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Name: Felicia Chew Address 37, Jln RP 10/4, Rawang Perdana Rawang, 48000,Selangor Telephone Email


July 2010- September 20 11 University of Greenwich, BA (Hons) Business Management y Modules studied included : Organizational behaviour, International Human Resource management,Startegic Management, Career Management, Indeendant Research Project y Dissertation of student¶s satistacition towards the professional make up course at Sense and Style Beauty Academy ; involved face to face interview with 120 respondents. March 2008 ± May 2010 Segi College , Diploma in Business Administration. y Modules studied included : Introduction to business , y Average grades : 3.44 CGPA Work Experience January 2008- April 2008 TGI Fridays Restaurant Sdn Bhd., Hostess y Main responsibility: Host guest to their seats , Arrange culinary before the arrival of guests, Wipe glass windows , taking orders, entertain guest by singing birthday songs on their birthday and jotting down reservations through phone calls. y Skills gained : y Organizing and planning of seats for guest according to their choice to be seated at smoking or non-smoking area. y Working out in teams of 3 to build balloon arch as well as helping waitress when they are in need of help during peak season. Such as helping to take orders and serve dishes. y Influencing customers on what meals they can dine which is on promotion as well as increasing memory power while taking orders. y Increase in confidence as together we sing songs entertaining customers which leads to a great feedback on our service y Multitasking jobs has increased my knowledge and experience such as knowing the ingrediants of cocktails, housekeeping skills as well as customer service requirements. May 2010-Jun 2010 Advertising Event Sdn. Bhd., Extras for commercial shooting Main responsibility: y Follow according to the director¶s instructions based on certain actions or role while shooting.

December 2010 Go Event Sdn. y Learnt to easily adapt and be more flexible in different casting acting as different roles and responsibility November 2010. y I became more self-driven towards the sales target given by supervisor Hobbies y y y Editing pictures Extreme Sports ( Rock climbing. Part time promoter Main responsibilities: Educating consumers about product knowledge ± COOL BATTS Skills gained: y Sales skills such as how to attract customers by using certain word to catch their attention. March 2011 ±April 2011 CMC event company Sdn. y To be more discipline in work in terms of being punctual at work y Learn to more entrepreneurial and pro-active minded as sometimes conflicts happened during work firstly demotivates us yet with the help of supervisor and advice. Skills obtained: y Learnt how to use certain tools in Adobe Photoshop y Enhanced level of creativity as this job encourages creativity beyond limit y Pick up new latest designing program such as AutoCAD as well as Adobe Illustrator y Keep in mind that being diligent and conscientious in this job would gain higher trust as a part time employee. hiking and camping) Blogging about current issues happening in my life Interest y y y Attending conference and events to meet more people Beauty Industry ( make up and skin care) Outdoor activities .y Skills gained: Increase in interpersonal skills as each commercial¶s casting extras is different and there is fellowship time to enhance the relationship among the talents. Bhd. Ways on how to give out flyers that would make customers stop and listen to your explanation. y Learn to be more detail and precise in informing customers about the product to prevent misunderstanding of terms and conditions given. Bhd. problems can be solved within few minutes. y Emotionally mature when facing pressured situations being ordered and scold by directors when there is a mistake. assistant graphic designer Main responsibilities: Editing photos with Adobe Photoshop and giving ideas for poster designing by main designer.

HTML.Language y Fluent in English.Microsoft Excel. Adobe Illustrator. Autocrat. Microsoft Power Point. Adobe Lightroom. Mandarin and Malay Additional Information IT Skills y Considerable experience working with computers and internet technologies Microsoft Office . . XHTML. Adobe Photoshop. SPSS .

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