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What’s everyone tweeting about?
Stay connected to the latest!! We’re up and tweeting! Karen will be tweeting about The Learning Exchange’s news and updates on Twitter. Follow us on Twitter @TLE_literacy! We also suggest you follow the Quebec English Literacy Alliance @quebecliteracy. Don’t forget to check us both out on Facebook and look for Literacy Volunteers of Quebec too!

Would you like to make a special presentation to your student or tutor at our Celebration Event June 28? Write a poem, give a thank you, make a speech or presentation? Please let Karen know and she will help you!

Student Honours
Two students from the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board CDC-Vimont along with two students from The Learning Exchange will be honoured with certificates of accomplishment and cheques for $100 each, from the Quebec English Literacy Alliance. The recipients will be announced in June. Congratulations to all!!!

TLE Celebration Event
Tuesday June 28th Noon to 3:00 Join us for cake and coffee to honor our members!


Message from the President
was a highlight of this season’s activities. Many volunteers and children attended. Congratulations to Kosal for completing his Sociology (Individual & Society) class! He worked really hard to pass the exam. He should be very proud of his achievement! I look forward to seeing everyone in the fall for the start of another great year! Mona Arsenault TLE President

TLE Board of Directors 2010/2011
President: Mona Arsenault Vice-President: Lazar Jevremovic Secretary: Christiane Dabbagh Treasurer: Valerie Sauriol Director: Enza Ciampanelli

Mona and Kosal at TD Canada’s Author’s book Tour visit held at Souvenir elementary school

It’s time once again to close for the summer and take a much deserved break! An Author’s visit

TLE Literacy Supporters

From: Executive Director’s Desk
Congratulations to all students, tutors, volunteers and staff on another great year! The Strategic Plan for the next three years is near completion. TLE plans to continue to build upon the success of current programs and events. We look forward to continued partnerships and the start of new ones. Highlights from the year include Storytime, TD Author’s visit, Girls’ Action Day event, workshops by McGill students, elementary school readings, Learning Author Penny Draper signs books from young fans Links development and of course working closely with our many wonderful members. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work with such great individuals! Thank you!

    


Karen’s News
Wishing everyone a great summer, hopefully we will have a warm summer with plenty of sun! Don’t forget your volunteer hours – anytime before the 30th as the Center will be closing for the summer on the 30th of June. Thanks for a great year and looking forward to seeing every one either this month or in September. Ciao for now!
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Student Stories Wanted
NALD story of the week: If you know of a student who would like to see their story, or any other text, posted, contact Lorette Melanson at lorette.melanson@nald.ca

NALD launches mobile application
FREDERICTON, NB – Accessing information through the National Adult Literacy Database (NALD) just got a little easier. NALD, Canada’s literacy and essential skills network, has launched a mobile application that links users to its popular Headlines, Contacts and Websites sections. NALD Mobile is a version of the NALD website that offers users on the go the opportunity to obtain literacy and literacy-related information from their mobile Internet devices. With a reduced deliverability size, NALD’s mobile site is a fast and efficient method of accessing the resources users may require while travelling. A hot button on the front page of NALD takes users to the mobile site which can also be accessed by visiting http://m.nald.ca/. Once access to the front page is obtained, users may choose from national or provincial/ territorial information by clicking on the appropriate field and the appropriate icon. For mobile service in French, go to http://m.bdaa.ca/. NALD contact: Christy English Editor/Stakeholder Liaison Tel: 506-462-5034 or toll-free: 1-800-720-6253 Email: christy.english@nald.ca

Attention Book Lovers! We are looking for new members. Anyone interested? We meet the first Wednesday of each month at the Multi-Cultural Library. Call Karen for more info!

Mug Cake
Ingredients ● 4 tbsp flour ● 4 tbsp sugar ● 2 tbsp cocoa

Darlene’s English Class

One microwaveable mug

Last week we looked up instructions to make mug cakes. We used three recipes to make five cakes in school with all our classmates. We had a lot of fun doing it all together. We enjoyed it so much! They were delicious!! Lots of calories though!!! Here is our favourite recipe:

● 1/4 tsp baking powder ● 1 egg ● 3 tbsp milk ● 3 tbsp oil ● 3 tbsp chocolate chips ● splash of vanilla Optional:    chocolate syrup whipped cream cherries

Put dry ingredients into mug, and mix well. Add egg and mix thoroughly. Pour in milk and oil, mix well. Stir in chocolate chips and vanilla. WARNING!: 1048 calories/ 65 grams of fat Microwave for 2½ to 3 minutes on high. Cake will rise over the top of mug, but don’t be alarmed! Remove from microwave and allow to cool a little. If desired, drizzle with chocolate syrup and top with whipped cream and cherries!


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Dates to Remember
Go to TLE online under EVENTS to view our Google calendar for details of all dates/events Book Club Get-Togethers *Multicultural Library/Call TLE for info.

Excellence in Literacy

How to Contact Us

Darlene Brown Executive Director Karen Mockler Administrative Assistant Library Resource Diane Richard Financial Officer Margo Legault Communications Consultant


May 30-31: LVQ Annual General Meeting and MNAO project presentations Maritime Hotel June 8: QELA's Annual General Members Meeting Novotel Montreal Hotel June 9:

2100 Blvd. des Laurentides Vimont, Laval, Quebec. Phone: 450-688-2933 ext. 3126 Skype: TLETLE1 Fax: 450-663-1290 Email: TLE_literacy@yahoo.ca

  

TLE BOD meeting 1:00 AM Sir Wilfrid Laurier Graduation ceremony

June 13: CDC Vimont Governing Board meetings *Conference Room 4:00 PM June 16: NPI Partners meetings *CLC Laval 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM June 24: School closed for St. JeanBaptiste Day June 28: TLE Celebration Event coffee 12 to 3 PM rm 222/225 June 30: Last day of classes/TLE closes for the summer July 1: Canada Day July 2: Summer hours begin for school August 25:

Errol Pinto

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Penny Draper’s Visit


  

I entered the gym and helped Darlene and a tutor to setup the books for The Learning Exchange’s author’s visit at Souvenir Elementary. I bought two of Penny Draper’s books one was The Ice Storm and the other Graveyard of the Sea. She autographed my books and congratulated me on being a tutor. Penny Draper, for me, was a very nice person to listen to, especially when she took the time to hear all our questions that we had. The best part of the author’s visit was when I found out that we had something in common, we were both left handed. After her presentation, she said that left handed people could do anything they wanted. She answered a question and I now would like to continue my little story that I started a long time ago.

       

Teachers return NPI Partners meeting CLC Laval 10:00 - 1:00 P.M. Classes begin TLE reopens

August 29:

Sept. 8: International Literacy Day Sept. 23: Essential Skills Day Oct. 18: TLE Annual General Meeting

“I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed. “
~ Michael Jordan

Call Karen at: 450-688-2933 ext. 3126 or see our website for more details: www. TLE l i t e r a c y . c o m

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