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8340 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

33 / Friday, February 18, 2005 / Notices

agreed upon by the interviewer and the will be drafted to report the more DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE
respondent. significant methodological or theoretical
A list of potential respondent findings. Forest Service
addresses and telephone numbers will If the information proposed herein is
be purchased from Survey Sampling, Eastern Idaho Resource Advisory
not collected, data concerning Hispanic Committee Caribou-Targhee National
Inc. located in Fairfield, Connecticut. perception and use of the urban forest
The key community contact will Forest, Idaho Falls, ID
will not be available to the Forest
publicize the information collection Service. The resources specified in this AGENCY: Forest Service, USDA.
through his or her contacts in the proposal are not federally managed. ACTION: Notice of meeting.
community and via word of mouth. However, federal resources and
Interviewers will send letters to SUMMARY: Pursuant to the authorities in
programs provide partial support for
potential respondents explaining the the Federal Advisory Committee Act
their continuance.
survey and the dates on which the (Pub. L. 92–463) and under the Secure
interviewer will conduct field The agency is committed to
Rural Schools and Community Self-
interviews. Follow-up phone calls will encouraging more participation in tree
Determination Act of 2000 (Pub. L. 106–
be made to help ensure potential stewardship by urban communities,
393) the Caribou-Targhee National
respondents are aware of the including minority and ethnically
Forests’ Eastern Idaho Resource
information collection and the dates on diverse populations. In order to achieve
Advisory Committee will meet
which the interviewer will conduct the this goal, the agency must have better Thursday, March 29, 2005 in Idaho Falls
survey. The survey instrument will be information on how specific groups for a business meeting. The meeting is
translated into Spanish. Respondents interact with the urban forest. open to the public.
will have a choice of responding in Estimate of Annual Burden: 15 DATES: The business meeting will be
Spanish or English. The graduate minutes. held on March 29, 2005 from 10 a.m. to
student interviewer is fluent in both
Type of Respondents: Hispanic 2 p.m.
English and Spanish.
The number of respondents residents in Gainesville, Georgia. ADDRESSES: The meeting location is the
comprising the sample size is based on Estimated Annual Number of Caribou-Targhee National Forest
an estimate of the Hispanic population Respondents: 300. Headquarters Office, 1405 Hollipark
in Gainesville. Based on census figures, Drive, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402.
Estimated Annual Number of
we know that approximately 64 percent Responses per Respondent: 1. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Jerry
of the population is comprised of Reese, Caribou-Targhee National Forest
Estimated Total Annual Burden on Supervisor and Designated Federal
Hispanics 18 years of age or older. The
Respondents: 75 hours. Officer, at (208) 524–7500.
sample size calculation assumes a 5
percent margin of error and the 95 Comment is invited on: (1) Whether SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The
percent confidence level. Sample size is this collection of information is business meeting on March 29, 2005,
based on the following equation: necessary for the stated purposes and begins at 10 a.m., at the Caribou-Targhee
n = 4P*Q/.0025 the proper performance of the functions National Forest Headquarters Office,
Where n = sample size, P = proportion of the agency, including whether the 1405 Hollipark Drive, Idaho Falls,
of population with the characteristic, information will have practical or Idaho. Agenda topics will include
i.e., percent Hispanic; Q = proportion of scientific utility; (2) the accuracy of the listening to presentations from those
population without the characteristic, agency’s estimate of the burden of the projects who have been invited back for
i.e., not Hispanic. The sample size is collection of information, including the the second round of project proposals
calculated at 368 (n = 4*.64*.36/.0025). validity of the methodology and for the 2005 fiscal year and making a
The resulting calculation is rounded assumptions used; (3) ways to enhance decision on projects to fund.
down to 300 because of logistical the quality, utility, and clarity of the
Dated: February 11, 2005.
limitations associated with collecting information to be collected; and (4)
Jerry B. Reese,
door-to-door interviews. ways to minimize the burden of the
collection of information on Caribou-Targhee Forest Supervisor.
Forest Service managers would use [FR Doc. 05–3135 Filed 2–17–05; 8:45 am]
this information to develop outreach respondents, including the use of
strategies designed to encourage greater automated, electronic, mechanical, or BILLING CODE 3410–11–M

Hispanic participation in urban forest other technological collection

stewardship. Specifically, this involves techniques or other forms of information
developing programs to promote technology. COMMITTEE FOR PURCHASE FROM
volunteerism and community PEOPLE WHO ARE BLIND OR
participation. In cooperation with state
forestry agencies and municipal parks All comments received in response to
Procurement List; Proposed Additions
agencies, the Forest Service will provide this notice, including names and
technical advice to communities to addresses when provided, will be a AGENCY: Committee for Purchase from
ensure that urban green projects are matter of public record. Comments will People Who Are Blind or Severely
environmentally feasible. be summarized and included in the Disabled.
Tabulation and analysis of the submission requesting Office of ACTION: Proposed additions to
quantitative data will be performed by Management and Budget approval. procurement list.
researchers with the Forest Service in Dated: January 25, 2005.
Athens, Georgia, and the University of SUMMARY: The Committee is proposing
Ann M. Bartuska,
Georgia geography department. to add to the Procurement List products
Statistical analyses include means Deputy Chief for Research & Development. to be furnished by nonprofit agencies
difference tests, Chi-square tests, and [FR Doc. 05–3123 Filed 2–17–05; 8:45 am] employing persons who are blind or
multivariate regression. Journal articles BILLING CODE 3410–11–P have other severe disabilities.

VerDate jul<14>2003 15:41 Feb 17, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00004 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\18FEN1.SGM 18FEN1
Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 33 / Friday, February 18, 2005 / Notices 8341

COMMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED ON OR the objectives of the Javits-Wagner- 7520–00–WIM–1472

BEFORE: March 20, 2005. O’Day Act (41 U.S.C. 46–48c) in Product/NSN: Pencil, Metallic Foil, Imprint,
ADDRESSES: Committee for Purchase connection with the products proposed Navy 7510–00–NIB–0525
for addition to the Procurement List. Product/NSN: Planner 7510–00–WIM–0552
From People Who Are Blind or Severely
Comments on this certification are Product/NSN: Polo Shirts 8415–00–NIB–
Disabled, Jefferson Plaza 2, Suite 10800, 0159
1421 Jefferson Davis Highway, invited.
Product/NSN: Polo Shirts 8415–00–NIB–
Arlington, Virginia, 22202–3259. Commenters should identify the
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR TO SUBMIT statement(s) underlying the certification Product/NSN: Polo Shirts 8415–00–NIB–
COMMENTS CONTACT: Sheryl D. Kennerly, on which they are providing additional 0161
Telephone: (703) 603–7740, Fax: (703) information. Product/NSN: Polo Shirts 8415–00–NIB–
603–0655, or e-mail End of Certification 0162 Product/NSN: Polo Shirts 8415–00–WIM–
The following products are proposed 0170
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: This for addition to Procurement List for Product/NSN: Polo Shirts 8415–00–WIM–
requirement was originally added to the production by the nonprofit agencies 0171
Procurement List on April 21, 2000 (65 listed: Product/NSN: Retractable Badge Holder
FR 21396) as Customization and 8145–00–WIM–0020
Distribution of Navy Recruiting Product/NSN: Rulers 9905–00–WIM–0090
Promotional Merchandise,’’ a service Product: Navy Promotional Recruiting Product/NSN: Rulers 9905–00–WIM–0095
requirement covering the entire Materials Product/NSN: Slingbag 8465–00–WIM–0070
Product/NSN: Ball Caps Product/NSN: Stress Baseball 7830–00–NIB–
promotional material needs of the 8405–00–WIM–0175
Commander, Naval Recruiting 0006
Product/NSN: Ball Caps Product/NSN: Stress Basketball 7830–00–
Command. In 2004, the Navy advised 8405–00–WIM–0176 NIB–0005
the Committee that its requirement for Product/NSN: Ball Caps Product/NSN: Stress Football 7830–00–NIB–
such items will be purchased as 8405–00–WIM–0177
products in the future, and requested Product/NSN: Beverage Can Cooler
Product/NSN: Sunglasses 8465–00–NIB–0067
that the Committee initiate the 7830–00–WIM–0010
Product/NSN: T-Shirts 8415–00–NIB–0139
appropriate administrative process to Product/NSN: Beverage Can Cooler
7830–00–WIM–0012 Product/NSN: T-Shirts 8415–00–NIB–0140
maintain the entire requirement on the Product/NSN: Coins Product/NSN: T-Shirts 8415–00–NIB–0157
Procurement List. This requirement, in 8145–00–NIB–0013 Product/NSN: T-Shirts 8415–00–NIB–0158
its current form, consists of the items Product/NSN: Coins Product/NSN: T–Shirts
specifically listed below. As the Navy’s 8145–00–NIB–0014 8415–00–WIM–0165
entire requirement for recruiting and Product/NSN: Flashlight Product/NSN: T–Shirts
promotional materials remains on the 7830–00–WIM–0008 8415–00–WIM–0166
Product/NSN: Flashlight Product/NSN: T–Shirts
Procurement List, any changes to the list
7830–00–WIM–0011 8415–00–WIM–0167
below will be considered replacement Product/NSN: T–Shirts
Product/NSN: Flyer
items under the Committee’s regulations 7830–00–NIB–0001 8415–00–WIM–0168
at 41 CFR 51–6.13. Product/NSN: Golf Balls Product/NSN: Table Cloth
This notice is published pursuant to 7830–00–NIB–0007 8460–00–WIM–0004
41 U.S.C 47(a)(2) and 41 CFR 51–2.3. Its Product/NSN: Lanyards Product/NSN: Temporary Tattoos
purpose is to provide interested persons 5340–00–WIM–0076 9905–00–WIM–0091
an opportunity to submit comments on Product/NSN: Lanyards Product/NSN: Temporary Tattoos
the proposed actions. If the Committee 5340–00–WIM–0077 9905–00–WIM–0092
approves the proposed additions, the Product/NSN: Lanyards Product/NSN: Travel mug
5340–00–WIM–0078 7350–00–NIB–0147
entities of the Federal Government
Product/NSN: Lanyards Product/NSN: Travel mug
identified in the notice for each product 5340–00–WIM–0079 7350–00–WIM–0149
or service will be required to procure Product/NSN: Lapel Pin Product/NSN: Travel mug
the products listed below from 8145–00–WIM–0101 7350–00–WIM–0150
nonprofit agencies employing persons Product/NSN: Luggage Tag Product/NSN: Travel mug
who are blind or have other severe 9905–00–NIB–0088 7350–00–WIM–0151
disabilities. Product/NSN: Luggage Tag Product/NSN: Tumbler
9905–00–NIB–0089 8125–00–NIB–0007
Regulatory Flexibility Act Certification Product/NSN: Mini Pouch w/Ear Plugs
Product/NSN: Water Bottle
I certify that the following action will 8145–00–WIM–0025
Product/NSN: Mini Pouch w/Ear Plugs
not have a significant impact on a 8145–00–WIM–0026
Product/NSN: Zipper Jacket and Jogging
substantial number of small entities. Product/NSN: Mouse Pad, Computer Pants
The major factors considered for this 7045–00–NIB–0170 8415–00–NIB–0141
certification were: Product/NSN: Pack, Personal Gear Product/NSN: Zipper Jacket and Jogging
1. If approved, the action will not 8465–00–NIB–0057 Pants
result in any additional reporting, Product/NSN: Pen, Cushion Grip, 8415–00–NIB–0142
recordkeeping or other compliance Transparent Product/NSN: Zipper Jacket and Jogging
7520–00–WIM–1545 Pants
requirements for small entities other 8415–00–NIB–0143
than the small organizations that will Product/NSN: Pen, Cushion Grip,
Transparent Product/NSN: Zipper Jacket and Jogging
furnish the products to the Government. 7520–00–WIM–1550 Pants
2. If approved, the action will result Product/NSN: Pen, Executive, Twist 8415–00–NIB–0144
in authorizing small entities to furnish Retractable NPA: Industries for the Blind, Inc.,
the products to the Government. 7520–00–WIM–1471 Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
3. There are no known regulatory Product/NSN: Pen, Executive, Twist Contracting Activity: Fleet and Industrial
alternatives which would accomplish Retractable Supply Center, Philadelphia,

VerDate jul<14>2003 15:41 Feb 17, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00005 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\18FEN1.SGM 18FEN1
8342 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 33 / Friday, February 18, 2005 / Notices

Pennsylvania. 2. The action will result in End of Certification

Sheryl D. Kennerly, authorizing small entities to furnish the Accordingly, the following service is
services to the Government. deleted from the Procurement List:
Director, Information Management.
[FR Doc. 05–3173 Filed 2–17–05; 8:45 am]
3. There are no known regulatory
alternatives which would accomplish
the objectives of the Javits-Wagner- Service Type/Location: Janitorial/Custodial,
Department of Agriculture, Animal &
O’Day Act (41 U.S.C. 46–48c) in
Plant Health Inspection Services,
COMMITTEE FOR PURCHASE FROM connection with the services proposed (APHIS), Orlando, Florida.
PEOPLE WHO ARE BLIND OR for addition to the Procurement List. NPA: Lakeview Center, Inc., Pensacola,
SEVERELY DISABLED End of Certification Florida.
Contracting Activity: Animal & Plant Health
Procurement List; Additions and Accordingly, the following services Inspection Service, Minneapolis,
Deletion are added to the Procurement List: Minnesota.

AGENCY: Committee for Purchase from Services Sheryl D. Kennerly,

People Who Are Blind or Severely Service Type/Location: Custodial Services, Director, Information Management.
Disabled. Charles E. Bennett Federal Building, 400 [FR Doc. 05–3174 Filed 2–17–05; 8:45 am]
W. Bay Street, Jacksonville, Florida.
ACTION: Additions to and deletions from BILLING CODE 6353–01–P
NPA: CCAR Services, Inc., Green Cove
Procurement List. Springs, Florida.
Contracting Activity: GSA, Property
SUMMARY: This action adds to the
Management Center (4PMB), Atlanta, DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE
Procurement List services to be Georgia.
furnished by nonprofit agencies Bureau of Industry and Security
Service Type/Location: Facilities
employing persons who are blind or Maintenance, Buckley Annex and
have other severe disabilities, and Building 667, Buckley AFB, Colorado. Regulations and Procedures Technical
deletes from the Procurement List a NPA: Professional Contract Services, Inc., Advisory Committee; Notice of
service previously furnished by such Austin, Texas. Partially Closed Meeting
agencies. Contracting Activity: 460th Air Base Wing,
Buckley AFB, Colorado. The Regulations and Procedures
EFFECTIVE DATE: March 20, 2005. Technical Advisory Committee (RPTAC)
ADDRESSES: Committee for Purchase Service Type/Location: Water Blasting,
Various U.S Military Locations—Guam, will meet March 8, 2005, 9 a.m., Room
From People Who Are Blind or Severely Marianas, Guam. 3884, in the Herbert C. Hoover Building,
Disabled, Jefferson Plaza 2, Suite 10800, NPA: Able Industries of the Pacific, 14th Street between Constitution and
1421 Jefferson Davis Highway, Tamuning, Guam. Pennsylvania Avenues, NW.,
Arlington, Virginia, 22202–3259. Contracting Activity: Officer in Charge of Washington, DC. The Committee
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Construction—FSSC, Guam. advises the Office of the Assistant
Sheryl D. Kennerly, telephone: (703) Secretary for Export Administration on
603–7740, Fax: (703) 603–0655, or e- implementation of the Export
mail On November 26, 2004, the Administration Regulations (EAR) and
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Committee for Purchase From People provides for continuing review to
Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled update the EAR as needed.
Additions published notice (69 FR 68875) of
On December 17, 2004, the Committee proposed deletions to the Procurement Agenda
for Purchase From People Who Are List. After consideration of the relevant Public Session
Blind or Severely Disabled published matter presented, the Committee has
notice (69 FR 75507) of proposed determined that the service listed below 1. Opening remarks by the Chairman.
additions to the Procurement List. 2. Presentation of papers or comments
are no longer suitable for procurement
After consideration of the material by the public.
by the Federal Government under 41
presented to it concerning capability of 3. Update on Export Administration
U.S.C. 46–48c and 41 CFR 51–2.4.
qualified nonprofit agencies to provide Regulations.
the services and impact of the additions Regulatory Flexibility Act Certification 4. Review of interim rule on
on the current or most recent expansion of missile-related end-use/
I certify that the following action will
contractors, the Committee has user controls.
not have a significant impact on a
determined that the services listed 5. Update on proposed rule on
substantial number of small entities.
below are suitable for procurement by ‘‘knowledge’’, ‘‘red flags’’, and ‘‘safe
The major factors considered for this
the Federal Government under 41 U.S.C. harbor’’.
certification were:
46–48c and 41 CFR 51–2.4. 6. Update on computer and
1. The action may result in additional microprocessor technology controls.
Regulatory Flexibility Act Certification reporting, recordkeeping or other 7. Update on encryption controls.
I certify that the following action will compliance requirements for small 8. Update on country group revision
not have a significant impact on a entities. project.
substantial number of small entities. 2. The action may result in 9. Update on Excluded Parties Listing
The major factors considered for this authorizing small entities to furnish the System (EPLS) project.
certification were: service to the Government. 10. Update on Automated Export
1. The action will not result in any 3. There are no known regulatory System (AES).
additional reporting, recordkeeping or alternatives which would accomplish 11. Update on Office of Export
other compliance requirements for small the objectives of the Javits-Wagner- Enforcement initiatives.
entities other than the small O’Day Act (41 U.S.C. 46–48c) in 12. Presentation on Export
organizations that will furnish the connection with the service deleted Management and Compliance Program
services to the Government. from the Procurement List. CD.

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