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Complete the sentences using the past form of the verbs in the parenthesis.

We watched (watch) the entire game yesterday. It was (be) a great game, but in the end our team lost (lose). b) Tom won (win) a big prize yesterday at a spelling contest. He had (have) to spell thirty different words. c) This skirt was (be) very expensive - it cost (cost) forty dollars, but only because the store gave (give) me a discount of ten dollars! d) Sara ran (run) three miles yesterday, and later she worked out (work out) for another hour at the gym. e) I thought (think) a lot about what you told (tell) me, and I decided (decide) to join the English course. f) We grew up (grow up) in Wisconsin. We moved (move) to New York just a few months ago. g) Mike drove (drive) to the mall last night but it was (be) too late: it was (be) closed. h) Jordan and I left (leave) the party early because we still had (have) some homework to do. i) I slept (sleep) for nine hours last night. I was (be) very tired because the day before I exercised (exercise) for three hours.
a) 2. Fill in the blanks using the sequence adverbs.

FIRST FINALLY THEN Alec Baldwin Will Pay For A Soldier's Education Movie star Alec Baldwin has chosen to put an American soldier through college.On March 4 the 48-year-old actor read an article in The New York Times about Resha Kane, a private in the U.S. army who is going to go to Iraq in September. He then decided to find Kane and offer to pay for her education. He was finally able to locate her mother at a store in Phoenix, Arizona. At first nobody in the family could believe it was the famous actor. Finally , Baldwin was able to convince them that it was really him. He agreed to give them the money when Resha leaves the army. Baldwin has been a critic of President Bush and the war in Iraq.

3. According to your school rules, mark the option which best completes the

sentences. A HAVE TO D MUSTNT a) You b) You c) You d) You e) You f) You B DONT HAVE TO E CANT C MUST

keep silence in the library. wear complete uniforms. turn off the cell phone during the classes. arrive at school at 7:30 am. chew gum in the classroom. take the tests every week.


Match the sentences in order to form complete statements. ( ( ( ( ( ) I used to have some cows. ) now she is single. ) now I play football. ) now he drives a sport car. ) now we have a cat.

( 1 ) I used to play volleyball but... ( 2 ) Mary used to date Paul but... ( 3 ) Jonas used to drive a motorcicle but... ( 4 ) We used to have a dog but ( 5 ) When I lived in a farm...

5. List at least 7 adjectives according to the picture.

6. Give the past form of the irregular verbs:

bleed (bled) do (did) be (plural) (were) catch (caught) bring (brought) bet (bet) drink (drank) drive (drove) draw (draw) cost (cost) come (came) buy (bought)

begin (began) choose (chose) be (singular) (was) dream (dreamed) build (built) beat (beat) blow (blew) burn (burn) become (became) cut (cut) dig (dig) bend (bent)

8. Complete with the appropriate subject or object pronoun. HIM THEM SHE IT THEY
a) Who are those people? Do you know b) Where's your car? I need c) Mary, Joanne and d) I tried to contact



decided to stay here a few more days. , but I don't know where THEY are!


e) Can you please lend HIM f)

your car today? He needs to visit a friend. HER .

Anna is eating now. Please dont bother

Good Luck!!!!