NAME OF DRUG Generic Name: atorvastatin calcium



NURSING CONSIDERATION Watch for sign and symptoms of hypersensiti vity. Watch out for adverse reactions: muscle pain, malaise, and fever. Watch out for signs of rhabdomyol ysis and myositis. Watch out for drugdrug (antacids, digoxin), drug-herb (eucalyptus, red yeast rice) and drug-food (grape juice) interactions. May Increase AST



Antilipemics A synthetic lipidlowering agent

Inhibits 3hydroxy-3methylglutarylcoenzyme A

80 mg/tab 1 tab OD

Contraindicated in patients hypersensitivite to drug or its components Contraindicated in those with active liver disease or unexplained persistent elevations of transaminase levels.

Positive Therapeutic Outcome: Reduction in LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol level.

Brand Name: Lipitor

(HMG-CoA) reductase.

inhibits enzymecatalyzes the conversion of HMG-CoA to mevalonate

limits cholesterol biosynthesis

and ALT levels. Obtain periodic liver function test and lipid profile .

undiluted solution in opened vials may be kept for 96hours. Makes mucus easier to expectorate . Use w/in 1hr. DRUG STUDY NAME OF DRUG GENERIC NAME: acetylcysteine BRAND NAME: acetadote CLASSIFICATION Muculytic MODE OF ACTION Splits links in the mucoprotien in respiratory mucus secretion . Decreasesviscosity of the mucus DOSAGE 600mg/tab 1 tab in 200 cc H2O NURSING CONSIDERATION Do not confused between mucumyst and mucinex. EVALUATION The client was free from secretion . CONTRAINDICATION Acetadote is contraindicat ed in patients with previous anaphylactoi d reactions to acetylcystein e.XIII.  Note for difficulty of breathing or nausea. Assess for muculytic use such as hypersensitivity to acetylcysteine and asthma.

NAME OF DRUG GENERIC NAME: Piperacillin + Tazobactam BRAND NAME: Zosyn CLASSIFICATION Beta-lactamase inhibitor Anti-bacterial MODE OF ACTION Recognizes as substrates for beta-lactamase produced by bacteria DOSAGE 2. Skin test to check for hypersensiti vity First dose given after a negative ANST Monitor bowel function such as diarrhea. Length of time for complete resolution depends on the organism. and fever. cephalospori ns.25mg TIV q6 NURSING CONSIDERATION Assess patient for infection at beginning of and during therapy. . imipenem EVALUATION Resolution of the sign and symptoms of infection. abdominal cramping. Obtain a history of before initiating therapy to determine previous use of and reaction to penicillin CONTRAINDICATION Allergy to penicillins. Inhibits cell wall synthesis .

. CONTRAINDICATION EVALUATION GENERIC NAME: Citicoline BRAND NAME: nicholine Neurotonics Increase phosphatidycholine 2mg IV q8 Brain function Increase cerebral blood flow and oxygen consumption Drugs that inhibitperistal sis. Infantsand children.grow ing adolescent Pregnancy andlactation Family states understand ing of the drug therapy Improve cerebral circulation and metabolism. Take it with or between meals. Should be started within 24 hours of a stroke. Should not be taken in the late afternoon or at night because it can cause difficulty sleeping Contact physician immediately if allergic reaction may occur such as hives. rash or itching.NAME OF DRUG CLASSIFICATION MODE OF ACTION DOSAGE NURSING CONSIDERATION May be given with or without food.


prostatic hyperplasia or bladderneck obstruction Use cautiously in patients with CV disorder.Generic Name: Salbutamol sulfate and Ipratropium bromide Bronchodilator Brand Name: Combivent Salbutamol sulfate: Relaxes bronchial. hyperthyroi dism or DM and in those who are unusually responsive to adrenergics Positive Therapeutic Outcome: Patient will be able to breathe better NAME OF DRUG CLASSIFICATI ON MODE OF ACTION DOSAGE NURSING CONSIDERATION CONTRAINDICATION EVALUATION . uterine and vascular smooth muscle by stimulating beta2 receptors Ipatropium bromide: Inhibits vagally mediated reflexes by antagonizing acetylcholine at muscarinic receptors on bronchial smooth muscle 1 nebule q6 Assess for palpitations Provide mouthcare to prevent stomatitis With hypersensiti vity With severe peanut allergy With angleclosure glaucoma.

Report signs of electrolyte imbalance. edema). fever. dry skin and mucous membranes. dyspnea.Generic Name: Mannitol Brand Name: Osmitrol Osmotic Diuretic Elevates the osmolarity of glomerular filtration Hinders the reabsorptiono f H2O Loss of water and sodium IV (Children): 0. urine output. and pulmonary artery pressures before and q 1. Active Intracranial bleeding. Reduction of intracranial/intraocular pressure: 1-2 g/kg as a 15-20% solution over 30-60 min. CVP. Monitor neurologic status and intracranial pressure readings in patients receiving this medication to decrease cerebral edema. Monitor vital signs. Do not Hypersensitivit y. Assess for signs and symptoms of dehydration (decreased skin turgor.2 g/kg over 3-5 min. Anuria. thirst) or signs of fluid overload (increased CVP. may precede with a test dose of 0. Dehydration. Positive Therapeutic Outcome: Decreased edema .25-2 g/kg as a 15-20% solution over 2-6 hr. Use Cautiously in: Pregnancy and Lactation (safety not established). rales/crackles. Monitor for persistent or increased eye pain or decreased visual acuity.

administer solution in which crystals remain undissolved. .

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