Nicholas Ooi


My favourite sports person is: Dwyane Wade Date of Birth: 17th January 1982. Age: 27 Dwyane Wade nicknamed "Flash" or "D-Wade", is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Miami Heat in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

1. As a spectator, I admire this sportsperson because he is a phenomenal basketball player, who is popular internationally and is always determined to try his best and lead his team to victory every game. 2. Dwyane Wade·s ambition to win each game, lightning speed and agility, behaviour on and off the court, and his deadly shots and dunks are the major contributing factors to his success. His enthusiasm to give it his best during each game has earned him the NBA Scoring Title in the 2008-2009 season, 2006 NBA Finals Most Valuable Player, and multiple NBA All-Star game positions. 3. Wade is also well known for his philanthropic involvement in various organizations. In 2003, he founded The Wade's World Foundation, which provides support to community-based organizations that promote education, health, and social skills for children in at-risk situations. He hosts a variety of community outreach programs in Chicago and South Florida. In 2008, he announced his partnership with former teammate Alonzo Mourning's charitable foundation and co-hosted ZO's Summer Groove, an annual summer event. Wade is also a devout Christian and chose the number 3 on his jersey because it represents the Holy Trinity. He tithes 10% of his salary to a church in Chicago.

Many fans had lost faith in him. Wade performed poorly which had 9/11/09 prevented Wade from joining the USA Basketball Team. 100 steals. . Lincoln.000 points. or shorter to register at least 100 blocks in a season. This was the only minor occasion when Wade was subject to ¶tall poppy· syndrome. No. are generally young teenagers who are easily fooled by misleading advertising. Sean John. Wade has endorsement deals with companies such as Gatorade. 6. The reason why people watch sports is so they can enjoy young players competing to win games. I don·t think feel that sponsorship is an important part of an athlete·s career because I personally believe that sportsmen should be recognised for their sports skills and talent. is so that they can vastly promote their products under the name or encouragement of their athlete. and Topps. The benefits for a sponsor to be linked with an elite athlete. 5. 500 assists. T-Mobile. During the 2009-10 season. 5 in. however in the 2008-2009 season Wade rejuvenated and became the first player in NBA history to accumulate at least 2. Following the playoffs in 2006-2007. instead of their sponsorships and promotions which may set a bad influence on younger fans. He had his own line of shoes with Converse named "The Wade" and a series of Sidekick phones known as the D-Wade Edition with T-Mobile. Staples. This is why sponsors use popular athletes to persuade the market to buy their products. and 100 blocks in a season and is the first player 6 ft. Wade switched from Converse to Nike's Jordan Brand. The main target market of sports. 7.Nicholas Ooi 4.

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