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1. When u will register the web template? Choose one a) when it is copied. b)when it is created.

c)when the obj is created and need to be registered. 2.web template are what type of pages a)login pages b)error pages 3. web templates do not contain what a) application level menu b) dbsync bar c) page tab / screen tab 4.what is true for standard web client (two choices) a. download java script in the background to run b. can run on virtually any browser c. can run only on ie55 or netscape 6.1 not download interaction manager . 5. where are the languages stored in the siebel7 installations a. in the siebel repository b. in the Siebel server directory c. in the database 6. if u want to change the routing model of the mobile client what do u have to do a. reextract the client b. relogin in the client 7. there is a large databse in California and a replication node at germany . what is tha fastest server task to use to replicate the database at germany . a. srvrinit b. PDBEXTRACT 8. sue is a call center agent in calif . what is the data that she should have access to a. data that she is the owner of b. data that she and her boss owns c. all the access list and catalogs 9. SES installers what is true abt it a. it is a combination of installation and configuration b. it is not a combination of installation and combination

10 by using SES installer u can install (3 choices) a. resonate server b. language of installation c mobile client d samplae database e language of object manager 11. to access the browser based functionalities of Siebel 7 u have to install a. nothing b. local cfg and srf c. mobile web client 12 to test the chanes in the configuration what is the right process a. make changes in tools -> compile srf -> test in browser 13. if u r installing siebel on a single server what is the right method a. two options had a resonate server installation in it b. one options had agatewaye server being installed after databse server c. rdbms , SES , mobile client, SWSE 14 . if state model is on then what happens a every state is cached on the server b. every time state changes it access the database 15 when is maximum data handled in workflow a. when persistence level is all steps and persistence frequency is every step . b. three more combinations of the various stages of persistence level and frequency 16 access group does not allow a. formations of groups based on position . organization and id b. cannot allow users to be a part of more then one access group 17 where is the employee data stored in Siebel (choose three) a s_employee b. s_employee_per c s_user d s_contact 18 what is the field mapped to s_party table in the join a row id b par row id 19 which feature captures the date and time the record was changed a audit trail b. Global time zone c. universal queing

20 the application integration framework includes a. tools b. connectors c. runtime components process 21 when would u use a web client template upgradation process a. after merging b. after preparing the repositories c before preparing the repositories 22 what do u do in upgrading after preparing the repositories a merge the repositories 23 model templates do what a help u in customizing u r old templates b. standardize the templates 24siebel browser opens up excel doess some calculation and after getting those calculation gets that data back into Siebel . what scripts u would have to work on do minor modification in functionalities a applet script b. DOM based scripts c server scripts 25 qualifying a person and then qualifying an organix\zation and then assigning to only those organization define what type of assignment a person oriented b. organization oriented c. and d 26 what does an Applet written on the web template signify three questions on the web functionalities of Siebel 27 view tab was highlighted and asked what is it 28 menu was highlighted and asked what was it a. application level menu b. records level menu 29 it was asked to mark the places where saved queries or searches are listed