The Best Stress Management Therapist

Dr Miriam Kinai

THE BEST STRESS MANAGEMENT THERAPIST If you have been seeking professional help from psychiatrists, family doctors, psychotherapists, family therapists, financial advisers or social workers, understand that even as you continue following their recommendations, asking Jesus to help you manage your stressful situation is the best thing you can ever do for yourself. This is because Jesus can see it all and heal it all. He can auscultate and heal the pain in your heart that you cannot enunciate. He can palpate and treat the frustration that is festering into angry outbursts. He can decipher and doctor the silent scream that is smothering you into depression. Therefore, invite Him into your life today because He is standing at the door of your stressed heart knocking for He wants to help you. (Revelation 3:20) To let Him into your life, all you have to do is to say with your mouth that ´Jesus Christ, the Son of God is Lordµ and believe in your heart that when He died for our sins on the cross, God raised Him up from the dead and you will be saved. (Romans 10:9-10) Even if you have broken all the commandments and brought the stressful situation upon yourself, don·t hesitate in asking Him into your life because He still wants to help you and that is why He is standing at your door knocking. So let Him in right now because He already knows about the chaos in our lives. Do not be ashamed of your mess for God did not send His Son Jesus into the world to condemn us but rather, through Him we might be saved. This is because the person who believes in Jesus Christ is not condemned but the one who does not believe in Him is already condemned. (John 3:17-18) Therefore, open up your life to Him and show Him the emotional wounds so that He can help you manage emotional stress. Show Him the mutilations inflicted by traumatic circumstances that have ached continually for decades. Show Him the windows of your heart patched with old newspapers that will not let the light of love in after the panes were shattered by an unfaithful loved one. Show Him the stinking garbage that you brought home one evening, grew attached to and have been unable to throw out. Show Him the mental wounds also so that He can help you manage mental stress. Let Him see the cracks in the walls of your mind that keep extending everyday as your problems become more and more unbearable. Show Him the rooms in your head that you will not enter as they are haunted by broken dreams and wasted opportunities. Show Him the toilets that will not flush and let go of painful memories as they are clogged with anger, bitterness and hatred. Unveil the wounds on your body also so that He can help you manage physical stress. Show Him the cancer that is re-growing. Let Him see the eye that was blinded by the freak accident. Show him the kidneys that have failed and the limb that has been paralyzed by disease. Do not hide your financial statements from Him so that He can also help you manage your financial stress. Show Him the meals you forego to buy medication. Show Him your last pay slip before you were unjustly sacked. Show Him around the tiny room you are cramped in since your house was repossessed.

Let Him see the full extent of your stressful situation so that He can restore you to wholeness. Do not fear to bare it all for Him for He looks with love and listens with compassion. Do not edit your sources of stress or hide your hurt for He loves you and He has accepted you totally. Therefore, let Jesus be your Chief Therapist for He is the only One who can see all the sources of stress and pain in your life. He can see them, assess their severity and discern the degree of distress they are causing you. In addition to seeing it all, Jesus is also able to solve it all. He can be your physician, psychiatrist, lawyer, counselor, financial planner if you let Him. Therefore, consult Him every day by praying. Read the Bible to know His prescription and then heed it just as you obey recommendations from your psychiatrists, family doctors, psychotherapists, family therapists, financial advisers or social workers. (C) Dr Miriam Kinai OTHER BOOKS BY DR MIRIAM KINAI AVAILABLE ON Self Help Series How to Stop Being a People Pleaser Prevent Cancer Series Prevent Breast Cancer by Reducing Risk Factors Christian Spiritual Warfare Series 1. How to Fight Addiction with Bible Verses 2. How to Fight Feelings of Condemnation with Bible Verses 3. How to Fight for your Christian Faith with Bible Verses 4. SWORD WORDS 5. How to Fight for your Business with Bible Verses 6. How to Fight for your Country or City with Bible Verses 7. How to Fight for your Children with Bible Verses 8. How to Fight Infertility with Bible Verses 9. How to Fight for Your Marriage with Bible Verses 10. How to Fight being Single with Bible Verses 11. How to Fight for your Finances with Bible Verses 12. How to Fight for your Health with Bible Verses 13. How to Fight for your Job with Bible Verses 14. How to Fight for your Ministry with Bible Verses 15. How to Fight for Peace of Mind with Bible Verses 16. How to Fight for your Self Esteem with Bible Verses 17. How to Fight Insomnia or Sleeplessness with Bible Verses 18. How to Fight Confusion with Bible Verses 19. How to Fight Danger with Bible Verses 20. How to Fight Death with Bible Verses 21. How to Fight Despair with Bible Verses 22. How to Fight Discouragement with Bible Verses 23. How to Fight Fear with Bible Verses

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