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Guidelines for the Project Report: IT488

[1] Guidelines for the format of the Project Report: Page 1 Title of the Project, Name and Id. No. of the Students who have worked for the project, Academic year, Name(s) of Guide(s). (Sample title page is shown in following pages) Certificate ( Sample copy is shown in following pages) Acknowledgements

Page 2 Page 3 Page 4

Abstract describing brief overview of the entire work name of methods, overall results, etc. one or two paragraphs. Page 5 Contents (Index) Chapter1 Introduction covering abstract and brief introduction of the project and Project Background, highlights of further chapters. It may also include applications, objectives, scope of the work, features, etc. Chapter 2 Literature Survey describing related works available in the literature Chapter 3 Analysis and Design describing concepts / algorithms / methods used in the work in order to solve the problem. (In exceptional cases this chapter title may be changed with the permission of Guide and Coordinator) Chapter 4 Implementation and Results describing experimental settings, data sets and other details, Results (Tables, Graphs, snapshots) and their discussion, testing and verification, etc. Source code is not required. Chapter 5 Conclusion and Future Enhancements It should mention the conclusions based on the work carried out and should suggest any further enhancements that can be carried out in future. References In the ascending order of their citation (normally represented in square brackets) in the previous chapters (Include Books, Research papers (Journals, conferences), weblinks, etc.) Format for book: Name(s) of Authors, Title of book, Publication, Year. Format for Journal paper: Name(s) of Authors, Title of paper, Name of journal, volume (and number), pages, Year. Format for Conference paper: Name(s) of Authors, Title of paper, Name of Conference, date and place, Year. Weblinks can be given in full along with brief description of what it contains. (No references of general sites/search engines such as,, etc. should be included in the references section) CD To be inserted in the cover pasted on the inside of the back cover. CD to contain soft copy of the Project Report, Program Code, and Power Point presentations. The Complete Project Report should be submitted as a single file on the CD. [2] Guidelines for Verification and Binding of the Project Report: 1. The fonts and the size of the fonts used should be those generally in use for technical report writing. 2. All students must get their project copy approved by their respective Project Guide, before getting it bound.

3. The Project Report is to be bound by Black Hard Cover printed with the page 1 details of the project. 4. The students may be asked to make their presentation from the CD submitted in the project report. They may be asked to run the project program from the submitted CD. [3] Submission Date and Time: On or before : 20-06-2011, 4.00 pm (in the department).

Dr. N. C. Chauhan IT488 Course Coordinator.

Project Report

Title of Your Project

As partial fulfillment of award of Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology

Prepared by:
ID No Name ID No Name

Guided by:
Name of Guide(s)

A. D. Patel Institute of Technology Sardar Patel University Vallabh Vidyanagar

(Month - Year)

A. D. Patel Institute of Technology Department of Information Technology New V. V. Nagar


This is to certify that NAME OF STUDENT (IDNO), and NAME OF STUDENT (IDNO) of final year Information Technology has/have satisfactory completed their project work entitled Title of Project in the academic year 2010-11 for the partial fulfillment of the award of the Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology at Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar.

Date: Project Guide (Name(s) of Guides) Head of Department (Name of Head)