcia Leah and Chris Gardner sara Garry Vincent and Kathleen Garry Dan Geer becky George Vivian Gerold Lawrence and Lois Gibson Mary Giesler Lynn and Joan Gilbertson barbara Gilliand bruce and Mary Gilmore Ray and Marcia Giske Diane Glawe Garrett Gleason Pat Gleason Marge Goldberg tim and Molly Goodyear nancy Gormley Donna Gorski Mary Gould Mike Goze Richard and Margaret Grabowski Jan Graham Rachelle Graham and eric J. Pierskalla Alice Grant Robyn Gray John and Virginia Greenman Mark and Rose Greninger steve Griak Annette Griffin Fr. Patrick Griffin Groveland AA Group James and June Guldan John C. Gulla and Andrea Godbout Deanna and Mike Gulliford thomas and Catherine Gump steven and Janet Gunderson Gary Gustafson and Dawn Carlson Jon Gutzmann Carol Haack David and ingela Haaland tasoulla Hadjiyanni and nikolaos P. Papanikolopoulos Michael and Jane Hagedorn

Robert w. Halbach and Pat Larson Kay Halverson Dorothy Hamman Debra Hancock Michael Hannan and Mina ingersoll Dorothy Hansen David and Miriam Hanson edward and Gladys Hara Kent and Judy Harbison Lynne Hardey Joan Harris Gary Hartmann Ruby Hass steven Hauer Dan and Karrie Haugen Vicki Haupt Marie Hauser Kathy Heafey and Dave sampsell Carol Heath william Hefner and Julie L. Rohovit David Heide Gerald and Amy Heinen Jane and Frank Heiple, Jr. Kate Henderschott Angela Hendrick Kathy and John Hendricks Lisa Hendricks Matthew and shelly Hendricks Amanda Herbst sarah Hernandez Marguerite Hessian-Gatz J.L. and b.t. Hetland Jean Heyer and James walsh Liam Higgins Joan Higinbotham otis and Dawn Hilbert barbara Hill Violet Hilsen stephen Hinze and Margaret Donohue Chris Hoff Margaret Hoff Diane and tony Hofstede John Hofstede Dawn Hofstrand tom and Patty Holloran

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Mark and Kelly Holm Keith and betsy Horton william and byrl Houlihan Audra Hovick Meredith and Richard Howell Julie Huck and Jim Gilsenan Dan Huffer Rachel Hughes theresa and thomas Hughes Lucy Hulme Andrew and Alison Humphrey sarah Huss John and Rebecca Hustedt Mildred Huttenmaier Paul and beth Hyser Mary and warren ibele Harry ireton Julia iverson iwJ Charitable Foundation David Jacobs, Jr. James and Marjorie Jacobsen bob Jacobson elton and betty Jacobson Caryn Jacowski Mark and emily Jansen todd Jasin Randy and Anne sivright Jefferson Jefferson County Housing Authority employees Andrea Jenkins barbara Jenkins Patricia A. Jensen and william Coleman Ronald Jensen and Judy ostendorff David Johnson Gary Johnson Hannah Johnson Linnea Johnson Pamela and Randy Johnson Richard and Mary Johnson stuart and Joan Johnson Mick Joneja ezell Jones Laurie Jones Judy Jordahl Michael Jordan and brenda Powell

Duane Joseph Laura and bob Kadwell Glenn and nancy Kahler Phyllis Kahn Gerald and Pat Kane Matthew Kane and elizabeth Conway Arlen and Yvonne Kangas shirley and Arnold Kaplan John and barb Kattner Gregory Keane Libby Keefe tom Keljik John and Maria Keller nikki Keller edmund J. Kelley tim and Leslie Kennedy Kevin and Judy Kenney Joe Kenyon Polly and bill Keppel ian and Rose Mary Kerr Heather Kiehne Pamela Kildahl Kim Kinard tom and Jean King scott and Mary Kirby tom Klein and Kip Palmer Linda Kloman Patrice Kloss Pat and susanna Kloven James Klund Laura Klunder eric and Jean Knox Giles Kobilka Paul and nancy Koepcke John Kohring Mary Kokernot sarah Kolar Cara Kolb Mark and Vicki Kolsrud tim, shannon and Luke Koschinska sherry and Lonnie Koster Lynn and Jacie Krafve Michael Krause Laura Krenz Jane and tim Kretzmann thomas and Mary Krick Lindsay Kruh

sally Krusell stephen Ku Mick Kukielka terry and Robert Kusner tyone and Gregory Ladouceur Paul and barbara Laederach Jill Lagasse todd Landis Monica and Curtis Lange Carol Lansing Martha Lantz Karen and Glenn Larson elizabeth Lasley Cheryl Laurent and John sokalski benjamin and Ruth Leadholm Roger and Donna Leak Jeremy Leanna Dorothy Leathers steve Lebeau ingrid Lee nancy Lee Charles and Mary Leer sarah Lehman and Matt thomas Joelle and erik Lester william and Judith Lester william Levin Lee Lewis Dorothy Lilja bruce and Louise Lincoln Mark Lindberg Kathleen s. Lindblad Maggie Linvill James Lockhart and Lynn seymour elisabeth Loeffler and David Ledsinger nancy Lokken Amy and Kevin Long william and Yvonne Long Mary Lou s. Loud Lorrie J. Louder Adam Lundgren thomas and Karen Lundgren Celine Lyman David and beth Lyman Jeff Maas Rhys MacPherson John and Caroline Macwherter

Richard Madigan steven and Judith Madole Marilyn Maguire sheldon and beverly Mains Jim and nancy Malkowski Dominic Mannella Deane and nancy Manolis John Marg-Patton George and Florence Marks Andrew Marshall bill F. Marshall and Margaret shreve elsie and Ray Martin sara and Michael Martin Paul Masiarchin tom and nona Mason Jake Master James Mastroianna santos Matos Paul Maurer Pat and Robert Maxwell Jaclyn May elizabeth McCambridge Mr. & Mrs. Donald McCarthy James and Raeann McCormick Joe McCulloch Jeff and Jacqueline McCullough Rosemarie and Paul McDonald Laurel Mcevers Rose McGee barbara and John McGowan, Jr. Gene McHugh Catherine Mcintire Margot McKinney and Dave Morrison Fay McLain Malcolm and wendy McLean Laurie McRostie Ruth Meger susan Meister Paul C. n. Mellblom and Peter D. Farstad Christina Melloh and Michael t’Kach Christine and David J. Mennen Linda D. Messenger and Robert R. Distad Kathleen and Ross Meyer Margaret Michaelson

Joanne Michaud Peter Michaud william Milbrath susan Miler and David Doi David Miller elizabeth Miller Melanie Mills Kathleen and Charles Moen sara and bruce Monick Lisa and Mike Moore Mary Moos Mr. and Mrs. Jack Moran Daniel and Martha Moriarty Gail Morris Jack and Chris Morrison George Moudry and sharon berner Moudry Florence Moxham olletha Muhammad Diane and Gerald Mundt iric and Marlene nathanson Donald and Karen natwick Andrew nelson Ann nelson and stuart nelson bart nelson elizabeth and edwin nelson Gary and Colleen nelson Janet and J. thomas nelson Jim and Lorna nelson Mark nelson Marybeth nelson James nepp nam nguyen noel nix william and Delores nord Randy nordquist Kim and Dan norman Michael nowick bondo nyembwe toni oberto trish and John o’Driscoll sandy oftedahl shawn o’Grady edward and Kathleen ogrin eric oines and salima Khakoo sharon J. oines sam olbekson John and Pat oleksa Jill olsen

K. Richard and Judith olsen Kathleen olsen Frederick and sharon olson Larry and billee olson Mary ellen olson Joyce and Dr. Martin orbuch Kate o’Reilly and Ronald M. Hitzemann John and bonnie oslund Jane overby Victorio o’Yek and Alexis Jarrett bonnie Padilla Joseph and Mary Palen Jonathan and emily Palmer Annette Pantel Andrew and Corinne Papulas steve and Lois Parker Joan Parsons Justin Parta David Parupsky Patient Choice employees Geovany Patino Mary Patterson Paul Patton Jackie Peacha Anne and thomas Peacock ben and brittany Pearson Daniel and Lois Pearson Greg and Michiyo Pearson Carla Pedersen David Pederson trisha and Ron Pergande bill Peterson John and sharon Peterson Ronald and Ann Peterson tamara and Denise Peterson John and Joan Petroff John and nancy Peyton Richard and Margaret Pfohl Mary Pickard susanne Pierazek Pihlstrom Family Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation John Pikala Jeff and emily Piper Kelly Place tim Plant nora Plesofsky

Courtney Poja wendy Poland sally Polk wayne Popham James Philip Pratt sheila Pratt Premier banks Lida Price Margaret Price Ron and Kimberly Price Joanne Provo nic Puzak betty and bruce Ragan Jessie and william Rains Linda Rasch Doris Rausch Martha and David Raymond Conrad and teresa Razidlo Paul and Laura Rebholz Lawrence Redmond Daniel Reese Judy Reiber sandy Reichert Karl Reinhard Hazel Reinhardt susan and Charles Reinhart ethel Reinharz william Reinwald Deborah Renshaw Renee J. Richie Rosemarie Riskevich sarah Riskin Valerie and Craig Rittler Ginny and Chuck Roach ingrid and Hugh Roberts Diane Robinson Hunt Amy Rodquist-Kodet nancy Rolfe-bailey Leigh Rosenberg and s. subramanya sastry James J. Roth Michele Rothstein Jeff and Jean Roy susan Runholt Mary Rutka and J.C. nygaard sALA Architects, inc. Rachel sampong Christine sanguinet Harvey and Janis sarles

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Linda and John satorius Kent and Ande saunders Patricia schaffer and David weissbrodt Mary t. schertler bradley schlichting Judith schlichting betty schlotthauer Phil and Mary Margaret schmidt beth schmieg Jeffrey schneider Jeff and Ardella schoeneck James scholten John schonberg John schuerman Dave and Mary schultz John and Mariam schulz Catherine and Donald schumacher Jan scofield Pat and tom scott Robert and belle scott security Control systems, inc. Gail s. see Michelle and D. Christopher seets stephen seidel and Deborah Keenan George and Geraldine sell Richard and Karen sellers Joe selvaggio and Rose escanen Mary severson stephen and susan shakman David and norma shannon Mary shapiro Celia and James shapland, ii bernadette sheats Andy sherman Hugh and Mollie sherry Vicki shipley Davis and Margaret shryer Alan sicherman Mary and John siegfried Kent simon Judith and Dale simonson Harpreet singh todd sipe Ronald and teresa sit Gary skare

Patrick skelly John sletten Dan and tracie smith emelda smith susannah L. smith and Matt sobek Leif and Jeanne solberg sharon solfest eileen somers Rebecca and thomas somers Matthew and sarah soucek Laura spartz Lionel spartz Rita speltz Cathy spicola David spoor Kathleen sposito st. Frances Cabrini Church Josie st. Peter Michael and Pamela stalpes branislav and Margret stankovsky Claudia stegora Cathy steinhagen Philippa stelter Laurel and John stewart Maribel stolee bill stout bob strachota Anne straka-Leland Jeffrey strand and Kim Jeppesen Mary stratton Robert straughn Lee strom Richard and Vivian stuck Robert and Mary super Kathy svanda Don and wildie swanson John and Michaeleen swanson Randy and Judy swanson tom sweeney and Polly sander Paul and Karine swensen Moe Albert and Diane swintek Grace tangjerd-schmitt Lisa tanner Merrill and sally tawse Craig taylor John and Mary taylor Melanie and Lance taylor

Jeanne e. teigen ten thousand Villages ellen thayer the Lindsay willis Group sean and Kristin thomas Richard and Paula thomasgard Christen thompson and Christopher V. Dall Pat thompson and Mark simonson thomson Reuters Deborah thorp steve and Dee Dee tillitt Danielle tomassini Don and Joan totzke Peter tourek Lee and Lois tourtelotte Jill trombley Krech sarah trowbridge and Jonathan engel thomas tuttle Dr. John twomey Dan tyson ubs Financial services Gary and Judy Vars Joann Vasquez Faith Velde Michael Vespasiano and Dana Hazel Craig Veurink Karen Von Rueden Roxanne Votaw Michael and Janet wagner Christine walag samuel and Patricia walker sheila walker wesley walker Jerome wallace and Patricia stolpman Kevin walsh Pamela wandzel Jean ward David and nancy warner Linda warning Jeff and sarah washburne David and Ruth waterbury ernest and Margaret watts Derek weatherford Gordon weber

A. Dewayne and theo wee Julie weidemann Daniel and Carol weiler shane weis Luke weisberg terry welch Kathleen welling David wells, Jr. Douglas and Anne westby Kerri westenberg John wetzel ben wheeler John white Paul white william and shirley whitlock Claudia wielgorecki and thomas Fisher shauna and Joshua wiest Dana wigton Lori wilhelm Jay wilkinson todd williams Genevieve williams-Murph Arletha wilson elaine M. wilson and Daniel M. barnes Dennis and Kathy wipperling Danelle and Mark wolf Roy and Judy wolff Michele wood and Lori Klingler Larry and Lori Yoder Dick Youngblood and Mary Dinneen wilfred Zalaznik tyler Zehring David and Kristen Ziemer Linda Zimmerman Ron Zweber steve and Michelle Zwicky

in KinD A & M business interior services A Fresh Look, inc. Abbott northwestern Hospital Foundation Acorn Direct Aeon All Furniture service

Alliant techsystems Allianz of north America Allina Hospitals & Clinics Ally Financial Anchor block Joe Ashebrock AtK Community investment Foundation baker tilly Virchow Krause, LLP beaumont’s Quality tools Adam beck betty berge bigos Management, inc. brownsworth, inc. buffalo Hospital burlington northern Railway Cargill Carlson Companies, inc. Catholic Aid Association Children’s Cancer Research Fund Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota Coats Media services Harry Connelly Convey Compliance systems Patrick Coult Darrell Catton & Associates Darnold Day Dorsey & whitney, LLP John Duff Connie Durham Face to Face Clinic Faegre & benson, LLP Family Handyman Federal Milk Marketing Federal Reserve bank of Minneapolis Five star office installations J. and Rebekah Forrest Fredrikson and byron, PA Michael and Meghan Frehse Friends of Ramsey County Libraries G.e. Capital Fleet services General Mills General Mills Foundation Robin Gibson Paul and sheryl Gilbertson Ray and Marcia Giske

Golden Valley Police Department Gary Hanson Matt and Jennifer Hanson David and Carmen Harris Philip Hastings Hawkins tree and Landscaping HealthPartners Hines Honeywell Corporation william and nancy Horn Kathy Hunter immedia international spanish Language Academy Renita iverstadt Jonah Jensen Janet Kaiser Amy Kampfe Jack and Debby Katzmark Keystone Automotive Kopp investment Advisors Korn Ferry international Jennifer Krause Lawson Lisa Lescarbeau LHb engineers & Architects Lindquist & Vennum, P.L.L.P. Lori Korte Design Lyman Lumber Company Marriott Hotel Congresswoman betty McCollum Robert and Margaret McCoy Marianne Mcevoy terry McGann Medtronic beth Megas James and elaine Merila Meyers Minnehaha Creek Company Minnesota ballpark Authority MniC Money Gram Linda Moorse Patrick Morley and Kerry Durkin Martha navarro nestle Cheryl newcy northeaster newspaper northMarq Capital

nutrition services old Republic national title insurance John orbison David oskie Pavement Resources, inc. PDRi, inc. Perficient Planned investments Prescription Landscape RbC wealth Management tony Redding Fernando and sarah Reyes Ryan Companies u.s., inc. Mark Ryter sartell Group Kristen scobie seabury Group Judy seymour shamrock Properties Mike shea Richard and stephanie soskin Matthew and sarah soucek st. Anthony eye Clinic Laurie swiler tAP target Corporation thiele technologies, inc. thrivent Financial for Lutherans employees u.s. bank James and Marie uhrich unitedHealth Group universal Direct Valspar Foundation tracey Vetter John walter Pamela wandzel Linda warning wells Fargo Home Mortgage wilson Learning Corporation work Place 2000 YMCA of Metropolitan Minneapolis Ziegler Power systems

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Aveus, LLC bill Paterson Catherine Gunsbury Chris wilson Dick McFarland’s 80th birthday Geoffrey and Kaye Mason Giovanni williams For all the great work you do for our community Hailey sedlacek, in memory of her grandfather, Richard Yurek Jackson, Lila and sawyer Jeanette Clark Jennifer woodland and Jim Leinfelder Jessie Krohn Joe selvaggio John Goodman, 1-800-Got-Junk Julie Huck Ken Ford Kim Matheson Kris Anderson L.b. Guthrie Lauren and stella Ganley Linda Margaret Price and eugene Cha Margaret schmidt Mariah soderstrom Maurie and barbara Clipperton Meg and Mike turk Michael Chutich and susan Gretz Millie and Chris wilson Mira Grinsfelder nate Anderson Paul Parrish Ray Clare sara olson, Abe teacher at PPL stephen Alexander, PPL AmeriCorps Member susan baldwin the valuable work of the staff at early wonders Preschool the volunteer work of toni oberto the work of Maurie Clipperton tina wombacher Viola Krietemeyer

Anonymous Pat and susanna Kloven Kerri westenberg David byfield Anonymous Anonymous Lauren benson Patricia and Gregory bartley John Ganoe L.b. and Pamela Guthrie John and Mary Clark Dick Youngblood and Mary Dinneen Anonymous Roger and Gretchen Clemence, George Moudry and sharon berner Moudry, Rita speltz 2 City Chics Lois and ed Drott benjamin A. Ford and Judith newton Anne Foss, Heather Kiehne, Kim Kinard, Randi Lyders, Mary ellen olson Kathy Derner Anonymous Anonymous bernadette sheats Lida Price Phil and Mary Margaret schmidt sarah A. Koschinska and Daniel soderstrom Russell and Doris Langseth Anonymous Margaret Chutich Linda Zimmerman Anonymous Kathy Derner John and Patty bailey Richard Madigan Carolyn and tucker Dahl Rev. Dennis Alexander elisabeth Aurand orlyn and sharon Miller Lowry Hill Anonymous Jim and nancy Malkowski Ron Krietemeyer

william bahns william baldwin Jon Cornwell Clare Doyle nelson David Goldberg John Hartwell eugene Hunstiger Ann Louise Johnson James R. Kyle Mark Lindblad My Parents warren nelson

brigette Appleby sherry Freeman Kate and bill Cullen Richard Doyle Marge Goldberg thomas and Annella Dosdall, John and Mary taylor Joshua and susan schneck william and Yvonne Long, Annette Pantel Faith Velde Kathleen s. Lindblad Laura spartz Gay w. Castle, Richard and Margaret Grabowski, Matthew Kane and elizabeth Conway, Mary Moos, Patient Choice employees Marko and Robann Mrkonich Randy and Anne sivright Jefferson Jeffrey strand and Kim Jeppesen Anonymous, Lisa Anderson, Meg barrett, Cathy borer, Julie brekke, Gen brophy, Patty brophy, Kathleen browning, barbara and sidney buchanan, Kathleen Conklin, steve Cramer and Deborah brisch-Cramer, Paul Cowdery, Judith Dawes, edward ehlinger, Jane elias and Kevin e. Marshall, Joan and tracy engstrand, Russell and Rebecca Fraenkel, Vivian Gerold, Lynn and Joan Gilbertson, nancy Gormley, Alice Grant, Gary Gustafson and Dawn Carlson, David Heide, Jean Heyer and James walsh, william and byrl Houlihan, Jefferson County Housing Authority employees, Glenn and nancy Kahler, Libby Keefe, Pat and susanna Kloven, Paul and nancy Koepcke, tyone and Gregory Ladouceur, elizabeth Lasley, Matthew Lasley, nancy Lokken, Celine Lyman, Gene McHugh, susan Meister, Kathleen and Ross Meyer, Mark nelson, Jill olsen, wayne Popham, Jessie and william Rains, Valerie and Craig Rittler, nancy Rolfe-bailey, Mary Rutka and J.C. nygaard, Jennifer and Herve sarteau, Catherine and Donald schumacher, Rebecca and thomas somers, Cathy steinhagen, James and Deanna stratton, Mary stratton, Kathleen welling

Heinz otto ed sivright Ralph and illa strang and Ada Jeppesen nathalie welch

2010 DONORS │ 19

Project for Pride in Living 1035 East Franklin Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55404 Phone: 612.455.5100 • Fax: 612.455.5101 E-mail: ppl@ppl-inc.org • www.ppl-inc.org

non-Profit org u.s. Postage PAiD Permit no. 530 twin Cities, Mn


PPL meets the Charities Review Council’s standards, is a Greater twin Cities united way funded agency, and is the fortunate recipient of the AmeriCorps Program.

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